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It's that time to look back as we move forward. Last year was an amazing year for Fashion Me Fabulous. We grew even more than we expected. Thanks to everyone reading and commenting and tweeting and Facebooking and emailing. We're glad you enjoy the blog, and we love to read your suggestions for making it better! Here is a little recap of our favorite posts. Please tell us your favorites in the comments.

You got to know Jael Paris in January, and she wrote a dream birthday gift post for me.

We love McQueen and his Spring 2010 show still has us drooling, but while Jael and I loved his Target collection were less impressed with how the collection was released.

Project Runway finally came back to us this year, but left us wanting more. We've added a tag to all the Project Runway posts so you can keep track each week.

Jael Paris gave Extreme Beauty an excellent book review.

We covered more fashion shows that we can count. This summary post has a recap of all our Spring 2010 shows, and we are especially found of this Fall 2009 Couture round-up. While scanning through all the runway shows, Jael kept an eye out for exciting outfit choices for Oscar nominees to shake up the red carpet. Inspired by runway makeup, I tried to achieve black lips that looked chic rather than goth.

At the suggestion of a reader, Jael Paris started an art series featuring outfit sets based on a particular artist's work. Her favorites are Salvador Dali with Klimt second. Also for our readers, Jael made this Anti-Valentine's Day look and she wrote one of my favorite posts of all time, the search for Maria's dress from West Side Story.

Here are some of our favorites in each of the weekly categories:

Favorite Pick of The Week:
Favorite Vintage Shop Pick(s):
Favorite Etsy Shop(s):
Favorite Horror:
Favorite Polls:
Favorite $150 Challenge:
Favorite Polyvore Posts:
Favorite Project Design:
Most Controversial Love or Loathe:
What are some of your favorites from our archives? What would like to see in the year to come?


JiaoJiao said…
oh noes! that rubber chicken tote is growing on me. I would so carry it JUST to see people's reaction, bet you'd get good ones if you try to go to a designer store at the mall with it. ha!

Current obsession I refuse to succumb to: high lace up boots by Colin Stuart from Victoria Secret, it's $79, down from $149, but still too expensive for a college student. X(

And I enjoyed the blog. Great work!
Susan W. said…
I liked those art series outfits, too! More of those please.

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