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Shoe of the Week: Cute Flower Flats

For some reason I have a hard time finding flats I like. But in a reader poll a few weeks ago I discovered 39% of you wear flats everyday. This has put me on a quest for super cute flats. Betsey Johnson was happy to help me in my quest by designing these adorable suede peep toe flats with a huge suede flower. These shoes combine me love of suede, girliness, and purple (they also come in black). The price is a little high at $149.95, but all the shoe happiness combined in one pair of shoes will having me watching for these to go on sale.

What do you look for in a pair of flats?

Fall Trend: Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are eternal for some, but when cheap versions start showing up in suburban mall stores like Charlotte Russe and more-than-rent version stalk the runways at Roberto Cavalli, the style has gone main stream. The last time I remember everyone needing cowboy boots, was around the turn of the millennium thanks to Madonna's Music album. (While I've always had a fondness for cowboy boots, that round of interest in the West left me with a purple, faux snake cowboy hat that I wore often.) What has spawned this resurgence in popularity is unknown, but it's right in line with my recent fashion leanings.
Top: embellished cowboy boot, Two Lips "Madonna" at Endless $159.95
tan tooled knee boot, Jessica Simpson "Abilene" at Endless $197.95
studded ankle boot, Frye "Deborah" at Endless $497.95 (I'm seeing this everywhere. It will be the Frye boot of the season.)
beige low ankle strap boots, Cafe Noir at Yoox $170
Bottom: black embroidered floral bo…

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Who loves military jackets? We do. That's who.

Animal print is a go for most of us, but not necessarily for these shoes.

Dress down with slouchy boots. Dress unique with vintage shoes.

We think our Etsy shop of the week makes a good ascot.

How are you managing all the goodies currently on clearance?

Join our discussion on the latest Project Runway.

Bonus! Expect further updates to our Facebook galleries this weekend.

Project Design: Bold Bracelets

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Bracelets are the accessory I tend to forget about. I like them and often look at them when shopping, but I rarely remember to wear the few that I own. It might be because I type a lot and they get in the way, but even when I'm going out (no typing involved) I forget the bracelet. Maybe the bracelets I own aren't bold enough. I'd probably remember to wear these. Which bracelet would you remember to wear?

Elegant Roman Leaf Branch Bracelet by threebirdsdesigns

Bangle Bracelet with Cherry Blossoms by amy987

Victorian Style Silver Bracelet by edmdesigns

Red Bronze Fire Bracelet by AroshaTwists

Art Deco Cuff by dirtystory

Wonder bracelet by Rubyjewelery

poll by

Project Runway: Episode Two: Maternity

Episode two of Project Runway experienced a baby boom. Heidi asked to designers to create a look for Rebecca Romijn who was pregnant with twins. This meant the models had to wear baby bumps and the designer had to dress that tummy. Designer Monique Lhuillier filled in for an absent Micheal Kors, which made me sad at first, but it worked out since all of the judges had experience with maternity clothing having all been pregnant. Also fitting, the top three looks were all made by women.

Louise must know a lot of women who have been pregnant because her lingerie inspired dress was focused on being both cute and accommodating for pregnant women. The tiered layers at the bottom allowed for a growing tummy while the pleating on the bust allowed for extra room as the pregnancy advanced. Rebecca even said she'd wear it on a date with her husband, which elicited a whistle from Heidi.
Althea had the same intentions as Ra'mon (see below) in creating something structured for a pregnant woma…

Question Answered

One of those items from Bebe we were all drooling over is available. The brocade mutton sleeve jacket is $169. Do you like it more or less now that you know the price? It's in line with what I expected it to be. I'm still waiting for the pale jacket and the bustle dress, but I doubt I'll be able to snatch them up on sale. Difficult decisions!

How To Wear Red Pants

I literally woke up in the middle of the night thinking about red pants. Particularly, I was thinking about how cute one of those ruffled blouses every woman owns would look paired with red pants and espadrilles.

Summer Freedom by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Charlotte Ronson shoes
It occurred to me that I never think "This outfit would be better with red pants." In fact, while I think of colored skirts and shorts, I never think of colored pants. The only woman I know who even owns a pair of red pants is becca. When I searched for some, most of what I found was a lazy sweat. In truth, you can wear red pants much the way you wear khakis -- with everything.

Corporate Woman Has No Time For Love by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Bex Rox rings

My Favorite Color Is All Of Them by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Tory Burch
We've discussed how to pair red and pink, but two other color combinations may give you cause for concern, the first being how to wear red with blue and look neithe…

FMF Reader Poll: Models on TV

Models are a major part of the fashion industry. They display the clothes on runways, sell looks in ads and editorials, and some even act as muses to designers. Models have also become a major part of fashion television. Even Project Runway has spawned it's own modeling show, Models of the Runway. Which modeling show is your favorite?poll by

$150 Challenge: Celebration

Maybe you can't go out for sushi and martinis before hitting the dance floor tonight, but that doesn't mean you have to hang up your sequins. I've been known to get gussied up and light candles for spaghetti dinner. Tonight, I'm fancifiying for a big premier -- Netflix has mailed us disc one of Dexter season three. That's an occasion for a cocktail dress if ever I have heard one. So create your own occasion and shine. It's a great pick-me-up.

$150 Challenge: Celebrate Yourself by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Forever21
blue cocktail dress, Forever 21 $27.80
ruffle sandals, Payless $24.99
rhinestone clutch, Newport News $29
chandelier earrings, Forever 21 $6.80
thread wrapped bangle, Topshop $30
rhinestone bracelet, Forever 21 $12.80
wine lip stain, Sephora $10

Love or Loathe: A Whole Lot Of Shoe

Wednesday's shopping post will be about animal print shoes (because I deliver like that). The process of searching for cute shoes I figured the fabulously fashionable readers of Fashion Me Fabulous would like produced both guffaws and head scratching.

In the head scratching category are these Jimmy Choo "Jazz" stilettos. Is pink leopard print too much with all the straps? Are these bold or way over the top? Too me, they're trying a little to hard to be typically "rock and roll."

On the other hand, N.Y.L.A.'s aptly named "Zoolander" platforms elicited a clear, loud laugh. Platform. Stiletto. Zebra. Layers. Jagged edges. Wow. But they named them "Zoolander." They can't be serious. In fact, I can imagine a fun girl with a big personality wearing these with a black sequin mini dress and hot pink lipstick while dancing around to The Ting Tings. In that context, I really love them.

Etsy Shop of the Week: Wobashka

Shop: Wobashka

Why We Love It: Vintage scarves are upcylced into lovely feminine ascots. These offer a kicky jewelry alternative. Vintage, pleats, lace... what's not to love?

Price Range: $50

Favorite Items:Chrysler, Vintage Hand Pleated Scarf - Pink; the A line, Vintage Hand Pleated Scarf; Chrysler, Vintage Hand Pleated Scarf - Yellow (Pictured)

Slouchy Boots


Save or Splurge: Off Season Clearance

Summer items everywhere are on clearance, but Fall is just around the corner. The closer fall comes, the cheaper summer clothing will get. So it that sundress worth a splurge, even at 80% off?

This is the time of year where I start hitting high-end boutiques and department stores to find those $300 dresses down to $80. However, that $80 is still more than I'd pay for most in-season clothing. Do I save or do I splurge?

A little of both. That trendy maxi dress in an outrageous print may only cost $20 from $80, but I'll save my money and move on. (I might get it for $5 later though if the fit is great). But the stunning linen pants or the cute sundress that can turn jumper for fall and spring, those are splurges I'm willing to make. When winter fades into spring, I love to grab 90% off cashmere and half-price winter coats. These off season buys fill my wardrobe with quality basics at budget prices.

What is your strategy for off-season clearance? Save or Splurge?

Vintage Shoes

Where:Lisa Zain on Etsy

What: Shoes!

When: 1970s and 80s

How much: Mostly under $40.

Why: Sometimes you just need a pair of affordable leather shoes.

Favorites:mustard leather knee boots $32; suede cutout pumps $32 (pictured); red woven wedge sandals $42; raspberry t-straps $28; nude woven flats $32 (pictured)

Dress Like It's 1964

Hello. I'm from the 1960s. I listen to the Beatles, even though my dad thinks they're "noisy rubbish." I'm mad at him currently. He won't let me apply at M.I.T. next year because "women don't need college." But I'm smart and want to be a part of our nation's exciting space program. Maybe I could be the first woman on the moon!

Why thank you! I also love my beehive and cateye glasses. They're all the rage. Oh, the contrast trim tweed dress? I got it at a store called Urban Outfitter for $68. Urban Outfitters isn't around yet. I traveled to the future to get a dress that looked retro just to show Dad I could. He's still not impressed.

Shoe of the Week: "Kiss & Tell" Pump

Scalloped edges, contrast stitching, suede, peep toe, patent leather, hearts, and a bow in the front make these "Kiss & Tell" Pumps by Poetic License poetry in motion. Add the brilliant tourquiose color (they also come in black) and this shoe wins top spot on my wish list (if they came in my size).

These shoes would the star of an outfit if worn with a simple LBD. Or they could add girlishness to an edgy look. Of course, they would look adorable with an all-out frilly feminine look too. A statement shoe like this will work well in your wardrobe for seasons to come. Nordstrom sells the shoes for $94.95.

Love or Loathe: Animal Print

Animal print is already flooding stores with a strength it hasn't had for many seasons. What do you think of animal prints? Classy? Tacky? Tricky? Fabulous?

Military Jackets

We had a cold snap this weekend, and I took advantage of the occasion to break out my velvet frock coat. It's stylish like it's 1865. Truth is, I have a weakness for big, important-looking buttons and braiding. I also love absconding with men's pomp and circumstance. Since two of our readers have already sent me pictures of the military jackets they've bought or are tempted to buy this fall, I thought you might appreciate a roll call of what in stores.Top: teal velvet jacket, Newport News $29
asymmetrical crested jacket, Jamison at Saks Fifth Avenue $200
black band jacket, BB Dakota at Boutique For You $75
Middle: blue crop jacket, BB Dakota at Chick Down Town $70
buckle jacket, The Pyramid Collection $89.95
burgundy ruffle jacket, Free People $148
Bottom: asymmetrical band jacket, INC International Concepts at Macy's $79
wave edge jacket, Good Goth $29.95
corseted jacket, Retroscope Fashions $54.99

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Transition from summer to fall with white dresses and cute booties.

becca uncovered a romantic yet progressive designer on Etsy.

Shop for unpadded bras, Balenciaga copy boots, and deals at the J. Crew sale.

What was your worst splurge? (I'm sure it wasn't a $500 hair comb.)

Scroll down and join the festivities surrounding the return of Project Runway.

Project Runway: All-Star Challenge - Your Vote!

Before the first episode of the new season of Project Runway, several designers from past seasons gathered for the All-Star Challenge. These eight designers created mini, four-look collection during the two-hour special. The winner took home $100,000, the same prize received by the winner of a full season of Project Runway.

I enjoyed seeing some of the designers I love and loved to hate from past seasons. I also enjoyed seeing how they've grown since we last saw them. Originally the designers were told to create a three-look collection, which should include a "red-carpet" look. Later it was revealed that Nicole Kidman would wear the winning designer's red carpet look at a premiere. Of course, there was a twist. While out at a fancy dinner, Tim Gunn told the designers they had to create a fourth look made mostly of material found in the restaurant where they were eating. The designers tore the room apart in five minutes. It was great fun to watch. (Plus, Diane Von Furs…