Release Date Fail

Update on below Rant: Go here. Click "Where to Buy" to find a Target store that has McQueen!

Alexander McQueen's line for Target is supposed to release today. It's online, but I went to two Target stores today to find nothing. I also called every store within reasonable driving distance (by reasonable I mean less than an hour and a half away). None of the stores had it.

AGHHHHH!!!!! I got up early! I wasted fuel! I WANT MY MCQUEEN! NOW!

Target, you have failed me. You told me it would be out today. You teased me. You've made it available online, but it is not here for me to touch and purchase and prance around in with great joy. I was there when you opened. I've been planning for this. I have a gift card that has been burning a hole in my wallet since Christmas day. Today was supposed to be it's day of great purpose! You have managed to even let my gift card down. Fail!

I'll will keep calling stores and visiting stores until I find the pieces I want.

Does anyone out there have it yet?

Alexander McQueen for Target Zig Zag Print Dress $69.99


Jael Paris said…
If I stay in state, I have to drive to an Indy suburb. The map fails. Target in Mishawaka has one McQ dress. They think others are arriving tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
My best advice is to visit your parents. There are 3 in the Detroit area. Apparently, the rest of the state is in a McQ dead zone. I guess it won't be able to tease me with it's awesomeness, since none of the Targets by me carry it. *sigh* I did want to buy some pretties though.
Jael Paris said…
Rachel, try anyway. I have a feeling that list is stores with the complete collection. Like I said, they have it in my area, and I don't live in Indy.
Anonymous said…
I went through the same drama when the Orla Kiely home stuff came to Target. Turns out they released the boring stuff a few weeks before the fun stuff. Sigh.

I like the tattoo dress and the black dress with the interesting silver neckline/straps, but overall I'm not as excited. I love quirk and color. I realize we're talking basics here, but sometimes I wish the Target designers would have a little more fun. I want something a little more exotic than another clean lined LBD.
Jael Paris said…
One of my local Targets just told me they won't have it for three more weeks. The other had no idea what I was talking about.
Rachel said…
I went to Target today. No luck :/
NadiaThinks said…
So sorry to hear that! It was a limited release, so you had to know ahead of time which stores were carrying it. Only one in my area carried it, but I found out and went out and bought lovely things! They look SO much better in person than online! I love the collection, even the stuff I just appreciate but isn't my style. I do hope you find one that has it. If you were in Texas I could tell you which ones were carrying it.

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