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Etsy Shop of the Week: Aliquid Textile Jewels

Shop:Aliquid Textile Jewels

Why We Love It: Even when my jewelry is more tame than usual, I like to wear jewelry with a unique twist or detail. These crocheted textile accessories and handmade ceramic pendants are just the sorts of twists I like.

Price Range: $11.46 - $73.89

Links:Website / Facebook

Favorite Items:Spring Summer Crochet Necklace $50.96 (pictured); Turquoise Necklace w/ Ceramic Pendant $45.86; Grey Crochet Scarf Necklace $67.52; Ceramic Circle Pendant Necklace $44.59; Purple Crochet Circle Earrings $15.29

Best Free Beauty Tip

One day I was complaining to becca about my skin. The pores are huge. She suggested I start rinsing my face with extra cold water. "A cold water rinse is also great for your hair. It seals the cuticle," she added. Well, I haven't been great about putting cold water on my face, but I have been rinsing my hair with icy water. It makes my hair shiny and smooth. When the weather's nice, I don't even need to use my anti-frizz serum.

What's the best free beauty tip you're ever gotten?

Review: Magnetic Nail Polish

When I first heard about magnetic nail polish, I couldn't imagine it working let alone looking good. I saw it in person recently though and had to give it a try. Several brands already offer the magnetic polish in a variety of styles. I'm a fan of Sally Hansen products, and I had a coupon so I tried theirs.
Use a good base coat. Apply a thin coat of the magnetic polish and let that dry. Working one nail at a time, apply a thick coat of polish and immediately hold the provided magnet over the wet polish, getting it as close as you can without touching the nail and keeping it in place for 15 seconds.

I didn't have a problem with this, but I've talked to several people who didn't quite understand how to do it or found it difficult. Most polishes instruct you to use the magnet for 10 seconds. I think the effect was much better if you do 15 seconds. If you're nervous about holding the magnet too close to your nail, hold it a little further away and add …

Poll: Bad Fashion Day

Unlike most Americans who had Monday off, I had to work. To add to the indignity, I was having a bad shoe day. I have a cute little pair of shoes that I thought I would make more comfortable with padded inserts. Well, that works best if the shoes are already a little big, not perfect. Now they're a little snug. I neglected to wear socks and ended up with skin peeled off my heel and a toe and with a dime-sized blister on the other heel.

You can't even gripe about a bad shoe day either. It's your own fault really.

You also can't gripe about a rogue undies day either. Whether they're too tight, too loose or too invasive, the best you can hope for is a bit of privacy to deal with the problem. I've actually blanked on conversations because all I could think was "Underwear! What are you doing?!"

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Is there another fashion grr that poo poos on your day? It's deep personal question day, as you can see.

Layered Gold Necklaces

A dainty gold and diamond necklace is a classy wardrobe staple. Using my fancy fashion math skills, three diamond necklaces in white, rose and yellow gold should be triple sophisticated, right? I love the sleek bezel setting of these necklaces by Trio by Effy. This is a complete fantasy because the 16" chains are nearly $1600 a piece and the 36" is over $3,700 per chain. Hahaha! (And this is why I buy all my gold at second-hand stores.)

For a more affordable option, Max & Chloe has a ball chain necklace with one small diamond pendant also available in three gold colors. The solid gold chains are $450 a piece, and the gold plated ones are $125 ($108 for sterling silver).

Happy Memorial Day


This Week (And Last) On Fashion Me Fabulous

Neon Girl by fashionmefabulous featuring yellow pants

Speak Up: Tell us if you love or loathe strapless. How do you feel about body con dresses? Vote for your favorite TV-inspired accessories. Pick your top teal and tangerine trinkets. Also, weigh in on Marc Jacobs' questionable style.

Brighten Up: Learn how to wear tangerine. Nab colorful bags for summer. Punch up your wardrobe with red tops. Spruce up any pair of shoes with shoe and ankle cuffs from designs on Etsy.

Dress Up: Pick up party dresses under $50 for wedding season.  Get earthy with handmade leather accessories from Mesa Dreams on Etsy. Hide bad hair days with these quick styles. Score this graduation outfit for under $150.

Pick Up: Read Jael's review of Clean Scents. Check out this fun and fashionable gear ring (with working gears). Get comfy this summer with Bare Traps Darley Sandals, great walking sandals as a great price.

Project Design: Teal and Tangerine

I love blue with orange, and for a fun summery variation, I love teal with tangerine. It's bright, happy, and fun. I'm having a small party tonight, and I'm decorating with teal and tangerine. Which of these vibrant accessories make those colors pop most?

Teal quartz and orange chalcedony gold chandelier earrings by OliveYewJewels

Tangerine Flower Necklace by PrettyNecklaces

Cute Kitsch Apron by CreativeChics

Turquoise and Orange Zipper Brooch by ZipPinning

in a whimsical wonderland poppy garland headband by muchloveilly

bright bird pins by moloco

Orange and Teal Zippered Pouch by GritsAndGiggles

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Etsy Shop of the Week: designs

Image designs

Why We Love It: I love fun shoes, but I don't posses the income to buy all the fun shoes I'd like. This shop showcases ankle cuffs, shoes cuffs and spats to transform any basic pair of shoes into something special. also offers belts and wrist cuffs.

Price Range:$39 - $69

Favorite Items:Black Abstract Bow Ankle Cuffs $59 (pictured); Black Sequin Mid-Calf Spats with Bow Front $69; Taupe and Ivory Leather Ruffle Spats $39; MOHAWK Black Feather Shoe Cuff $49; Peacock Feather Ankle Cuffs with band $59; Neon Hot Pink Abstract Flower Wrist Corsage with Feathers $39;Black Leather Chain Belt $69

$150 Challenge: Graduation Outfit

Class of 2012 by fashionmefabulous
$35 -

Forever 21 patent leather heels
$27 -

Aldo jewelry
$12 -

Beyond Rings 14k gold plated jewelry
$42 -

Pick of the Week: Bare Traps Darley Sandals

Something must be terribly wrong because this is my second time choosing flats as a Pick of the Week recently. Honestly, flats and I aren't friends. My doctors tell me I should wear them more often to help with some foot and ankle problems, but finding comfortable flats that fit is far harder than it should be. I searched for 4 years to find flat walking sandals that fit, looked cute enough to wear with skirts and dresses (sporty and orthopedic don't suit my style), didn't cost a fortune and didn't turn under my foot when I walked. For some reason that last one was the hardest. Every pair of sandals I've tried on have turned under my foot as I walked. It happens to my mom too. It's awful.

After much searching, I came across the Darley Sandal at DSW. It lasted through a lot of wear last summer and is going strong this year. It is made of very soft leather and has enough support to handle my long, meandering summer walks. While it isn't the top comfort sandal…

Review: Clean Scents

For over a year, I've been on a casual search for a perfume. While I still love Kate Walsh's Boyfriend, the smell changes radically when I have a migraine and the boyfriend becomes one abusive sharp note. (If you have migraines like I do, take advantage of Sephora's samples so you can see how you react to the smell on a bad day.)

On top of the migraine issue, I'm in a bit of a bind regarding scents in general. I don't like floral or sweet smells on my body. Woodsy and Asian are my notes, and those are limited in women's perfumes. (becca has just given up hope of finding something at the women's counter and has started looking for a cologne.) 

Though I hadn't thought of it, I also love the smell of clean. I tend to buy candles in scents like crisp cotton or fresh linen, and I love to bury my nose in my husband's neck after he's showered. So I was pretty excited to find a line of perfumes called Clean.

Clean smells clean. (That sentence will chan…

Hairstyles for Hiding Bad Hair Days

I learned something about doing my hair about 10 years ago--I have no control. My hair is curly so I just have to let it do it's thing. It won't look perfect everyday, but I won't pull it out trying to make it cooperate. I do have some days when my hair won't do anything. Those days require some quick thinking and even quicker hair styles since I don't own many hats or much patience.

A while back, I asked how you, dear readers, cope with bad hair days. Most of your said "hats" or "put it up." One reader suggested half wigs, and another loves an elegant French twist. Jael Paris said she likes to wear bold lipstick or jewelry to distract from hair horror.

The day before I posted that question, my hair managed to be frizzy and flat and weirdly straight in spots. I gave up and literally put a sock in it. Mr. Kate posted a cute tutorial on HelloGiggles on how to make a big bun using a sock. If I had it to do over, I'd put the but further back on…

Colorful Bags for Summer


Love or Loathe: Body Con

Body conscious clothing seems like a thing for fitness enthusiasts and teenagers who haven't finished puberty. Not that they don't look good in the dresses, but most women aren't chomping at the bit to have clothing show all their curves and bumps. I've read that Herve Leger dresses are worth every penny because the construction of the clothing sucks and smooths the figure like full-body Spanx, but the jersey knits available in most stores seems to create shapes that didn't exist before. (I've tried on such clingy knits more than once and exclaimed, "Those aren't my thighs!") So while this dress pictured is pretty, how do you feel about body con clothing in particular?

Project Design: I Watch Too Much TV

The TV season has come to an end, and I find myself scrambling to watch everything on Hulu before it expires. The problem is I watch a little too much TV. A lot of the shows I watch are just background while I'm working on other things, but I still manage to get invested in the characters. Which of these TV-inspired fashion finds gets your top rating?

New Girl "I Rock A Lot Of Polka Dots" Tote by lalunedesigns

Cougar Town Jules-Inspired Wrap Around Necklace by bijouxbydesif

Parks and Recreation "I Heart Ron Swanson" Ring by lofteddesigns

Community Inspector Spacetime Tee by IntarsiaDesign 

The Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Reversible Necklace by TheCOVENCafe 

2 Broke Girls Caroline-Inspired Bead Bib Necklace by Karenda 

How I Met Your Mother "Suit Up" Cufflinks by JonTurner

30 Rock "Blerg!" Bracelet by ShopTheCopperFox

Doctor Who Tardis Purse by krukrustudio

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Etsy Shop of the Week: Mesa Dreams

Shop:Mesa Dreams

Why We Love It: The daughter of a leatherworker, this Colorado-based Etsian is carrying on the family trade. She creates stamped leather accessories from belts to bracelets to luggage tags to dog collars. Her designs are classic and beautifully crafted with a playful side. She also offers a lot of customizable items and takes custom orders. My favorite item are custom leather cuff bracelet, the leather barrettes, and the leather medical alert bracelets. I think they're much cuter than the traditional kind. On top of crafting classic accessories from durable leather, the prices are affordable.

Price Range:$8 - $69

Links:Facebook / Etsy Shop for Paintings / Etsy Shop for Product Photography

Favorite Items: $

<p><p><a href="…

How To Wear Tangerine

Stay warm Orange is a warm color as thus looks great with red and yellow. It's a bold color combination, but it's oh so summer.

Citrus Summer by fashionmefabulous

Keep cool Contrast bright orange with cool colors like green, purple and blue.

Tangerine Tangos with the Cool Side by fashionmefabulous

Ice cold Pastels are big this season. Bring them out of the pale with a citrus pop.

Pastel with an Orange Pop by fashionmefabulous

Earthy For neutrals, I prefer brown to black. Black and orange can run the risk of being too Halloween, but even bright orange takes on a grounded feel with earth tones.

Tangerine and Earthtones by fashionmefabulous

Seeing Red (Tops)

About two years before we started Fashion Me Fabulous, Jael Paris evaluated my wardrobe and banned me from buying any more basic black. She was right--the color dominated my closet save a few dashes of blue and pops of red. I took her advice. I reintroduced pink into my world, went plum crazy (seriously I lose control in the presence of purple), grew an unhealthy green obsession, took teal to a new obsession level, and began to despair when a pair of shoes only came in black.

Then something happened (well, that something was unemployment), and my wardrobe stagnated. For interviews and freelance gigs I replaced black basics as they wore out. Black is professional, versatile and the best bang for my buck. I mixed it up with a little grey and purple (my favorite neutral), but that's all I could do. As my rainbow of clothes grew old, I had to let them go. My pops of color are subject to the whims of the clearance rack.

Sunday, I envisioned the cutest outfit, but I couldn't put it …

Love or Loathe: Strapless

Prom was this last weekend, and my youth gives gave it an overwhelming rating of meh. Mostly, they spent the evening avoiding girls who were in tears about various catastrophes both real and perceived. One such incident involved a rather well-endowed girl exuberantly dancing in a strapless dress which then fell off.

Ah, memories.

I'm a big fan of straps. I don't need to worry about losing my clothes when I have actual problems to think about like what to make for dinner, how can I get rid of this migraine, and my boss wants us to do what now. However, I do own a few strapless dresses. Two have built in bras and fit tightly enough around my chest that a child pulling on my hem couldn't budge them. The third was a bridesmaid's dress and since I couldn't buy a top as tight as I wanted while still leaving room for my hips, I wore a super-padded bra to fill the gap and help in the case of a dancing mishap.

Do you like strapless dresses? They can look quite striking, es…

Pick of the Week: Gear Ring

I recently saw this gear ring in person when one of my brother's friends showed it to me. It isn't just a ring with gear decorations. These gears work! I have never seen a piece of jewelry that is so fun to play with (and I always play with my jewelry). I don't know if I could actually wear this ring because I would never do anything but spin it. Watch the video to see how it works. Also, the video shows it as a men's ring, but I saw it on a woman's hand. It looks equally cool on either gender and makes a unique gift for any and all mechanically minded people. (F.Y.I. Father's Day is next month, and lots of people are graduating with mechanically-inclined degrees). The Kinekt Gear Ring is made of stainless steel and sells for $165.

Party Dresses Under $50 for Wedding Season

A couple weeks ago I featured some dresses to wear to weddings, bridal showers and even dates. The dresses I picked out today are not only under $50 but are also a bit more casual. With the right shoes and accessories, they can work for a wedding or for a summer picnic.

Top: yellow gingham strapless dress, ASOS $43.49
berry jersey and chiffon dress, Macy's $49.99
floral sun dress, Old Navy $34.94
Bottom: neon pink shirt dress with navy trim, Forever 21 $24.80
purple bell sleeve dress, Victoria's Secret $ 39.99
lace halter dress, Forever 21 $22.80