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Project Runway All Stars S2 E5: Androgyny

This week host, Carolyn Murphy (Her name will not stay in my brain. I have to look it up every week.) came out in her best Victor/Victoria look to announce that the designers would need to make an androgynous look for their models. After sketching and shopping at Mood with only $150, the designers set to work. Soon, Georgina Chapman came in to deliver a twist--male models. At this point the designers actually had a lot of their garments sewn or at least cut so they all nearly had heart attacks about making their clothes fit these very different bodies. After they panicked, Georgina told them not to panic because they would still be dressing the female models but would have to go back to Mood for more fabric to make a companion look.
I loved this concept for a challenge. Usually I don't like when the designers have to make menswear clothing because this is a womenswear competition, but this challenge related the two well and gave us a chance to see the tailoring abilities of the al…

8 Boots Under $100


Etsy Shop of the Week: GeekinOut


Why We Love It: Jael Paris wrote about hats earlier this week, and we have well established our love for hats. When winter gets long and cold and grey, I like something with a bit of whimsy, which is why these geeky hats are the perfect winter pick-me-up.

Price Range: $5 - $40

Favorite Items: $
click through the slideshow below to see our favorites.

View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: GeekinOut by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Jayne Cobb's Earflap Hat from Firefly $25; Shark Earflap Hat $30; Jack Skellinton Earflap Hat $25; Cthulhu Ski Mask Hat $40; Spartan/Trojan Earflap Hat $30; Moose Eaflap Hat $25; Viking Earflap Hat $30; Viking Earflap Hat $30; Storm Trooper Hat $25; Strawberry Hat $25; My Neighbor Totoro Hat $25; Perry the Platypus Earflap Hat $30; Princess Leia Earflap Hat $30; Domo Hat $25
Pictured above:  R2D2 Hat $25

The Horror: Yeti Peacock

Things did not end well for the Gonzo Moopet post The Muppets movie. Don't worry, he lives on (the feet) for $1,300 at the Christian Louboutin boutique.

Fashionable Tech Gifts

Anyone who has read Fashion Me Fabulous for a while knows that we are nerds. As a nerd and blogger, I love gadgets. As a fashion blogger, I love, well, fashion. These gifts are perfect for the fashionable gadgets lovers in your life as they combine those two things.

1. USB Pyramid Bracelet, Juicy Couture, $34.99
As seen in image 1a, this looks like an ordinary and rather cool cuff bracelet. As seen in image 1b, this is actually a fashionable housing unit for a 4G USB drive. Form and function. Also, this USB drive will be much harder to lose than the one that used to be on my key chain.

2. Tech Touch Gloves, Target, $3
The link actually takes you to the online three pair set costing $9.99, but the store is selling them for $3 a pair which is a better deal and allows you to choose different colors. The finger and thumb of these gloves have conductive thread so you can use your phone, tablet and all the public touch screens like the ones on the ATM and self-checkout grocery lanes.


Hat Are Cute

Again I say, hats are cute. We should all wear them this winter. Then we can start an avant garde rock band called Jaunty Chapeaus. I call dibs on xylophone.
Top: ear-flap sweater hat, Target $28
color block beret, ASOS $30
grey confetti pom cap, Mod Cloth $25
beaded beret, Mod Cloth $33
Bottom: yellow knit cap with bill, Target $12
striped turban, Mod cloth $30
faux far Coassack hat, ASOS $25 (sale)
color block faux fur hat, ASOS $32

Three Unexpected Fall Colors

We are headed into the homestretch of fall, and some of you may be tired of fall's orange, yellow and brown palette. If that's you, here are three colors to add to the mix.

I've written before about how teal can be used as a neutral. For fall, it pairs wonderfully with mustard, orange or brown. Go even bolder by mixing it with purple or olive.

A Splash of Teal by fashionmefabulous

Coral is a cousin of orange, and these cousins play nicely together. It's absolutely fabulous with browns, yellows, and deep reds.

Coral for Fall by fashionmefabulous

Mint was huge this spring. Huge. While generally  more of a spring color, mint can work for fall. It looks nice with warm tones like mustard and orange, but it's best with cool greys, blues, and other greens. Try it with burgundy too.

Fall in Mint by fashionmefabulous

Happy Thanksgiving

What are you eating today?

Favs to Give or Receive: Gifts Under $20

I love Christmas, but I don't so much love Christmas shopping. Don't get me wrong. I love to shop. I just don't love all the crowds or the fact that stores are opening so early on Thanksgiving that we're going to have to serve a holiday brunch so we can make it to the sales. (We are not doing that. We are eating dinner and enjoying family time).  If you want to get a great value without braving the black Friday sales, try one of the fashion favorites for under $20.

1). V-Neck Cardigan, H&M, $17.95: I have a few H&M Cardigans that have held up for over 6 years. These new ones come in 11 colors and sizes 2 to 14. Chances are you could get a different one for every fashionable friend on your list.
2). Mini Travel Straightener, Amazon, $14.99: I have one of these and I love if for travel or even day to night looks. It heats up fast for quick fixes on blown away bangs or wayward ringlets, and the heat proof pouch lets you stash it your bag while it's still hot.

$150 Challenge: School Marm

As I've been doing all month, I have taken the final look from Jael Paris' Fall Inspiration post and created a version that only costs $150. Jael creates her looks as a way to give you ideas for colors, shapes, styles and themes that would make great looks. Because these are inspiration posts and she doesn't expect you to go out and buy the exact pieces, she doesn't worry about how much the items cost. In case you do want to create a similar look, I've put together an affordable version. (Last week, I told you my tricks for finding budget items).

$2,000 Version:

School Marm by fashionmefabulous featuring betsey-johnson
$158 Version:
Thanks to sales, this version features a cashmere cardigan (which is a bit more versatile than the sweater above) and modal socks. The shiny skirt looks demure with this outfit, but could be dressed up for parties and dates. The shoes are 64% off. The faux leather bag keeps costs low. The glasses are costume rather than real eyewear. The e…

The Horror: Whimsical Whinny Leggings

This weekend, becca told me a hilarious story from college about when she confronted a freshman with the life lesson that leggings are not pants. This is part of the problem I have with certain printed leggings because you almost have to be wearing them as pants for the design to show. Take the crying space unicorn leggings on the left. If you wear a non-booty breezy dress, the eyes won't even show.

Hmm, I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh yes, THOSE ARE THE UGLIEST LEGGINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN! Something about the unicorn's face looks rotten, so even if you are really into fantasy and larp every weekend, even you still couldn't make these work. Lisa Frank couldn't make these work. It's rotten unicorn space face, and no one needs that near their nethers.

What's New in Fashion Books

Books may be one of the few things that get me more excited than shoes. Several books to get my heart racing, four of which are about Alexander McQueen, were released in the last month. Just in time for thinking about Christmas presents too.

Love Looks Not with the Eyes: Thirteen Years with Lee Alexander McQueen, contains the photography of Anne Deniau, the only photographer allowed backstage at McQueen's theatrical shows. With so many McQueen books being released at once, this is the only one to feature completely original photographs.

One of my complaints with earlier books on McQueen is that they didn't cover all the shows. His controversial graduate show and his most recent shows were covered ad nauseum, but there are shows from the 90s I've still never even seen. Alexander McQueen: Evolution seeks to rectify that by covering all 35 of McQueen's meticulously thought out dramas.

Vogue on: Alexander Mcqueen contains many of Vogue's editorials featuring McQueen'…

This Week On FMF We're Recovering

Rock N Roll brings the milkshakes to the yard. by fashionbeccafabulous

We're skipping the summary this week because Jael Paris and I are recovering from an awesome night of concert-going and milkshake drinking with some amazing friends. We'll be back with content Monday and summaries next week.

Project Runway All Stars S2 E4: A Picture is Worth. . .

This week's "interactive" challenge connected the designers to fans on Twitter who had submitted photos for inspiration. Each designer chose a photo to inspire a "newsworthy" design. The winner would be featured in USA Today in an interview post, a photo of their garment and their inspiration photo. I really liked the premise of this challenge. I think All Stars is doing a good job selection interesting challenges that are actually capable of producing fun fashion.
Safe Designers Click through the slide show below to see our thoughts on the safe designers.
View this collection on Polyvore Project Runway All Stars S2 E4: Safe Designers by fashionbeccafabulous on

Top Three Laura was inspired by a water drop photo. Her dress was pretty, but not terribly show stopping. The things that made if worthy of it's top three spot was the print that Laura had created herself. I don't love the little flaps in the front or the back all that much though. For …

Etsy Shop of the Week: Le Petit Monkey

Shop:Le Petit Monkey

Why We Love It: This shop offers a lovely selection of pashmina scarves in solid colors and lovely paisleys. Unlike the pashmina-style scarves you see everywhere in stores, these are the real deal. They are made of a blend of silk and pashmina, which is a fine cashmere wool. They are soft, warm and durable. I have several authentic ones to which my cheap version just do not compare. Best of all these scarves cost about the same as many of the fake ones I've seen and come in almost any color you could imagine. You can even get a pashmina complete with gift wrap for $19.99. (pictured) Also, Le Petit Monkey will create custom pashmina sets for a bridal party or special occasion.

Price Range: $20 for solid scarves and $25 for paisley prints.

Links:Facebook / Twitter

Favorite Items:
Click through the slideshow below to see some or our favorites.

View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Le Petit Monkey by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Gre…

Nail Color of the Season

Maybe I'm just hung up on copper because I've been immersed in picture of early 20th century bungalows. Pretty, shiny fixtures. Even before the bungalow lust set in, I've always loved copper. It's sort of an unloved metal. It's not for jewelry or flatware, but rather for fixtures and gutters. It's reddish hue and green patina of age have always appealed to me. It's an excellent color to paint your nails for fall, and it's a nice surprise contrasted with the typical gold and silver of the holidays.
1. copper glitter top coat, Sephora by OPI $9.50
2. orangey copper polish, China Glaze $5
3. burnt copper polish, Nubar $0.99!
4. copper lace nail wraps, Incoco $9.99

Review: Target's Perfect Layering Tank

A year and a half ago, I wrote about the Mossimo Micro Rib tank as a pick of the week. Like most things at Target, I expected it to vanish with the season. At first, they brought it back slightly changed. The fabric blend had less modal and more spandex, which made for a far too stretchy and ill-fitting tank. But they quickly fixed it. I now own about seven of these tanks in various colors.

They are the best layering tops I've ever owned. In the summer I like to layer two together and pair them with a cute skirt. In the fall and spring they are perfect under a light, sheer top. Now that the weather is turning colder, I love to layer them under cowl and v-neck sweaters or pair them with cardigans. They come in a huge variety of colors, and now Target is offering a sparkly version, which will look great with Christmas sweaters and casual party looks.

They hold up great in the wash (though I usually skip the dryer to give them a longer life), and I wash them a lot. My original tank…

Love or Loathe: Sweater Leggings

Target's display may have turned me against these leggings before they even had a chance. It looked like Cosby vomit. Sweaters and sweater skirts and sweater leggings all thrown together regardless of pattern or color. Won't someone think of the retinas?!

I suppose these would be cute under a black sweater dress. I can't really think of much else because I hate this pattern so much. It reminds me of sweaters my classmates wore in third grade. However, I'd gladly wear them under my jeans and be the toastiest kid on the sledding hill.

What say you?

$150 Challenge: Cozy Fall (Plus, How To Cut Costs)

Earlier this fall, Jael Paris made a Fall Inspiration post with several autumn-ready outfits. Because Jael creates these with style in mind rather than cost, I've been creating affordable versions of her looks to show how to translation inspiration into a budget friendly look no matter how where than inspiration comes from be it our blog, other websites or the major fashion magazines.

Fall! by fashionmefabulous
Jael's original set (above) cost nearly $1,400. My look (below) costs just 37 cents over $140. I was able to make it cost 90% less with a few simple tricks.
Forgo the high end fabrics: The merino wool sweater became a cotton, wool, angora, synthetic blend sweater from Target. On the upside, it's machine washable. (You can also shop sales as seasons end to get high end fabrics much cheaper.)Focus on Function: An affordable sweater skirt could not be found, but I kept the comfy feel with an orange corduroy skirt.Use Accessories Wisely: I added some cozy over the knee so…

Pick of the Week: Striped Cardi

We just love Anthropologie. They sell such feminine and unique clothes. It really appeals to our quirky style. Like this striped cardigan with bows and a contrast zipper. Unfortunately, Anthropologie's prices are always high, so you have to wait for a sale.
Lucky us, this cardigan isn't from Anthropologie. It's on sale for $39.99 at Down East. Nice.

Time to Shop for Winter Coats

As I'm writing this, it's nearly 70 degrees outside in Northern Indiana. Mocha is sitting on the porch munching hay and listening to the wind howl and batter the door. The wind is forcing out this one last beautiful weekend in favor of more seasonal weather -- 40s and damp.

Looking on the bright side, that's coat weather! Even though the cold weather's just starting, many of the coats below are already on sale. Most of these coats are available in at least two colors, so follow the links for more details.

Top: blue steel knit collar puffer, Victoria's Secret $126 (sale)
teal asymmetrical collar coat, Guess at Nordstrom $149 (sale)
grey contrast trim military coat, ASOS $156 (Khaki and navy are on sale for $110. Also available in petite.)
Bottom:  purple ruffle coat, DKNY ay Macy's $180 (sale)
faux leather olive trench, Walter Baker at Macy's $99 (sale)
red retro swing coat, ASOS $123 (Wouldn't this be the cutest on a pregnant lady? It's not a maternit…

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Fall by fashionmefabulous
Boots!: Cure Boot Withdrawal Syndrome by buying boots and more boots.

Fantasy and Horror: Be afraid, very afraid of these fashion week horrors. Get geeky jewelry featuring your favorite sci-fi and fantasy books and shows.

Artsy: Learn tips and tricks for creating cool nail art. See what the Project Runway all stars did with graffiti.

Project Runway All Stars S2 E3: Tag, You're It

Last night's episode took the designers to a legal street art district to be inspired by top "aerosol artists." They then had a chance to paint their fabric with spray paint, which they would use to create their art gallery-ready looks. While I love this challenge, I'm a little board by the "drama" in this episode. Far too much time was spent forcing an Ivy/Laura feud. It was boring. I want to see sewing disasters or how they construct complicated garments or even back story about what they've been up to since they were on the show.
Top Three  Ivy's look captured street art really well. I didn't love her look, but she did a great job making something modern and interesting that fit the challenge.

Anthony Ryan's look had a very graphic appeal. Up close, you could see that it was spray paint, but from far away it had a much sharper effect.

Emilio was the winner of this challenge. When I first saw it on the runway, I said, "it looks like she…