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Shop: Green Tree Jewelry

Shop:Green Tree Jewelry

Why We Love It: It is unintentionally "big cat" theme week here at FMF. Hence the the two sets of big cat earring featured up front. However, this shop has a lot more to offer than cats of all sizes. These laser cut wooden earrings range from fun swirling designs to intricate peacocks. Best of all, the earrings I've featured here today all cost only $12.95. (Although the shop sells some other higher priced goods).

Price Range: $12.95 - $79.95


Favorite Items:
Click through the slideshow below to see some favorite items.
View this collection on Polyvore Shop: Green Tree Jewelry by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Tiger Earrings; Koala Earrings; Ring-Tailed Lemur Earrings; Radishes That Hang On Your Ear Earrings; Cup of Coffee Earrings; Scissors Earrings; Rhino Earrings; Peacock Earrings; Lion Earrings (also pictured above) All linked earrings cost $12.95.

Love or Loathe: Panther Sandal

As you well know, I am not a fan of minimalist sandals. However, Nine West's toe-tastic panther* sandal is both crazy and fun while still barely attaching to your foot. Some might say it verges on the tacky, but I think it's the perfect shoe for a white cotton maxi dress, gold bangles, and aviator sunglasses. It makes me want to vacation in Rio. But I also wonder about the security of my toes just by looking at it.

*It's unintentionally big cat week!

Pick of the Week: Panther Flowers

becca's all about whimsical prints right now. You can't get much more whimsical than black panthers pretending to be flowers. This fun dress is a clear copy of Givenchy's Fall 2011 panther-floral print, but it's only $35 at Sheinside. Unfortunately, this company believes one size fits all, so you need to pay attention to to the measurements listed. Can you wear this to work and weddings and generally everywhere? Probably not, but we're on a quest for whimsy.

Tell Us What You Think: Project Runway Recaps

This week I posted my first Project Runway recap of the new season, and I want to know what you think of the new format. Instead of a long, detailed recap post, I decided I would switch to a format with key thoughts on the episode, a few key looks and some favorite moments. I'm calling it "Project Runway season 12 in 12 thoughts (or less)." I've decided to do this because the longer posts, though fun to write, were becoming overwhelming. As Zac Posen said in last night's episode, no little elves are going to finish my posts at night.

You can read the post here. I plan to keep posting these every Thursday before the next episode airs. What did you think? Are you a fan? Do you miss the old style?

Tell me what you think in the comments, what else you might like to see, and what you might miss from the big recap posts I've done in the past.

Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 in 12 Thoughts or Less

1. Voting brought back the wrong designer.
Viewers got to vote to bring back a designer who had been eliminated before his or her time. The choices were Season 11's Kate, Season 6's Ra'mon-Lawrence, or Season 8's Valerie. It should have been Ra'mon. It was Kate.

2. Kate did make a very cute dress from her parachute.

3. This was the coolest way Project Runway has ever delivered materials:
Sky divers jumped from a plane to deliver parachutes. Also, parachute is delightfully difficult material to work with. It was also funny when Heidi nearly got run over by a sky diver during landing.

4. Heidi made reference to this being the unconventional materials challenge.
It is AN unconventional materials challenge, but it better not be THE unconventional materials challenge.

5. Zac Posen is still pretending to be Michael Kors. He's fine, but I prefer Michael. 

6. If your model has to cover her lady bits with string, you should go home.
(You also should not be allowed to make th…

Styling a White Blazer

You would think that a white blazer would be just as functional as a black blazer, but the wrong style can send you into costume territory -- head waiter, ship captain, lounge singer, chorus girl. It's important to avoid satin lapels, gold buttons, and sequins. For the looks below, I chose a jacket in a fitted style with zipper and leather trim. Add pops of color here and there and it's perfect for everything from work, to casual Saturday, to date night.

Work is Hard by fashionmefabulous

Last First Kiss by fashionmefabulous

Opal by fashionmefabulous

Bumble Bee by fashionmefabulous

A Little Punky by fashionmefabulous

Saturday at the Market by fashionmefabulous

Etsy Shop of the Week: Jamie Spinello

Shop:Jamie Spinello

Why We Love It: I'm reading Divergent by Veronica Roth right now. It's very good so far, and the jewelry in this shop reminds me of something you would find in the Pit for the Dauntless to wear.  It's tough, bold and probably forged from things found in their futuristic, dystopian Chicago. Everything in the shop feels both like something from the future and something from a lost and distant past. I want it all.

Price Range: $14 - $205

Links:Website / Blog

Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow below to see some favorite items)
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Jamie Spinello by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Branching Heart Necklace $72; Copper Egyptian Collar $80; Copper Geometric Necklace $40; Heart Leaf Necklace $65; Bark Ring Cuff $28; Doll House Ring $80; Insect Necklace $85Geometric Iron Gates Necklace $85; Cleo Grasshopper Necklace $42; Insect Necklace $35; Copper Maiden Cuff $65; Copper Petra Necklace $…

The Horror: Max Mara Fall 2013

Max Mara usually makes pretty but boring clothes. The best button down and pencil skirt in my closet are this label (scored at Goodwill!), but they are still just a button down and a pencil skirt. Much like Calvin Klein, they are a brand we would wear, but don't usually make an effort to cover during fashion week. That was a loss on our part this past season, because look at this ad for their Fall 2013 collection.

Yes, the model appears to be wearing sweats, sneakers, and a giant coat made from the hide of your teddy bear. Do you find this artistically inspired and totally worth thousands of dollars?

I've never quite understood casual designer attire anyway. The topic of $100 t-shirts is guaranteed to fly me into a frothy fashion rage. But I am also relatively broke, so designer always equates as special to me. Maybe only wear-to-work-special, but certainly not autumn-bonfire-special

If you were to (or have) plonk down the cash for a designer something or other, would you spen…

Big 60s Hair

The other day I woke up with giant hair. The body was amazing. Big waves and double layer bangs. I was a great day in the history of my head. In high school, when everyone wore their hair at flat as possible, my hair's body meant kids teased me for my frizzy giant 80s hair. I wish I had known then about the voluminous curls women worked in the late 60s. I would have shouted "I am Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy!" and run away, cementing my status as the class weirdo.

Whimsical Print Tops

I need some tops. Somehow, I've ended up all bottoms and layering tanks with nothing to pair with the bottoms or wear over the tanks. While the practical side of me thinks I should buy basic, professional, classic tops, the fun side of me says, "Why do plain old polka dots when you can dot a top with cartoon people at an umbrella cafe?" or "Forget leopard print; buy a shirt spotted with little leopards." I can wear a shirt adorned with tiny bunnies to a business meeting, right? Pictured: Rabbits & Rings Top, Romwe, $25.33; Sailboat Tee, Modcloth, $37.99; Wine and Dine Blouse, Modcloth, $57.99

Pictured: Zebra Tank, Anthropologie, $128; Citrus Tee, Anthropologie, $148; Bicycle Tee, Forever21, $12.80
Pictured: Cat Smiles Blouse, Romwe, $25.99; Giraffe-ic Jam Top, Modcloth, $39.99; Ice Cream Cone Top, Modcloth, $39.99

What would you want to wear on a whimsical top?

Etsy Shop of the Week: Aristocrafts


Why We Love It: When I was little, I went to church on Sunday in a frilly dress wearing lace gloves, lace trimmed socks, patent leather Mary Janes and carrying a handbag. Sometimes I tucked one of my embroidered hankies in the handbag like I had seen in movies. I was also a flower girl three time so I was covered in all the trappings of a wedding. I just assumed every girl grew up to live in this sort of world. This is why I love Aristocrafts bridal accessories. Everything is right out of my childhood day dreams and perfectly suited for a real lady.

Price Range: $20 - $234

Favorite Items: $
(Click through the slideshow below to see some favorite items).
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Aristocrafts by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Something Blue Hanky $100; Bridesmaid Lace Locket Set $88; Flapper Clutch $45; Vintage Travel Set $45; Gingham Pocket Square $25; Daisy Headband $50; Monogram Necklace Set $80; Wedding Hanky $49 (also pic…

Fashion Links

Go to British Vogue. Start typing up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-ENTER. Watch. Yes, that just happened.

Science fiction publisher Tor would like fantasy artists to abandon the cliche of "boob plate" armor.

Designer Zandra Rhodes now has a digital collection of 500 pieces from her 50+ year career.

If you are in love with Europe's royals and what they wear, you need to read The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor.

Speaking of royals, since Duchess Kate's not been making public appearances as she waits for the baby to get with being born, you may need to peruse her archives for a classy fashion fix. (The Cut)

These gifs of celebrity photoshop before-and-afters need to be shown to every woman worried about her weight or wrinkles.

Learn how Joseff of Hollywood became one of the biggest jewelers in classic film. (Collector's Weekly)

Instead of spending money for a travel case for your jewelry, try this no-sew DIY roll using stuff you probably have around th…

Pick of the Week: $25 Retro Swimsuit

We loooove retro swimsuits at Fashion Me Fabulous. Unfortunately, because they involve more material and a good deal of undergarment support, retro suits most of the time ring in over $80. While it doesn't contain underwire and a fabric tummy tuck, this cute little one-piece from Target has plenty of retro charm for only $25. It's available in black, but I'm having a hard time choosing between red and navy.

Project Runway's Dozenth Season

Next week, Project Runway will return for season 12. (Really? Already?) As much as I've loved blogging about the show for the last eight regular seasons and two All Star seasons, I'm still a little burned out from the marathon of Runway seasons we had this past year.

This season, I will be switching up the coverage. Instead of recapping whole episodes, I will be picking a few items to talk about. And instead of posting on Friday or Saturday, I will be posting the following Thursday before the next episode airs. Near the end of the season, I'll be doing more coverage. I will also be posting additional thoughts on our Facebook and Tumblr pages. (In fact you can check out my thoughts on the new NSFW PR promotional photo over on Tumblr right now).

Are there any aspects of my Project Runway posts you want me to keep? Is there anything you'd like me add? Are you looking forward to season 12? (And does anyone know why we still have Zac Posen as a judges and not Michael Kors…

Summer Travel Must-Have: Jersey Dress

As Jael posted a few weeks ago, summer is a time for travel. That travel may be for fun, but it may also be for events like conference, weddings, family reunions, etc... Recently I had to travel to Florida, in the summer, for a work conference. It was hot and I had to look professional not wilted. It was also a super quick trip so I didn't check a bag. Everything had to be crammed into a carry on.

I love jersey dresses for just about any type of travel. A simple dress works under a blazer for business-y things. Drop the blazer and add some jewelry and heels for the evening out. Or skip the fussy accessories, don some simple sandals and head out for an afternoon walk on the beach. Most jersey materials wrinkle minimally in a suitcase, and the minor wrinkles fade quickly after a brief stay on a hanger or even a few minutes on the body. They are also easy and comfortable in case you need to wear them on a plane, train or in a car.

To get the most wear out of a jersey dress, I look f…

$150 Challange: Summer at Work

No one thinks about work when they think about summer (with the exception of lifeguarding, roller coasters operating, camp counseling, and other college jobs), but the work beast must churn on. To think we ever resisted Mom's urgings to go outside and play. Stay comfortable with linen pants, an open-weave cardigan, and a punchy summer color.

$150 Challenge: Summer at Work by fashionmefabulous

grey linen crop pant, Gap $38 (sale)
orange pleat top, Target $18
open weave cardigan, Target $30
sandals, Aerosoles at J. C. Penney $45 (sale)
square rhinestone bangle, Bon Ton $8.40 (sale)
round rhinestone bracelet, Bauble Bar $16 (sale)

Etsy Shop of the Week: Iamknight


Why We Love It:
Knights are pretty cool. They have awesome armor, they go on quests, they guard grails for centuries, they say "ni." The armor, however, looks pretty heavy. Imaknight has fixed that with an awesome collection of knight hoodies. Now you can guard bridges in your spare time.

Price Range: $135 - $378

Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow below to see some favorites.)
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Imaknight by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured:  Duncan Armored Knight Hoodie $198; Stormbringer Armored Knight Trench Coat $298; Pegasus Knight Medieval Armor Hoodie $378; Arthur Armored Knight Medieval Armor Pullover Hoodie $228; Excalibur Grey Armored Hoodie $298; White Knight Medieval Armor Hoodie $178Lucifer Armored Knight Medieval Pullover Hoodie $228 (also pictured above)

Fall 2013 Couture Week

Viktor & Rolf had a couture show to celebrate their 20th anniversary. They chose to focus on dramatic shapes in black that ran from stunning to blanket dress. Why are all the models in fisherman sandals? I expect better from the people who designed these.

Love the shapes and textures at Christian Dior. This one looks like a feral watermelon. The shoes are vile. I am beginning to suspect Raf Simons can't design a shoe I like.

Valentino used decor details like molding, doorknockers and wallpaper for inspiration. Some of these pieces are lovely ready-to-wear, but aren't exactly imaginative couture. Some however, feather work and embroidered gowns in particular, were top notch flaunting of skill.

I have long been a fan of Jean Paul Gaultier, but he's been putting out horribly dated shows for a few seasons. This couture show is a return to form with a few 80s touchstones but overall a look to the future. Also, I need to buy leopard tights.

For more couture fun, head over to …

Happy Fourth of July!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend of celebrating, barbequing, swimming, picnicking, camping, relaxing or whatever else you may be doing. (I will be spending a laid back weekend reading by the pool, as depicted below). We'll be back Monday with more fashion.

Happy 4th by fashionbeccafabulous

Etsy Shop of the Week: Digital Nails

Shop:Digital Nails

Why We Love It: Well, for starters, the name is a delightful pun. Digits--fingers--nails. Get it? Most importantly, this shop is full of polishes inspired by Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Arrested Development and general nerdy awesomeness. I sort of want them all.

Price Range: $5.50 - $13


Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow below to see some favorites).

View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Digital Nails by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Hello Sweetie $10; Bad Wolf $10; Spectraflair Holographic Topcoat $10; Double Rainicorn $10; Ultimate Ginger $10; Wibbly Wobbly $10; Pegasus Poots $10; Pandorica $13 (also pictured above)

Hair Jewelry

My hair is almost to mid-back now, and I just need to bind it up to get it out of the way. A bun or ponytail can often look more casual than I want, so I've been swooning over the hair jewelry pictured in Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby. Sparkly rhinestones in your hair are usually for weddings or other formal occasions, but I feel most of what I've selected below could work for a lunch with friends and some could even go to work.

Top: silver hair chain, Mod Cloth $23
pearl hair chain, ASOS $31
pink rhinestone hair clip, ASOS $9.50 (sale)
spiked rhinestone headband, Nordstrom $28
Bottom: romantic rhinestone garland, Nordstrom $80
star burst headband, ASOS $25.50 (sale)
pearl bobby pins, ASOS $17
raw crystal chain crown, Urban Outfitters $19

If you want more hair jewelry, head over to our Facebook page to see what else I'm ogling.