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New York & London Fashon Week Fall Winter 2014: Gowns

Which of these fresh from the runway beauties do you think will show up on the red carpet at Sunday's Academy Awards? Which will you be dancing in in your dreams?

Under the Gunn Episode 6

Under the Gunn produced it's first surprise ending. Last week, was the first team challenge. Each mentor's group teamed up to create a collection. This seems a little better than most team challenges, because the designers seem a bit more charitable toward their teammates.

Overall, there was less team drama than most seasons any season of Project Runway. However, Nick's team got off to a rough start. He was overly "helpful" at first, but when he took a step back and let them figure things out, they ended up being the winning team. Oscar took a leadership role and earned a win. His look isn't my favorite of any designer's but it's amazing work for the short amount of time.
View this collection on Polyvore Under the Gunn Ep 6: Team Nick by fashionbeccafabulous on
Mondo's team was safe, which ended their winning streak. Overall, the designs seemed nice, but they weren't spectacular. I would love to hear Nina Garcia's comments on bl…

Project Design: What if we all wear floral dresses?


New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Horrors

If they remade Pretty Woman on ice, this would be Vivian's opening costume. (Betsey Johnson)

At least it looks like you could fit your phone in those pockets, but the zipper... (Betsey Johnson)

Some of these items might be fun on their own, but this has a lot going on. (Betsey Johnson)

This is Lady Gaga's male alter-ego when he's a Miami retiree. (3.1 Phillip Lim)

Is this a formal, bedazzled, windbreaker dress? (3.1 Phillip Lim)

Subtle is Jeremy Scott's middle name.

If your stylist envisions bleached brows and comb overs for the woman of tomorrow, get a new stylist. (Alexander Wang)

Do you feel a draft? (Alexander Wang)

Good news! It doubles as a bath mat. (Oscar de la Renta)

Rodarte's patchwork knit reminds me of this classic horror.

Proenza Schouler's show was an ode to what I see when I get hit in the head. (Proenza Schouler)

I want a winter top that looks like it was made of duct tape and seat belts. (Dion Lee)

Marc by Marc Jacobs has solved unemploymen…