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FMF Reader Poll: Shopping Online

Welcome to the FMF weekly reader poll. We're hoping to get to know a little more about you, our beloved readers, and have a little fun with fashion questions. This week we want to know how you feel about shopping online. Sure, it's the way of the future, but do you prefer to touch, see and try things on? As always, feel free to explain more in the comments.
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The Horror: Print Mess Flat

The creator of this bootie has heard of animal prints but has never seen them. Clearly, these prints are the poor interpretation of alligator and giraffe, two things that should not go together anyway. The designer was so confident in his animal vision that he thought the prints spoke for the shoe and it would not need anything in the way of shape. What do you think of these canvas booties from Urban Outfitters?

$150 Challenge: Bloomin'

Last weekend involved planting flowers and bushes around my house. Everything is in bloom. My mind is full of bright colors and petals. When I saw these fabulous and affordable Franco Sarto wedges, I thought it could all pull together for a garden inspired ensemble. This springy look is only $138.16.

$150 Challenge: Petal Pushing by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Forever21 tops
pink multi wedge sandal, Franco Sarto "Vacancy" on Amazon $25.48
pale yellow petal top, Forever 21 $38
denim bermuda shorts, Charlotte Russe $29.99
bird canvas tote, Aerie $19.95
hot pink floral headband, Target $7.99
sequin skinny scarf, Forever 21 $6.80
butterfly ring, Free People $9.95

Pops of Pink

Pink. I've had a roller coaster relationship with pink. As a little girl, pink was the only color. As a teen, I rebelled against pink. Now, I find myself falling back in love with the feminine color. It's great for adding a powerful pop to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Earlier today, Jael Paris explored hot pink belts, which she has been wearing with everything. I've found my hot pink tights to be my go-to accessory. Here are some pops for pink that will have you brightening every outfit.

Feather & Petals Headband, Forever 21, $8.80
Filigree Cutout Earrings, Forever 21, $3.80
Floral Lace Headwrap, Forever 21, $3.80
Stripe Sunglasses, Forever 21, $5.80
Totes Umbrella, Target, $12.99

Faux Patent Croc Wallet, Forever 21, $9.80
Dooney & Bourke Patent Chiara Bag, Macy's, $295
Hype "Jordan" Crossbody Bag, Macy's, $295
B. Makowsky "Florence" Shopper, Macy's, $298

Strawberry Harvest Necklace, Anthropologie, $198

Etsy Shop of the Week: Boojiboo


Specialty: Adorable, vintage-inspired aprons!

Why We Love It: Call me silly, but nothing would be more fun than cooking a fabulous meal wearing a cute, vintage frock under an adorable apron like one of these. Also, Boojiboo has various apron styles including half aprons, plus size aprons and children's aprons.

Price Range: $6.75 - $38.75

More Info: You can keep up on the latest Boojiboo info on the Boojiboo blog.

Favorite Items: Everything! Famous Chloe Full Apron in Damask $28.75 (pictured), Classic Strawberry Full Apron $28.75, Bella Birdseed Full Apron $28.75, Maggie Tweet Tweet Bird Full Apron $28.75, Classic Jello & Mixers Half Apron $18.75

Stylish Walking Sandals

With the weather turning beautiful and vacation season coming up, becca wanted to know what you are willing to spend on walking sandals. The response was a resounding splurge. In case you have a trip coming up (so jealous!) or just need something for walking around the neighborhood, here is a selection of stylish leather sandals from Endless with good padding in the insoles.
Top: jade green ring sandals, Frye "Amber" $197.95
red patent platform sandal, Dansko "Sissy" $109.95
brown gladiators, Corso Como "Dominique" $158.95 (want!)
black wedge, Clarks "Lambda" $42.50

Hot Pink Belts

For a week, I've been wearing neutrals with pops of hot pink. My current favorite accessory is a pink satin ribbon I use as both a belt and headband. I've been wearing it with skirts, pants, tunics, shorts and dresses. Wait. That's everything. A splash of neon has picked me up when the April showers have been too heavy.

Hot Pink and Stripes by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Prada bags

Spring in the Details by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Vila blouses

Cream and Pink by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring ChloƩ tank tops

To get you started, here are some hot pink belts currently in stores:
Left: square buckle belt, Ann Taylor $49 (30% off if you buy online)
skinny belt, Target $12.99
skinny python belt, Urban Outfitters $24
quilted obi, Spiegel $11.99
Right: print obi, Aramaa on Etsy $39 flower belt, Carolina Bean on Etsy $36
wide snake texture belt, Nordstrom $38

Need a New Wardrobe? Dig 'N' Swap

I recently found a new website called Dig 'N' Swap where you can swap your used clothing and accessories for something different. You can create an account, upload pictures of what you'd like to swap, specify what you're willing to swap it for, and look for possible swaps.

You can search by type, brand or keyword. When you find something you like you can place a bid. You can bid one item or several items. If your bid is accept, you have a swap. Swapping is free too. The instructions are here. You can read more on the blog here.

The sites still looks fairly new, but there are some good finds if you dig around for a while. This might be the perfect place to swap your old prom dress for a more practical LBD or get rid of that collection of cute but cheap purses for one nice bag. It may take a little time to find and make good swaps, but it's a nice, free way to update your wardrobe.

Save or Splurge: Exercise Attire

To be honest, if I manage to actually do exercise that requires specific attire, I'm probably just going to wear the gym pants I've had since 8th grade and an old tank top. However, I've been thinking that specific, cute workout clothes might motivate me to actually exercise more.

I've looked at some really cute stuff, but it can be awfully expensive. I'm sure exercise enthusiasts could explain the benefits of these pricey items, but I don't think that stuff is for me. I just can't see spending a bunch of money of clothes to get sweaty in when I can buy pretty cute stuff at Target. I'd probably buy from the clearance rack there too. Clearly this is a major "save" for me.

So do you save or splurge on workout attire? Or are you still wearing your old gym clothes too?

Pictured: C9 by Champion Yoga Cami, Target $19.99

Vintage Frames

Where:Allyn Scura

What: Vintage and reproduction sunglasses and frames

When: Mostly 50s and 60s, but some frames date back to the 1800s!

How Much: $50-$100

Be Cheap. Look Like A Million.

Perhaps it was all those years of buttoned-up private school dress code, but I have a weakness for corsets. They are, of course, inappropriate for most occasions, but I can always sashay around in a corset belt. They add definition to those flowing summer dresses I love and they look oh so fabulous. Trouble is, they are usually expensive. But not today! Urban Outfitters has a lovely brown, equestrian-influenced corset belt on sale for $16.99. It's not leather, so there's a sweaty factor. Even so, I think it would be perfect for most weather.

Shoe of the Week: Simple Leather Slingback

For summer office attire, I love a simple, peep toe slingback. It's more professional than a sandal, and it looks great with pants, skirts, dresses or Capri pants. I'm also obsessed with finding yellow shoes, so these really are perfect.

The Sechelles Wait Your Turn Leather Slingback from DSW has classic looks that won't go out of style. For only $59.95, these leather slingbacks make a good summer investment that will work well for spring and fall too. In case you aren't loving the yellow, these shoes also come in black, pewter and red.

Spring Cleaning

When was the last time you really looked at the contents of your makeup bag? You have that foundation you use every day and a few foundations you gave up on, a small pile of trendy eyeshadows, special occasion makeup. Your trusty mascara may be creeping up on birthday number two. I recently found some liquid eyeliner from high school!

Gloopy (and therefore expired) nail polish isn't going to hurt you, but the bacteria growing on your face makeup can cause red bumps, pink eye and other health problems. Eva Gizowska of iVillage wrote about the shelf life of costmetics, how to tell it is old, and tips for making your makeup last. (I didn't know that lipstick only lasts two years and that perfume can be preserved by keeping it in the fridge.) The best way to make sure you're not using rank product is to write the date you opened it on the container.

Get cleaning, ladies!

Image source: The Looking Glass

This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

Discuss: What are your thoughts on the jumpsuit trend? Are walking sandals a splurge? Is Target's new limited release policy a good idea? Which summer clothes are you most excited to wear?

Shop: Get great basic tee shirts. Need a sweet cardigan? I'm looking for new pajama pants. We're drooling over updated cameo jewelry. Check out this affordable vintage shop and upcycled jewelery on Etsy. Liven up your spring look with neon.

Our Facebook page has some new photos! By the way, you still have plenty of time to send us those prom pictures.

Matthew Williamson for H&M

Yesterday, I woke up early to head downtown for the launch of Matthew Williamson for H&M. I met up with two other fabulous, Chicago-based bloggers, Entirely Official and The Sassy Peach. (Be sure to check out their coverage of the event!)

Matthew Williamson's line launched "Part 1" yesterday at 8 U.S. stores and about 200 stores worldwide. "Part 2" debuts May 14th in most stores. "Part 2" will be a summer collection and will include menswear. You can watch for more info on the collection at H&M's website.

The collection was gone shortly after the doors opened, but it was very well done and deserved to sell out. Many of the pieces included lovely materials like silk, cashmere, and leather. Some items had a price tag that was a too high like the $80 cardigan (only 13% cashmere does not a cashmere sweater make), but it did have a much better price point than Comme de Garcon for H&M.

The entire "Part 1" collection wasn't in the …

Project Design: Spring Skirts

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

It's finally starting to feel like spring here in Chicagoland, which means I get to wear my fun, spring skirts! Which of these fun, flirty skirts will have you twirling in a field of dandelions?

"Red Pocket" Long Skirt in Peach by idea2lifestyle

ODETTE high-waisted skirt with silk corset waistband by ParaNoire

fairytale forest skirt by madewithlovebyhannah

Lemon Zest Cotton Paperbag Skirt by BabooshkaBoutique

Asymmetrical Paneled Splash Skirt by dagboutique

Blue Tiered Skirt by Marysavel

ti leaf skirt in greys by machinemachine

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The Horror: Monkey Business

This 3-d monkey ring terrifies me. I kind of hate monkeys anyway, and this ring from Girl Props reminds me of a freaky idol from an Indiana Jones movie. It's the eyes. They are telling you to sacrifice your children to television. On a more practical downside, I'm sure I would catch those little arms on my clothing in the first five minutes of wearing it, resulting in holes or a broken monkey. What say you? Freaky voodoo figure or cute kitsch?

FMF Reader Poll: Fair Weather Fashion

Welcome to the FMF weekly reader poll. We're hoping to get to know a little more about you, our beloved readers, and have a little fun with fashion questions. This week we want to know which item of clothing you most look forward to wearing when the weather gets warm. As always, feel free to explain more in the comments.
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$150 Challenge: Neon Spring

When the calendar says late April and the thermometer reads 40 degrees, you might need a bit of wardrobe pep. I posted the pale cream version of this cardigan yesterday, but I like this one more. Lime with black lace excellently mashes neon party hoppers and more demure, laced up ladies. This outfit is all about classic office basics with a bright twist. The entire look, including makeup, costs $136.09.

$150 Challenge: Neon Spring by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Forever21 heels

lime and lace cardigan, Twelve by Twelve $36
grey sheath, Forever 21 $22.80
purple platform mary janes, Forever 21 $24.80
black ruffle bag, Charlotte Russe $19.99
OPI Brights! Atomic Orange, Amazon $8.50
"Lime Criminal" eyeshadow, Lime Crime $12
"Circus Girl" eyeshadow, Lime Crime $12

(If you're afraid of wearing bright eyeshadow, try it as an eyeliner.)

Extasia Jewelry

Who would like a handmade cameo in a bright colors? Me too! Extasia Jewelry hand crafts its feminine pieces and infuses them with an antique feel. The prices vary depending on the detail for the piece, but they are quite reasonable considering what you're getting. (And that's coming from someone who grew up in a jewelry store!) A classic cameo necklace accented with pearls and garnets, for example, will run about $240. If you want to build your own charm bracelet, each charm may cost between $35 and $60. Earrings, which are on sale this month, and rings hover around $100.

Did you know, by the way, that you can email Fashion Me Fabulous posts to, let's say for example, your husband who can't figure out what to buy you for your birthday? Something about the pretty, pretty jewelry compelled me to tell you.

glass cameo necklace $255

Earth Day Style Round-Up

Happy Earth Day! Today isn't just about recycling. Take a look at various ways of making parts of everyday life, like your wardrobe, more eco-friendly.

FMF loves Etsy so support amazing Estians who support the planet by checking out Team EcoEtsy and their blog. You'll find all sorts of eco-chic Etsy shops.

Earth, Wind & Power is a fairly new eco-blog with a tons of earth-friendly advice, including some great fashion tips. (Psst... I occasionally write fashion-y stuff here).

Lucky Magazine has a whole sourcebook full of eco-friendly fashion that can be found and purchased on the web.

Hippyshopper, a blog about ethical consumerism, offers great finds for fashion and beyond.

Etsy Shop of the Week: 19 Moons

Shop:19 Moons

Specialty: Eco-friendly steampunk jewelry made from vintage and recycled materials.

Why We Love It: In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to bring you an eco-friendly shop that brought together a "green" philosophy with amazing design.

Price Range: $18 to $76

More Info: Offering an Earth Day special of free shipping with the purchase of two or more items with "eco-friendly" in the title. Visit 19 Moons' website for more information on these incredible designs.

Favorite Items:Kingfisher Arcadia Victorian Vintage Cameo Necklace $76, Radiant Typewriter Key Necklace $46, Typewriter Key Cufflinks $35 (pictured).

Vintage Bloomers on Ebay

These vintage satin pants have so much volume, they look like they are stuffed with crinoline. Could you imagine their high-waisted loveliness with a crisp white shirt and bright shoes? As I'm writing this, they have no bids and the starting price is around $28. Be prepared, however, to pay for shipping from Australia. Auction ends April 28th.

Cardigans for Spring

It's roughly 45 degrees each morning and 65 in the afternoon, so I'm gabbing a cardigan everyday. Some are showing wear, and I'd love a bigger color selection. No doubt some of you would appreciate staying stylish while keeping your arms warm as well.
Top: floral embroidered cardigan, Fred Flare $42
green striped cardigan, Twelve by Twelve $28
red flower button cardigan, Dillard's $88
Middle: yellow print cardigan, New York & Co. $39.95
orange basic cashmere cardigan, J. Crew $79.99 (available in 14 colors!)
grey open drape cardigan, Urban Outfitters $48
Bottom: white crochet back cardigan, Urban Outfitters $49.99
cream lace cardigan, Twelve by Twelve $36
navy contrast trim cardigan, J. Crew $78

Loomstate for Target: Another Limited Release

Target has released it's new limited edition diffusion line from Loomstate, the eco-friendly fashion line by Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn. The line focuses on organic cotton and eco-friendly methods. Also, the line has clothing for both men and women.

I was excited for the line because lightweight cotton and silk blends sound great for breezy summer basics. Sadly, the line is a limited release just like McQueen's line for Target. I'll drive 40 minutes in search of McQueen, but not Loomstate. I'm not sure Target realizes that the advantage to having a collection at Target is everyone can get it. (Also, Target needs to move their collections out of the Juniors sizing.)

Read more about the eco-friendly collection here. View the collection, buy online, and find locations here.

What do you think of Target's new policy of "limited release" specialty collections?

Pictured: Loomstate Cotton & Silk Dress, $39.99

Save or Splurge: Everyday Walking Sandals

Several years ago I purchased a pair of rather pricey and very cute walking sandals from Naturalizer. They served me so well I went back a couple of years later to purchase a similar pair for my trip to Italy (needed something comfy but non-sneaker-like for walking in Europe). I ended up buying a slightly less pricey brand, which worked great, but only lasted a year. My Naturalizer sandals are still around. They're pretty worn out, but I still wear them frequently.

A good pair or supportive, comfy sandals is hard to come by. I don't mind paying for them. They last several years so they end up being worth the extra money. Also, I like to walk as much as possible in the warmer months so I don't want crappy shoes hurting my feet and ruining my walks. There is no question here, walking sandals are a spurlge.

Do you save or splurge on walking sandals?

Naturalizer Beatriz on sale for $59.99 from $75

I Need New Pajamas

I prefer pajamas over sleeping in sweats. Jammies are cute, while sweats make me feel like I should be recovering from the flu. My last pair of jammie pants has crossed into grody territory, so I want to buy some new ones. I love the understated print on these pants from Anthropologie; it's like the marblized pages of an old book. Unfortunately, they're $48. Too much for thin cotton. Target has cute pants with classic prints as well, but these yellow striped ones are only $12.99. Considering how often I blog in my pjs (and spill coffee on them), a cheap pair will last me long enough.

Vintage Shop: Erstwhile Vintage on Etsy

Where:Erstwhile Vintage on Etsy

What: Shoes, bags, jewelry

When: Primarily 1970s and 80s

How Much: Most items are under $40.

Favorite Items:taupe granny boots $49
blue suede cowboy ankle boots $38
purple suede and snake pumps $29

Shoe of the Week: Star Ling 'Covent' Sandal

If you're looking for a summer shoe to make a statement without ruining the girlish look of your flirty summer skirts and dresses, the "Covent" sandal is a great option. This cute, lace-up sandal has a slight oxford-inspired feel with a large grosgrain laces, which create a feminine bow.

The one-inch platform under the toe make the heel (just over four inches high) a little more wearable. The "Covent" only comes in brown and is only offered in whole sizes. However, it is leather so it should shape the the foot nicely after a little wear. It costs $79.95 at Nordstrom.

Love or Loathe: Jumpsuits and Rompers

While we can all agree drop-crotch jumpsuits are nothing less than horrible, I'm starting to fall for jumpsuits and rompers. It's not the easiest look to pull off, and some of them are poorly cut. No doubt, finding one such item that fits you perfectly everywhere would be a bear. However, I've seen a few lately that were nicely styled. Those with a defined waist are much more appealing than their jersey coverall counterparts from last year.
origami jumpsuit, Twelve by Twelve $38
utilitarian romper, Anna Sui on Net-a-Porter $345
denim jumpsuit, Twelve by Twelve $36

Can jumpsuits be cute or have I been drinking the fashion mag Kool-aid?

8 Must-Have Tee Shirts

My closest is full of tops from six years ago that I never wear, and I seem to be lacking basic top staples. It's time for an overhaul. Goodbye, ill-fitting kimono from college. Hello, perfect tee shirt for laying with suit coats.

Few items of clothing are more distinctly American and beyond social classes than the basic white tee-shirt. I prefer mine fitted (Old Navy $10).
A navy stripe tee (Gap $15) is a must-have for summer nautical looks, trips to Paris, and your budding career as a mime.

Graphic tees (Threadless $18) are a great way to dress down a sequin skirt or add a sense of fun to your business suit. Between and Etsy, you should not lack for unique designs.
Aside from a few graphic tees, my only other tee shirts contain girly details (BCBGeneration at Macy's $68.60). Primarily cotton or modal with a dash of lace or chiffon, these tee shirts have seen me through many professional days that I would have rather spent in bed.

Hooded tees (Urban Outfitters $42)…