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Project Design: Punctuation Mark Accessories

Project Design is our own competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway. This week's challenge is all about punctuation marks! Which one of these punctuated accessories expresses you? Rate the runway by voting for your favorite designer.

! Thought Bubble Earrings by borderlinebarbie

!? Interrobang Typewriter Necklace by KeysAndMemories

!? Ponytail Holders by coletas

? Padlock & Key Question Mark Neclace by WildArtDesigns

: Typewriter Key Post Earrings by luv4sam

* Copper Astrisk Necklace by joannetracydesigns

more at

Breaking Personal Fashion Rules

Everyone has a complex system of personal style rules. Some women refuse to wear heels. Some always match their bras and panties. Some only wear their hair up, others down. Some avoid patterns while others avoid color. One of my personal fashion rules is never mixing black and brown. I don't know where I got the idea that black and brown can't be worn together. As my art professor would say, "If it works in nature, it works in art," and black and brown have certainly been kind to leopards.

Since starting as a Fashion Me Fabulous blogger, I've determined to be more open to different styles. I've always loved a wide variety of looks, if my post on harajuku and British avant garde are any indication, but I'm not so adventurous myself.

I suppose the key to wearing black and brown is to make it clear you dressed that way on purpose rather than got dressed in the dark. Brown boots, grey pants, grey turtleneck, and a brown sweater vest cinched with a brown belt. M…

Want To Be With The Band?

In New York a few weeks ago, Max Azria revived 80s fashion house Herve Leger with a runway show full of the brand's famous body-con bandage dresses. Their va-va-voom factor costs over $1,200 at Net-a-Porter. Thankfully, Max Azria was practicing the Leger look with BCBG last year. Macy's has a satin steel blue bandage-style dress on sale for $216. And if you worry about bulges (then why are you thinking of a bandage dress?), it's also available in slimming black. Certainly not a budget buy, but still half off the designer version.

Dress Up Your Curves: Torrid Work Wear

Torrid may not seem like the first place look for work wear, but their diverse collection of clothing provides some great work pieces that will mix well with Torrid's funkier pieces to create an edgy, work-appropriate look.

This look from Torrid can be dressed up with a jacket and dressed down with some jeans. The purple shoes add some fun, but if you want some extra edge to combat the ruffles, try a subtly punky necklace.

Violet Chiffon Ruffle Top $38
Black High Waisted Pencil Skirt
Purple Patent Jenna Heel

Big Statement Necklaces


Want to Meet Diane von Furstenberg?

All you have to do to met this icon of stylish, on-the-go ease is give your contact information to Saks Fifth Avenue, then vote on your favorite runway look from Diane most recent show. Prize includes a weekend trip for two to New York, a makeover by one of Diane's runway makeup artists, a outfit from the DVF boutique in Saks, a trip to a DVF show and a meeting with the designer. Contest is open to US residents over 18-year-old until March 18, 2008.

Project Runway: Chris vs Rami

In a fist fight, Chris might have the advantage. However, going into the design throwdown, it looked like Rami's excellent construction (and his draping abilities) may give him the edge over Chris's over-the-top, costume style. But no one could know for sure. Ultimately it was anyone's game.

Chris chose unique materials for his gothic collection including chrome safety pins and human hair. The looks were dark, but original.

Rami stepped beyond his draping and designed beautiful clothing, although some things were a little less than flattering.

The judges thought both collections were dark and overworked. In the end, the judges picked Rami over Chris.

Edit: I should have mentioned that this is the semi-final. The judges ruledtwo weeks ago that Rami and Chris had to battle it out to get to Bryant Park. Next week we will see Jillian, Christian and Rami's collections on the runway, and one will be the winner of Project Runway.

Visit Project Runway's Countdown to the Runw…

Etsy Shop of the Week: Molecular Muse

If you visit the shop of Molecular Muse, Made with Molecules, on Etsy you will find an unusual collection of fashionably scientific jewelry. While reading a science book four years ago, Molecular Muse artist, Raven Hanna, discovered the pleasing shape of the serotonin molecule and decided it would make a pretty and meaningful necklace. Her unsuccessful search for a serotonin necklace lead her to creating her own. People repeatedly told Hanna she should sell her creations so she did.

Her sterling silver necklaces have a subtle and unique sense of style. Inspired by nature and her scientific training, a PhD in biochemistry, Hanna loves to share her fascination with the beauty of molecular models in combination with modern style.

Others are sure to notice the elegant designs of the molecules, which can be worn almost anywhere with any outfit. Even those without an interest in science will enjoy the shapes and their meanings, which range from the happiness of serotonin to the comfort of c…

The Horror: Swiss Feet

These dotted, cutout peep toe wedges are adorable in red and blue. Maybe I watched too much Tom and Jerry as a kid, but I can't stop thinking about cartoon cheese when I look at the yellow ones. I suppose they're perfect for the sort of girl who flipped for Marc Jacobs' mouse flats, but I'll pass. If you adore them in red, blue or horrific yellow, they're $99 at Victoria's Secret.

Get Cozy In Your Bathrobe

Entering in to week two of the worst cold in history, I've lost my voice and continue to flip between freezing and burning up. The deep hacking coughs and raw nose are, to say the least, unattractive. No wonder my mind is turning to cute bathrobes. The more basic styles are available in any color you could want.
Top: simple cotton robe, J.C. Penny $50
green print robe, Anthropologie $88
marine blue velour robe, $59.95
Bottom: red polka dot short robe, Tart Intimates, Bluefly $29
white hooded bathrobe with pink satin trim, $29.99
grey cashmere robe with contrast trim, Kashmere, Bluefly $154.99

Sweet dreams!

Save or Splurge: Camisoles

Camisoles are one of those things that seem like they should be pretty cheap, but, as with most underpinnings, you get what you pay for.

For me, the cami is both a save and a splurge. I have a rainbow of camis to add color, coverage and layers to any outfit. I usually buy these at Forever 21 and H&M where they are between $3 and $7 each. This way I can afford every color imaginable.

I also have a few camis that do more than add color and coverage; they shape. These camis smooth out any unwanted bulges so everything looks sleek. These are great for bloated days, filmy shirts, and squeezing into that outfit that just doesn't quit fit as good as it used too. These require a bit of a splurge from Spanx of Lipo in a Box for around $45 to $75.

There is a middle range too. These seamless style camis are stretchy so they do a little shaping and allow tops to hang smoothly. They also comes in more colors than the full on body shapers. Almost shapers can be bought at Anthropologi…

Behind the Velvet Rope

Do you ever look at the people in the crowded background of red carpet pictures? This lady was standing behind the mayor of L.A., and I really want to know what she's wearing. In the second shot, she's standing behind best actress winner Marion Cotillard. I could have lived not seeing Renee Zellweger in another strapless Caroline Herrera if they would have gotten a better picture of this green, fanned creation.

Vintage Shop: Vintage Amore

Vintage Amore was started two years ago by a college student named Suzy who, like the ladies of Fashion Me Fabulous, loves to have fun with clothing while spending as little money as possible. But with life and school getting busier, she doesn't have to time to maintain the store and has decided to close. Right now, the entire stock of vintage and reworked men's and women's clothes, accessories and jewelry is 40% off with the (case sensitive) code 5wc3W86G8a. Prices were already low, and with this deal it would be rude to not help Suzy clear shop.

sheer floral top $11.99 before discount

Oscar's Red Carpt: Get the Look

The best dressed at the Academy Awards may not be sporting looks you can wear to work tomorrow, but you can learn a few things from celebrity choices.

When in Doubt, Wear Red
Several stars showed up in red and looked amazing. The key to wearing red is finding a flattering shade and shape.

Heidi Klum took red to its fullest volume. Keep your red as trim as Heidi is by keeping the halter neckline shape and some texture on the side but skipping the poof. Try this Red Halter Dress from Windsor for about $60.

Katherine Heigl kept it simple and elegant in a vibrant red gown. Get her look with the same, classic shape in a color that compliments your skin. Try this Alex Evenings One Shoulder Gown from Nordstrom for about $120.

Anne Hathaway went for beautiful draping and an empire waist to make her red stand out. Keep the draping and the waist line but drop off the length to make the dress fun and wearable. Try this Red Strapless Dress from Windsor for about $60.

Remix Basic Black with Surprising…

Target Challenge: Bright Bags

Earlier today, Jael Paris posted about Buying in Bright Bags. If you're looking for more variety in the lower price range, check out Target's bright bag selection.

A super bright bag can make an outfit pop. Carry one of these bright bags to kick up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, to remix a classic black dress, or to contribute to a rainbow bright outfit.

Top Row:
Berry Xhilaration Hobo Bag $16.99
Pink Xhilration Tote Bag $19.99
Yellow CL by Laundry Medium Quilted Satchel $22.99
Navy Blue Xhilaration Large Satchel $16.99

Middle Row:
Red Groovy Gal 2 Tote Bag $14.99
Yellow Isaac Mizrahi for Target 4 Poster Bag $29.99
Cobalt Blue NYC by Perlina Patent Clutch Handbag $34.99

Bottom Row:
Red CL by Laundry Large Quilted Satchel $34.99
Green Xhilaration Backpack $14.99
Green CL by Laundry Large Satchel $24.99

The Horror: Oscar Hair

Once again, the most disturbing trend on the red carpet had to do with celebrity hair. While many celebrities, such as Katherine Heigl and Amy Adams, opted for old Hollywood glamour and others, like Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba, went for highly styled updos, several women showed up on the red carpet with the equivalent of beach hair. I'm all for easy glamour, and a tossled do can look nice. But not brushing your hair, having a halo of frizz and constantly needing to sweep locks out of your eyes so you can look more vigilantly for Gary Busey attacks, does not make me want to dream of winning a golden dude of my very own. If your red carpet look involved a scrunchy, get a new stylist. Who does Heidi's hair?
Sissy Spacek (left) schools Sarah Polly and Cameron Diaz on how to wear sophisticated, mussy hair.

Neckaces at the 2008 Oscars

A huge trend at the Oscar's this year was simple dresses and big necklaces. What a coincidence, since bold statement necklaces is on my list of things to blog about. You'll have to check back for that in a few days. For now, be hypnotized by the pretties.
Jennifer Garner and Kerri Russell wore more diamonds than any of us could ever dream to purchase.
Nicole Kidman and Ellen Page punctuated their black dresses with layered, vintage chains.
I have no idea what the stones are in Julie Christie's necklace, nor what's sewn onto Cate Blanchett's halter, but I love how they complement each dress.

Buying Into Bright Bags


A Moment of Awe for Helen Mirren

I hear the Hollywood is mean to women over 30, and considering how many busty 25-year-olds I see cast as brainy scientists or concerned moms, this rings true. Then there's Helen Mirren. She's everywhere and in everything. And doesn't she seem like the sort of woman you could hang out with all day, shopping, sipping coffee, staring at men, and swapping dirty jokes?

Knowing who she is and what she wants comes through loud and clear in her red carpet choices. Mirren (I'm in too much awe of her to merely address her by her first name) doesn't care for her upper arms, yet refuses to fall into that mother-of-the bride matching jacket trap. She had this gown made, and wisely wore little jewelry as her beaded sleeves were a perfect dramatic complement to her figure hugging red gown.

In a sea of young things swathed in black, Mirren gets my Oscar for best dressed.

Elle Magazine for Kohls Coming in March

Kohl's department stores announced a collaboration with Elle Magazine to release an Elle-brand line of womens clothing. According to the Wall Street Journal, the line of clothing will be aimed at 25- to 35-year-olds and priced within Kohl's normal range.

Simply Vera Vera Wang has done well for Kohl's so far. Let's hope Elle will do the same by producing fashionable, young, affordable clothes that fit well.

The line is expected to release in March 2008.

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

-- Buy professional work attire, but let your feet have some fun.

-- Sherbet raffia heels and a cork clutch get some love, but how do you feel about these skirts?

-- Save on Holly Golightly's iconic style and on the perfect pair of boots.

-- Repurpose your jeans, then buy a vintage pair.

-- Dress for a date no matter your size or budget, but make sure to take care of those greys!

Project Design: Perfect Skirts

Project Design is our own competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway. This week's challenge is to find the perfect shirt. Rate the runway by voting for your favorite designer.

Some Like It Hot by MaisyBrownReproRetro

Mona by HiAnnie

Black Crush by fofolle

Ruffled Skirt by treehouse28

The Pencil Skirt by fifthavenuesouth

Striped High Skirt by themachinestops

more at

Love or Loathe? Cork Clutch

The primary material of this clutch is cork, which makes me think drunk men will follow you around at the bar trying to pin their numbers to your bag. The gold trim is pretty standard for an evening bag, but the branch handles aren't. The handles do tie everything back to the cork. Is this a great bag for a night out or does it look like the loser of a challenge on Project Runway where they could only use materials found in a forth grade classroom? If this Hobo International cork clutch has stuck itself in a soft spot in your heart, it's $108 at

Glaze Over Your Greys

I started noticing grey and white infiltrating my brown mop top when I was about 21. Whether they are from college stress or repeatedly hitting my head on the low ceiling above my bunk has yet to be determined. My first coping method was to pull them out, but I quickly realized this would give me a strange little bald spot. I'm too cheap and lazy to keep up with an all out dye job, and I rather like my color anyway. John Frieda's colored glazes were the answer. (With my hair, John Frieda is always the answer.)

These glazes are meant to keep color-treated hair from fading, but the jolt of color is just enough to turn my white hairs to auburn or coffee highlights. Two or three times a week, I apply the glaze after conditioning in the shower. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse. Voila! A simple fix that cost about $8 every 10 weeks.

Dress Up Your Curves: Nordstrom Plus Size Dresses

Nordstrom offers a diverse collection of plus size dresses that are absolutely gorgeous. There are dresses for every occasion. Most of the dresses are truly flattering and very fashion forward. Whether you're look for a great day dress or the perfect party dress, check out Nordstrom's Plus Size Shop.

Alex Evening's Cap Sleeve Stretch Velvet Dress with Tie $108
Donna Ricco Faux Wrap Silk Dress $168

Professional Work Attire

My wardrobe has been in a slow transition from high school to the professional world. While I may think kimono sleeve tops are the coolest thing ever, they don't really scream "confident professional." And let's not even start on the sad state of my pants stock.

Thankfully, the ladies of the 80s took the sartorial hit, and we women no longer need to dress in somber tones with intimidating cuts to feel like a force in the workplace. But Ally McBeal's miniskirts aren't exactly perfect for the office in reality either. Make sure your outfit isn't distracting to a potential client or your employees. For example, a lime skirt, coral jacket and cobalt and pink floral scarf would make people look at you, but not listen to you. (I am well aware you're all too fashionable to ever wear such a thing.) The same goes for short skirts and cleavage. Save your avant garde zipper dress for the weekend. If you're willing to invest in finely tailored classic items, t…

Project Runway Reunites

The Project Runway reunion reminded us of the good times and the bad times. Everyone agreed that the Avante Garde Hair Challenge produced the best designs, which means “Team Fierce” and their ORGANZA creation took “Best overall.”

The Judges named menswear the worst runway full of outfits, but Sweet P. claimed her own design for the WWE Diva challenge as worst. Everyone agreed.

The WWE challenge challenged the judges most. Michael Kors couldn't take it seriously and even Nina lost her poker face. Everyone, including Tim, could not have been more out of place.

As for the Fan Favorite... Christian “Ferousha Courtura” won the $10,000 check that was bigger than him.

He's produced great stuff and created a memorable character on the show, but winning this will not make it any easier to live with him. However, his T-shirt design does some it all up.