Shop: Green Tree Jewelry

Shop: Green Tree Jewelry

Why We Love It: It is unintentionally "big cat" theme week here at FMF. Hence the the two sets of big cat earring featured up front. However, this shop has a lot more to offer than cats of all sizes. These laser cut wooden earrings range from fun swirling designs to intricate peacocks. Best of all, the earrings I've featured here today all cost only $12.95. (Although the shop sells some other higher priced goods).

Price Range: $12.95 - $79.95

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Favorite Items:
Click through the slideshow below to see some favorite items.

Pictured: Tiger Earrings; Koala Earrings; Ring-Tailed Lemur Earrings; Radishes That Hang On Your Ear Earrings; Cup of Coffee Earrings; Scissors Earrings; Rhino Earrings; Peacock Earrings; Lion Earrings (also pictured above) All linked earrings cost $12.95.


Anonymous said…
I have to laugh because I initially read this as "intimate peacocks," instead of "intricate peacocks."
ttposad11 said…
Der Bye Bra Klebe-BH besteht aus selbstklebender Folie in
Hufeisenform, welche es ermöglicht die Brustwarzen um einige
Zentimeter nach oben zu positionierenMarcel Duits

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