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Pick of the Week: Kinder Aggugini's Bubble Skirt

Kinder Aggugini has only been showing his eponymous at London Fashion Week for a few seasons, but his presence has been felt in the fashion world for years. He's worked for Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano and was briefly the head designer at Versace. Now this Italian, Brit punk has brought his show to Macy's. One of his print dresses was already featured in our spring dress roundup. Much as I want that dress, the tonal dot bubble skirt is is also calling my name. I can always use more skirts with shape, and this one looks comfy to boot. $59 for a versatile and fun cotton skirt isn't too shabby.

Etsy Shop of the Week: Feathers & Frils

Shop:Feathers & Frills

Why We Love It: For starters, the name. Also, this bridal shop offers every kind of accessory one needs on a weddings day. Something old--many vintage inspired pieces. Something new--unique ideas and fresh, lovely products. Something borrowed--well, everyone will want to borrow anything you buy from this shop. Something blue--though nothing comes blue, the shop accepts custom orders so you could easily request some added blue.

Price Range: $32 - $180 (excellent prices considering how much handmade wedding accessories can cost)

More Info: These "Bow" rhinestone/pearl & ostrich feather Shoe Adornments were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine Winter 2011

Favorite Items:Cordelia vintage glamour crystal rhinestone and silk headpiece $96 (pictured); Rosalie old hollywood crystal encrusted Floral comb $128; Isla crystal rhinestone and silk headpiece $98; Misty vintage blossom limited edition headpiece $68; Daisy Bridal feather hairpiece with vint…

Sapphire Costume Jewelry

Kate Middleton's stunning sapphire engagement ring seems to have sparked a flood of regal sapphire jewelry. Or perhaps it has just made me notice all of the sapphire jewelry around. Real sapphires are costly, but many of the costume version offer plenty of regal charm and that rich blue color. QVC even made a knock off (pictured right) of the ring Princess Diana originally picked out as her engagement ring in 1981. Thankfully, the QVC version costs much less at than the estimated half million dollar value of the real one. (The new knockoff sold out, but an earlier copy of Diana's ring--same ring--is still available on QVC for $54.60). These costume varieties also cost much less than their real counterparts while still offering all the glam and royal glitz. Pictured: (clockwise from top left)
Sapphire Long Pear Drop Earrings, Dillards, $115
Sapphire Pear Drop Necklace, Dillards, $295
Sapphire Pear Bracelet, Dillards, $185
Sapphire & Diamond Accent Hoop Earrings, Kohl's, $49…

Book Review: The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Costume And Fashion: From 1066 To The Present

Book:The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Costume And Fashion: From 1066 To The Present by Jack Cassin-Scott.

Pros: Used copies are under a buck.

There's a glossary of terms in the beginning.

In addition to covering a lot of history, this book also includes the clothing of the rich and middle class, and comparisons of clothing for day, evening and activities.

If you like historic dress but aren't sure exactly what you like, this book will help you narrow down an era.
Cons: Many of the illustrations are ripped off from famous paintings, and the illustrator's skill runs from passable to bad (Note how the men in long coats below both have their hand hidden. We won't talk about the strange potato faces above.).

The author doesn't talk about what made certain styles popular. He just described what the subject is wearing. Each image then feels like it could be an outfit in isolation, like if someone only had a photo of Boy George to define the entirety of 80s attire.

A pro and con, …

Famous Fashion Photographers: John Rawlings

John Rawlings (1912 - 1970) worked as a staff photographer for Condé Nast Publications from the 1930s to 1960s. He began his fashion career as a window dresser before starting at Condé Nast in 1936 as a prop builder, studio hand and apprentice to famed fashion photographers Horst P. Horst and Cecil Beaton. That same year, Rawlings' first photograph appeared in the September issue of Vogue. In 1937, Condé Nast offered him a job at British Vogue where he worked until the early forties. During his time there, Rawlings experimented with his style and began to develop his signature uses of light, setting and posing. His British Vogue work was so impressive it began cirulating in French and American Vogue as well. (Click on any image to view it larger).

During his career, Rawlings shot over 200 covers for Vogue and Glamour.
Charles Dare Scheips Jr., former director of the Conde Nast Archives, called Rawlings “The first major Conde Nast photographer to demonstrate a truly American eye.…

A Bold Step Out

For my birthday, I got a cool dress for going out. (Head to our Facebook page for a peak.) I could wear silver sandals with it, but I sort of want something off-beat that I can also wear with jeans or play off a conservative dress. In fact, I want something outlandish that might border on ugly -- ideally green metallic snake with a funky cut or abstract heel.

On the pretty end of the odd scale, I'm thinking about these blue satin platforms from Poetic Licence. I love the texture, and while their last bow didn't sway me, I'm sold on this one. "Mistletoe" is also available in more versatile black and taupe. For a shoe that will let me dance all night, I'm digging Kelsi Dagger's pearl trimmed "Rasha" wedge, but they remind me of a fun wedge I already have. Sans sequins, "Jasper" from Jeffrey Campbell is just a cute suede t-strap, but blinged out they walk the line between casual and festive.

On the weirder end of the spectrum, Report's …

Know Your Neutrals

Reader Susanelle asked if we adhere to the fashion idea that you always have black in your outfit. The short answer is all fashion rules can be broken. The longer answer is that if you're not confident about how to wear color, including a neutral base is always a good idea.
Shh! We'll Shout Later. by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring a linen blazer
The trouble is most people don't know their neutrals. They're stuck on the idea that everything goes with black but everything else is limited. But neutrals include grey, beige, brown and even some colors such as navy, burgundy, aubergine, and moss. (One of my personal favorite neutrals is dark teal.) Not only are those colors great to mix and match, but you can pair them with anything!

Most paint companies promote painting a room a neutral color; then you don't have to worry about your walls clashing with the yellow flowers in your wedding portrait, the aqua vase you picked up in Seattle, and the colorful blanket your grandmo…

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Gerber Daisy by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring kate spade jewelry
This week we did special coverage of Etsy shops donating proceeds to Tsunami Relief in Japan. Please support the efforts of these shops.

Shoe In: We went shoe crazy with week with crazy shoes you'll either love or loathe, the perfect flower sandals for spring and summer and six stylish kitten heels for under $100.

Vote On: Tell us which item of camera jewelry captures you, and vote for your favorite runway beauty looks from fashion week.

Inspired By: We love The Doctor, and we know you'll love these fashionable items inspired by Dr. Who. Learn about fashion photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe as part our new fashion photography series. Alexander McQueen offers endless inspiration, and McQueen's partnership with The Rug Company means you can make that inspiration part of your interior design.

Weekend Fashion Find: Alexander McQueen Rugs

Before his death, Alexander McQueen collaborated with The Rug Company to make a collection of rugs and pillows in some of his signature prints. The rug prints include skulls (pictured right), feathers (which also sort of look like they are in flight or splitting apart beneath you), frenzied hummingbirds and a military brocade that seems normal at first glance, but upon closer inspection it actually looks like a snake emerging from some sort of tribal skull (pictured at bottom). The pillows include a hummingbird and white skulls on black or gold skulls on white (pictured below).

All rug prices are provided via a requested price list so I'm sure they are subject to change, but the McQueen rugs cost between $3,240 and $66,096 depending on size. The pillows cost $675 for the skulls and $895 for the hummingbirds . If all of that is out of your price range (I'm taking a wild guess that it might be), the company catalog costs $15 and looks like it includes some stunning interior desig…

Project Design: Candid Camera Jewelry

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

This week, I started a series on famous fashion photographers. Fashion photographers make the world of high fashion available to the masses with their stunning photographs. Not only are the resulting pictures a work of art, but photography equipment (especially the vintage style stuff) itself is often beautiful. Which of these camera-inspired gems makes you want to capture life?

Camera earrings by handmadeworks
Shoots like a girl charm necklace by elsybleu
Antique Brass & Leather Camera Necklace by iceblues
Vintage style camera filigree ring by lifelittle
Don't Be Negative penny pendant by CharmedPennies
Steampunk Camera Girl Necklace by CosmicFirefly
Mini Camera Necklace by luckyduct
poll by

Etsy Shops for Japan Quake & Tsunami Relief

Our hearts break for the people in Japan suffering the devastation following the earth quake and tsunami. In place of our usual Etsy shop of the week, we want to feature generous Etsians who are donating proceeds from their shops to various relief organizations. We hope you'll support the relief efforts and these shops.*

iro hana will be donating 20% of total sales to World Vision's Japan Quake and Tsunami Relief from now until April 14th. Pictured:
Peachy Pink Tassel Necklace, $55.99
Hydrangea Heart Necklace, $42.99

Sabaku Designs is currently donating 50% of all sales to the Japanese Red Cross. Pictured:
Yellow and Silver Dangling Earrings, $15
Lemongrass Upcycled Tote, $40

minaniemi will be donating 50% of all proceeds through the end of March, and as of March 23rd has already raised over $400 dollars. Pictured:
Cute Print Tote, $36
Deer Pleated Crossbody Bag, $43

The Copper Phoenix is donating 50% of all proceeds from jewelry items to the Red Cross. As of March 22nd, over $140 has b…

Love or Loathe: Shoepalooza

Something is up with shoe designers as I've grown quite the reservoir of shoes to love or loathe. Mind if we have a funky shoe festival?

If the blue on these Poetic Licence rainbow wedges was bright blue, I'd hate them. They'd be too Lolita, too Rainbow Bright. Steely navy, however, makes the heel a surprise. They seem retro kitsch instead. The purple is adorable. The rhinestone bow on each, however, gives me qualms.

United Nude gives you the option of a pump or mary jane with this removable strap on their "Lo Res" heel. That's interesting enough, but the fractured 8-bit look of the shoe is even more exciting. Available in four colors, they'd be perfect for dressing up your normal look. Can you imagine them in the office! Or maybe they're a little too chunky and clunky for you. The molded rubber can't be too comfortable either.
These dangerous beauties by Metropolis are for sale in the steampunk section of Sinister Soles, so they're not really be…

Famous Fashion Photographers: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Louise Dahl-Wolfe (1895 - 1989) is regarded as one of the first major female fashion photographers beginning her decades-long career in the 1920s. She started as a freelance photographer then became a staff photographer for Harper’s Bazaar (pictured below). Famed fashion photographers, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, cited her as an influence. On of Dahl-Wolfe's most renown photos is the Harper’s Bazaar cover of Lauren Bacall that resulted in her discovery by director Howard Hawks’ wife, Nancy. (pictured right)
Her photography often took place in unusual outdoor landscapes or referenced famous works of art. She was a pioneer in the use of natural lighting and outdoor settings for fashion photography.
Louise Dahl-Wolfe used the balance and juxtaposition of light and dark as a rercurring theme throughout her work.

The below outfit is inspired by Louise Dahl-Wolfe’s photograph titled "Liz Gibbons as Photographer, 1938."

Liz Gibbons as Photographer, 1938 by Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Pick Of The Week: Flower Sandals for everybody!

Are you ready for spring and feeling like celebrating? Do you, like me, adore giant flower embellishments on your accessories? Have you been wanting a well-made pair of flower-adorned sandals for summer? Do you like to have quality footwear for maximum comfort? Are you broke and bummed out that you can't afford this darling trend?

SOLUTION! First, TJ Maxx has Born and B.O.C. sandals all over their racks right now. If you're a size 8 or lower, go. Scour. Report back with your findings. You won't spend more than $30, and these shoes retailed originally at over $100. Amazing bargain.

If you don't have dainty little feet (and I sure don't), finding those deals in your size is sometimes a pain. But not today, oh no, because I have found something exciting. Boscov's has these darlings for -- are you ready? -- twenty dollars. I spelled that out so you didn't think I'd omitted a digit by typing $20. Their shipping is a little steep, but I haven't been able to…