Love or Loathe: Beaded Bustier

I'm choosing to use the image where Bebe layered this beaded cutout bustier over a staid white shirt. Part of me thinks it would be great for that experiment in modern Tudor clothing I was talking about. Part of me saw their other picture without the shirt underneath and couldn't help thinking "alien assassin at Comic Con". The back even laces up. Please give my Monday brain a rest and tell me what to think.


Rachel said…
An emphatic "LOATHE."
I'm gonna have to go with loathe, it looks like it's attacking her torso!


becca said…
I don't know. It's interesting. I'm not sure I like it even over the white shirt. Maybe it would work over something with billowy sleeves or something more feminine. And maybe if it weren't beaded. And maybe in a different color.

Or maybe I just don't care for it.
Antonia Rosina said…
I don't like this at all. The lines are, well, wrong... I can see it working somewhat over a burgundy leg-of-mutton sleeve blouse which would make it rather medieval-with-a-contemporary-flare. That's trying really, really hard though.
rachel said…
I kinda like it. But then, I have a thing for the renaissance, corsets, anime and comic books, so maybe I'm just a nerd that's geeking out right now.
Anonymous said…
Loathe. Something's just not right about it.
Meg said…
sorry, but this would be a Loathe.
Jael Paris said…
The beads remind me of an insect. They ruin any potential it had for coolness.

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