Get to Know Jael Paris

A while back, Jael Paris interviewed me. Now, you have a chance to get to know her a little better too. She is awesome and you all should wish you knew her in real life, not just internet life. FMF would have probably been abandoned long ago had it not been for all her help. Oh, and she doesn't really look like T. S. Eliot. She just really enjoys reading his writing, and she hides because of her job. She also really has a thing for buttons.

Why did you start blogging for Fashion Me Fabulous?
To make sure becca kept blogging for Fashion Me Fabulous. [This is true. She was sending me more ideas than I could get to blogging about.]

How long have you been blogging?
I've been keeping a personal blog/journal for about four years, and that helped me learn to write for an audience I don't know and helped me learn to form my sentences without the benefit of tone. I have a few things there that I write regularly, but it's nothing as focused as Fashion Me Fabulous.

Aside from posting, what do you do?
I read lots of other blogs to get ideas and communicate with other bloggers. And I maintain our Polyvore page.

How can I get awesome Polyvore skillz like yours?
Live with an art major for four years.

When you’re not blogging, you are...?
Napping, reading, working with minors, watching court TV

You hope people read your posts on Fashion Me Fabulous and say...?
I hope they read my posts and its makes them feel confident with their own style and comfortable with what they can spend, and makes them think about how they can express themselves through clothing.

How would you describe your personal style?
Juxtaposition. I've developed a personal style through blogging and Polyvore that I have not yet translated into my closet. I'm broke so I'm slowly transitioning my wardrobe to what I want. If you would see me on the street I would have a retro classic style with one odd thing about the outfit that doesn't belong.

What designers are in your closet?
Diffusion brands of Anne Klien, Michael Kors, Isaac Mizrahi (for Target), 3.1 Philip Lim (for Gap). Actual BCBG, Max Mara, Calvin Klien, Frye, and a Ralph Lauren belt. Most of what I have is boutique brands that they only sell in store not online and vintage clothing.

What designers do you dream of being in your closet?
Alexander McQueen! Nanette Lapore, Vivianne Westwood, Miu Miu, some great Dior (I don't know what, but I want it), Christian Louboutin, Docce and Gabbana, Chie Mihara, Bottega Veneta, Fendi (b bag).

You can never have enough...?
Necklaces, dresses, shoes, books

You hate shopping for...?
Pants. I hate shopping for a specific item because I can never find anything then. My best shopping is a treasure hunt.

What’s the most over-rated accessory?
Purses. We don't need that many purse. We especially don't need that many designer purses.

Most underrated?
A good pair of glasses.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on clothing?
I spent $200 on my blue velvet frock coat with 15 gold buttons.

I spent $400 on my Frye Adrianne boots. Combined, they have 40 buttons.

What was your best bargain?
A silk Max Mara button-down shirt for 70 cents at Goodwill.

Where do you save the most?
Skirts. I don't recall buying a skirt full price ever.

Who are your style icons?
High school me will really be terrified by this statement, but I really like Madonna. It's not a specific thing she wears; it's her ability to control how people view her through her clothing. I really like Rihanna and her ever-changing hair. Tina Fey because she's a brainy hot chick with glasses. If someone called me a brainy, funny, hot chick with glasses, I would be happy. I guess I don't have style icons as much as I have attitude icons. I like bold women. Queen Elizabeth I forever baby.


Jael Paris said…
I sound mildly spaztastic, but no more so than normal, I suppose.
Rachel said…
I love you, spaztastic or not.

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