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Are Your Electionics Safe in Your Purse?

Magnetic closures on purses are nothing new, but I've been noticing a lot more of them lately. It also seems like the magnets are getting stronger. For the most part, a stronger magnet closure is a good thing. It keeps your purse closed and, therefore, keeps everything inside. But the magnets could harm the contents of your purse.

I recently found a great deal on a cute, classic leather bag with a magnet closure flap. Part of the purse zips, but the main compartment is open. The magnet is super strong, which is good because I keep a lot in my purse.

However, the magnet sits on the front of the bag where the zip compartment is. This is the compartment with big enough pouches to store my iPod and camera. Plus, this compartment zips so I don't worry about my electronics escaping. When I filled my new purse up, the iPod sat right up against the magnet. I wondered if such a strong magnet would hurt it so I stopped in the Apple store to ask, "Can this magnet hurt my iPod."


Seeing Stars

The YSL necklace isn't the only star to appear on the fashion horizon. They've been everywhere lately, and fashionistas have been giddy. Kate Moss showing up to her birthday party looking like a 70s rock fan only mad the trend hotter. I'm more of an earthy girl myself (ooh! punny!) and think some all-over star prints can look too childish. I do like much of the jewelry, however, as jewelry is supposed to be shiny anyway. Maybe that's why the gold and silver in the lot below makes me happier than the colored pieces. What do you think of star jewelry and prints?
Top(ish): black steel earrings, Pugster $8.99
gold star cluster necklace, Girl Props $4.99
black dome ring, Forever 21 $4.80
silver plated toggle bracelet, Hoolala on Etsy $14
gold studs, Jules Smith, Shopbop $87.50
silver lariat, Tiffany & Co. $250
Middle(like): red enamel earrings, Gavin and Lily on Etsy $25
moon and star dome ring, ASOS $17.30
mother of pearl star cascade, Charm NYC, Lisa Kline $108
Bottom(sorta): b…

This Week at Fashion Me Fabulous


Project Design: Knife Jewelry

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Remembering some of our friends' fondness for wearing their silverware, Jael Paris sent me a list of utensil themed jewelry she found on Etsy. I'd been saving up some similar items for a Project Design, so I ended up with a ton of utensil themed stuff. Since I want to feature it all, I've decided to split it up. Two weeks ago it was all about Forks. Last week was spoons. This week, it's time for knives. Stay tuned for untensil combinations next week.

Which knife would you wear?

Silver Buttered French Butter Knife

Slasher Fan

Knives Dangly Earrings

Knife Pendant

Knives by Andy Warhol

Knife earrings

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White Button Down Shirts

According to The Classic Ten, men's white button down shirts first made their public appearance under suits in the Napoleonic era. This was also an early example of underwear becoming outerwear. So next time you see some woman sporting a bra and little else, blame Mr. Darcy.

The basic button down is pretty easy to come across. If you want a jazzed up version of this wardrobe staple, start here.
Top: balloon sleeves, Newport News $39
square neck with lace trim, Nanette Lepore, Revolve Clothing $240
pinstripe bow front, Jovovich-Hawk, La Garconne $126
fan pleat cuffs, Nexx, Dillard's $59
Middle: gathered neck bow, Go Silk, Neiman Marcus $98
puff sleeve with contrast buttons, Kensie, Urban Minx $53
lantern sleeve pucker detail, Go Silk, Neiman Marcus $69
zip front, Dsquared 2, Intermix $445
Bottom: puff sleeved pleat front, Antoni Melani, $129
off-center rhinestones buttons, Unique Boutique, ASOS $140.60 want!!!!
sleeveless ruffle front, Bebe $69
gauzy belted tunic, 525 America, Bluefly $48

Dress Up Your Curves: Shoes For Everyone

I have a hard foot to fit. I wear a 10.5. This means most size 10s are too small and 11s are too big. Shoes can be hard to find. There are a lot of major shoe shops online that help sometimes, but I feel like I can exhaust those pretty quickly. Also, these shops only carry popular brands, which do not tend to carry odd sizes.

I've found several sites that carry my size and my mom's size. She wears a 10.5 wide. However, these sites do not have cute shoes. They usually have really high prices too. seems to be a little better than most. They still have the ugly shoes, but there are some fun shoes for strange sizes. I found a few cute sandals in a size 7 double wide for a friend. carries several brands I've heard of and a few I haven't. Overall it is far from a perfect shoe source. The selection is hit or miss. I've visited a few times and noticed quite a fluctuation in what they have. The name of the site turned me off at first. The …

The Shirt-Skirt

Last summer, I was inspired by this anonymous Swede on the Sartorialist. Her skirt is her father's dress shirt. Since my father, a manly sort of clothes horse, passed away, there's a glut of button downs at my disposal. With materials in hand, I made a no-sew shirt-skirt.

Step one: Button the collar around your waist. If your waist is between buttons, you can pick up a collar extender at any tux shop for a couple dollars.
Step two: Pull the sleeves of the shirt inside out.
Step three: Pull the sleeves around the bottom hem of the shirt and tuck them back into the arm holes. This will create pockets.
Step four: From the inside of the pockets, safety pin the sleeves in place.
I'm somewhere between a size 2-6, and my dad's shirts were XL or XXL. I'm also 5'4". Keep that in mind when considering length. As you can see, my shirt-skirt is much longer than the girl's on the Sartorialist. Also, I think she ironed the lapels to curl like that. I usually leave mine b…

Get a Deal on a Skirted Trench

becca has been looking for a skirted trench for a while. It's one of those save your money for the perfect item sort of shopping hunts. While I'm not sure what she'll make of the mock turtleneck, I have no doubt she'll love the lines of this beauty by Twenty 8 Twelve. It's currently on sale at Neiman Marcus from $690 to $$242. Move fast, because they only have a medium (8-12) left.

Etsy Find of the Week: Organic Vegan Laundry Detergent

Pitseel on Etsy sells organic, vegan laundry detergent. The detergent is also hypoallergenic and can be ordered fragrance free or with your choice of fragrance. This detergent goes a long way, so it will last quite a while. The container isn't pretty because it's upcycled, but Pitseel suggests drawing on the container if you need it to be fancy-looking.

How we care for our clothing is just as important as what clothing we buy. A major splurge isn't worth the money without proper care. Also, we have to care for our skin because we'll be wearing it the rest of our lives.

That is why the natural, allergy free, fragrance free aspects of this detergent really attract me. I have highly sensitive skin so detergents usually make me break out. I also have some delicate clothing that requires a more delicate soap.

Also, I hate thousands of scents clashing with each other. Every product for women has some sort of scent. After a few hair products, skin care products, deodorant and l…

The Classic Ten

The Classic Ten by Nancy MacDonell Smith is around 200 pages of thoroughly researched details concerning the evolution of little black dresses, white shirts, cashmere sweaters, blue jeans, suits, high heels, pearl necklaces, lipstick, sneakers, and trench coats. Even if you don't care about fashion aside from looking put together for work, this book will change the way you look at clothes. I particularly enjoyed how the chapter on the suit highlighted gender inequality, the high heel and lipstick our views on sex, and both the white shirt and blue jeans for how they reflect economic democracy.

Favorite tidbits: Because women only wore black for mourning during the Victorian era, men found it alluring. It screamed, "I'm available and sexually experienced!"

Muslin disease is a nickname for tuberculosis. During the Napoleonic period, girls would wet their muslin dresses to make them sheer, and they would frequently catch colds for their efforts. Based on paintings, I'…


I saw a woman working in a thrift store wearing something similar to this -- red pencil skirt, gold sequined 1980s sweater, gold jazz shoes, nerd glasses, tights, and some combination of Heidi braids and pigtails.

This is not my style by any means, but I loved it on her. She exuded a certain joy through her clothes that made me smile.

When was the last time you had fun getting dressed?

Save or Splurge: T-shirts

Sometimes, jeans and a t-shirt are my ideal outfit. I have some from my mother's vintage tee collection, and I love to wear them with some jeans, heels, a great jacket and fun jewelry. I also like to just bum around in a simple t-shirt and skirt with a pair of sandals.

T-shirts can add a lot of fun to an outfit. I prefer vintage tees or tees with fun designs to those with snarky sayings or brand-name logos because they have more styling options.

However, I'm not one to pay much for a tee. Vintage tees are pretty easy to come by, or you can find a ton of fun shirts at Target or from various shops on Etsy.

What about you? Do you save on t-shirts too? Or do you splurge on a super fancy designer tee?

Monica Tee from Alis on Etsy $23

Mel's Vanity

Mel's Vanity is the Etsy shop for Vanity Fashions Boutique in Tacoma, Washington. Their online inventory consists of fancy dresses and shoes. Clothing is selected from a variety of decades, but the stock has a strong theme of romanticism with all the lace, beading and draping. The prices fall in the reasonable Gap range. New merchandise is added daily.
green chiffon dress 1950s $48
lace maxi dress 1970s $52
apricot wrap dress 1970s $28

Fashion Find: Ombre Bag for Cheap

I love all the ombre bags I'm seeing this spring. However, I'm not one to spend much on a trendy bag, especially one that isn't quite the shape or size I would normally buy. I've been searching some cheaper bags so I can buy into the trend without spending too much. JC Penny has a bunch on ombre bags in various sizes half off right now. They don't have as many sizes and colors online as they do in stores, so pay a visit to JC Penny if you're looking to buy into this trend. There's a purple one in the store that I'm quite in love with.

Worthington Ombre Patent Dome Satchel $23.99 from $48

Supposed Worst Fashions: Flowered Dresses

Catherine Horwood, the author of the Worst Fashions book, seems to think that flowered dresses are an atrocity. I'm not sure where she shops, looks at clothes or even what she wears, but flowered dresses are a classic feminine piece. I'm sure she had something like the bright flowered dress (pictured above) in mind, but I know there are people who can pull that dress off with a little styling.

Florals work great, especially in a dress. They are feminine. They can add a lot of color. They can soften an edgy outfit. And, overall, they can be a lot of fun.

Also, flowered dresses are very in right now. Did she miss the Flowered Armor-like dresses Balenciaga sent down the runway?

Has she been to the store recently to see any of the amazing flowered dresses you can buy? Because I've seen plenty pretty dresses covered in flowers, and I'm not even one to wear a lot of florals. This Athropologie dress is an example of a loud floral on a classic, fun shape.

Florals don't have to…

When Did You Get Stylish?

Newport News is a mom store, but I keep tripping over their website while I look for fabulous fashions for you lovely readers. They still have boat-neck tunics embroidered with boats, but there's enough cute clothes at great prices to merit the potential damage to your retinas. However, if you find yourself contemplating the beauty of denim and lace go outside for fresh, head-clearing air.
Top: cream and black gauzy lace trim dress $59
ruby red pleat front tunic $29
studded peeptoe bootie $25
Bottom: black and white military jacket $34
white leather jacket $99
black suspendered pencil skirt $39

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous


Project Design: Spoon Jewelry

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Remembering some of our friends' fondness for wearing their silverware, Jael Paris sent me a list of utensil themed jewelry she found on Etsy. I'd been saving up some similar items for a Project Design, so I ended up with a ton of utensil themed stuff. Since I want to feature it all, I've decided to split it up. Last week was all about Forks. This week, we are playing spoons. Stay tuned for knives and combinations in following weeks.

Which spoon stirs you up?

Gunmetal. Necklace. by avenuehandmade

Spoonful of Sugar by oldbutnew

Alice's Tea Party Earrings by the librarian

Dinner Etiquette by eyecandytreasure

Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon Earrings by lyricrahyne

Spoon Bracelet by shanesjewelry

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It's Just Hair

Aside from very 1950s hair, I don't know how Catherine Horwood, author of Worst Fashions, expects people to cover their heads. The end of her book included several hairstyles she thinks no one should have.

Not surprisingly, Horwood frowns on extreme styles like mohawks and unnatural colors. My husband once had blue hair, so I'm not with the author on this one. Other looks she considers extreme are primarily African-American such as the afro, cornrows and dreadlocks. This seems so off to me as the kinky curls of African hair are difficult to care for, and these styles can bring more freedom than, say, a straightened look.

Horwood's primary issue regarding former styles for females is big, long feathered hair, a.k.a. The Farrah. I guess something about the softness and the way the curls accent the face really peeves her. Strangely, this fashion critic had nothing to say about the beehive.

Men get the worst of things. Shaved heads and crew cuts are out. (What will state troopers…

Coin Purses

I have a wallet planner, which sounds great except for there being nowhere to put my change. I made a little change purse out of scrap material, but while it kept pennies from rolling loose in my purse, it was a pain to actually get change into. Now it's a little busted. I'd like a cute, vintagey kiss lock coin purse, but could work with a quirky zippered number too.
Top: embroidered kiss lock Anthropologie $18 (My first choice!)
leather peacock kiss lock, Anthopologie $49.95
pink floral kiss lock, Armani Exchange $34
Russian doll zip, Fred Flare $12
Middle: green sequin girl zip, Elissa Bloom, ebags $20
yellow and blue geometric pattern kiss lock, J.C. Madison $29
Bottom: hearts kiss lock, Forever 21 $9.90
purple plaid kiss lock, Free People $12
elephant flap purse, Urban Outfitters $10

Dress Up Your Curves: Plus Size Pick

I love this flirty summer dress from Kiyonna. The ruched bodice is flattering and beautifully executed. The Pucci style print is bright, fun and fresh without being so trendy that it look out of style next year. It's the perfect dress for every summer wedding, party or date night. The right jacket could add structure to take this dress to the office. And the shoes and accessories can make it perfect for brunch with the family or dancing the night away with the girls. This versatile dress costs $206. Not bad for a flattering, classic dress you can wear anywhere.

Secrets of a Fashion Therapist

Betty Halbreich worked as a personal shopper in Bergdorf Goodman for decades. Secrets of a Fashion Therapist is the culmination of all those years working with clothes wrapped up in a motherly package. Though it was originally published in 1997, the only thing that dates the book is a reference to Prada shoes maxing out at $400. (There's an updated version from 2005.) Halbreich doesn't want to make you trendy or avant garde; she just wants to help you build a basic wardrobe. If you are one of our many readers graduating college and about to embark on a career, a couple dollars on Amazon can bring you tons of tips on looking timelessly, effortlessly chic.

Rather than limiting you to a certain number of items, Halbreich gives you a vocabulary of coats, necklines, bras, etc to work with and tips on what flatters different bodies. The book emphasizes classic styles, but encourages the reader to play with inexpensive and trendy items.

In addition to clothes, Halbreich writes about fi…

Etsy Shop of the Week: JSchubertDesigns

I love the idea of a summer scarf. It's a fun accent on a breezy summer day, something I see a lot of in Michigan. JSchubertDesigns makes some beautiful handwoven scarves and wraps, many of them are a nice summer weight or a light weight scarf that could work on lighter winter days as a neck scarf or as a wrap in the fall and spring. There is a nice variety, and the products look high in quality, which makes sense since the artist has about 30 years of weaving experience. Also, this shop offers a ton of natural fibers such as silk, linen and cotton.

Handwoven Summer Check Scarf $65

Mary Janes!

Reader Klysie was distraught that Target sold out of her size in these adorable Mary Janes. This is perfectly understandable as Mary Janes may be the perfect shoe. They give the morale boost of a high heel without the overt sexiness of a stiletto. The strap gives just the right amount of cuteness and security. Plus, I have a weakness for buttons and buckles. Here are some of my favorite Mary Janes on the market right now. Maybe you'll find a new love, Klysie!
Top: metallic blue pump, Sketchers $41.40
white floral button pumps, Not Rated "Honey Bee", Endless $39.95
orange patent platforms, David by Ruthie Davis "Alexander", Shopbop $437.50
grey pleated peeptoe, N.Y.L.A., Nordstrom $79.95
bronze blue and bone cage front, ASOS $86.52
Middle: pink or brown two strap peeptoe, Victoria's Secret $49
metallic brogues, Juicy Couture "Elle", Neiman Marcus $318
metallic purple triple strap, Report Signature, Shopbop $97.50
Bottom: two-tone metallic olive pump, Nanett…

Save or Splurge: Swimsuits

This is a tricky one. Usually for good fit and quality material I say splurge for the best you can afford. In fact, I've shopped for a good quality swim suit. I've even tried catalogs since I'm tall and prefer classic style one piece suits, which can be hard to fit length-wise.

However, the best swim suits I've found recently are from Target. So, I guess swimsuits are just luck of the draw because I have a pricey one and I have a cheap one. I can't say the pricey one is better.

While swim suits need to fit well and flatter, they typically get soaked in chlorine or lake water, covered in sand, left out in the sun to dry, and mistreated overall. I love lazy summer days so I don't want to fuss over an expensive swimsuit.

Which is it for you, Save or Splurge?

Merona Bandeau Swimdress $34.99

Inspired by YSL's Star

The Spring Summer 2008 Yves Saint Laurent ready-to-wear show sent several brightly colored Plexiglas pieces of jewelry down the runway. Fashionistas have been going crazy for the star necklace, but few want to pay over $3000 for it. (I say few, yet it's sold out everywhere.) J.C. Penny, of all places, is selling a necklace that's just as boldly colored but without the stars for $30. Personally, I prefer the J.C.Penny version as big plastic stars don't scream professional no matter how much you paid.

Vintage Shop Picks: The Best Everyday Bags

This week's vintage shop pick is a little different. Instead of bringing you one store, I thought I'd look at the fabulous everyday bags available with that distinct vintage styling. Most of the bags below are made of natural materials. A couple are vintage designer bags. If you need your purse to organize your life, vintage may not be the best route. No cell phone or ipod pockets. If however, you want a unique bag to carry around every day, some of these bags are absolute steals!
First row: blue green carpet bag 1970s, Chantelle Mariee $10
white macrame beaded frame bag 1950s, Adore Vintage $48
print Pucci box purse 1960s, Posh Girl Vintage $429
metallic tote bag 1980s, Gogo Lola Pacino $20
Second row: tan hand tooled leather bird bag 1970s, Jess James Jake $54
orange yellow and green wicker box purse 1960s/70s, Door Number Four $32
black leather Coach satchel, Aurolac $98
white wicker with navy and red trim, Fairy Muse $4.99
brown saddle bag 1970s, Revival House $29.50
Third row: grey…

Fashion Film: Ghost World

A few weeks ago, Jael Paris and I watched Ghost World. We knew it had inspired the Luella SS08 Collection, but I don't think we expected it to be as good of a fashion film as it was.

The clothing in Ghost World really added to the story and growth of the character. The outfits weren't strange for the sake of strange. The character of Enid (Thora Birch) wore clothing that really expressed where she was at that moment, and since the film is about growing up, it offers a lot variety in the clothing.

She wore bold print vintage dresses toward the beginning in clear contrast to her classmates' typical high school garb.

I love this waitress ensemble with the leopard print skirt and feather headband. The character has a lot of fun putting together her outfits. She not afraid to play with costume-like pieces in her outfits.

Her rebellious, and somewhat iconic, outfit got poor reviews from her friends, and she quickly changed it. But she clearly needed to try it and had the guts to do …