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Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who:Dolce & Gabbana
What it made us think of: Speakeasies operated by matadors and black widows
What we liked: Suits, fringe, cocktail dresses, raw sex appeal, lace
What we didn't: Some of the shoes gave the models fin feet, florals that in the high-to-low fashion trickle down will look like a 90s couch, granny panties as pants
What it made us think of: Air
What we liked: Dress shirts, tulip skirts, ankle wrap shoes, brace-like belts, cute lingerie (but please, celebrities, don't wear show us your panties)
What we didn't: Again, rough frayed seams. This will bet you booted from Project Runway, Karl!
What it made us think of: There be pirate cleaning ladies.
What we liked: Striped pants, head scarves
What we didn't: Socks with sandals, disappointing jewelry from a house known for it, more couch florals
What it made us think of: Great collection for the casual, corporate woman to wear on her own a tropical island.
What we liked: Simple sandals, prints,…

Etsy Shop of the Week: Bella Lili

Shop:Bella Lili

Why We Love It: The feminine, pretty jewelry with a dark/macabre feel fullfills my desire for antique-looking cameos, keys and bows that have more edge than most real antiques.

Price Range: $9 - $67

More Info: Visit Bella Lili's website for more information.

Favorite Items:Bound by Beauty a Choke Her Necklace $45; Purple Arachnid Earrings $45; Lady of the Night Locket Necklace $26; Emerald Green Aged Brass Necklace $28; Absinthe Locket $28; Black Filigree Butterfly Keyhole Necklace $23 (pictured).


I had a 1960s crest charm bracelet as a kid that I wish I'd kept. It was heavy and aged. Teenage me didn't think it went with anything, but adult me would have scrubbed it clean and worn it all the time. They have old world charm without being dainty, and the intrinsic air of propriety is just demanding to be played around with.
Topish: crest earrings, Moxsie $32
mesh belt bracelet, Banana Republic $36
skull crest, Torrid $8.98
Bottom area: colorful charm bracelet, Mod Cloth $17.99
colorful crest pendant, Mod Cloth $11.99
black and gold charm bracelet, Liz Claiborne $45
earring set, G by Guess $12.50
carved cameo pendant, Forzieri $296

But the best crests for the money are vintage. The crests above are made up at random, but vintage crests belong to schools, associations, families and cities. Of course, they don't have to mean anything to the wearer, but what a great way to show off something you love. (Now that I think about it, I should splurge on the Paris crest bracelet at the …

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who:Roberto Cavalli
What it made us think of: How much we love it when Cavalli deviates for the overtly sexy, barely there, hyper-print clothes in favor of simpler, more ladylike, chic.
What we liked: Pants, AWESOME Pants, flowing dresses, flowing dresses over pants, fun lining in the jackets
What we didn't: really frumpy jumpsuits
Who:Just Cavalli
What it made us think of: Early 90s
What we liked: Rocker jackets, vests, print mini dresses
What we didn't: Dingy slips as dresses, overdone fringe, awkward sheer pieces, rehashed 90s grunge
What it made us think of: Girliness whether in solid, dark neutrals or in bright, over-the-top prints
What we liked: Some of the playful prints, nice tailored navy looks for spring
What we didn't: The overboard print mixing, the fact that the show didn't fit together very well
Who:Moschino Cheap & Chic
What it made us think of: Pushing Daisies goes on a picnic (an for a brief moment a picnic in bizarro world).
What we liked: Ruffl…

Save or Splurge: Accessorizing Accessories

In the age of sleek electronics, portable laptops, must-have cell phones and other gadgets that need skins, cases, protectors and baubles, accessorizing your accessories is definitely in. I'll be the first to put a case over any future iPod I purchase. My first one looks like a truck ran over it (but still works!). My current iPod has only been out of it's case a handful of times so I could clean the case. It looks like it did the day I got it, but it doesn't look any cuter.

My laptop is getting pretty scratched up so I wish I had purchased a cover for it. I'm contemplating this pretty pink (I'd get purple or red though) cover my friend had on her MacBook when I saw it the other day. It's cute, but it costs a little more than the cheap clear or less vibrantly colored covers.

I dropped my cell phone a couple weeks ago and gave the pretty purple finish it's first nick. I don't want to cover of my cute phone with an ugly black cover so I'd like to buy it…

Vintage Shop: Old Age

Shop: Old Age on Etsy

What: Dresses!

When: Mostly 60s and 70s

How Much: $20-$70

Why: These well-selected pieces look straight from the runway.

Favorites: velvet and lace minidress 1960s $64; drop waist school girl dress 60s $37; cut out dress 70s $53; geometric print faux two piece dress 70s $43; embroidered puff sleeve minidres 70s $48

Boyfriend Blazers

For a while, every jacket you could buy was cropped. Now things have swung the other way with blazers long enough to be mistaken for your boyfriend's. I love these jackets. They're a great, casual way to work nicer items into your every day wardrobe. Layer them over your date dresses or a sequin top with jeans. Roll up the sleeves and let your dress shirt hang out.

You may have some concerns about wearing a boyfriend jacket if your petite or have wide hips. Fear not; I'm both. If you're petite, be conscious of where it hits your shoulders so it doesn't swallow you. If you have wide hips, buy a jacket that sits just below them so it doesn't draw attention to your widest part. Resist the urge to buy a slightly fitted one as well.Top: burgundy corduroy blazer, Newport News $29
rolled sleeve blazer, Lord & Taylor $98
plaid blazer, Newport News $39
Bottom: studded blazer, Arden B $78
pale peach blazer, Top Shop $125
double breasted, BB Dakota at Chick Down Town $92

Editor's Pick of the Week: Perfect Satchel

This Bagtique Large Pleated Satchel from Nordstrom possesses both form and function. If you're anything like me, your purse has to function. I carry my purse everywhere so I need it to keep me organized. Sadly, most well-organized purses are ugly and most cute purses are an abyss inside where I will lose everything.

This bag is big enough to carry quite a bit, but not so large that it's too big to carry all the time. Features like the removable canvas strap, interior divider and pockets, and zip closure make it easy to carry a lot, keep it organized, and keep everything in the purse (I lose things if my purse doesn't zip shut).

This cute bag comes in purple (pictured), black, brown, green and mustard. It costs $148.

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

What it made us think of: Vacation is serious business.
What we liked: Chandelier shoes, chandelier chain mail, beach prints that don't reek of luau, gem clasps
What we didn't: Perspex shoes, unfinished hems, diaper shorts, belly triangles, babydoll tops
Who:Alberta Ferretti
What it made us think of:A Room With A View
What we liked: Sheer wisps of pastels, lace up ribbon flats, lace
Who:Bottega Veneta
What it made us think of: The current trend of designers doing a girly show and a utilitarian show all in one.
What we liked: The girly, deconstructed men's shirts, big jewelry, pops of yellow, bright plum lips, cream
What we didn't: The utilitarian, disappointing shoes and bags
What it made us think of: The trippy 60s
What we liked: Shoes!, prints, suits, color, bags
What we didn't: Clear plastic skirts, the miniskirts are not for the heavy hipped

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This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

This Week On TV: We take a look at the Emmy Fashion and let you Rate the Red Carpet. Also, Project Runway had a shocking elimination this week.

This Week In Shopping: We're loving over-the-knee boots, dark green nail polish for fall, school-girl chic, Katcherr's Antique Jewelry, Twilight & Filigree on Etsy, and this jacket that reminds of of Gareth Pugh.

This Week In Horrors: There has been some debate over what would make this pricey bracelet work, but these hairy tights have disgusted most of you.

This Week in Your Opinion: Tell us what you think about Payless designer lines and spring's runway makeup. Also, let us know what you like and don't like about our fashion week posts and drop by Facebook for comment on our bonus fashion week coverage.

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London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who:Nathan Jenden
What it made us think of: Butterflies and Bollywood go to the office and a garden party
What we liked: Structured suit pieces, peplum, bright colors, bold prints
What we didn't: Some pieces had a little too much going on and lost the prettiness of the rest of the collection

Who:Burberry Prorsum
What it made us think of: What a brilliant idea it would be to buy an entire wardrobe of stunning trench coats and wear nothing but those all the time.
What we liked: The coats, the shoulders, the lush fabrics, the draping
What we didn't: A few of the draped shirts seemed more like diapers than pretty draping, but several other lovely pieces made up for those.

Who:Roksanda Ilincic
What it made us think of: Pajamas and OMG WANT!
What we liked: FEATHERS!!!, the shoes, mosaic dresses
What we didn't: We love a strong shoulder, but some of these are drifting into football territory. What is up with all the wet-haired models?
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Project Runway Episode 6: Where My Judges At?

It was a sad night on the runway last night. Still no Michael Kors or Nina Garcia. (Although, it look like at least Michael Kors will be back next week!). One of my favorites went home. And the one I kind of hoped would be gone, won and has been granted immunity for next week.

At least the challenge was entertaining. The designers were tasked with choosing a film genre and making an look for it that would still showcase their point of view as a designer. Lots of room for creativity. I was a little surprised no one wanted Western and Action & Adventure (I was a little surprised Carol Hannah's A&A look didn't make top three. This girl can't get a break). went first. (Had I ended up with Western as my genre, I would have gone space western and designed something inspired by the cast of Firefly/Serenity--Zoe, Kaylee, Inara! Where to begin?). It was a little unclear what the judges really wanted though. Usually they hate anything "too costume-y," but last night…

FMF Fall Nails

Each season, fashionistas take note of what nail color the runway models are wearing so they too can be of the moment. We think if you're using someone's nail polish to judge how fashionably with it someone is, you've been drinking the Kool-Aide too long.

I tend to pick a color for the season and stick with it. For two summers my nails have been navy, and last winter they were hot pink. This fall, I'm loving forest green. First, I haven't thought of forest green since it was uber popular when I was in middle school (over ten years ago). Second, I'm so enamored with fall colors right now, orange especially, that dark green would be the perfect accent to my attire.

If you stuck with one nail color this season, what would it be?

The Horror: You Missed A Spot

These fringed knee high stockings threw me into hysterical fits of laughter. Not only will it look like you've missed shaving a line of your legs for decades, but they're also a ridiculous $69.99. (That's down from an even crazier $88.) If I really want this look, I can buy a spool of fringe from the craft store and get my glue on with a old pair of knee highs.

$150 Challege: Grown Up School Girl

Fall always reminds me of back to school (even though that happened a while ago now) and makes me want to don a pretty school girl look. However, I'm also young enough still that I need to avoid actually looking like a school girl. This outfit feature classic school girl pieces like a pleated skirt, white blouse and blue jacket, but each pieces is a little more sophisticated than the school uniform look. The blouse has lot of ruffles to add some style. The jacket moves away from blazer territory with it's relaxed cotton blend, big buttons and belt. A pair of high heel oxford booties replace the saddle shoes. And instead of knee socks, this outfit features neon coral tights to play into fall's bright color trend and make the look pop. The entire look costs: $114.69

Grown Up School Girl by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Forever21
Satin Bound Headband, Forever 21, $3.80
Walking Bootie Heel, Forever 21, $22.80
Crossbody bag, Target, $22.99
Coral Tights, Topshop, $12
White Ruffle Fro…

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who:Duro Olowu
What it made us think of: Shopping for wallpaper on a sugar rush
What we liked: The shoes, the coats, wallpaper prints, pickup skirts
What we didn't: The opening look did not live up to the rest of the collection
Who:Peter Pilotto
What it made us think of: Pictures of tweed
What we liked: Pleats, folds, tucks, softly structured hips and shoulders
What we didn't: Are those shorts or a bathingsuit?
Who:Basso & Brooke
What it made us think of: A friend's art show that featured paintings of layers of bottles.
What we liked: The prints
What we didn't: It couldn't top their stunning Fall collection. Some of the cuts won't work with breasts.

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FMF Poll: Favorite Face

We've been talking about the fashion coming down the runway, but what about the faces? While some designers go for the avant garde look -- giant wax lips or white feather eye lashes -- others are pushing their idea of modern beauty for that season. I've selected a few for our weekly poll, and you can keep an eye on our Facebook page to weigh in on more through the final show in Paris.

Purple smokey eyes at Michaek Kors

80s colorbox at Derek Lam

Pink lips, rosy cheeks and bold brows at Zac Posen

Dark burgundy lips at Rodarte

Hot pink lips at Marc by Marc Jacobs

Winged eyeliner at Oscar de la Renta
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