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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pick of the Week: Clearance Tee

I love Anthropologie, but I won't usually shell out quite that much money unless I'm investing in a staple and there's a sale. And a sale is just what they are having right now--a massive sale.

I'm cleaning out my wardrobe (more on that soon) and replacing a lot of clothing. I love a well-styled tee, but most of mine have fallen apart. In exchange for tossing a few tops into the rag pile, I splurged on this cute clearance tee.

From the front, it is a relaxed pocket tee that hangs beautifully. It drapes so nicely because of the gathering in the back. It's cute with jeans, dress pants, and skirts.

The lighter colors are a bit sheer, and the top is meant to be a little oversized so buy down a size if you want a more fitted look.

Also, I think some colors may be different materials--the website advertising cotton and viscose but mine is cotton and rayon.

Pictured: Tessa Tee, $39.95 from $58

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dressing Professionally On The Cheap (And With a Smidge of Lazy)

The biggest complaint the teachers at my mother-in-law's school are having with their new dress code is money. They believe that they cannot afford clothing of nicer quality than jeans, t-shirts, and foam flip flops. For crying out loud, Starbucks requires its employees to wear khakis or black pants and a black or white non-t top. Clearly, these teachers have never learned to shop. (It is sad how many adults don't know how to compare prices, look for sales, and just generally shop. Clothes, food, home items -- if you buy it regularly, it is worth your time to learn where the deals are.) In case they are really just proffering lame excuses, here are some items all under $45 that you can wear to work:

There is a world outside of jeans. True, dress pants can't take the same wear and tear, but you're not exactly going to be mowing your lawn at work, are you? Pants are really trendy right now too, so stock up on colors and cuts while you can. Target can get you started in the realm of dress pants for $28.

If you are new to the idea of dressing professionally, do yourself a favor and buy a white cotton button-down ($25). Put it on, over, and under everything. Also, the stores are full of t-shirts that don't look like t-shirts, like this striped peplum beauty ($20) that would be an absolute wardrobe workhorse. Henleys ($22) can be another t-shirt alternative in many workplaces. Pair this with grey slacks and ballet flats for a cute lazy day.

No professional look is complete without a blazer. Hint, a knit blazer (this black one is on sale for $35) is a sweatshirt with a button. You should be able to get away with just one black blazer and a second blazer with a little more personality. In many work places, you can swap a blazer for a cardigan and no one will bat an eye.

If you hate the idea of not wearing jeans, you may hate the idea of wearing a skirt. We at Fashion Me Fabulous happen to love skirts because they are so comfortable. They also happen to be easier to buy and often cheaper than pants. The long grey skirt below ($22) is literally made of sweatshirt material. The slit is long enough to allow movement and short enough to still be office regulation. Wear it with a tucked-in blouse and a blazer for a business look. Full skirts (like this blue one on sale for $35) are another favorite as they allow great movement while keeping everything covered. If your workplace is hyper conservative, a houndstooth pencil skirt ($35) will impress with style.

The real secret to crazy-comfy professional attire is dresses. Comfortable like a skirt, but without trying to match things in the morning before you've had coffee. Everyone seems to think dresses are lots of effort and require nice makeup and perfect hair, but that's not true at all. Stop treating dresses like they are more special than your jeans, and you will open a new world or work clothes options. Start with a wrap dress ($32); it's like wearing a flattering bathrobe to work.

The real trick with dresses (really with any clothes) is just knowing your body. Drop waist, fit-and-flare, sheath, shift. Those can all be scary terms if you are just now putting away your t-shirts and jeans. Grab a friend who knows you well and spend a day just trying things on. Make notes about what fits and what doesn't work. Spending that day with a friend (so it's a great day anyway), will make any future shopping much easier.

Final thought: T. J. Maxx is your best friend.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pick of the Week: Stalking Birds Sandals

In the spring, a friend sent me a picture of these sandals. I instantly wanted them, but there were selling between $40 and $60. While I was swooning over the adorable chubby birds covering the shoes, I was also saving for a trip to NYC and not willing to dish out $50-ish on  shoes made of some sort of foamy synthetic fabric. I usually only buy shoes built for comfort. While these aren't uncomfortable, I could walk long distances in them. Now, the adorable bird wedges are on clearance at DSW for $19.94, which is totally the kind of price I'd paid for shoes covered in ambiguous* little chubby birds.

*DSW says these are owls, but they kind of look like chubby sparrows to me. Either way, I love them.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Pick of the Week: Perfect Wedding Shoe

It's a pink heel with a bow and rhinestones. Could it be any girlier? Usually nearly $180, Pour La Victiore's "Blissa" is just over $40 on Amazon! This is a great shoe for weddings whether you are a guest, a party member or the blushing bride.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to Shop for Winter Coats

As I'm writing this, it's nearly 70 degrees outside in Northern Indiana. Mocha is sitting on the porch munching hay and listening to the wind howl and batter the door. The wind is forcing out this one last beautiful weekend in favor of more seasonal weather -- 40s and damp.

Looking on the bright side, that's coat weather! Even though the cold weather's just starting, many of the coats below are already on sale. Most of these coats are available in at least two colors, so follow the links for more details.

Top: blue steel knit collar puffer, Victoria's Secret $126 (sale)
teal asymmetrical collar coat, Guess at Nordstrom $149 (sale)
grey contrast trim military coat, ASOS $156 (Khaki and navy are on sale for $110. Also available in petite.)
Bottom:  purple ruffle coat, DKNY ay Macy's $180 (sale)
faux leather olive trench, Walter Baker at Macy's $99 (sale)
red retro swing coat, ASOS $123 (Wouldn't this be the cutest on a pregnant lady? It's not a maternity coat, but it would be the cutest!)
Top: striped coat, Plenty by Tracy Reese at Mod Cloth $298
green wool toggle coat, Calvin Klein at Nordstrom $168
cape coat with faux fur collar, Betsey Johnson at Macy's $99 (sale)
Bottom: long wine wool coat, Mod Cloth $168
deep grey empire waist coat, DKNY at Macy's $180 (sale)
ruched mushroom puffer, Last Call $155 (sale)

Keep an eye on our Facebook for more sale updates through out the season.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Sale: Shoes!

Earlier this week, Jael Paris posted summer sale items. As she said, we advocate stalking. I've scored many a bargain by visiting my favorite items again and again until I see a sale pop up. Sure, I've missed out on some purchases that way, but it frequently pays off. My favorite items to stalk are shoes. I have big feet. This means that bright colors and crazy styles are usually left in my size so I get an amazing deal. I recently stalked an $80 pair of silver oxfords until they reached $28. My entire summer shoe wardrobe for this year was purchased over the last two years on end of season clearance--mostly for under $30.
Summer Sale Shoes

Classic Red Sandals, ModCloth, $61.99 (from $87.99)
Navy & Orange Colorblock Heels, Zappos, $48.99 (from $69)
Yellow Strappy Bow Sandal, Endless, $35.98 (from $89.95)
Red Multi T-Strap Wedges, Naturalizer, $29.99 (from $75)
Champagne Flower Sandal, DSW, $39.94 (from $85)
Metallic Colorblock T-Straps, Naturalizer, $39.99 (from $99)
Metallic Slingback Pump, DSW, $44.94 (from $89)
Wooden Open Heel Wedge, DSW, $39.94 (from $79)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Sale

We advocate stalking. I will often post $200 dresses not because I'd rush out to spend that sort of money on a dress, but because I like the design enough that I'll wait for it to go on sale. When it hits a magic number, then I'll buy it. With fall stock arriving in the stores, they need to slash and burn prices on remaining summer merchandise. It's a stalker's paradise. Here's everything you need for summer 2013 from cotton dresses and gauzy skirts to retro swimsuits and linen pants. Many of these items are still in stock in all sizes so they may drop in price even further as sizes sell out.

Summer Dresses on Sale

Beach and Bottoms Sale

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

30% Off Cashmere

Cashmere is one of those items where spending more really pays off. The difference between cheap and expensive cashmere, much like silk, is the length of the wool fibers used to make the yarn. Longer fibers are stronger and less likely to break, pill or engage in other bad sweater behavior. Longer fibers being more rare means the higher the quality, the higher the price. January is clearance month, so now's the time to stock up on pricy staples like cashmere. All the items listed below are at least 30% off.
Top: sheath dress with leather trim, Adam $138 (originally $345)
ruffle cardigan, Victoria's Secret $39.99 ($79.50)
orange chunky knit cardigan, Neiman Marcus $212 ($425)
bright color block dress, Kate Spade at Neiman Marcus $195 ($325)
Bottom: white wrap cardigan, Victoria's Secret $39.99 ($69.50)
embellished shoulders mini dress, French Connection at Lord & Taylor $44.39 ($148)
camel cowl neck sweater, J. Crew $139.95 ($265)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pick Of The Week: Flower Sandals for everybody!

Are you ready for spring and feeling like celebrating? Do you, like me, adore giant flower embellishments on your accessories? Have you been wanting a well-made pair of flower-adorned sandals for summer? Do you like to have quality footwear for maximum comfort? Are you broke and bummed out that you can't afford this darling trend?

SOLUTION! First, TJ Maxx has Born and B.O.C. sandals all over their racks right now. If you're a size 8 or lower, go. Scour. Report back with your findings. You won't spend more than $30, and these shoes retailed originally at over $100. Amazing bargain.

If you don't have dainty little feet (and I sure don't), finding those deals in your size is sometimes a pain. But not today, oh no, because I have found something exciting. Boscov's has these darlings for -- are you ready? -- twenty dollars. I spelled that out so you didn't think I'd omitted a digit by typing $20. Their shipping is a little steep, but I haven't been able to find a better value for these beauties.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

We've been getting sale alerts in our inbox all week and we thought we'd share them with you:
  • girlie by debraRODMAN is a fragrance and is on sale now through Monday with a buy one get one free sale.
  • Diamonds On The Hour is giving away diamonds every hour on Cyber Monday.
  • Nyla Noor offers a great selection of bags. Get 15% off your total purchase from Black Friday to December 3rd with the promotional code HOLIDAY15
  • Visit H&M stores on Black Friday for great deals, like dresses starting at $5 and denim starting at $10.
  • Vibrant Jewelry has a wide array of jewelry that will all be on sale from Thanksgiving through Monday for 20% off an entire purchase with the code VJBF10
  • Naturalizer has free shipping for online purchases now through Christmas.
There are a ton more deals out there, but we thought we'd take the time to share a few with you from companies that contacted us directly.

**Disclaimer** FMF is not receiving any compensation to post these sales. We are also not guaranteeing them nor have we researched the quality or credibility of all these companies. We'll leave that to you. We're just scouting out deals. Happy shopping and happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pick of the Week: Essential Dress Clearance

The v-neck, full skirt dress we picked as part of our essential summer wardrobe is now on clearance. The lilac we featured as well as standard black or white are all $54.99. That's almost a 66% savings from the original price of $148. J. Crew seems to have a wide range of sizes still available as well.

Being sleeveless and cotton, it's perfect for this final, dreadful phase of summer, but it won't need to be tucked away come fall. Wear it over a long sleeved top or cover it with a cute cardigan a'la Emma. I'd wear it with a scarf, velvet blazer and boots. How would you wear it?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

24 Season-less Summer Sale Shirts

Shopping off season is a great way to score a $10 cashmere sweater or a $20 silk dress. Summer sales are at their peak as stores clear out for back-to-school and fall stock. However, with clothing become more and more season-less, this isn't just the time to stock up for next summer. There are plenty of pretties out there that can be worn all year with a little clever layering. Tops are the best candidates for this. Add a jacket, cardigan or shrug to turn a summer blouse into fall and winter ready attired. You can even layer long sleeve tees under summer tops for a cute and casual look.
Diamond Front Flutter Tee, Nordstrom $24.90 (was $38)
Coral & White Ruffle Front Tank, Nordstrom $29.90 (was $58)
Modal Sea Foam Ruffle Collar Tee, DKNY, Macys $27.74 (was $49)
Yellow Ruffle Bib Top, Simple Vera, Kohls $21.99 (was $34)
Twee "Modest Blouse", Modcloth $17.99 (was $35.99)
Ruffle V-neck Top, Anthropologie $49.95 (was $98)

Pictured: (all from Anthropologie)
Daring Dart Blouse $39.95 (was $68)
Silk Illuminated Way Blouse $59.95 (was $128)
Twisted Cotton and Modal Torsade Tee $29.95 (was $48)
Cedar Chest Blouse $49.95 (was $98)

Drape Neck Tee, Nordstrom $23.90 (was $36)
Pussy Bow Blouse, ASOS $23.58 (was $50.54)
Smocked Neckline Henley, Kohl's $23.99 (was $40)
Rosette V-Neck, Charlotte Russe $9.99 (was $20)
Empire Waist Rosette Tunic, Macy's $17.99 (was $46)
Embellished Drop Waist Tunic, Kolh's $19.99 (was $36)

Yellow V-Nick Silk To, ASOS $37.06 (was $87.03)
Ruffle Collar Button Down, Ann Taylor $29.99 (was $68)
Silk Brushstroke Top, Ann Taylor $49.99 (was $78)
Silk Ruffle Blouse, Macy's $44.90 (was $68)

Gurgling Ripples Cowl Neck Tank, Anthrpologie $39.95 (was $68)
Silk Belted Smock, Chickdowntown $32 (was $45)
Ruched Empire Waist Tee, Arden B. $10 (was $29)
Cowl Neck Ruched Slub Tunic, Ardeb B. $10 (was $29)

I realize some of the price above are high, but the real deals are hard to list because the sell out or only exists in stores. Be sure to comb clearance racks for lux materials like silk and modal at low, low prices. Also, his is a great time of year to stock up on layering tees, tanks and camis. What are your favorite off-season and season-less buys?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sandal Sale!

We're barely into summer, but fall shoes are already coming into stores making now the best time to stock up on sandals. All the sandals below are at least 50% off. (Feel free to abuse me on our Facebook page for making you spend money on shoes. It's been a theme lately.)Topish:bronze strappy wedge, Macy's $34.50
gold rope flats, Urban Outfitters $59.99 (Can't you just picture them with a flowing white dress?!)
turquoise bead flat, Aldo $29.98
silver stud heel, Nine West $69.99
Bottom area: yellow bead flat, Bakers $39.99 (Fab!)
pewter ruffle sandal, Unplugged on Piperlime $39.99
floral silk low wedges, Anthropologie $29.95 (Down from $118!)
turquoise huarache heel, Boutique 9 "Yashi" at Shopbop $75 (These were in our essential summer wardrobe.)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Coats Under $100

One of our readers has a blog about what she wears in the tropical climate she lives in. I think of her sometimes as I curl up on the couch and plan the week's posts. I think about how she doesn't have a foot of snow in her driveway and ice feathering across her bedroom windows. And while I know she'd love to wear a stunning pair of knee high leather boots, I know it will be another three months before my knees even see the light of day. The good news is that while we're barely into winter, stores are already trying to clear room for spring merchandise. So, anyone interested in snapping up a warm winter coat for under $100?Top: berry military coat, Victoria's Secret $99.99
shiny quilted puffer, INC at Macy's $74.99
herringbone A-line, Victoria's Secret $69.99
Middle: faux fur trim hooded coat, Victoria's Secret $89.99
long red funnel coat, Calvin Klein at Wilson's Leather $99.95
white ruffle coat, Victoria's Secret $79.99
Bottom: toggle coat with faux fur trim, The Limited $79.99
drop waist coat, Victoria's Secret $89.99
hooded quilted jacket, Calvin Klein at Wilson's Leather $59.95

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Sales

Use the code Extra20 at J. Crew to get 20% off your order and maybe get free shipping as well. So you could get this classic blazer for $158.40.

Sweaters are 50% off at Old Navy.

Gearing up for party season? Little Black Dresses on eDressMe are 30% off.

Fast fashion just got cheaper. Everything at Charlotte Russe is 25% off today only!

Not only will Nordstrom give you free shipping on orders over $100 with the code Holiday09, but also sale items have been marked down a further 50%.

Remember my gripe about Victoria's Secret's $20 shipping costs? Get free shipping this weekend with the code FREESHIP1.

Sweaters and coats are 30% off at Banana Republic.

Ann Taylor is offering a whopping 40% off your purchase with the code Turkey. In-store the sale only lasts until noon, though.

Save 25% at Chick Down Town with the code Friday25.

Get 20% off all Rachel Zoe's picks on Piperlime. That would make these Cynthia Vincent lace up boots $260.

Get 30% off sitewide this weekend at Eye Candy Buy Candy with the code "blackfriday".

This weekend, Martin + Osa will be offering all denim (regularly priced at $89.50 - $120) and cashmere (regularly priced at $130 – $170) at a special promotional price of $59 each. The in-store sale starts on November 27, and the online sale starts at 12am on November 26. is offereing 30% of all sale items (excluding new resort markdowns) and free shipping on orders of $15o or more through Sunday, November 27.

If you've found a great sale, please post it in the comments below.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Save or Splurge: Costume Clearance

Now that Halloween is over, costume pieces everywhere are on super clearance. Now Halloween costume stuff is poor quality, however some stuff is worth picking up. Last year I stumbled upon a ton of really unique fake eyelashes for a dollar a pair. I only purchased one pair with feathers on then ends. I really regret not buying every style. Many of them were rather subtle and could have been a lot of fun to wear to parties and when going out.

I also found black lipstick for an experiment I was doing to capture the look of YSL's runway makeup. The lipstick came with some pretty nice black nail polish, and the whole kit cost just a dollar. I wish I would have splurged on some name brand black shimmer eye shadow too.

There are also clearance tights, which may not be the best quality, but could be fun to play with. There are awesome masks that could be great for a holiday masquerade ball (or just for fun). I would never spend a ton of money on this stuff, but I wish I had splurged by buying more of those eyelashes last year instead of being stingy.

Do you save or splurge on Halloween clearance?