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Finding the Perfect Purse

I know a lot of women who are purse addicts. They have more purses than I have individual shoes. I'm not one of those women. Don't get me wrong, I love bags. I'm just really picky. When my favorite purse fell apart in 2006, I spent almost two years looking for a replacement. That replacement, pictured here, is still my everyday purse. I've had a few others in that time, but they aren't perfect like the one I've been carrying since late 2007. (It's 2012. Yikes!)

This bag has almost everything I require:
Three main compartments--two large, one smallZipper closures on all the main compartments (or I will lose stuff)Pockets on the inside for my phone and sunglasses
Must be cute (which is hard to find since my organization requirements only occur in "old lady" purses).
Can't be too heavy when empty (because I will pack it)Must comfortably fit a wallet that doesn't close, a change purse, a card holder, a smart phone, sunglasses, a notebook and pen, …

Love or Loathe: Patchwork Bag

Seeing as I'm not a patchwork fan, I shouldn't like this Tylie Malibu "Prana" tote, yet it bears a world traveler charm. (As I'm trying to save money, I can't travel anywhere this year. Instead, I'm trying to read more books set overseas. The list to read so far includes Reading Lolita in Tehran, Three Cups of Tea, Becoming Madame Mao, and Hitchhiking Vietnam.) This large bag almost looks like something you'd pick up in a market in Nepal after your back pack strap gives out (shakes angry fist at memory). That's also my problem with the bag. I don't like it enough for it to not be a souvenir. I couldn't even see myself buying something like this from one of those companies that helps women in the third world and developing countries sell their crafts. The bag, for me, needs a memory attached to it. I certainly don't like it enough to spend over $200 on it.

How do you feel about this bag, about patchwork and about things that look like s…

Pick of the Week: Black Professional Skirt

Some how, I ended up owning zero plain black skirts. That's like not owning jeans or a white tee. (Does a tutu count? I have a black ruffled tutu.) The search for a black, wear-to-work skirt unearthed this beauty from AGB. It falls at the natural waist, a major plus for any woman who is tired of her middle showing when she lifts her arms. It has cute little rows of buttons on the front (squee!). The back has shapely seaming and pleats for movement. The price? Under $30 at Macy's. Happy dancing time! The skirt is available in sizes 4-16 and you can even get it in blue.

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

She Makes The Buzz by fashionmefabulous

Inspirations:Project Runway took inspiration from yummy yummy gelato this week. We also took fashion inspiration from all kind of books and accessory inspiration from weapons and armor.

Picks: This week we are loving these ruffle shoes and fabulous hats from Marcia Lacher Millinery on Etsy. Also, see what horrified us this week.

Votes: Tell us which red carpet dresses are most memorable for you. And vote for your favorite vintage peignior set.

Project Runway All Stars: A Matter Of Taste

This week the Project Runway All Stars faced a challenge of taste--the taste of gelato to be specific. Each designer took a gelato flavor as the inspiration for their look. To make the challenge more exciting Diane von Furstenberg came on to tell them they would only have six hours to complete the challenge. The designers were the excused to scrabble and sew as though their lives depended on it.

I love DvF. Who doesn't? She alone would have made the challenge more exciting. The extreme time constraints only make for uninteresting fashion. No one can be creative, unique or over the top when they have such little time. No one wants to watch boring clothing. The drama of only have six hours to work doesn't really translate to a one hour television show anyway. Give them a day or two. Let them make it good. Also, why did the producers waste DvF on this challenge? Why didn't they save her the for "make your own print" challenge? Don't waste the DvF.

The next twist t…

Inspired By Books

I love to read. If a book is good I get sucked in, so much so that I didn't move for 8 hours when I hit the action in Life of Pi. Since I get very involved in the books I read, they often influence my mood, which influences how I dress even if the book has nothing to do with fashion.

I picked up Steve Martin's book, Born Standing Up, because I wanted a funny audio book for a long drive. I never expected fashion tips, but Martin's switch from dressing like a hippie to wearing a suit for his standup performances intrigued me. I love the idea of serious clothing with wacky behavior and accessories.

2011 In Books: Born Standing Up by Steve Martin by fashionbeccafabulous
The Murder Room was misfiled as fiction when I picked it up (the cover was so cool I forgot to really investigate further). I was a bit bummed that it was nonfiction, but the true crime stories compelled me even more to don a Kate Beckett-worthy coat and catch some murders.

2011 In Books: The Murder Room by Michael…

Project Vintage: Peignoir

This last month I started watching Mad Men. (I know! I'm behind!) Yes, the clothes are amazing, but what I'm currently loving is the lacy sheer nightgowns with matching robes. The peignoir was a bed time staple for decades. It has a sexy airiness and actually wouldn't be out of place as a date dress today (but please wear some sort of liner underneath). They're so put together, like a matching belt, shoes and purse.

Short Petal Peignoir 1960s -- SkivvyLuLuVintage

Low-Cut Orange Peignoir -- Mad Mak's Closet

Cream Silk Lace Set 1930s -- Anatomy Vintage

Pink Satin and Black Lace -- Vintage and Name Brand

Embroidered Gown and Robe 1950s -- Hep Cat Clothes

Baby Blue Pleated Peignoir 1960s -- Redhotboogaloo Vintage

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Killer Instinct: Deadly Accessories

I'm a girly girl, but I love mixing my feminine fashion with dangerous accessories to add some edge. I love fashion that could almost act like a weapon. I see multi-finger rings as possible brass knuckles and big cuffs as armor. Spike toe shoes might be better for kicking that steel-toe boots. And I've been dreaming of a flail clutch (picture right) since I saw Maya Luz carry her original design on Project Runway season ago. (I've also been watching Merlin a lot lately so I'm addicted to armor). Here are some weaponized wears for your wardrobe. Pictured: (clockwise from top left)
Triple Spike Ring, ASOS, $21.49
Pyramid Double Finger Ring, Max & Chloe, $39
Studded Tote, Urban Outfitters, $79
Chainmail Cuff, Free People, $58
Modern Armor Cuff, ASOS, $26.86
Studded Ballet Flat, footnotesoneline, $130
Cut-Out Armor Ring, Lord & Taylor, $56
Studded Ruffle Clutch, Nordstrom, $58

Pick of the Week: True Love

Samanta's Viv Flair pump is a dream. A tapered heel, brogue detailing, heel ruffle, and options for pony hair or polka dots? Yes, please! If contestants on Project Accessory had to make a down-market version of Miu Miu's Fall 2007 ruffle heels, this is what the winner would come up with. Not only are they available in 11 colors (!) and up to a size 14 (!!), but they are also on clearance (!!!) for $110 (!!!!). Excuse me, I have to sit down and check my bank account.

Etsy Shop of the Week: Marcia Lacher Millinery

Shop:Marcia Lacher Millinery

Why We Love It: Ever since the media frenzy surrounding the royal wedding last year, I've been hoping the fascination with Kate Middleton's style would bring back hats. These vintage-inspired toppers from Marcia Lacher are certainly poised for a comeback.

Price Range: $55 - $495

Links:Facebook / Twitter

Favorite Items:Women's Fedora Hat $275 (pictured); 1920s Cocktail Tilt Hat $275; Flapper Cloche Hat $255; Bow Cocktail Hat $250; 1940s Straw Saucer Hat $245; Turban Style Cloche Hat $240; Shaped Beret $255

Memorable Red Carpet Dresses

I've been doing Dress the Nominee for a few years now, and my goal is always to pick a memorable dress which is not necessarily something that will get you on the best dressed list. Some of you love my choices, some hate them. So you may be wondering, what red carpet looks do I consider memorable?

Halle Berry's yowzah! from Elie Saab in 2001 is one of my favorites. Granted, I'm biased because it's my favorite color, but that top manages to be classy and outrageously sexy all at once. Few woman can pull this off and most would look cheap in the process.
I'm a sucker for a pale girl in saffron because of Michelle Williams. From the color to the makeup to the pewter jewelry, this is a complete home run. (Imagine how boring this would have been in black or beige.) Michelle usually looks nice on the red carpet, but she's never looked sexier than in this dress. For her first trip to the Oscars, this was perfect for introducing yourself as Hollywood's fastest ris…

The Horror: Highway Robbery

Guess how much this peach dress is? You can pre-order it now at Nordstrom for $695. $695! This looks like one of Victoria's Secret's terry cloth cover-ups. It's not even made of silk; it's polyester! The cut is beachy and loose; it by no means involves the sharp tailoring I like in designer clothing. The label is St. John, but that wouldn't get me to think about forking over more than $50 for this dress either. If I were to spend nearly $700 on a dress (hahahaha!), Alexander McQueen has a finely tailored wool dress on sale for $674. This feels like nothing more than practicing Chanel's maxim that rich people will buy things because they are expensive.

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous (90s Pop Edition)

Keeping the Books by fashionmefabulous

Getting Piggy Wit It: The Project Runway All Stars design dresses for Miss Piggy. Also, how do you think she did as a guest judge?

Vogue. Strike A Pose:Rate the Golden Globes red carpet looks and see our picks for favorite dresses.

Smells Like Style Spirit: Jael Paris reviews Vidal Sasson: The Movie, a story of a self-made hair pioneer. Be your own pioneer with DIY and fashion inspiration from around the web.

You're Still The One (I want to buy): We've picked professional, work-worthy dresses and shoes so cute & comfy you'll be walking on clouds. Also our Etsy Shop of the Week is full of cute knit accessories.

Project Runway All Stars: Don't Disappoint Miss Piggy!

This week the All Stars were challenged to create a flamboyant cocktail dress for fashion icon Miss Piggy. I've read a few reviews and recaps that said this challenge was silly and late. (It seemed late because All Stars was originally supposed to start airing late last fall and got bumped back). I thought it was perfect. Miss Piggy wears fabulous clothes and has experienced Madonna-level fashion evolutions. She's done fashion editorials in the lead up to the new Muppets film, and she often out-dresses the celebrities she appears with. Her look is constantly changing, and she has that true diva personality needed for pulling off over the top looks. Also, it was fun, and I think fashion should be fun.

Safe Designers
April doesn't have fun with fashion. For someone who says her look is Tim Burton-inspired every week, she has very little whimsy in her designs. She seems to have disregarded the challenge to design for Piggy, but her dress wasn't as offensive as Mila's …