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This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

Project Runway is Back! Read our recap of Season 8's debut, and tell us what you think. Also, check out our ideas for dream challenges and share some of yours. Take a look a the cast round-ups we did last week: Part 1 and Part 2.

Find Inspiration: Wonder at these Wonder Woman inspired looks and share your feelings about her latest look. Stay tough with our pick of the week, a violent pump. Or show your softer side with cutesy items from Petitie Chouette on Etsy. Also, look for year-round tops during summer clearance sales.

Tell Us Your Story: Share your dress code troubles and triumphs in this week's poll. Also, can you find any redemption in this dotted monstrosity of a dress?

Project Runway S8 Ep1: Sew Much Drama!

There are 17 designers instead of 16! They find out they are still auditioning (even though they were all on the show last night?)! There could be multiple eliminations! They must make designs out of their own clothes! No, wait! They make designs out of each other's clothes! They only have five hours! They don't get to meet their models! Oh the drama!

Even though they were really trying to pump up the drama for this first episode. I was glad to see some effort put into creating an interesting challenge. When the designers arrived outside Parsons, they were told they still had to audition with this first challenge since there were 17 instead of 17. As we discussed in the round-ups of this season's cast, that was clearly a ploy for drama, but mostly good things resulted.

Each designer had to choose an item from his or her suitcase to turn into a design. As a twist, Heidi told them to pass that item to the person on their right. To make matters worse, they only had five hours t…

Etsy Shop of the Week: The Petite Chouette

Shop:The Petite Chouette

Why We Love It: The clothing and accessories in this shop are so sugary sweet they almost hurt my teeth. The prices are pretty reasonable too, which means you can buy plenty of these sweets.

Price Range: $10 - $49

More Info: Get sweet updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Favorite Items: Beautiful Bear Tee $29 (pictured); Bib Top Houndstooth Minidress $49; Happy Bunny Tee $29; Lucky Ladybug Tee $29; Scoop Skirt $39; Balloon Girl Tank $27

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman recently had a costume overhaul. Gone are the granny panties and red boots of yore. Now is the time to blend in when you do recon in Berlin clubs. The outfit has gotten lots of hate since it debuted, most comments setting on an Eastern European vampire complaint. Actually, I like it. It's much more practical for a heroine --flats, leather, black -- than the Sports Illustrated pinup look she sported in the 80s.

Wonder Woman's New Look by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Azzedine Alaia shoes
But then I'm not a purist as I always hated the American flag theme. However, I've had plenty of fun using it as the basis for everything from evening attire to day wear.

Tonight, Diana Prince Just Wants To Go For Drinks by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Erickson Beamon jewelry

Wonder Woman by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Alexander McQueen shoes

Her Amazonian roots have also been inspiring for funky, girly-tough looks.

Wonder Woman On A Date by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring 3.1 P…

24 Season-less Summer Sale Shirts

Shopping off season is a great way to score a $10 cashmere sweater or a $20 silk dress. Summer sales are at their peak as stores clear out for back-to-school and fall stock. However, with clothing become more and more season-less, this isn't just the time to stock up for next summer. There are plenty of pretties out there that can be worn all year with a little clever layering. Tops are the best candidates for this. Add a jacket, cardigan or shrug to turn a summer blouse into fall and winter ready attired. You can even layer long sleeve tees under summer tops for a cute and casual look.
Diamond Front Flutter Tee, Nordstrom $24.90 (was $38)
Coral & White Ruffle Front Tank, Nordstrom $29.90 (was $58)
Modal Sea Foam Ruffle Collar Tee, DKNY, Macys $27.74 (was $49)
Yellow Ruffle Bib Top, Simple Vera, Kohls $21.99 (was $34)
Twee "Modest Blouse", Modcloth $17.99 (was $35.99)
Ruffle V-neck Top, Anthropologie $49.95 (was $98)

Pictured: (all from Anthropologie)
Daring Dart Bl…

Poll: Dress Code

We've been around the dress code block. becca works from home, and I work in a casual environment that allows me to experiment wildly with clothing. Before this job, I worked in a more professional atmosphere that still gave me wiggle room but required more conservative attire. Even though our work doesn't require much in the clothing department, we both attended schools with hyper-strict dress codes and know the ins and outs of what to cover and what rules to push.

poll by

Tell us more about it in the comments.

Project Runway Dream Challenges

My biggest complaint about the last season of Project Runway was the unimaginative challenges. The contestants dressed Heidi twice! It's not that challenging to dress Heidi Klum. These are some of my dream challenge ideas for Project Runway. We can only cross our fingers and hope they read my mind for these to show up in season 8, but there's always season 9.

Create Job Interview Looks on a Budget
We're in a recession. Getting an interview is a big deal, but many people interviewing are unemployed so expensive interview looks cannot be purchased. This challenge is timely, and it forces designers to tackle tailoring, classic pieces and maybe even the dreaded dress pants. They would also have to be innovative enough not to make it look like a suit from Target. It might be more interesting if recent college grads were brought in for this challenge and the designers had to work on a each college grad's budget for fabric and accessories.

Dress Fashion Bloggers
OK. I will…

The Horror: Are You Gone Yet?

This dress has been burning a hole in my retinas for months now, and by the time this post goes up, it may finally be sold out. That doesn't mean I can't spread the misery. In fact, as I'm writing this, Forever 21, who almost never has a sale, has marked this dot monstrosity 50% just to make it move. Were the dress a solid color with the black line details, it would be fine, but there's no excuse for that print. Someone must have hit up the Big Top Emporium sale for this fabric as they also made a skirt and top from it as well.

Pick Of The Week: Violent Pump

If you've ever wondered what a cross-breed of Christian Louboutin's crazy spiked heels for Rodarte and Givenchy's current studded heels would look like, your quandary has been answered. The spike "Lorissa" pump from Sam Edelman is making me a wee bit lusty. Black suede, a peep toe, classic pump shape and an armory of studs and rhinestone. Yum. They're a perfect fit for my dark girly vibe. I'd wear them with a pink shift, 50s retro dress or dress them down with jeans and a lace top. They're $199 at Lord & Taylor. If they're sold out of your size (L&T had the most available sizes when I wrote this), check Nordstrom who also carries them in white leather.

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Jael & I are hanging out with friends helping put up dry wall this weekend. What are you up to?

High Style: Project Runway Season 8 starts Thursday! Meet the contestants in parts one and two. Jael Paris reviews Fall 2010 Haute Couture. (I could look at the Dior pictures all day!)

Shop Style: We've got cute carry-ons, an affordable picnic outfit, and light weight skirts on Etsy.

Good Style/Bad Style: Jael Paris reviews and loves Maybelline Superstay lip stain. But this Marc Jacobs neon eyesore is another story.

Meet Project Runway Season 8 Designers Part 2

This is the continuation of the first set of Project Runway Season 8 designers I introduced on Tuesday. Read that post for the first eight and the comments for some reader opinions.

Kristin Haskins Simms, a 39-year-old Philadelphia designer, began as a graphic designer that, as she put it, "fell into all this." Her garments are laid back and functional, yet very stylish. Her favorite designers are Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garcons, Ann Demeuelemeester, Rick Owens, Oscar De La Renta and Chloe. And her style icon is Audrey Hepburn. No wonder I like her.
Snap Judgment: I already want to buy everything from her casting video. The untailored trench, the deconstructed white button-up blouse, the rain scarf--it's all fabulous. Her portfolio is nice, but doesn't quite match up. She seems pretty innovative about using materials she has just sitting around and coming up with unique ideas that don't look like they take too long to execute. She admits having trouble sketching…