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Pick of the Week: Tudor City Teal by NYC

I love nail polish. I also probably own a bit too much nail polish so when I wanted a great spring/summer teal color I was reluctant to buy into the Essie or even Revelon colors at $6 to $8. Target had a sale on New York Color polishes so I grabbed a 97 cent Tudor City Teal polish for 89 cents (Woot! Eight cent savings!) I was a bit leary of the cheap polish, but it it was 89 cents. Also, looked more like a gloss, which I kind of liked.

It does wear more like a gloss so you need two or three good coats for full color, but this stuff really is long wearing like the label claims. It has held up better than any of my pricey polishes and worn for longer than my most invincible Sally Hansen polishes.

Because it goes on a little sheer, I find it easier to get a streak-free look. It get endless compliments on the color, and several people I know have purchased after seeing it on my nails. I'm anxious to go back and try other NYC polishes. (But I'm scouting out the ones that have the…

$150 Challenge: July 4th Celebration

July 4th can be a long day of celebration. There are parades, barbeques, picnics, reunions, and a night of fireworks. Be super prepared for casual fun in denim bermuda shorts, cute Keds, a light cotton top and sunglasses.

$150 Challenge: Independence Day by fashionmefabulous
cotton top, Target $18
denim shorts, Target $20
foil star Keds on Amazon $30 *
corn husk bag on Amazon $37
sunglasses, Target $13

*I bought these a few weeks ago for yard work and general summer outdoorsiness. They have mild arch support!

Etsy Shop of the Week: THREADBEAT


Why We Love It: There has always been something about summer that feels old-timey. The heat makes me want to don a retro dress and a big hat before heading out to pick some berries, make some lemonade, skip stones off the dock, ride a bike, have a root beer float and finish the day watching the sun set from a Ferris wheel while eating some cotton candy. I love a hazy, lazy good ole summer day, and these clothes would form the perfect wardrobe for a whole season of just such days.

Price Range: $75 - $300


Favorite Items:
(Click through the slide show below to see some favorite items.)
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: THREADBEAT by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Floral Maxi $210; Yellow Linen Dress $210; Toile Peter Pan Collar Dress $210; Pin-tuck Floral Sundress $175Floral Cap Sleeve Dress $210; Pin-tuck Camisole and Petticoat $195; Bralette and Bloomer Set $175; Tie Front Maxi $175; Pinafore Skirt $125 (also pictured a…

Project Design: Superman

Have you seen Man of Steel yet? For a long time, I thought it wouldn't be possible to write a relatable, modern Superman story, but here it is. At least the beginning. The end is a punchy-punch-punch fest. Seriously, stop punching each other; that hasn't garnered you one result. I endured that silliness by focusing on the hotness of Henry Cavil. He might be reason enough to watch the movie. Alas, you cannot buy your very own Henry Cavil, but Etsy is full of other Superman paraphernalia.

Comic Book Capelet by Sophster Toaster

Kryptonite Necklace by Love for Achilles

Clark Kent Dress by Hipster Princess

Comic College Heels by Maizy Cakes

Lois Lane Purse by Trash Deco

Superman Emblem Necklace by Apple Latte

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White Dresses

This summer I am doing a thorough assessment of my wardrobe -- what it has, what it needs, and what is wearing out. One of my needs is a white dress for summer. While I am a noted loather of beige, I adore white. It is so clean and accepting of my wild accessories. White cotton doesn't get much more summer chic. I think I will add both The Gap's gauzy shirtdress and J. C. Penney's eyelet sundress to my watchlist.

Top: maxi shirtdress, ASOS $127
geometric lace shirt, J. C. Penney $51 (sale)
gauzy shirtdress, Gap $60
eyelet fit and flare dress. J. C. Penney $65
Bottom: sleeveless sheath dress, J. C. Penney $45
lace 60s shift, Nordstrom $188
cotton sundress, Old Navy $37 (sale)
fit and flare skater dress, ASOS $70

Do you like white dresses or do they pose a cleanliness issue? Too bridal? Which dress suits your summer needs?

Art Deco Jewelry


Review: elf Makeup Remover Pen

Every time I get my eye makeup nearly perfect, I smudge mascara or slip up on the winged eyeliner. Sure, I can dab off makeup with cotton swabs, but it smudges and smears and removes too much. When I saw an elf Makeup Remover Pen for $3 at Target (Amazon is linked here because Target doesn't list them online), I had to give it a try.

The pen is the perfect tool for fixing mistakes. It's precise enough to rub away rouge mascara without taking all the eye makeup around it. It also helped clear those last bits of eyeliner I can never remove with regular eye makeup remover. The tip stains easily (wipe it off after use), but that doesn't seem to alter the performance. At least, it hasn't yet. It doesn't leave a residue either so you can go right back to applying makeup after you use it.

This product is really meant for small scale use. The package even says so. Don't try to use is as a primary eye makeup remover. It isn't made for that. Also, it is rather sti…

Etsy Shop of the Week: Eynat Klipper

Shop:Eynat Klipper

Why We Love It: I'm not sure who decided to start making swimsuits that offered considerably less support and coverage than a demi bra and bikini panties, but their idea clearly took off. The stores are full of flimsy, poorly made suits. Eynat Klipper suits come from a blissful alternate reality where swim tops have underwires, suits have a retro vibe yet still feel modern, and swimsuit shopping probably doesn't end in frustration and wearing last year's threadbare suit to the beach. 

Price Range: $44 - $155

Favorite Items:
Pictured: Underwire Tankini Set $155 / High Waisted Bottom $49 / Underwire Bikini $99 (pictured above)

Summer Travel Must-Have: Crinkle Skirt

Summer, with its sunshine and lack of school, is generally thought of as vacation season. But travel can be a beast even without heat. For my husband and I, traveling means we're driving at least a state away. I stay comfortable and cute with a crinkle or broomstick skirt. They are light and breezy to combat the heat. Their length protects my skin from the sun, keeps my legs from sticking to my seat, and allows me freedom to wiggle around without showing the passing trucker my bum. Bonus, because they are supposed to be wrinkled, all that creasing that happens on a long car trip won't matter. Are crinkle skirts the chicest thing on the planet? No. But I didn't get into the car looking like Karlie Kloss, and four hours of roasting in the car won't make me any more of a supermodel.
floral print skirt, Sierra Trading Post $20 (sale)
linen bag waste skirt, ASOS $48*
neon yellow skirt, J. C. Penney $45
orange Ikat print skirt, $40 (sale)

*While the linen skirt isn't a cri…

The Horror: All The Prints!

This swimsuit -- like this one -- is for surfers, which is why it has sleeves. That is not the issue. The issues is that the "sandy" paisley against the black and white stripes is crazy fugly. Were there no other fabrics? Could they not mix stripes or add polka dots? Paisley wouldn't even be bad if it were, say, white and blue. The cardinal rule of print mixing is that the opposing prints need to share colors to create cohesion. This looks like someone thought her strapless one-piece was too daring so she decided to layer with the shirt she wore yesterday.

Chambray Inspiration

Denim is a twill, which means that the weave is thicker and in a diagonal pattern. Twills are often used for pants, jackets, and other items that receive heavy wear. Chambray, however, is a woven fabric made with the standard warp and weft (up and down) weave. That makes it much, much lighter. As summer's heat really starts to roll in, we all want lighter. I have my eye out for the perfect chambray shirt or shirtdress this season. Take a peek below for some chambray outfit inspiration.

Saturday Girl by fashionmefabulous

Summer Meadow by fashionmefabulous

Summer Date Night by fashionmefabulous

Retro Red, White and Ice by fashionmefabulous

Flower Shopping in a Seaside Town by fashionmefabulous

Etsy Shop of the Week: Fulyas


Why We Love It: I'm imagining these as part of a romantic comedy plot. Our protagonist, we'll call her Stacey, has it all--the man of her dreams, the engagement ring, the professionally planned island wedding where they will get married, barefoot, on the beach. They thwart all the traditional wedding trappings, including her families tradition of handmade wedding shoes, for their bohemian soiree. However, once on the island, things start to go wrong. All the "bad luck" superstitions start to come true. Soon, Stacey is stranded and she must find her way back before her wedding. She must all get a pair of wedding shoes before everything is doomed. She meets a mystic on her way who guides her not only to these barefoot weeding shoes, but also to the true meaning of family and tradition.  Pictured: Organza flowers barefoot shoes, $43

Price Range: $29.50 - $62

13 Size 13 Shoes

Having a large foot can feel limiting. I wear a size 10.5 to 11. It's frustrating, but at least I can shop at most shoe stores or try on the size 10 to get an idea of how an 11 will fit. When you move into a larger size, it gets even harder to shop for shoes. I find sales people aren't terribly helpful. They love to tell me that no one makes a 10.5. They also love to say that shoes aren't even made in anything past an 11, maybe. Thankfully, they are wrong. Their store just doesn't sell them. There are a lot of places to shop for sizes 11 and up without sacrificing style. (Pictured Right: Spike Flat, Barefoot Tess, $191)
Pictured: Criss cross wedge, Barefoot Tess, $139 / Contrast Bootie, Barefoot Tess, $137 / Retro Pointed Flats, Barefoot Tess, $119

There are several sizes for larger shoe sizes, but is by far the best. They carry extended sizes of regular brand so you can find those cute Steve Madden or Rocket Dog shoes that your friend just bought. Man…

Pick of the Week: Gingham Surprise

As you've heard a hundred times by now, black and white is in this season. While that doesn't always translate well into summer, warm weather is woven in the threads of black and white gingham. It's both classic and quaint. The gingham "Studio Sweetheart" dress from Mod Cloth has a nice 1930s style and a comfortable shape.

Even so, it's not an outrageously cool dress. But wait! There's more.

In addition to sleeve shortening epaulets, there are strings underneath the dress that allow you to shorten and balloon the hem. So cute and fun! It reminds me of the Homecoming Queen Skipper doll I loved so much as a kid.* Do I want to pay $140 for it? That's a bit much even considering that it's two dresses for the price of one; however, I will certainly be watching for it to go on sale throughout the season.

*She wasn't well loved just because of her awesome dress. My 17 year-old-brother spontaneously decided to buy me, his 5-year-old sister, that doll w…

Retro Skirted Swimsuits

Like many pear-shaped women, I don't feel that the popular string bikini design really offers adequate coverage for the junk in my trunk. A few years ago, I invested in a retro designed skirted swimsuit. Voila! Covered. Even the designs that are only a skirt in the front are just cut better for a fuller bottom. Below are a few skirted swimsuit designs currently on the market. Most of them are retro flavored. If you are concerned about not having a perfect beach body, the ruched ones are worth every penny. Trust.
Top: ruched "Marilyn" swimsuit, Pin-Up Girl $102*
yellow and stripes swimsuit, Mod Cloth $112
1920s style swim top and skirt, Shabby Apple tops $55 & bottom $30
blue halter color block swimsuit, Assets at Target $50
Bottom: green pleat bust "Bombshell" swimsuit, Pin-Up Girl $88*
strapless ruched swisuit, Profile by Gottex at Nordstrom $138
black collared halter, Lucy B $89
red polka dot skirted bikini, Mod Cloth $90**
stripes and coral swimdress, Rey $90


Project Design: Summer Pants

I posted about my new favorite summer pants last week. I recently wore those on my vacation to New York City where it was over 90 degrees the entire week. Pants may not seem like the obvious choice, but when I need to get through a 14 hour day of walking, pants are actually a bit nicer than skirts (although wearing shorts under my shirts other days was also helpful). Which of these lightweight pants have you looking forward to a warm, sunny day?

Red Loose Leisure Cotton by clothingshow

Tapered Linen Trousers by KSclothing

Loose "Wrinkles" Linen Pants by zeniche

Chambray Dress Pants by dariagorabutique

Wide Leg Linen Pants by YL1dress

Belted Wide Leg Skirt Pants by Sophiaclothing

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Etsy Shop of the Week: McKean Studio

Shop:McKean Studio

Why We Love It: I returned from vacation in New York City yesterday at 2 a.m. I love New York, but I don't really love that I all could find in the way of souvenirs proclaimed my love for new york in the same blocky logo. I love that I heart NY logo, but I was looking for things I could work into my wardrobe more fluidly. I was looking for something like McKean Studio's scarves, which capture famous cities in vibrant, colorful ways.

Price Range: Scarves cost $68.21. (The shop offers a variety of other non-fashion items too.)


Favorite Items:
Click through the slide show below to see the different styles.
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: McKean Studios by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: London; Amsterdam; Sydney; San Francisco, New York City (also pictured above)

Pick of the Week: Woven Espadrille

Poetic Licence -- a FMF fav -- popped up with their adorable "Wonder About" pump too late for my closed-toedsummer shoes posts. Darn. Looks like it's just going to get its very own post. I'm not sure I could be more in love with this breathable, comfortable, stable summer shoe. (Well, I am uncertain about the brown one, but check it out and let me know what you think.)

The white one is freaking adorable for the nautically inclined. I want to wear them with a navy and white striped boatneck tee and high-waisted black sailor shorts.
The black ones are so very rockabilly. I would wear them with a red fit and flare dress and a big flower in my hair.
But you don't have to wear anything so summer costumey to rock these espadrilles. They would be just as cute with cutoffs and a peasant top at your family picnic as they would be with a pencil skirt and silk blouse at work. The shape is classic, and the primary colors are neutral; so they would really be the perfect all-p…

$150 Challenge: Office Job Interview


Status Items

At some point in our lives -- certainly  during high school, we've all bequeathed considerable status to certain items of clothing. Having attended private school with a harsh dress code, my classmates and I were all jealous of other teens in jeans and untucked shirts. My school put a ban on logoed appeal as well once they saw the frenzied ranking system "Abercrombie & Fitch" launched in the students.

On a broader scale, we used to associate pale skin with people who were privileged enough to not have to work in the fields. Decades after factories moved most heavy labor indoors, we began to value tan skin because it meant you could afford vacation. It bags and designer labels speak bluntly about your bank account. And just think about the hubub over women wearing pants or commoners wearing purple.

Applying symbolic status to clothing has happened so much throughout history, that it's even seeped into our language. The terms white collar and blue collar were b…