FMF Poll: First Makeup

One of the teens I work with is so excited because now that she's thirteen, she's allowed to wear eyeliner. She does a good job of wearing it thick without looking like Gossip Girl's Little J. I was not so skilled. Thirteen-year-old me just decided I would start wearing makeup, and I ended up with deep burgundy lips and raccoon eyes. Perhaps this is why my father's response to my beauty dabbles was to clutch his chest and breathe heavy as if I'd said, "Dad, this is my boyfriend Spike. He's the head of his biker gang, and I just had his name tattooed on my chest."


Unknown said…
I started wearing makeup as a high school freshman at my MOM's suggestion!

Pantyhose became common while I was in high school but mostly only rich girls and cheerleaders wore them. lol


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