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Snake print, in its many incarnations, is everywhere for fall. Its ubiquity, however, does not imply conformity. No matter your style, there is a sassy snake print shoe to add a fun twist to your wardrobe*.

Top Row: Ann Marino Diamond pumps, BonTon $49.99
Christian Siriano for Payless harness ankle boot, Payless, $69.99
Calvin Klein Harley flats, Macy's, $99.00
Bottom Row: Madden Girl Kaboby pumps, Zappos, $39.95
Dollhouse Pitone flats, DSW, $19.95
French Sole FS|NY Boa flats, 6pm, $90.00

Top Row: Michael Antonio Lalita platforms, Sears, $25.99
Calvin Klein Flare wedges, Zappos, $94.40
Rockport Faye flats, Macy's, $90.00
Bottom Row: Michael Kors MK Flex Mid pumps, Dillards, $98
Worthington Kairo platforms, JCPenney, $39.99
Sofft Avant Mocha Python pumps, 6pm, $39.33

*Unless you want boots. The only snake-print boots I could find in hours of research were in the $300+ range... and weren't even exciting enough to warrant a splurge item. What gives, designers? Apparently they all think o…

Teal Is The Best

Teal is generally sold as a summer color, but I love it year 'round. In fact, teal and burgundy are my favorite neutrals. Yes, neutral. From the bright to darker ends of the spectrum, I consider the shade a wardrobe staple.

Teal can be cute and happy.

Cherry Flavored by fashionmefabulous
It can be mixed seamlessly with fall colors.

Orange Cognac by fashionmefabulous

Walking to Class by fashionmefabulous
It adds a bright pop to a staid outfit.

Work by fashionmefabulous
Alternately, for an unexpected style, you can mix it with neon which makes the teal look very basic.

Neon Fall by fashionmefabulous

Pick of the Week: Born Brogues

One of the things I love most about fall is the return of my lovely booties and boots. I like sandals, but I start missing my lux leather brogues after a while. And this fall, Born shoes has a line of brogues that have me drooling almost as much as the thought of pumpkin spice lattes. Of the collection, my favorite pair are these "Bittersweet" booties ($150, picture left). I've dreamt of owning a pair of boots like this. The brogue perforations, the velvet laces, the perfect 2 1/4 inch heel and the lovely burnished leather are calling to me with their siren song. They come in marrone (pictured) and black. I'll take both. If those aren't enticing enough, Born has five more pairs of stunning brogues. Which is your favorite? Top:
Dacy Brogues, $140
Birdie Brogues, $115 in marrone (pictured) & black
Waverly Brogues, $115 in sauro (pictured) & black
Arletta Brogue, $105 in stone (pictured), marrone, noce, redash
Perrine Brogue, $175

Someone Clueless Talks VMA ... Attire

My Pandora stations are seeded with artists like Modest Mouse, Regina Spektor, and Adele. If an artist wouldn't show up on one of those stations (or happens to be an obscure Christian rock band from the 90s who, of course, score all sorts of MTV invites) then I have no idea who they are.

Look! Adele was there! Whew, I know someone. I love her big hair. No doubt critics think "you don't put a big girl in big hair" but that retro hair is so soft and bouncy. Plus, it totally goes with her sound. From the neck down, however, she's a little too casual day dress for the event. Wait, that still makes her better dressed than most of these people. (Are they people?) She was frankly stunning during her performance. Stunning.

Someone suckered me into listening to Jessie J because "she sounds like Adele." That person is a liar, but kudos to Jessie for managing her bum leg so well. I can't even knock the circus outfit. Showing up injured makes you pretty awesome…

Love or Loathe: Sleeveless

While I was searching for great work dresses the other week, I noticed most of the styles were sleeveless sheaths. Personally, I think they're the bees' knees as I can layer jackets and cardigans without the extra bulk, and the lack of sleeves makes the dress perfect for summer too. But I tried to feature several sleeved styles as some people must wear sleeves at work and others simply don't like showing their upper arms. Sleeves also help balance modest and sexy when wearing a mini. How do you feel about sleeveless dresses and tops?

AK Anne Klein print sheath at Macy's $139

Project Runway S9 E5: Runaway! Runaway!

Team challenges are never easy to sum up, let alone watch. And last night Heidi seemed all but gleeful at the prospect of torturing the 12 remaining, I mean 11 remaining, no 12 designers.
Examples of Heidi's Torture:
She made designers run. This made for funny TV, but they didn't look happy.She made them wear gym clothes. (Which is better than running in dress shoes, but still).
She made them design clothes to go with sneakers.She gave them the "gift" of staying up until 4 a.m.She made them do a team challenge.She told them to make fashion-forward clothes for sneakers like dresses then told them the dresses were too dressy.She changed the rules, repeatedly.She even changed the design of one of the items she chose as a winner.
Yet she remained adorably Heidi through the whole thing, and no one seemed to mind the torture. Also, if you examine the below track photo you will see that either Heidi or the producers forced everyone to take notice of which female designers where…

Etsy Shop of the Week: Casstasstrophe

Shop: Casstasstrophe

Why We Love It: The shop's tagline reads "Jewelry for Nerds Geeks and Dorks (scientists too!)" What's not to love? Plus, Doctor Who returns with more episodes on Saturday so I can't help but celebrate with an Etsy shop that features jewelry from Doctor Who, Veronica Mars, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Battlestar Galactica, The Big Bang Theory and so much more.

Price Range:$5 - $30

Favorite Items: Star Wars C3P0 & R2D2 Necklace $12
Star Wars AT-AT Necklace $17
Star Wars Darth Vader Necklace $12

Star Wars Jedi Order Necklace $18
Star Wars Rebel Necklace $17
Biohazard Zombie Invasion Necklace $14

Star Trek "Live Long and Prosper" Necklace $25
Star Trek Enterprise Necklace $15
Star Trek Starfleet Communicator Badge Necklace $17

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Green Guy Necklace $15.42
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Necklace $14.42
Yoshi Necklace $14

Battlestar Galactica Starbuck Logo Necklac…


becca may be into fall's more traditional shades, but this season I'm loving the bright orange that's been popping up everywhere. Not peach. Not burnt. An aggressive, safety orange. There's nothing feminine or soft about the color, so it works well for more edgy modern styles and in contrast with feminine details like lace and full skirts.classic a-line dress, Calvin Klein at Nordstrom $129
sweater dress, Macy's $23.99
embroidered dress, Anthropologie $358*
*Crazy pricey, but too pretty to not mention!
plus size pleat skirt, ASOS $34.76 (smaller sizes in a rust shade are $69)
retro a-line skirt, Top Shop $70
braid trim maxi skirt, Mod Cloth $57.99
Top: color block chiffon top, Urban Outfitters $59
butterfly sleeve top, Anthropologie $88
lace tank, J. Crew $39.50
Bottom: one-shoulder top, Victoria's Secret $49.50
cowl neck shell, Michael by Michael Kors at Nordstrom $69.50

Fall Color Frocks

I can feel fall in the air. My allergies may disagree, but fall is my favorite season. I love the colors, smells, cool breeze and anything pumpkin spice or apple cider. Once the leaves start changing I love to dress the part of a fluttering falling leaf in a fun, fall-colored frock. Top:
Orange You Clever Shirtdress, Modcloth, $54.99
Print Gold Jacquard Dress, The Outnet, $86.25
Fairest of the Seasonings Dot Dress, Modcloth, $79.99
Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress, Victoria's Secret, $98
Ruched Multi-Way Dress, Victoria's Secret, $69.50
Dolman Sleeve Draped Dress, BCBG at Macy's, $108
Jungle Green Print Jacquard Sheath Dress, Loft, $89.50
Honey Color Ruffle Collar Dress, Dillard's, $128
Green Tree Print Wrap Dress, The Limited, $89.90

Love or Loathe: Tinted Moisturizer

In theory, tinted moisturizer is a great thing. You get the vitamins and such your skin needs plus a light touch of concealer. Trouble is, such products are usually one size fits all, so if it's not your shade, you can't use it. I bought some tinted eye cream a while back and unless I'm careful to blend it really well, the too dark shade makes me look tired. Since it's tinted, I have a tendency to only use it when I'm wearing makeup instead of wearing it daily.

Do you like tinted moisturizers or do you find them not as useful in practice as in theory?

Olay Complete Plus Utra Rich Tinted Moisturizer $38