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Monday, November 10, 2014

Pick of the Week: Dip-hem Skater Dress

This is a power dress. It's the sort of simple dress with an eye-catching detail that lets your inner star shine. It's all about the skirt with it's sexy-sweet dip, abundant pleats and beautiful movement. It's hard to not feel stunning when your skirt swishes. The top is so plain and modest, you can really style it however you want. Red heels and a simple gold necklace? Lovely. Biker boots and a cropped tee? Why not? Beige ballet flats and a silk scarf? Perfect.

There are a few black versions left, but I'm partial to the skin and eye-highlighting blue. This dress is $90 at ASOS and worth it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pick of the Week: Comfy Blazer

I'm getting ready for a work trip next week. It will be a whirlwind. I'm flying very early in the morning in time to land and get to an expo that huge and rather hectic. On the last day, I'm leaving the expo and rushing to the airport for an afternoon flight. I'll be flying in work clothes twice. I'll also be stuffing everything for that trip into a carry on. I have to look professional, but I also need to be able to move around the show floor with clothes that travel well. Queue these comfy blazers from target. They are basic, come in great colors, look professional and feel more like a lightweight sweatshirt than a blazer. And, unlike most inexpensive blazers, they fit nicely because they fabric has a little more give.

Women's Ponte Blazer, Target, $34.99

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You Monster

Let's be bad guys, or -- as is often the case -- the unleashed and misguided scientific experiments of a delusional madman. T-Rex just wants to be loved, you guys. Why are you running away? He'd be happier if he had arms that could hug.
What big teeth you have!

Kingdom of the Dinosaurs



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Etsy Shop of the Week: Complements By Jo

It's Halloween! (I know it is not technically Halloween today, but it's October, which is Halloween for the whole month). I love costumes. Sadly, only one day or time of year really allows for them. This is why I love a secret costume--dressing in something inspired by a book, character, film, etc. These cute, nerdy skirts and accessories from Complements By Jo are perfect for such costumes, and for generally fun attire any time of year. Best of all, whatever your fandom, Complements By Jo has something for you from Doctor Who to Star Wars to Supernatural to multi-fandom mash-ups.
Supernatural Skirt, $55
Multi-fandom Skirt, $60
Anti-possession SPN Scarf, $40
Blue TARDIS Skirt, $55
Police Box Skirt, $55
Zelda Scarf, $40
Sherlock Scarf, $40
Game Controller Skirt, $55
Lord of the Rings Scarf, $40
Star Wars Skirt, $40
Comic Superhero Skirt, $40
Galaxy Skirt, $55

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dramatic Makeup

October is the perfect month for anyone who loves a dramatic look. Because of Halloween, you can get away with more in the makeup department than you can the rest of the year. You want to try false eyelashes? Go for it. You want to color your eyebrows? Do it. Color outside the lines with eyeshadow? Why not? Live it up so much in October that people will think black lipstick in November is practically normal.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Folklore Trend

Between Alexander McQueen's bad wolves and Docle & Gabanna's forest creature princesses, it was destined to be a folklore fall. Folklore is a look I first encountered a few years ago in Japan, where there are whole stores devoted to the style. It's a bit of a prairie style mixed with boho elements and woodland creature themes. As the name suggested, think fairy tales.

You can dabble in this trend by wearing one piece with your regular wardrobe, or go all in by mixing and matching different elements of the trend. If you look like the Free People catalog, you're doing it right.
embroidered peasant dress, ASOS $180
embroidered peasant blouse, Altuzarra for Target $45
tapestry print dress, Oasis £45
paisley print blouse, Mod Cloth $40 

owl print skirt, Mod Cloth $50
Celtic mini sweater dress, Free People $168
embroidered mesh tank, Express $35
Nordic print shiftdress, Nordstrom $119

autumn floral mini skirt, Free People at Nordstrom $98
tapestry shorts, Mod Cloth $50
quilt print hi-lo dress, Free People $168
paisley tunic dress, Forever 21 $23