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Monday, March 16, 2015

1960s Eye Makeup

For Halloween (yes, forever ago), I dressed up like a science officer from Star Trek: The Original Series. This involved big hair and dramatic eyes. Since then, I've been hooked on 1960s eye makeup. For a simple, everyday homage to this style, I dab white on my waterline and use Benefit Push-Up Liner (so easy to use!) for a thick wing. Fake eyelashes are an absolute must for perfecting the look, but it's not something I do everyday. You can play with the 1960s even more by outlining your eyelid with liner or a bright color. Remember, keep your lips neutral, especially if you're opting for one of the more graphic interpretations of this style.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Have Your Cake and Wear It Too

I love shoes. I love dessert. Now, I can have both in one. Shoe Bakery serves a smorgasbord of delectable, wearable treats. These dessert-themed shoes range from the adorable Pink Cake wedges to buzz-worthy Pumpkin Spice Latte flats to cool Mint Chocolate Chip shoes. Go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth with some sweet treats for your feet(s).

Pink Cake Wedges, $300
Pumpkin Spice Latte Flats, $75

Mint Ice Cream Flats, $150

Red Velvet Cake Heels, $275

Teal Sprinkle Flats, $70

Vanilla Sundae Heels, $270

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ode to Black Skinny Jeans

Last year for Halloween I wanted to be Death from the Sandman comics. To do this, I needed black pants. This seems like a straightforward clothing item that I would already have, but you're assuming I'm the kind of person who can find pants that fit. I'm not that kind of person. I really don't own many pants. Because I hate shopping for pants, and because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on pants I probably wouldn't wear often, I grabbed these black skinny jeans on super sale at Target. I think I paid $14. They are usually $28. They fit OK, which is better than most pants fit. They were actual skinny pants not leggings. They were cheap. They were black. I figured they would work for Halloween and maybe I would wear them on cold days at work if they didn't fall down too much. (They fall down a little).

It turns out these jeans, despite all the stretch in them, really shape to your body. After wearing the Halloween costume a few places, the pants had molded to my curves and fit better than any pants I own. This is not to say they fit perfectly. They don't. I don't own any pants that actually fit me, but these fit the best. I work in a somewhat casual office so I am able to wear these to work a lot. Pairing them with a blazer lets me get away with them at trade shows too.

I wore them so much they fell apart by spring and Target stopped carrying them. I managed to nab a pair on clearance for $12. This fall, I noticed they were back. I bought another pair on sale, and I'm thinking about stocking up even if I don't see a sale again because I like them. Also, they are super soft "denim" so they do wear out more quickly than most jeans.

They have a nicer texture than most black jeans. They almost feel more like a super soft chino than a denim. They look amazing with sweaters and boots. They are warm. And I haven't had any trouble with them fading (probably because they wear out quickly).

Side note: The actual blue jeans in this same fit do not fit as well, wear as well or feel as soft and wonderful. They also fade. I have no idea why. These come in khaki, which looks like it would wear the same, but I avoid tight pants that are that close to my actual skin color. Bad plan. I wish they would make these in colors. I would buy all the colors.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Pick of the Week: Dip-hem Skater Dress

This is a power dress. It's the sort of simple dress with an eye-catching detail that lets your inner star shine. It's all about the skirt with it's sexy-sweet dip, abundant pleats and beautiful movement. It's hard to not feel stunning when your skirt swishes. The top is so plain and modest, you can really style it however you want. Red heels and a simple gold necklace? Lovely. Biker boots and a cropped tee? Why not? Beige ballet flats and a silk scarf? Perfect.

There are a few black versions left, but I'm partial to the skin and eye-highlighting blue. This dress is $90 at ASOS and worth it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pick of the Week: Comfy Blazer

I'm getting ready for a work trip next week. It will be a whirlwind. I'm flying very early in the morning in time to land and get to an expo that huge and rather hectic. On the last day, I'm leaving the expo and rushing to the airport for an afternoon flight. I'll be flying in work clothes twice. I'll also be stuffing everything for that trip into a carry on. I have to look professional, but I also need to be able to move around the show floor with clothes that travel well. Queue these comfy blazers from target. They are basic, come in great colors, look professional and feel more like a lightweight sweatshirt than a blazer. And, unlike most inexpensive blazers, they fit nicely because they fabric has a little more give.

Women's Ponte Blazer, Target, $34.99

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You Monster

Let's be bad guys, or -- as is often the case -- the unleashed and misguided scientific experiments of a delusional madman. T-Rex just wants to be loved, you guys. Why are you running away? He'd be happier if he had arms that could hug.
What big teeth you have!

Kingdom of the Dinosaurs



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Etsy Shop of the Week: Complements By Jo

It's Halloween! (I know it is not technically Halloween today, but it's October, which is Halloween for the whole month). I love costumes. Sadly, only one day or time of year really allows for them. This is why I love a secret costume--dressing in something inspired by a book, character, film, etc. These cute, nerdy skirts and accessories from Complements By Jo are perfect for such costumes, and for generally fun attire any time of year. Best of all, whatever your fandom, Complements By Jo has something for you from Doctor Who to Star Wars to Supernatural to multi-fandom mash-ups.
Supernatural Skirt, $55
Multi-fandom Skirt, $60
Anti-possession SPN Scarf, $40
Blue TARDIS Skirt, $55
Police Box Skirt, $55
Zelda Scarf, $40
Sherlock Scarf, $40
Game Controller Skirt, $55
Lord of the Rings Scarf, $40
Star Wars Skirt, $40
Comic Superhero Skirt, $40
Galaxy Skirt, $55