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Heart U 4Ever: 4 Anatomical Hearts for V-Day

Valentine's Day fashion doesn't have to be sugary sweet. Add some appropriate edge by ditching the cutesy hearts and flowers and going for something more anatomically correct. We've all seen anatomical heart necklaces, but this elaborate Lace Anatomical Heart Choker takes the statement to a whole new level. ( Hot Topic, $12.90 ) If dressing up for Valentine's isn't your jam, go casual with this Anatomical Heart Oversized Top . There's no reason not to be cozy for a low-key date night. ( ThinkGeek, $24.99 ) If dressing up is your style, make sure you stand out from the red, pink and heart-covered dresses everyone else is wearing with this  Anatomical Heart Dress . ( OhMeOhMyClothing, Etsy, $86.50 ) Whether you love Valentine's Day and want to be decked out literally head to toe for the holiday, you hate the cheesy love stuff and want to hide your holiday tribute, these  Anatomical Heart Socks are perfect. ( Amazon, $11.99 ) Which anatomical he