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We love to hear from FMF readers. We care about what you think. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please email us at "editor[at]fashionmefabulous[dot]com". We love to help readers find items, figure out outfits, refresh their style, locate the perfect shoes, or figure out how to wear that dress that's been hanging in the closet for years. No question is too big or too small!  

Link Requests:
FMF loves reading other amazing fashion blogs. If you have an amazing fashion blog, we would love to know about it and share it with our readers. Qualifying blogs (See below) should email "editor[at]fashionmefabulous[dot]com" with the subject line "Link Exchange Request". There are a few requirements:
  • Blogs must focus primarily on fashion
  • Blogs must publish new, original content at least weekly
  • Blogs must be online for at least three months before being considered
  • Blogs must not mean-spirited or focused on insulting people or whining. (We appriciate snarky commentary, but we do not support women tearing down other women. There is enough of that in life. We want women to encourage each other. By the way, we love what your wearing, even if you're just wearing cute PJs right now.)
  • Blogs must publish a reciprocal link to FMF.
Please Note: It may take up to a month to review and respond to all link requests. Please be patient.  

Please send any information to at "editor[at]fashionmefabulous[dot]com". For samples and press kits, please email for a mailing address. We love to work with companies to share products with readers, but we don’t guarantee that a particular product will appear on FMF or will be reviewed favorably. Product samples will not be returned unless it is agreed upon before the product is sent and return shipping is paid for.
FMF also loves to welcome new advertisers. We off banner ads, sponsored posts (these are identified as sponsored posts), sponsored givaways or contests, and we are always open to new things. (Click here to learn more about FMF.) We do not accept sponsored posts at this time. Also, we do review or advertise products or services related to cosmetic surgery.

Guest Blogging:
FMF loves being part of the amazing, worldwide community of fashion bloggers. We are available to guest blog on other fashion blogs. We just ask that you allow us to link back to FMF on your blog (and we will, of course, link to your blog from FMF as well). FMF also welcomes guest blogger who have something interesting to say to our readers. (Again, we will reciprocate links). We love sharing all the fashion we can with our readers. Email guest blogging offers and requests to "editor[at]fashionmefabulous[dot]com".

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