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What I Want to Wear From Fashion WEek SS14

Jael and I both kept galleries from fashion week. I finished my list of looks a long time ago then never went back to them until this week. It was interesting to go back through and see what I selected and remember why I loved it. Like Jael , my choices reveal a few things: I'm developing a multiple personalities disorder. I want to find simple but interesting clothes that fit in better for professional events, but I also want to go crazy experimenting with things. You can take the girl out of the boho bell-sleeve blouse, but you can't take the boho bell-sleeve blouse out of the girl. I've been playing with elevating super casual pieces by dressing them way way up and creating a unique balance in my outfits. I want coats and jackets and jackets and coats. I'm also craving wide leg pants, and full skirts. View this collection on Polyvore What I Want to Wear: Fashion Week SS14 by fashionbeccafabulous on

Fashion Week SS 2013: Edgy and Alien

We're really big nerds. You probably gathered that from all of our posts about Firefly , comic book characters, and Doctor Who . In fact, I've made it a goal to reference Star Trek every fashion week. Trouble is, the costumes in Star Trek (the television show in particular) are terrible. In the future, females on every planet in every quadrant of space will wear monochrome ensembles. Dye-to-match shoes will be all the rage in space. Mammalian, reptilian, avian and more species will all have the same aesthetic despite their wildly different physiologies, environments, and customs. I am not a scientist or anthropologist. I have never met an alien. However, I have a crazy idea that if (when?) we ever encounter extra terrestrials, they won't wear grey jumpsuits. Maybe, like humans all over the world, their attire will say something about their culture, social roles, and values. While becca and I looked through all the fashion shows for the upcoming season, we took note of

13 Lovely Sweater Dresses

A couple weeks ago, I got a great sweater dress by Max Studio. It's one of those dresses that fits like it was tailored for my body, and makes me look like a movie star. But as I purchased it at Marshall's for a song on clearance, it's nowhere to be found online. As compensation for this horrible blow, stores are conspiring to give us plenty of beautiful sweater dresses this season. No matter if you want something sexy or prim, clingy or loose, cable knit or colorblocked, you can find it this season. Top: cowl neck rhinestone dress, Victoria's Secret $70 (sale) sleeveless cable knit, Target $35 stripes shift, Nordstrom $98 Bottom: tapestry sweater dress, BB Dakota at Nordstrom $88 purple pleat skirt sweater dress, Target $35 paper people sweater dress, Mod Cloth $80 Top: contrast collar sweater dress, Target $35 jade bow dress, Mod Cloth $110 ribbed turtleneck dress, Max Studio $228 Bottom: grey cable knit dress, Old Navy $43 polka dot dress, Kensie at

Project Runway All Stars Season 3 Episode 4 Recap in 3 Thoughts

1. The unconventional materials challenge! I love that they went to a school for materials. The school bus ride was funny, and we got to learn that Christopher is super obsessed with tidiness (the other "children" were too messy for him). I realized on my second watching that the school materials were actually a tie in to promote Mary Kay's new At Play collection, but this promotion worked. (It wasn't yogurt. That helps). 2. I have more than three thoughts on Elena alone. Listen, she's occasionally a very good designer, but she is way too dramatic. The crying. Oh. My. Goodness. The crying. Stop. Also, don't complain if you give another designer an idea and he uses it. Don't hand directives if you don't want anyone to use them. She did bring up an interesting point though. Jeffery tends to talk his way out of elimination. Elena proposed that he would be out if there was no talking on the runway. That would be a cool twist. 3. I'm thrilled Christ

9 Chic Winter Coats Under $100

I need a new winter coat. I have a really dressy one and a really warm one for shoveling playing in the snow. I just need one for sprinting in and out of work and stores. I don't want to spend a lot of money. In fact, if I found two coats I liked, that would be perfect. I would have some options in case I spilled coffee on one (which happens a lot). These nine coats cost less than $100 each so you can stay chic and warm whether you're on a budget or you want some variety.  Pictured: Plaid Wrap Coat, jcpenny $99.99 / Double Breasted Green Coat, Zara $59.99 / Wool Trench Coat, Target $69.99 Pictured: Charcoal Boucle Coat, Forever 21 $52.80 / Zip Biker Coat, Dorothy Perkins $75 / Faux-Fur Trim Coat, Victoria's Secret $79 Pictured: Purple Duffel Coat, Uniqlo $99.90 / Belted Ruffle Coat, Modcloth $64.99 / Bow Collar Coat, Nordstrom $88 Bonus: I ordered one of these (in a different color) while making this post. Can you guess which one? (I hope it fits!)

Milan Fashion Week Pick: Fendi

This was a tough decision. I fell hard for the romantic flowers and ribbons at Alberta Ferretti , but ultimately it's very traditional. The gauzy geometry that came down the runway at Fendi screamed SPRING while being completely unexpected. (Ah, spring, you sound so lovely yet distant now that a storm has blown in winter's brisk air.) Normally, I'm not one for patchwork, but the sheer patches shift and glow like stained glass. Even the more polished, professional pieces are playful. Deeply in love with the shoes and bags!  Image source:

Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week: Weekend Casual

One of my few personal fashion rules is to never wear a t-shirt and jeans together. It just feels like the uniform of American weekends, and I'm not one for accidental uniforms. The truth is, anything can be causal if you style it right. An over-the-top frilly dress goes from prom night to hang out night with scuffed biker boots, a denim jacket, and a messy braid. Silk pants trade the work week's blouse and heels for oxfords and an over-sized burnout tee. Hmm, this smells like an upcoming style post. While you wait for that, here are some of Fashion Week's looks that we want to wear on Saturdays. (Surprise, there are a lot of dresses because, well, it's us.) View this collection on Polyvore Weekend Casual by fashionmefabulous

Fashion Week Favorites: Wear to Work

It's easy to get in a rut with your work attire. A black suit. The red cardigan with the navy skirt. Grey pants with the green silk blouse. Never the red cardigan with the grey pants. Not the green blouse with the black suit. Ruts. While few of us can afford a classic Chanel suit or one of Orscar de la Renta's stunning separates, we can always look to the runway for inspiration. Mix your patterns, try a different length of skirt, invest in bold colors. Scroll through the gallery below to see what inspired us. View this collection on Polyvore Wear to Work by fashionmefabulous How will you remix your work wardrobe?

Project Runway All Stars Season 3 Episode 3 in 3 Thoughts

1. We are getting some insight into how the judges score the designers. Designs are ending up in the bottom that were ranked high by some of the judges. Some designs are ending up on top that should only be safe while some safe designs should earn higher spots. This always happens, but this season the judges keep commenting on it. It's fascinating to realize these decisions aren't unanimous and the way things score doesn't always let the best clothes win the best spot. 2. I didn't think cocktails were the most interesting style inspiration, but cocktail dresses aren't always the most interesting thing to look at. Thankfully, these all stars took it to the next level. (Click through the slideshow to see the looks. Places are listed below each look). View this collection on Polyvore Project Runway All Stars Season 3, Episode 3 by fashionbeccafabulous on 3. I'm glad Viktor's very unique dress won. I had other favorites, but some of th

Etsy Shop of the Week: Bookish Charm

Shop: Bookish Charm Why We Love It: November is National Novel Writing Month , which means on top of blogging, writing/editing for two publications full time, writing lessons for my church youth group and doing freelance writing for a blog, I'm also writing a novel this month. I'm tired. I'm also 6,400 words behind schedule. But never fear, I will catch up, and I will get a little boost of inspiration from this great book-themed jewelry from Bookish Charm. Price Range: $17.50 - $28.50 Favorite Items: View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Bookish Charm by fashionbeccafabulous on Lord Byron Quote Necklace $24.50 ;  Louisa May Alcott Quote Necklace $24.50 ; Bookish is the new Sexy Necklace $24.50 ; Tolkien Quote Necklace $24.50 ; Jane Austen Quote $24.50 ; Book Lover Necklace $17.50 ; C.S. Lewis Quote $24.50 ; Poet Necklace $17.50 ; I write therefore I am $24.50 ; Cicero Quote $24.50 ; Careful, Novel Necklace $24.50 (pictu

Fashion Links

The Awkward Years Project celebrates the transformation from awkward teenager to adult who has has it together. How the fabulous Coco Rocha made it as a model. (Buzzfeed) The Toast tears apart writers's descriptions of " not a beautiful woman " who was actually super hot. Hairpin and I are in agreement about The Tyranny of the T-Shirt Bra . Let's take a moment to appreciate Edwardian women in occasionally questionable hats . (Retronaut) The NFL is trying to market merchandise to women and it is painful. Have you seen their "fashion" commercials for gear? (The Cut) Magazine beauty is all special effects , yet so many women still compare themselves to photo-magic. (Buzzfeed) 90s cartoons go to New York Fashion Week in style. I can't imagine Lisa Simpson in that particular Marc Jacobs. ( Swagger New York )

Pick of the Week: The Perfect Black Skirt

Mod Cloth has named this skirt " Essential Elegance ." I just bought this full circle skirt in black an am planning to also purchase it in red, green, and white. It's the perfect weight for staying cozy with leggings when the cold blasts, yet the cotton is breathable enough for all but the hottest summer days. The fabric is heavy so it retains a nice shape. The two-layer construction keep underwear hidden. The high waist is so flattering and great at hiding bloaty days. I am 5'4", and the hem hits right above my calf. It's a great length for work. Yes, the skirt is $70, and will probably be so unless you can procure a Mod Cloth coupon. If you've been looking for the perfect everyday, full skirt with a vintage vibe, you can't go wrong with this.

Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week: The Japanese Designers

Comme des Garçons showed a collection of objects rather than a collection of outfits. It's almost as if each model had climb through a warehouse full of everything from trash to treasure. Each got stuck in items along the way and things stuck to them as they went. View this collection on Polyvore SS14: Comme des Garçons by fashionbeccafabulous on Issey Miyake spends spring staring at the lights in the sky. Weather it's sunny gradients, dots of light from stars or bright and vivid mornings, Miyake brings detail out of the shadows and make it the focus of this luminous and sporty collection. View this collection on Polyvore SS14: Issey Miyake by fashionbeccafabulous on Junya Watanabe focused on people from the fringes of culture, but perhaps used a bit too much actual fringe. The parts of the collection with a punk edge an the jersey fringe worked surprisingly well. In fact, Watanabe forces the viewer to reconsider some sub cul

Project Runway All Stars Season 3 in 3 Thoughts

1. I love Avant Garde challenges, and I loved the inspiration for this challenge. No, I don't like bugs, and I don't want most of those things anywhere near me. I do, however, love them as inspiration for fashion (I want this). Exotic insects would make an amazing collection of clothes. 2. The problem of not knowing who to cheer for remains. I'm loving almost everyone. I can't say enough how much I want most of them to win. Even Daniel, who was eliminated, had such a great personality I wished he could stay, though not over Melissa. And the winner, Mychael, did a great job. Although so did Chrstohper, Elena, Irina, Korto (my favorite this week) and Seth Aaron. See them all in the slideshow below. View this collection on Polyvore Project Runway All Stars Season 3 Episode 2 by fashionbeccafabulous on 3. My only judging issue this week came with Jeffrey. This was an Avant Garde challenge. He took a big risk. It didn't come across quite rig

Motorcycle Boots

If you've been boot shopping, you've seen that Motorcycle boots have taken over the shoe shelves. They are everywhere. I love them. I've tried on nearly every pair for sale this season. (And still haven't found the right ones!) They are warm, can stand up to the rough Michigan winter, and the right pair offers an edgy anchor to my winter uniform of cuddly sweaters, cute skirts and bright tights/leggings. I usually prefer the traditional black moto boots, but there are so many great new takes on the moto boot that even if they aren't normally for you, you can find one that might suit your style surprisingly well. Classic Black Motorcycle Boots Pictured: Quilted Motorcycle Boot, Express, $70 Studded Motorcycle Boots, $135 Double Buckle Studded Moto Boots, Zappos, $180 Studded Strap Moto Boots, Dillards, $170 Double Zipper Moto Boots, Amazon, $70 - $120 Less-Traditional Motorcycle Boots Pictured: Minimal Taupe/Black Moto Boot, Zappos, $191 C

Pick of the Week: Unabashedly Girly Shoes

The current trend is shoes is motorcycle boots, minimalism, and platforms (still). I'm not really a fan. My shoe rubric is "Would the fashionable secretary of a private eye have worn these between 1920 and 1950?" If the answer is yes, then I like them. If they come in burgundy, feature satin bows and are one sale, then they can have all my money. Case solved. The Mojo Moxy "Celebrity" pump is also available in black for those of you who want more serious everyday bow heels.

Wearing Lively Neutrals

When I introduced myself to my new department a few months ago, I had to share a fact about myself. I said, "I hate beige." This is not entirely true. I do hate khakis and natural makeup. While I understand why people wear nude shoes, they will never grace my feet. However, I hate beige needs a caveat. I really hate phoning it in, wearing clothes that are so bland, they should be a uniform. Beige, brown, black, grey -- everyone's staple neutrals -- serve a purpose in my wardrobe: they let me play safely. The weirder an item of clothing is, the more likely I am to buy it in a neutral. My ankle length beige tutu is the perfect example. Starting in neutral allows me to gear up and go for it on mixing prints and textures. Here is to the wild side of neutral. Circles, Dots, Balls by fashionmefabulous Casual Summer by fashionmefabulous Dots 3/50 by fashionmefabulous Downton at New York Fashion Week by fashionmefabulous Brown at Wor

Hopelessly Romantic Looks on Spring Summer 2014 Runways

Spring collections lend themselves to a bit of romance. After all, it is the season of flowers, sunshine, gardens, weddings, twitterpation (that's the noun form of twitterpated right?), dresses, picnics and long walks on the beach. This spring, romance came in all shapes. It ranged from vivid colors to soft and ethereal neutrals. Floral was a predominate theme in the more romantic looks, but it too took on many different styles including well-placed clutsters, fluttering petals, large scale prints and floral laces. Spring also brings ruffles, embroidery and sheer layers. View this collection on Polyvore Hopelessly Romantic by fashionmefabulous on