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Editor's Pick of the Week: Button Collar Shoes

Winter is a time for layers, sweaters, oversized collars, knit tights and wool skirts. These button collar shoes will add that extra bit of luxury an coziness to your winter looks (or any season's looks).

The shoes come in the pictured bronze/light brown (fav!), rust red and black. The $142.95 price tag is a little high, but these are year-round shoes with adorable button details.

Winter Pastels

A few weeks ago, our $150 Challenge: Pale Layers kicked off a stir. Reader Chujaio confessed to craving soft peach tones, and we've had a couple other inquiries concerning pale pink. We frequently feature bright colors as a means of dressing against the winter norm, but spring pastels are another way to stand out this season. (And if the difficulty in tracking these down in any indication, you'll be one of very few women wearing them.) Most of the clothes below are from the same few stores, and if you're looking for something slightly different, they are carrying several items in these icy tones.
Top: green ruffle sleeveless top, Victoria's Secret $68
ruffle blouse, Anthropologie $88
lilac ruffle blouse, J. Crew $89.50
Middle: pearl and rose tank, Anthropologie $148
pale blue cowl neck sweater, Victoria's Secret $39
pink bib blouse, Mod Cloth $62.99
Bottom: pale blue ruffle cardigan, J. Crew $88
mint ruffle top, Mod Cloth $69.99
pink rose cashmere cardigan, J. Crew $178


Black Friday Sales

Use the code Extra20 at J. Crew to get 20% off your order and maybe get free shipping as well. So you could get this classic blazer for $158.40.

Sweaters are 50% off at Old Navy.

Gearing up for party season? Little Black Dresses on eDressMe are 30% off.

Fast fashion just got cheaper. Everything at Charlotte Russe is 25% off today only!

Not only will Nordstrom give you free shipping on orders over $100 with the code Holiday09, but also sale items have been marked down a further 50%.

Remember my gripe about Victoria's Secret's $20 shipping costs? Get free shipping this weekend with the code FREESHIP1.

Sweaters and coats are 30% off at Banana Republic.

Ann Taylor is offering a whopping 40% off your purchase with the code Turkey. In-store the sale only lasts until noon, though.

Save 25% at Chick Down Town with the code Friday25.

Get 20% off all Rachel Zoe's picks on Piperlime. That would make these Cynthia Vincent lace up boots $260.

Get 30% off sitewide this weekend at Eye Candy Buy Ca…

Gobble! Gobble!


Etsy Shop of the Week: Post Tattoo Socks

Shop:Post Tattoo Socks

Why We Love It: Yesterday, I posted unique hosiery designs, and these tattoo socks fit right in with designs that range from adorable to quirky to lovely.

Price Range: Most knee-high $13, most thigh-highs $18, most tights $23, holiday 4 pair tights set $76

More is coming. Also, several listings suggest wearing fishnets or other sheer patterned tights over the tattoo socks for a really cool effect.

Favorite Items:Branches Knee High $13; Flora Tattoo Tights $23; Octopus Tights $23; Snow Queen Tights $23; Bats Tights $23. My favorite design, the Peacock Feather, is currently out of stock, but the site restocks quickly (pictured).

$150 Challenge: First Thanksgiving

As tomorrow is Turkey Day here in the States, we won't be posting. I will be hosting the annual feast at my house for the first time. (No, I don't have to cook the turkey.) Between preparing the house for my in-laws and mashing my sweet potatoes and pears, I haven't even thought about what I'm going to wear! A jersey knit seems best -- movable, expandable, comfortable and available in cute dresses. At $115.84, this outfit may be cheaper than the feast.

Happy Thanksgiving! by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Forever21
jersey empire waist dress, Old Navy $24.50
sequin cardigan, Forever 21 $24.90
patterned tights, Mod Cloth $14.99
ruffle flat (available in three more colors), Old Navy $24.50
rhinestone headband, Forever 21 $11.80
layered pearl necklaces, Forever 21 $9.80
OPI "Ruby Rajah" nail polish, Amazon $5.35

15 Intricate Hosiery Designs

Reader Jasmine emailed us asking for help tracking down some amazing, intricate hosiery. I wasn't able to find any tights quite as elaborately designed as I think she was looking for, but I've founds some very unique hose in my search. These tights will add extra spice to your Holiday looks and everyday office attire. (Click the images to view larger).

Diamond Shapes:
Spin Art Tights from Free People $28
Wolford Melissa Pale Diamond Tights £29
Urban Oufitters Diamond Tights $14
Urban Outfitters Stained Glass Tights $14
Wolford Lorraine Diamond Tights £27 (want!)

Faux Garters and Sexy Stripes:
Victoria Secret Faux Garter Panyhose $12.50 or 2/$20
Venetian Net Tights by Levante from Figleaves $25
Wolford Zora Laced Boot Tights £29 (want!)
Wolford Tabea Faux Garter Tights - Currently Out of Stock
Wolford Maja Pinstripe Garter Tights £27 (want!)

Floral Designs:
Urban Outfitters Tuscan Floral Tights $14
Urban Outfitters Side Floral Fishnets $14 or 2/$20
Urban Outfitters Large Print Floral Tights $1…

The Horror: My Retinas!

Ladies, did you go on a well-intentioned but disastrous blind date with your best friend's brother's roommate? Does he mistake your non-returned calls for you "just being busy"? Is he sending unwanted flowers? You should go out with him again and wear this neon, sequin, leopard dress from Ashish. (And it's one-shouldered too, because there weren't enough trends on it already.) If rendering him blind doesn't get him to back off, tell him you spent nearly $900 on this monstrosity. He should run away screaming that you're insane.

Save or Splurge: Black Friday

The biggest shopping day of the year is only a few days away. Those early birds who wake up early and wait outside stores in the cold will be getting lots of super sale worms. I've been on both ends of this. I went shopping one year and I worked retail another. Both were busts.

There are some great deals early in the morning, but you have to want the items on sale. When I went years ago, I saw a lot of great things on sale, but none of them were the gifts I wanted to buy for people, and I refuse to buy something just because it's a great deal.

You also have to beat everyone else to the deal and know which stores to hit at which times. When I worked retail that one year, my section of the store was only featuring two deals--pearl necklaces and leather gloves. Most of the shoppers who came through were bummed by the poor selection. Others came looking for the gloves, but too late to get the size and color they wanted.

However, many people just wanted to know what the deals were and…

Love Charles on Etsy

Shop:Love Charles on Etsy

What: Dresses, tops, shoes, etc.

When: Clothing from the 70s and 80s that defies a time stamp.

Why: A buy one get one 50% skirt sale sounds supurb! (And she's from Metro Detroit, becca.)

More info: Read more about the shop owner's inspirations, daily outfits and vintage finds at the Love Charles Vintage blog.

How much: Outside of the $10 clearance sale, items range from $1.50 to $55.

Favorites:grey t-straps $32; blue satin buckle shoes $35; navy blue t-straps $30; green velvet heels $27; fuchsia pleat dress $25; white lace dress $43; rust wool skirt jacket pants suit $48

Editor's Pick of the Week: Whirling Ruffles Sweater Dress

Traditional sweater dresses always seem like a great idea, until I try them on. They cling to my hips in the most unflattering ways. I'm always picking them up at the story trying to tell myself each sweater dress will be different. The trick to finding a flattering sweater dress if finding one that has it's own shape. Jael Paris featured a great sweater dress in the $150 Challenge recently.

This one from Anthropologie is also a great choice. The sweater material isn't super stretchy and clinging. The wrap around ruffles flatter the feminine shape and provide a little tummy camouflage without creating bulk. The cap sleeve won't get in the way of layering long sleeve under or over the dress. And the skirt looks full enough to accommodate the hips other sweater dresses forget about.

This Whirling Ruffles Sweater Dress is a little pricey at $188, but it won't be going out of style any time soon so consider it an investment if you fall in love.

A Dozen Boots Under $100


This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Get Ready for Winter with pink accessories, pale layers, long leather gloves, and cute hoodies and sweatshirts.

Get Girly with fairy ballerina dresses from Ouma clothing on Etsy, holiday lingerie, color-perfect makeup from Doe Deere, the perfect styles for dressing your bust, and ladylike vintage from The Greedy Seagull on Etsy.

Get Opinionated by telling us what you think about the Project Runway finale, the top designers of the decade, your favorite Project Runway season six contestant, shipping costs and this tangled chain bag.

Get More with the sweet deals and strange finds we've been posting on our Facebook page.

Project Design: Winter Pink

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

I hate seeing women wear all black or grey in the winter. Doesn't the show, slush and such make them gloomy enough? I like unexpected brights to cheer up those winter woes. These pink winter accessories will cheer up any winter day. Which one would you wear?

Little Bo Pink Slouchy hat by CreativeHook

Pink Fingerless Mittens by CoquelicotSalon

Rabbit Fur Earmuffs by manualornaments

Handknit Cable Twist Scarf by bombshellstudios

Magenta Ear Warmer by trucksandpearls

poll by

Project Runway: And the Winner Is...

Another season of Project Runway has come to a close. Last night we saw the top three show their collections at Bryant park, and we watched one of them walk away with the grand prize. After last week's episode full of Tim Gunn (yay!) and anxiety over finishing the collections in time (not so yay), I was hoping this episode would just send the collections down the runway with good long shots of each look and focus on some quality judging time.

Instead, the episode dwelled too much on the behind the scenes drama. I didn't need to see Tim Gunn's (mostly editing induced) meltdown or more of Carol Hannah crying because she was sick (I did feel bad for her, but we established that last week). During the shows the camera kept cutting to random audience members making me want to scream, "Stop it! Show me the clothes!" Even the judging felt rushed, which is sad because we had all our judges together. I did think it was telling that they had a guest judge last night. If I r…

Dressing Your Bust

Fashion tells us small breasts are in. Maxim tells us to get implants. We say love what you have. Using tips from history, here are a few ways to highlight your bust no matter the size.

Marie Antoinette would say it's okay to show some cleavage, but balance it. Don't pair your breasts with a tight skirt; instead, wear something knee-length or longer and widen the hips with a bubble skirt, peplum or (gasp!) harem pants. You can further balance the attention drawn to your chest with a big headband or other hair ornament.

Marie's Eyes Are Up Here by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Miu Miu shoes
Here's a second take on the same idea.

Decadent by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring TopShop
Another, more work appropriate way, to play up larger breasts is with an abundance of ruffles or other bust-centered details. Unlike with the previous inspiration keep everything else low-key.

Marie At The Office by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Miss Selfridge
The Victorians didn't draw the line at …

Bonus Polls: Project Runway Finale!

The Project Runway Finale is just a few hours away! Irina, Althea and Carol Hannah will send their collections down the runway. (And, according to the trailer, Tim Gunn will be operating on his last nerve. Poor Tim!). Cast your vote below for who think will win. Also, I don't think they're giving away a prize for the fan favorite this year, but who would you have vote for if they were?
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FMF Reader Poll: Designers of the Decade

Who are the best designers of this decade? by Fashion Me Fabulous
This weekend I ran across a list from Paste Magazine ranking the "10 Best Designers of the Decade." I'm not sure what their criteria was, but here is their list:
10. Christian Siriano
9. Sweet P Vaughn
8. Vivienne Westwood
7. Stella McCartney
6. Jason Wu
5. Thakoon
4. Zac Posen
3. Diane Von Furstenberg
2. Alexander McQueen
1. Marc Jacobs

I could go on all day about things I don't like about the list. Marc deserves the #1 spot, no doubt. I'm happy to see Alexander McQueen in a much deserved second place. I love that Christian Siriano made the list, but I think he's the only Project Runway alum who really deserves it. Having Sweet P on the list is just weird (I couldn't even find an piece to add to the image for this post), and she should not out-rank Christian. I know DVF has made a comeback recently, but third place is far too high if she should even rank. Where's Gareth Pugh? I also could make an…

$150 Challenge: Pale Layers

We've had an absurd November so far with daily temperatures fluxing twenty or thirty degrees in a matter of hours. Layers to the rescue! And as an added bonus, I made this fall look in pale colors like frosted cupcakes. Take that, brown! This sweet treat totals $137.89.

Pale Layers by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Roxy accessories
angora turtleneck sweater, Arden B. $36
plain long sleeved tee, Charlotte Russe $7.50
lace skirt, Forever 21 $15.80
tights, Top Shop $8
booties, Charlotte Russe $26.99
infinity scarf, Nordstrom $28
pink bracelet, Forever 21 $8.80
pearl stack bracelets, Forever 21 $6.80

Etsy Shop of the Week: Ouma Clothing

Shop:Ouma Clothing

Why We Love It: Because inside every women is a little girl playing dress-up, pretending to be a princess fairy ballerina who is going to a tea party ball.
Price Range: $160 - $1,680 (this high number is a wedding dress)

More Info: Check out Ouma's website, blog, Twitter and Facebook. Also, many of Ouma's items can be customized to fit your preferred length and proportions.

Favorite Items:A Mad Tea Party $240 (pictured); Striped Tutu Party Dress no.2 $118; Blushing in Pink $840; The Tuxie Tutu $260; Enchanted Evening $280

Doe Deere

We know you're color fiends, after all, you read our color obsessed blog. Perhaps your love of color extends beyond boots and coats. Well, your hunt for the perfect turquoise lipstick or purple eyeshadow is over. Check Lime Crime, a no filler makeup that will wear on your face in the same color as it is in the package. This small company is a run by Doe Deere, mistress of cupcakes and unicorns. I first noticed her blog because of her creative makeup tutorials (and the red hair, honestly), and even though I'm not the sort to wear green lips, she has plenty of tips for getting good coverage and a high impact.

Holiday Lingerie

Now that Halloween is over, stores have declared open season on our wallets already sent out their holiday tomes. My favorite has always been the Victoria's Secret holiday catalog. Clearly, this underwear has one purpose: lounging on a white bear skin rug while sipping peppermint cocoa. Of course, their annual jeweled fantasy bra is a highlight of craziness. Even so, it's nice to consider the silly-sexy once in a sequin bra and ruffle hiphugger $88 & $38
black sequin bra and suspendered hiphugger $98 & $30
gold lace bra and panty $98 & $48
polka dot bra and skirted thong $34 & $22

The Greedy Seagull on Etsy

Shop:The Greedy Seagull on Etsy

What: Ladylike dresses, coats, and other magical things to wear

When: 1950s and 60s

Why: We know you envy Betty Draper's closet.

More info: If you like this shop's quality selection, the same purveyor runs a vintage jewelry shop, Ava Firenze. Read about both at The Greedy Seagull blog.

How much: $100-$200 for dresses, north of that for coats, accessories around $30

Favorites: gold lace dress and jacket set 1960s $98; grey ruched gloves $18; rust orange pillbox hat 60s $28; cream lace cocktail dress 50s $125; beaded cardigan 1950s $60