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Minimalist Spring Dresses

Minimalism has been a growing trend for the last year. This is not the season for rhinestone heels, tutus, and flower embellished cardigans. (Although we're totally still wearing that because that's who we are.) It can be a tough one to pull off if you don't have the budget for luxury fabrics and fine tailoring. Or if you are a foofy girly girl as described. Minimalism doesn't mean you have to buy a jersey tube dress from American Apparel. (Never do that.) Nor does it mean you can only wear neutral colors. Who wants to celebrate spring in black and beige? Modern minimalism is a high-impact look with few frills, a classic dress in your shape's ideal silhouette. The point is that people will say, "Wow, you look amazing!" not "Where did you get that amazing dress?" Try everything on and put on your best deerstalker cap to look for small details. Less is more. And in a couple years when more is more, you can top this season's dress with that fl

Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Beauty

Paris can usually be relied on for some over-the-top hair and makeup. Not so in this post-Galliano age. In a season when the use of mascara or blush was virtually non existent and the prevailing hairstyle was combover, the best you can hope for is some heavy eyeliner and a ponytail. Thank you, Alexander Queen and Undercover, for keeping it weird. View this collection on Polyvore Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Beauty by fashionmefabulous on

Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Gowns

It's not that Milan didn't have any gowns that are just strategically placed lace or crystals on a nude mesh, it's just that we're exhausted by that weak, overdone design. More capes, please, and more embroidery. More corsets and pleats. Use prints or ornate feather designs. Highlight movement with ruffles and fringe. Pretty and elegant are on a spectrum, designers, not a pinpoint. Below are a few of the city's more exciting ventures into formal wear. Blumarine Dolce & Gabbana Alberta Ferretti Dsquared2 Versace Giorgio Armani Luisa Beccaria Roberto Cavalli Image source , .

Under the Gunn Episdoe 10 Recap

Dear Team Challenges, Do you always have to be so dramatic? Sorry to start this letter with such candor, but is it really necessary? I'm sure this level of tension can't be healthy. You should get a cup of tea, sit by a nice fire, relax a little. I'm not saying you're without your benefits. Things went really well for Oscar and Shan . The pair worked together splendidly. In fact, Shan really helped Oscar translate his superb skills into more modern looks. On top of that, we got to see, once again, that Oscar is the friendliest and nicest contestent ever. He offered up the win to Shan because he wanted Shan's kids to see their dad win. It paid off, both of them got well-deserved wins. Team Sam and Blake scored high too. The pair worked well and created a nice collection that I could have also seen taking a win. It was fun and easy going, the way I think more team challenges should be. On these two counts, Team Challenges, you did good. You kept your head

Milan Fall Winter Fashion Week 2014: Horrors

A cop top, sheer skirt, and booty shorts? Smells like autumn. (Aquilano.Rimondi) I bet this jacket looks better when she wears the full offensive line padding underneath. (Aquilano.Rimondi) Grody combover horrors have continued in Milan. (Marni) Those arm bands are an early teleportation device, but if you don't calibrate each one perfectly you risk losing a leg or your outfit. (Dsquared2) What is black, white and red all over? (Roberto Cavalli) If Sully and the Abominable Snowman from Monsters Inc produced offspring, it would have been skinned and turned into this coat, which is sad because that would be a pretty cool monster. (Emporio Armani) Comparmentalized fanny packs are going to be all the rage. (Missoni) This dress makes it look like this pokemon (Haunter) is eating the model. (Emilio Pucci)* *Much of the copy of this post was written by becca. I just want to make it clear that Pokemon and I have zero relationship. Where can I get a fl

Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Accessories

Jewelry: fabulous Hats: dreamy Sunglasses: yes please Bags: small and understated compared to seasons past Shoes: disappointing, fugly, sandals, ew View this collection on Polyvore Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Accessories by fashionmefabulous

Etsy Shop of the Week: fiber2love

Shop: fiber2love Why We Love It: The designer behind fiber2love, introduces the shop by saying "'A circle is a timeless symbol of love, unity and perfection.' Every piece of 'Fiber Bling' in my shop starts with a circle." The resulting creations are timeless. The jewelry, made of a variety of fibers, stand out even among the sea of "statement" necklaces currently available in stores. Price Range: $25 - $68 Favorite Items: Asymmetrical Statement Necklace in Line, $55 Textile Statement Necklace, Kumihimo Cord in Hydrangea, $58  Circles Statement Necklace in Orchid, $65 Random Circles Necklace in Marigold II, $68 Statement Necklace in Emerald & Wine, $65

Pick of the Week: The Best Thing Currently at Target

It's sort of like a scuba dress but thankfully not made of neoprene. It's body conscious at the top and flared at the bottom. So it highlights your boobs and skims politely over your butt and belly. This dress is so courteous to my figure, it might have been made in Canada. It fits like an expensive dress with lots of good tailoring, but it's really just a simple cut with well-placed piping. When I tried it on this weekend, I almost took a picture in the dressing room to send to everyone in my contacts saying "I'm damn sexy." There is a black and white geometric print and a blue abstract print available, but I like the solid colors the best. I bought the cobalt blue one and may buy more. For $27.99, you can't find a more flattering dress this spring.

Inspired By: Ballet

While ballet is several hundred years old, it wasn't until the twentieth century that it started to have an impact on fashion. Unlike many dancers who were considered women of lose morals, ballerinas were thought of as classy. Before an era of television, the Ballets Russes, with sets by Pablo Picasso and costumes by Coco Chanel, took the world by storm. Imagine fashion magazines are a few years from being born (and even then they will lack photographs), and you have no style icons aside from society women . Then your city is descended upon by these beautiful fairy creatures who can almost fly, who are tugging at your heart with their grace and stories, and who are women who seem to be making a living on their own merits. How could that not capture everyone's attention? The Ballets Russes in its avant garde splendor really ignited a fire for this old form of dance. Tutus, feathers, flowing fabrics, ribbon laces, perfect buns, leg and arm warmers, and soft colors are all ballet