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Love or Loathe: Culottes

While watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off the other day, I kept admiring Sloane's culottes. Yes, her culottes. (No, I don't have a brain fever. Proof: her fringe jacket and whatever the hell that vest thing is on Ferris strike me with fashion terrors. Although, I'd wear Cameron's buckle suspenders in a heartbeat.)
I don't understand why women hate culottes. It seems to me to be another thing people hate because of the decade it's from rather than because of the look and functionality of the clothing. I have big thighs. Chances are very good that many of you have big thighs. When I wear normal shorts, they creep up and transform into short-shorts. Not cool. Not comfortable. While I adore dresses and skirts, they're not always the best thing for summer roller coasters and playing on the swings. Pants, meanwhile, are too warm for the season. Behold! There's a short that is cut loose like a skirt! Why are you booing?

There's no denying some of them are …

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Neighborhood Gossip by Fashion Me Fabulous

Art: Jael Paris finishes her series on art and fashion with a look a the clothing trends captured in art. She also reviews the book Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.

Buys: Nab ten finds for $10 or less. Score shattering nail polish in a variety of colors. Tutu Tuesday returns with terrific tutus for summer. Check out fantasy shopping for becca's birthday, and one of her favorite Etsy shops, Desira Pesta.

Comments: We've had some debate over crop tops, but I think we all hate this shredded version. Vote for your favorite sunny accessory.

They'd Have Laughed At Your Sensible Suit

You may not be surprised to learn that art is a bigger style inspiration for me than any celebrity. One of the things old paintings, sculptures and photographs capture so well, are forgotten trends. Pins worn on hips. Necklaces hanging from the shoulders. The drape of a sleeve. When I look at these images, the dimension of fashion appears enormous (especially with that Pacific Rim dance costume thrown in the mix), but it's easy to forget that these styles were arrived at gradually. No one woke up at said, "By Jove, I think I'll wear a ruff so large around my neck that people will think I have a spinal injury!" Rather, that look evolved from the trend of showing off your finely crafted undergarments. So while I may not don a hat today that could hold the nest of a condor, and I may not wear the panniers that make armed chairs my fashion foe, I can certainly appreciate that we came, saw and conquered that fashion territory.
If you've enjoyed all the art and fashion …

Project Design: Sun, Sun, Where Art Thou?

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Rain, rain, go away. Let the sun come out and play.

Which sun-inspired accessory will make your sun shine brighter?

Sunflower Summer Hat by ohmama
Sun Necklace by DestinysCreations
Sunburst Silk Scarf by palettepassion
Sunburst Flower Crown by BloomsAndPlumes
Sunny Ruffle Bag by bayanhippo
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Book Review: Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Dry facts: Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton and Susannah Frankel, photography by Solve Sundsbo, published 2011 $28. This book includes beautiful photographs of every piece in the Met exhibit plus a few extras. It's packed with quotes pulled from old interviews and has bookends of a critical break down of McQueen's work as well as an interview with Sarah Burton. It's a must-have for the lover of high fashion, but it's also a great coffee table book for any art enthusiast.
The emotional story: When I found out Alexander McQueen had killed himself, I shouted and cried. Until then, I never understood why people got worked up over the death of someone they never met and never would. Like a good little blogger, I trudged on through fashion week, though spring shopping, through wedding season and back to school, until the year cycled back 'round. My heart was barely in it.
Clothing was important to me long before I knew it. Brought up in a Southern-tinged, …

The Horror: The Cat Got My Shirt

Crop tops were cropping up on the Spring runways, and I prayed they wouldn't make it into stores, but they did. Target, Anthropologie, Kohl's. No place is safe. If that isn't enough to make you cringe, these half shirts are frequently sporting a shredded fringe. It's bad enough that part of the shirt is missing, but these tops make it look like a cat used it for a scratching post or you accidentally dropped your shirt in the shredder. No top is safe from the ruin. Basic tanks, crocheted tops, even vintage Minnie Mouse tees are all suffering the shredded horror. At least they're selling them at discounted prices! I mean, only $125 for the bedraggled, acid washed look pictured here is totally a deal right?

Shattering Nails

A while back, Jael Paris wrote about OPI's black shatter polish. I got some, tried it, and loved it. I only wished it came in more colors. Well, my wish came true. OPI is releasing silver, white, turquoise, navy, blue and red shatter. The red and white shatter are being sold in kits at part of the Serena Williams for OPI Grand Slam Collection ($12 on Amazon). Silver Shatter is part of the new Pirate of the Caribbean nail color collection, but is sold separately ($8.50 on Amazon). The blues don't appear to be available online yet but can be seen on OPI's site under "Nail Color" then "All OPI Colors".

Sephora Nail Color, which is made by OPI is now offering "blasted" nail color in black, silver and gold for $9.50 each.
Another nail company, MIA Secret is offering several colors for $3.25 each on Amazon including Red, Orange, Black, White, Pink, Sky Blue, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown and Yellow (which is called Gold, but looks Yellow). NOTE: These c…

Fantasy Shopping for becca's Birthday

Happy birthday, becca! Time for some fantasy shopping.

You've been getting crafty for the last year or so and are frustrated by the need for a sewing machine. Sounds like you need a programmable sewing machine like this Singer available at Target that has 100 pre-set stitches and can do button holes!
Because of an injury, you've been rocking flats for a while. You need these red suede oxfords because you would totally rock red suede shoes. (I also happen to think red looks awesome on you and you need to wear it more.) But if I'm going to give you all sorts of expensive presents, I may as well magically fix your foot. Fixed! Now you can wear these tough chick sandals from Donna Karan.Anthropologie's hardware necklace straddles the line between tough chick and feminine chic. Because I know it breaks your heart that you can't make it to New York for the Savage Beauty exhibit, here's a signature McQueen skull scarf to keep you company in Detroit.

Etsy Shop of the Week: Desira Pesta

Desira Pesta has been one of my favorite Etsy shops for a long time. The shop continually refreshes with interesting new items and collections while maintain a few classes like this Obi belt ($45) I've been dying to buy for years now.

I originally fell in love with a circus-y collection a few years ago. Now I find myself drooling over this Rococo Dress ($175) and Silent Era Top ($245). I even have a new belt obsession with this set of three wide elastic belts ($45). As always I remain a sucker for an Emerald Green Dress ($1,600) like the one pictured here. Sigh. If only I have money. Though not wearable fashion, the ultimate item from her shop that I hope to someday own is this set of face pillows ($69). I love them more every time I see them. You can keep up with the lastest design from Desira Pesta on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Tutu Tuesday Returns!

Since it's warming up, I've been breaking out the tutus once more. I don't wear them on their own. They're accessories to peek out from under skirts -- to add interest and volume.

Grace by Fashion Me Fabulous
That's how I wear what I have, but I'm in love with the sleeker, chicer version of the tutu. The Mod Cloth skirt above ($84) has a fragile grace to it that recalls tea parties and finger sandwiches. The longer skirt below available from Yes Style ($90 and also available in sage green) recalls more of an easy French style.

10 Finds for $10 or Less

Score some warm sunny finds for a cool price this summer. With everyone item here costing $10 or less, you could nab the whole lot for under $100!

10 Finds For $10 Or Less by Fashion becca Fabulous
Embellished Tank
$9 -
Gold Glitter Flip flop
$9.99 -
Embossed Reptile Clutch Bag
$7.84 -
Button Stud Earring
$9.80 -
Heart Statement Necklace
$9 -
Paper Straw Hat
$6.99 -
Sequin Sparkle Thread Shawl
$9.80 -
Retro Rose Sunglasses
$5.80 -
Faux-Gem Stretch Bracelet
$8.50 -
Faux-Gem Ring

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Vespa in London by Fashion Me Fabulous

Guide: See our tips for wearing a short prom dress. Score a summer party-hopping look for under $150. Seek color clarity through tonal dressing.

Get: Grab some chic summer oxfords. Glow in bright crochet bangles from Dirtylush on Etsy. Get out of these spring rains with cute boots and umbrellas. Gobble up calorie-free candy with these sweet accessories.

Gaze: Jael Paris examines beauty ideals in art and also shows us some stunning clothes that we all hope go on a nationwide tour.