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Project Runway: And Then There Were...Still Nine

I'm not sure what happened on Project Runway last night. Here's what I am sure of:
Ven should thank his lucky stars he got minimal screen time because the one memorable thing he said was "Men are generally stronger designers than women." Shhhh! You're not making it any better for yourself.Dmitry might have to kill all of the other desingers to get the judges to notice him.I appreciate Chirstopher's awareness of how often he uses signature techniques (Ven, I'm looking at you) and his keenness to take a few risks. This has become and all out Boys vs Girls season, and things aren't going well for the girls.Spoiler Alert: The producers needed nine people to make next week's challenge work so they didn't let the judges eliminate anyone. Because of this, the judges appeared to pick completely arbitrary scores for all of the designers. The Challenge: The designers headed to Lord & Taylor's flagship store where they saw a collection of nine eve…

Etsy Shop of the Week: ZIBtextile


Why We Love It: I'm anxious for fall. I adore everything about the season from the food (squash and pumpkin spice lattes) to the weather (cool breezes) to the colors. I especially love the fashion--jackets, jeans, tights, long sleeves, scarves, non-sandal shoes and leggings. I love that leggings let me wear a slightly shorter skirt that I'm typically comfortable moving around in and they are fun, bright and warm. These leggings are also eccentric and totally cool. I want them all.

Price Range:$35 - $60

Links:Website (coming soon) / Facebook / Twitter / Shop Feature

Favorite Items:
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: ZIBtextile by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Coral Orange Fancy Animal Print Leggings $50; Girl in Boots Beige Leggings $50; Pale Blue Purple Jellyfish Leggings $50; Trip Delicate Chiffon Dress $60; Meadow Wolf Beige Leggings $50; Turquoise Coral Crystal Print Stockings $50; Dayspring Beige Leggings $50; Beige Coral C…

Get the Look: Versace Skirt

Versace's Spring 2012 show was beachy and sexy without being trampy (except for the stripper shoes, but it is Versace). The pastel leathers with gold studs managed to to be bright and classy with a Mediterranean touch. Victoria's Secret has a Versace-inspired studded pencil skirt available for $98. It's a very spring/summer skirt when worn with a crisp cotton blouse*, but I think it would wear nicely in the winter as well, especially come Christmas time. Can't you just picture it with a red sweater and booties with gold hardware?

*Does anyone else feel the lace blouse and thick black belt aren't the best styling choices? Too much statement on a statement piece.

Project Design: Barrettes

My hair might currently be longer than it's ever been. I've been too lazy to get it cut for several months so my bangs have really started to grow out. I'm thinking of letting them keep going, but I'd like something prettier than bobby pins and metal snap clips to tame my growing bangs. Which of these barrettes options would you suggest?

Feather Barrettes by NestPrettyThingsShop

Wool Felt Bow French Barrette by LoftFullOfGoodies

Copper Leaf Barrette by paperfacestudio

Lace Etched Copper Barrette Pair by novaleigh

Bow Hair Pin by nicholasandfelice

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Keep Calm and Age Gracefully

I overheard a woman on TV the other day explaining that you must buy silk pillows because cotton pillows will leave creases on your face that will turn into wrinkles. A makeup saleswoman told me once that I need to apply makeup with my ring finger because it's the weakest. Using a stronger finger may cause wrinkles.

Wrinkles are going to happen, ladies. Let's not get crazy and micromanage our skin. Skincare doesn't need to be complex.
Wear sunscreen. Don't tan. Drink water. Moisturize. Eat well. Wash off your makeup. If you're not doing those things, no pillowcase will help. In spite of all your efforts, you're still going to wrinkle because that means you've lived in your face. Living is not a failure. It is not something to hide. The best you can do is live well and aim for laugh lines.

Tying and Buying Scarves

I love scarves. They brighten up winter coats, add a bit of kick to a simple dress or tee, and cover up bad hair days with fashionable flair. I frequently tout the benefits of scarves to friends and fellow shoppers, but feel confused about how to achieve all those great scarf looks. Thanks to, we now have a website featuring 37 videos on how to tie a scarf. They also offer a blog full of other scarf uses like decorations and DIY. (Scarf flats anyone?)

Rosette Wrap
Try this wrap on a bad hair day or accent an updo. There is also a rosette neck scarf version.

Chain Knot Wrap
Another great choice to hide hair problems. It creates a chic, turban-style look using a simple scarf.

Half Bow
This simple to tie half bow looks chic and will make any outfit feel polished.

Knot Row
I haven't seen this row of knots used before. It looks like a fun addition to a casual outfit or a great way to tie my winter scarf for a more interesting look.

Layered Knot
Speaking of winter scarves, this c…

The Horror: Stella's Bra

Looking at this bra hurts my boobs. Net-a-Porter trumpets that it's very comfortable because it's not an underwire, but nothing about pushing my breasts towards my chin while also flattening them sounds comfortable. There is a picture of it on the model, and it pushes and squishes just as much as you'd imagine. Stella McCartney has boobs. Why would she then think that this was a good idea? I feel like duct taping waffles to my chest would work better. I'd smell tasty too.

Fall's Best Mary Janes Under $100

Boots are usually the first piece of clothing to come to mind for fall, but as we ease into cooler days, I break out my mary janes. Maybe it's their school flavor, but for me they're a very September shoe. A block heel mary jane is especially nice for when fall's wind, rain, and fallen leaves make sidewalk's slippery. Plus, they look great with tights. Many of the shoes below come in three or four different colors so be sure to follow the links if you like a style.

Top: teal mary jane with snake skin heel, Seychelles "Fifth Wheel" on Endless $99.95
grey stars mary jane, N.Y.L.A. "Calle" on Endless $99.95
red platform with teal trim, 2 Lips "Too Too Cute" at DSW $49.95
Middle: magenta double strap retro heel, Mojo Moxy "Marilyn" on Endless $79.95
black velvet contrast strap mary jane, Mod Cloth $39.99
grey suede mary jane, Naturalizer "Julius" at Famous Footwear $39.99
Bottom:  dreamsicle heels, N.Y.L.A. "Brennan"…

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Power and Control by fashionmefabulous featuring an armor ring
 Get This: Capture awesome cage heels and don't wait light years before launching into this space-inspired clothing from Etsy. Look cool but stay warm with these late summer cardigan alternatives.

Face It: Take our poll on freckles and check out these awesome and fun makeup inspirations.

Write There: Tap these typewriter accessories for some poetic style, and get Ruby Sparks film fashion for under $150.

Also, we've found the biggest villain in Project Runway history. Read our recap and sound off.

Project Runway S10 E6: Get Real!

Ven may have great construction skills, but he's a jerk. I wish he hadn't behaved so badly in this episode. I like what I've seen from him so far. I love the he's a Polyvorian. But I hated how he treated his poor client.

Heidi began the episode by teasing that the designers would have new clients this week and introducing us to a new group of people. These people, however, weren't the clients. They were friends of the clients. Each one had nominated a well-deserving friend for a makeover. The clients were assigned at random, and the designers were give $150, one day and a consultation from the L'Oreal hair stylist to get the women fabulous new looks.

Several designers had big challenges. Sonjia was faced with a women who lived in hoodies and sports clothes because she didn't feel anything fit her right. Fabio's client was a total tomboy who didn't want to be sexualized and wasn't comfortable with her femininity. Dmitry, who works on very struc…

Etsy Shop of the Week: Shadowplaynyc


Why We Love It: "Occupy Outer Space" touts the shops only tee. This shop allows you to do so on a daily basis with nebula themed dresses, skirts and scarves. Our love of sci-fi is no secret so it's no surprise we'd love to explore the final frontier in style.

Price Range: $25 - $260

Links:Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Website

Favorite Items:
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Shadowplaynyc by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Blue Space Dress $128; Starburst Cluster Galaxy Skirt $138; Mystic Mountain Nebula Circle Scarf $65; Planet Skirt $98; Eagle Nebula Jersey Dress $120; Dark Nebula Silk Skirt $198; Magellanic Cloud Light Cotton Galaxy Dress $180; Cosmic Silk Handkerchief $45; Blue Triangle Print Skirt $98; Mars Curiosity Circle Scarf $65; Crimson Galaxy Print Dress $160; Moon Rock Skirt $138; Occupy Outer Space Tee Shirt $25; LMC Nebula Skirt $138 (also pictured above)

Poll: Freckles

Sometimes I am forced to spend time outside with the burning sky star. Despite putting on sunscreen, enough time in the sun brings out my freckles. My husband thinks they're adorable. I think they make my skin look splotchy...although, I guess freckles are splotches. That's sort of like saying my eye lashes are too lashy. Maybe I would like them if they were more distinct -- my full-bore badge of Irishness. Since I'm not in the sun long, they're more like the yellowish idea of freckles, an afterthought of face accessories. Freckles are one of those things that are cute on other people, but I don't encourage my own.

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Project Design: Typewriters

I have terrible penmanship so I seldom hand write anything aside from poetry because the longer the work I'm writing the less legible it becomes. However, the computer offers far too many distractions. Instead of working on my novel, I end up blogging, shopping, Facebooking, Tumbling, reading blogs etc... To avoid this I dug my dad's old typewriter out of my parents basement. It's got the great electric gunshot sound, and the manual return is rather fun to smack back into place with a flourish. Turns out I miss the backspace key a lot, but at least I can read it even if it's misspelled and full of typing errors. I love using the typewriter. Which typewriter accessory do you love?

Purple Typewriter Brooch by greenaccordion

Vintage Typewriter Key Bracelet by KeysAndMemories

Vintage Typewriter Purse by craftsbynesli

18K Gold Plated Brass Type Writer Necklace by CuteAbility

Vintage Typewriter Canvas Messenger Bag by CrawlSpaceStudios

Typewriter Keys Bobby Pins by AlteredEras


Makeup is Awesome

One of the things I most delight in about being a woman is that it's okay for every day to involve playing dress up. Makeup can be one of the quickest ways to do this. Tee shirt, jeans, electric blue mascara! Makeup can also provide the most dramatic punch to a look. Pencil skirt plus red lips and winged liner? Rowr. Below are some fun makeup ideas, mostly for Saturdays or going out with friends.

Scroll through the gallery below for more makeup ideas; there are even a few natural looks.
View this collection on Polyvore Makeup by fashionmefabulous on

$150 Challenge: Ruby Sparks

I recently saw Ruby Sparks, an adorable film about a blocked writer who creates a character that actually comes to life. It's all the kinds of quirky, adorable, happy and fun that I like in a movie. Ruby's look from the poster has had me searching for a little red lace dress (I've got the tights) for weeks now. This look costs $114.09, which leaves plenty of money to catch a matinee, buy a vintage typewriter and spend your writing breaks staking out local coffee shops hoping to meet a socially-awkward but loveable and cute novelist.

$150 Challenge: Ruby Sparks by fashionbeccafabulous featuring a flower print dress
Lace Dress, Deliah's, $44.50
Patent Bow Belt, Forever 21, $4.80
Flower T-Strap Pumps, Target, $29.99
Shoulder Bag, Forever 21, $22.80
Purple Tights, Top Shop, $12

Pick of the Week: Cage Heels

Anthropologie is killing me with awesome shoes. These cage heels are adorable. The green, which looks grey from a distance, is a surprise against the black and cream. I love the way they wrap around a foot containing all the toes and swooping over the arch. Though they're open, they'd play nicely with tights in the fall. The heels has a nice curve to it too. (Anthropologie claims the heel is 4.75 inches, but I call shenanigans.) They're also available in a lovely tonal rose. At $148, they're out of my price range, but as it's toward the end of the season, I expect them to go on sale soon.

Beyond the Cardigan

Here's the most beautiful sentence in the English language: It's getting cooler. HAPPY SKIPPING DANCING TIME! Now, I could tell you that this chilly in the morning and evenings time is perfect for cardigans, and it is. However, I'm pretty sure you know that. What are some other ways that you can stay comfy on a 50 degree morning?

Lately, I've been wearing my sheer button down to keep the chill off.
flutter sleeve, Forever 21 $17.80
roll-sleeve tunic, Mod Cloth $34.99
lace inset blow blouse, Charlotte Russe $24.99

Tops with open sleeves or back details will breathe. Perfect for when fan's too much but you're too hot without it.

sheer open-back button down, Urban Outfitters $39.99
sequin open-shoulder top, Urban Outfitters $39.99
sheer open-shoulder top, Boutique to You $42

We talked about crop tops a couple weeks ago, and this is the sort of thing they're perfect for. Pull one on before you go for an evening stroll.
crop tee, Anthropologie $29.95
lace crop, Zappos …