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Project Design: Sunshine

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

It's 83° and sunny in Metro Detroit today. I'm drinking an iced coffee and listening to the wind chimes clatter softly in the breeze. I can hear kids playing basketball down the street, and the neighbors dog is giving me sad eyes in hopes that I will pet her. I can taste the summer sunshine.

Which of these drops of sunshine puts you in that sunny summer mood?

Silk Chiffon Canary Dress by hollystalder
Sun Yellow Halter Top by elikadesigns
Sunshine Bangle by EverydayDiamonds
Lemon Meringue Fresh Water Pearl Earrings by CoryellDesign
Sunshine Floral Brooch by RiRiFisch
Sunshine Leather Yellow Ruffle Bag by stacyleigh
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Wood Detailed Shoes

Perhaps it's the prevalence of studs, slashes and other edgy details that makes wood-heeled shoes appeal to me right now. They provide a nice contrast to the trend without falling into overt disagreement. Perhaps spring makes me crave organic materials. But I think I just like the clicking they make. Top: pale green slingback, Anthropologie $158
t-strap wedge, Frye "Colette Vintage" $198
Bottom: red pointy-toe pump, Jessica Simpson at Macy's $89
teal sandal, Mod Cloth $149.99
asymmetrical vamp platform heel, N.Y.L.A. "Besnoe" on Endless $114.95
Top: low wedge walking sandal, Frye "Blair" $218 (If you're looking for a good shoe for summer vacations, this is it.)
floral ankle strap peeptoe, Mod Cloth $149.99
Bottom: green lace-up wedge heel, Top Shop $135
studded sandal, Frye "Joy Vintage" $228

FMF Reader Poll: Shopping Strategy

Navigating stores for find the perfect items and acceptable prices can feel a bit like chopping through the jungle. If you're searching for something specific, it can get frustrating and overwhelming quickly, which I why I try to avoid searching for a specific item. It takes the joy out of the hunt. My shopping strategy usually starts at the clearance racks. I love looking at display windows and the rack of new arrivals at the front of the store, but the clearance is where I find my best deals. In many low price stores, I can even find clearance for the current season because they turn over their merchandise so much. What is you strategy? Where do you start when you shop?
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$150 Challenge: In Concert

Two of my coworkers are attending the Black and Blue Ball (an Industrial/Trance concert) in Indy tonight. One of them was very excited about finding an outfit to wear, and I started thinking about what I'd wear to a show. After cobbling this look together, I recalled way back when I last attended a concert (Five Iron Frenzy 2003) that there was much standing, shuffling and foot-stepping-on. So perhaps heeled sandals aren't the best idea. And perhaps since I'm not much of a concert goer, I'll just wear my cool outfit to meet you for drinks after the show.

I'm not cool enough to know that band. by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Old Navy jeans
tree tee, Forever 21 $13.80
blazer Nordstrom $42.90
dark wash skinny jeans, Old Navy $29.50
studded clutch Bluefly $29
studded sandals, Miss Me on Amazon $20.64

Etsy Shop of the Week: Pretty Birdie

Shop:Pretty Birdie by Stephanie Teague

Why We Love It: I've admired this shop for quite a while. They clothes are lovely, feminine and classic.

Price Range: $40 - $550

More Info: The shop offers everything from scarves and belt to stunning dresses and handmade shoes (those put the high price at $550). Many of the materials in the shop are organic cotton and hemp. Everything looks so soft and wonderful to wear.

Favorite Items:Hemp Linen Tie Pants $175 (pictured - available in 4 colors); Polka Snap Dress $335; Hemp Stretch Ruffle Dress $255; Mustard Hemp Linen Mini Dress $270; Military Jacket $275; Handmade Wooden Platform Heels $550; Wrap and Snap Blouse $105;

How To Wear A Mini-Skirt

This post is not styling tips; it's literally how to buy and wear a short skirt. Countless women comment on celebrity ensembles that "it would be better an inch or two longer," which lead me to wonder if the majority of women are comfortable when the hem is anywhere but the knee. If that's you (or if you're the opposite and will only wear minis) here's a few tips.

1. Bend over. When you're in the dressing room, touch your toes and look at your butt in the mirror. Will everyone know your panties are striped? If so, either buy a longer skirt or be certain that you never move that way in everyday life. (It may seem silly to say since most women tuck their skirts under their thighs and crouch, but I've seen enough women in the grocery store bend at the waist that the psa seemed necessary.)

2. Know your butt. I have an ample booty, so a skirt that is a relatively modest length in the front may not be so in the back. Women with smaller rears could wear a shor…

Project Runway: The Other 7 Shows

This season Lifetime decided the best way to avoid spoilers during fashion week was to allow 10 of the 16 contestants to show collections at Bryant Park. Sure, they avoided a lot of spoilers, but I think they robbed the top three, or at least the two that didn't win, of that special reward that is just getting to show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. However, they did give us a little gift by letting us see what some of our favorites would have done had they made it to the top three.

Amy was a favorite of mine from the minute the contests were announced. On the show she proved to be fearless. Her ideas didn't always work, but she never valued staying on the show more than taking a risk to execute her vision. This kind of attitude will make her a great designer. She showed her risk-taking skills at Bryant Park with a look that challenged conventional shape and proportions. She used a variety of techniques in her short show. She was a strong competitor and will continue to be just …

Love or Loathe: Plaid Ruffle Dress

Clearly Urban Outfitter's plaid ruffle dress hasn't been too popular as it's on clearance in all sizes. Some people have tagged it "flamenco" and "80s prom", but I have to agree with the person who called it "Westwood." It's very Viv. I would wear it with Doc Marten's, a bowler hat and black leather fingerless gloves. No idea how else I'd wear it, so there's a mark against versatility. But for $34.99, I really like it. What about you?

Editor's Pick of the Week: Simple Maxi

I love those lazy summer days where not much is required of me. I can sit outside by the pool reading a book, drinking lemonade and eating grapes. It's these lazy days that make me wish I had a long, simple maxi dress to through on over my swimsuit so I could take a walk down to the little Italian market for a gelato.

The problem with maxi dresses is their lack of versatility. They are a spring/summer only item that I haven't figured out how to rework for the office or anything beyond a picnic of poolside barbecue. This means those lovely $80 maxis are out of the questions. I don't want to make a big investment. I also want something simple so next years trends won't make this year's dress out of date. And I'm picky so I want straps of some sort because I just find it more comfortable that way.

I'm very please to find this simple Lucky Brand braided strap maxi on clearance for only $24.99 from $89. It comes in Baltic Green (pictured) and Purple Palace. Now my…

Steampunk Accessories

Hubby and I have been zooming through Doctor Who (we just finished season 3), and it's revived my steampunk love.* However, everyday isn't an occasion for your pocketwatch, pickup skirt, and trusty sonic screw driver. Since aliens aren't invading at the moment, let's shop for steampunky accessories to wear with our everyday spring dresses. But keep that screwdriver wood ring hip belt, Nordstrom $48
leather finger gloves, Revolve Clothing $41
clear frame sunglasses, Top Shop $36
lace gloves, ASOS $6.76
leather hip belt, Free People $88
feather top hat, Free People $88
pink frame round sunglasses, Free People $18
yellow ruffle belt, Coldwater Creek $32.99
nude corset belt, Top Shop $80
red cut out belt, Old Navy $15
ring detail hat, Lori's Shoes $34

*It's also making me think with a London accent.

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Runaway with Project Runway: This week featured a Project Runway frenzy. Take a look at the top three's work from the whole season, re-live the finale through our live blog, read our recap and check out our look-by-look analysis of the winner's collection.

In Our Opinion: We shared our shopping strategies for T.J. Maxx and Marshalls as well as our favorite finds for spring. becca rounded-up some doable, affordable and fashionable D.I.Y projects around the web. Jael Paris wrote about her experiences with Bare Escentuals mineral makeup.

Shop It To Me: We've shopped bikinis, cocktail rings, fun frame purses and the perfect denim jacket. We've also put together a playful plethora of prints for under a $150 and brought you prom horror stories waiting to happen.

Seth Aaron Henderson Collection Look-By-Look

As promised earlier today, here is a look by look analysis of Seth Aaron's collection. Spoiler Alert (albeit a weak and useless one probably): Seth Aaron won season 7 of Project Runway. The judges admired his showmanship, craftsmanship, inventiveness and bold choices. They didn't like how heavy-handed he can still be and said some pieces verged on being costumes. I don't see any costumes. I would wear all but maybe one or two pieces.

Look 1: The shoulders, the red, the leather, the bubble skirt, the gloves and the leggings, oh the leggings. Seth Aaron knows how to open a show. This attention getting outfit had me drooling at first step on the runway. And I need those leggings.

Look 2: Alexander McQueen ensured I would have a lifelong love affair with houndstooth suits and houndstooth paired with red. The construction and arrangement of the print are perfect. See the Look 3 picture to view the back.

Look 3: Seth Aaron told the judges he wanted to add an unexpected flowing look…

Project Runway Season 7 Finale!

Spoiler Alert! This post talks about the winner.

Last night's finale felt relatively drama free as far as Project Runway finales go. There was no eleventh hour outfit challenge. There were no accusations of cheating. Nobody got stranded or ill. Some models were missing, which was certainly stressful for Mila who was without three a half hour before her show. But alternates were used and all was well in the Project Runway-verse.

Heidi took to the runway in a stunning dress and introduced the judges. Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judge Faith Hill. First, why is there a guest judge on finale week? Shouldn't the three judges take their season of knowledge to judges these contestants? Why is an outsider needed, and why is that outsider Faith Hill? She's pretty enough but far from a style icon. It felt like a ploy to add some star power to this final hour.

I'll start with Mila's show. She mostly stuck to her monochromatic palette with a little plum thrown in. She adde…

Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation

It's been months since a reader asked us about mineral makeup, which may not be a bad thing. about a year and a half ago, my mom bought some Bare Escentuals. She liked the coverage and the light feeling, but gave it to me as it made her skin dry.
My skin's thirty years younger, so dryness wasn't an issue. I also like the coverage and light feeling of the makeup, but the system itself is cumbersome. So cumbersome, in fact, that my kit came with a dvd explaining in what order to apply the makeup and how to properly tap excess powder from my brush. First, the "Skin-rever-upper" (a product they may have now discontinued) then "Prime Time;" neither is supposed to replace your daily moisturizer so add that too. If you don't use the Prime Time base, the makeup doesn't cover as well. After all that slab, it's time for the actual makeup. The kit comes with matte foundation, a bronzer, and "mineral veil." Frankly, it's too much for daily …

Project Runway Live Blog!

Join me tonight for the Project Runway Finale. I'll be living blogging starting a 9:45 p.m. Eastern time. You'll be able to add your comments and opinions to the live blogging too so please come by to share in the fun!
Project Runway Finale

Stay tuned for a full recap tomorrow!

Project Runway Pre-Finale Poll

Tonight is the Project Runway Finale! I will be live blogging the finale right here on Fashion Me Fabulous. Be sure to join in the fun and comment along with me. The live blogging will begin a few minutes before 10 p.m. Eastern tonight and will continue through the post finale reunion show.

To prepare for the finale, I've been reviewing our top three's work thus far. Here is a summary of their Project Runway journeys: (Be sure to vote for your favorite in the poll below!)

Judging Stats: 4 wins, 1 top three, 1 bottom two Emilio started off with a win. While this is a very pretty dress, it felt to average to me. I liked his textile creation, but was bummed to see him do it again the following week with the potato sack challenge. His attempt at Couture was dismal (like almost everyone else).

Emilio continued to disappoint with the "Go Red for Heart Disease" challenge, which I could have purchased at a cheap prom shop. The judges liked his "Cover Girl" loo…