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Paris Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Christian Dior lacked some of Dior's usual charm. The collection did have some pretty pieces and some cool eighties inspired pieces, but as a whole, it seemed to be missing the wow-factor usually seen in Dior's collection.

Vivienne Westwood did what Vivienne Westwood does--create crazy clothes. Usually I love her collections a little more than this one. I mostly enjoyed the part that looked like a slightly disheveled experiment in fabric remnants, but the collection progressed into bed sheet couture where one model actually appeared to be holding a wadded up bedsheet around herself as she walked down the runway. Although, even that part of the collection had some interesting pieces.

Maison Martin Margiela celebrated it's 20th anniversary. The collection included the piece from the original 1988 collection, which is being re-released according to The space-age collection had everything from UFO reminiscent, circle-cut leather to Cousin It-like attire all on anonymo…

Save or Splurge: Long Gloves

Fall is here so winter is on its way. While I don't look forward to the cold weather and digging my car out of the snow, I do look forward to the winter accessories. This year, I'm on a hunt for gloves. I'm looking elbow length gloves in a pretty color.

I'm on a limited budget, but if I had more money I would be willing to splurge for leather gloves if I found a good fit. Since my winter coat has bell sleeves, the long gloves would help fight the cold. However, my current budget only allows for some sort of fabric glove. Here, I would like to save because I have a tendency to ruin fabric gloves quickly. The purple gloves pictured above are Simply Vera Wang for Kohls and currently on sale for $21. That seem like a reasonable price to wear with my winter coat and all of the 3/4 length sleeves

Are long gloves a save or splurge for you?

Bakelite Boutique

I worked for an antique jewelry dealer for a few summers in college, and Bakelite bangles were one of our biggest requests. Even though it's just a precursor to plastic, it's collectibility ups the price to the level of precious gems. If your 1950s heart is set on authentic, brightly colored jewelry, you'll want to stop by the Bakelite Boutique. They stock pristine examples of 1950s Bakelite bangles, necklaces, brooches and purses.

Cherry cluster pin $375

Cool Things From Strange Places

My constant Goodwill shopping has taught me that you can find the coolest things in the strangest places. I found these circus inspired boots at Infectious Threads, a goth shop. I, of course, want to go all out with the circus theme and find a striped jacket and top hat, but they'd also be fine with a little black dress, jeans or cropped pants. These "Carnival" boots are available in red, black or pink for a mere $54.99.

Facebook Us! We Want to Meet You!

Fashion Me Fabulous is now on Facebook. Jael Paris has everything set up so all you have to do is stop by, become a fan and maybe even leave us a comment. We'd love to see you over there, and we would love for you to tell us what you think about FMF.

For those of you out there who don't have time to leave us comments on individual posts, we'd love to meet you on Facebook and listen to any general comments you have. We love feedback from our readers because it helps us make FMF better.

To all your Etsy artists and other independent designers out there, please stop by. We'd love to get to know you. We love the work so many of you are doing. Tell us what's new and what you are working on. Also, if you're out there designing stuff and we haven't featured you, introduce yourself. We're always looking to feature great artists.

Stop by often, and we promise to post some fun stuff over there too. Soon we will be posting some photo albums of what we are wearing thi…

Paris Fashion Week Favorites So Far

It's time for the big show: Paris, fashion capital of the West and stealer of my favorite British designers. Paris excites me in a way other fashion cities don't because it's a collection of designers who raise runway to a spectacular thrill show.

In his first Paris show, Gareth Pugh added a new element to his signature black and white feminine horror movie: commercialism. Elizabethan ruffs and armor abounded, but in between the showpieces were many dresses that will have a home in Browns and Bergdorf next spring. What do you think of the nail polish?Balmain must have been watching 80s music videos while dreaming up his spring summer 2009 collection. Normally, I hate the 80s (unlike some of you) but I do have a weakness for military jackets and tutus. Acid wash jeans and shoulder pads aside, this collection makes me want to crank the radio and practice my air guitar. For your inner groupie, Balmain's made body hugging cocktail dresses accented with trashed up bling. I&#…

Winter Wedding Boots

Yes, wedding boots. One of our fabulous readers, Vicki, is getting married in December, and she's using Michigan winters as an excuse to buy some killer boots. Her stipulations are that they cannot be black but should either be red or a neutral, they must be knee high but not over the knee, and they need to have some sort of buckle or button embellishment. Since they'll be worn in a Michigan winter, suede is questionable. Here's what I found, Vicki. I tried to keep all the choices under $250.Top: grey ankle wrap boot, B.P., Nordstrom $129.95
gold shirred bow boot, Go Jane $38.99
white Victorian-inspired lace boot, Sheplers $99.99
paisley boot, Diba, DSW $59.95
burgundy harness boot, RSVP "Lucy", Zappos $125.50
Bottom: silver Edwardian-inspired boot, Western Wedding Boots $179
grey green gathered boots, Bronx "Nazza", Piperlime $235
bronze button stilettos, Luichiny "Lilly", Endless $125.95
burgundy boots, Dr. Martens "Amber", Macy's $150

This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

-- We're still celebrating a year of us. This time, we want to know which regular Fashion Me Fabulous feature is your favorite and which fashion eras most inspire you.

-- becca cut $100 off the $150 challenge.

-- Forget the new. I just want a 1950s dress.

-- Emmy fashion inspires a hearty meh.

-- To tartan or not to tartan?

-- We love boots and want to know what Frye's big seller will be this winter.

-- We rapped up London Fashion Week by drooling over prints from Peter Pilotto, Duro Olowu, and Josh Goot. We also showed love to Sinha-Stanic and Fashion Fringe.

-- In Milan, becca enjoyed Burberry Prorsum, Gorgio Armani, and D&G; and Marni, Pollini, and Derercuny. I'm into Dsquared, Versace, and Maurizio Pecoraro; Fendi; and Prada, Missoni, and Moschino Cheap & Cheap. But the show that will keep me staring at the pictures was Dolce & Gabbana's jeweled pajama party.

Milan Fashion Week Favorites So Far

What's this?! A Saturday post! Due to my internet being a booger yesterday, I wasn't able to write about all the Milan shows I wanted to write about. Lucky weekenders, getting extra fashion goodies.

Maurizio Pecoraro's collection was ruffled, satiny, sequined, jeweled, polka dotted, neutral, hot pink, and silvery green. Needless to say, it wasn't cohesive. While not a break-taking show I'll look at again and again, there were plenty of pretties no woman would mind wearing. His show also contained what is becoming one of my favorite trends for spring 2009: satiny rolled pants.
I adore Gareth Pugh's zippered warriors from Fall/Winter 2008 and 3.1 Philip Lim's more romantic take on utility. I'm also lusting after one of OustaPop's zippered collars (yes, Susie, I'm deeply jealous). If you're a zipper fan too, Versace's show was for you. Donatella's take on the trend was feminine like Lim's but toned down to the point where the collecti…

Project Design: Beetle Jewelry

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

I'm not one for bugs, but today a large red-ish beetle landed on my green shirt. The beetle was actually pretty and shiny and would have made a pretty pin on my shirt, which is why I noticed it was there. Of course, noticing it prompted me to shake it off my shirt in what I'm sure was a ridiculous-looking frenzy. Jael Paris sent me links these beetle adornments earlier this week, and after seeing that pretty beetle today, beetle jewelry makes sense. (As long I'm not wearing any living beetles). Which beetle do you find the prettiest?

Beetle Insectus Unisex Ring by edmdesigns

Yellow lucite and silver ring with real beetle by KolosStudio

Egyptian Scarab Beetle Beaded Dangle Earrings by FunckLoveDesigns

Kafka Clock Steampunk pocket watch shrine with Beetle by nouveaumotley

Pearl Scarab Necklace by Damselle

Exoskeleton Earrings by…

Milan Fashion Week Favorites So Far

If you were wondering about the fashionable fate of wide belts, Kaiser Karl's Fendi runway says they're big, big, big! Also big, hips and hair. The exaggerated silhouette is tempered by gauzy fabrics in neutral colors. The full skirts and bold belts are Stepford Wives meets the space age, and it's a pretty future.

Image source

Inspiration at Dolce & Gabbana SS209

Dolce & Gabbana threw Milan a slumber party with looks influenced by classic men's silk pajamas. I love the contrast trim and patterns, but the Mickey Mouse-shouldered jackets are for a woman bolder than me. The colors are more suited for winter in rich shades of red, navy, black and cream, but I prefer this to a tropical cabana. The masculine looks juxtaposed with large 3d flowers on several dresses and coats; bows on the hair, belt, shoes, and neck; sequins on most of the shoes; and fistfuls of jewelry.The detail shots are especially inspiring. I have a tendency to tie ribbon around my neck willy-nilly anyway, and I have to find out how they made these ties. Also, brightening up a look with brooches is a cheap breeze if you head to Goodwill or raid you mother's jewelry box. Grab a handful of pins in the same color family and cluster them on your bag, on a scarf in your hair, on your belt or on your shirt. You can pin them on top of ribbon bows too just like in these run…


These suede and patent button and ruffle detail boots are by Restricted, who must read Fashion Me Fabulous as many of my shoe fetishes are present in this one boot. They come in a greenish grey and a chic black. Best of all, they're only $140 at Piperlime.

Milan Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Marni rocked bold prints and bright colors for Spring 2009. Circles, stripes, big florals and cinched waists mixed and matched for a big spring statement. While the runway looks may seem like a bit much, Marni's pieces will wake up any sleepy wardrobe will lots of fun this spring.

Pollini chose bold prints and bright colors for spring too, but with a softer, more feminine take. Layered fabric and colors make light, flirty spring skirts. This classic girliness of the collection will be a welcome breath of fresh air when winter ends.

Derercuny's spring collection may not stand out as the most innovative, but the super pretty clothing with intricate floral prints will probably be flying off the racks come spring.

Iceberg took on the Eighties in a pretty literal way, especially in the big shoulder way. The collection features some pretty dresses and cool jackets. I like all of the v-neck pieces with empire waistlines.

When Is That From?

We asked how you found us and what your favorite feature is, now we want to know what your favorite fashion era is. You don't have to wear the looks. This is more about how which decades influence what you wear and buy. Unlike our other polls, you can choose more than one answer.
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A Tartan Alternative

While tartan is one of the biggest trends of fall 2008, I'm not into it. Even paired with a velvet skirt, classy boots and a leather jacket, it just feels too cowboy to me. I'd much rather don houndstooth as an all-over winter print. Black and white houndstooth feels classy no matter what it's on, and you can buy it in different sizes depending on how bold you're feeling.
Top: zipper trim sheath dress, Wet Seal $29.50
suit jacket, Nygard, Dillard's $128
suit skirt, Nygard, Dillard's $68
Middle: a-line skirt, LuLu's $52
empire waist top, Forever 21 $24.80
grey tone pencil skirt, Go International, Target $26.99
ruffled chiffon halter, Charlotte Russe $19.99
Bottom: silk jacket with flared sleeves, Juicy Couture, Shopbop $348
cream jacket, Mossimo, Target $29.99
mod style dress, Plasticland $96
satin trim top, Macy's $29.40
For those of you who'd like a little more color in your prints:
blue sheer blouse, Forever 21 $17.80
neon green dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nor…

$150 Challenge: $50 Version

One of FMF's faithful readers, Rachel, is one of the best bargain hunters I have ever met. She finds adorable things at extremely low prices, which are the highest prices she will agree to pay. Her thrifty (and very cute) fashion sense has inspired me to make this week's $150 Challenge a $50 challenge. Without the use of thrift stores, it was very hard to find all the pieces. It was so hard that I have unavoidably exceeded the $50 limit by 88 cents. We can just round down right?

So here is a cute, comfy fall look that costs $50.88.

Long Sleeve Wrap, Wetseal $17.50
Knit Cami, Forever 21 $2.50
V-Neck Knit Dress, Forever 21 $10.50
Leah Tights, Forever 21 $4.90
Hampton Hobo Handbag, Kmart $4.99
Xhilaration® Sable Ballet Flats, Target $10.49

Etsy Shop of the Week: Botanical Roots

Cosmetic and skin care products often contain a ton of crazy ingredients that don't always sound all that great, which is why it is refreshing to see completely natural skin products. As a certified clinical herbalist, nutritionist, gardener and artist, Ashlee, the founder of Botanical Roots, creates a wealth of skin products ranging from mineral makeup and fragrance oils to soaps and body lotions from completely natural, earth friendly and skin friendly ingredients.

All of the products have natural ingredients and are vegetarian friendly. Many are also vegan friendly. None of the products are tested on animals, and all of them are handmade. Botanical Roots also uses many fair-trade products from around the world. These beauty products will not only make you feel pretty, but they will also make you feel good about buying and using them.

Lotion Bar $16

Milan Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Prada is trying to get in your pants, specifically your wallet. But will models traipsing down the runway in semi-sheer crinkled suits that looked like they'd picked them off the floor after a one-night stand tempt you? The tops were frequently jackets attached to bras without blouses. I like the crumpled silk, but I can't see the bra jackets working off the runway. Maybe if the Pussycat Dolls try to class up their look with less pvc.
Missoni's palette was a lesson on how to wear bright clothes for autumn. They are just one of several Spring Summer 2009 shows who are forgoing seasonal color and design as seasons and trends phase out of fashion. For me, the highlight of the show was the short printed swing coats.On the other end of the color spectrum, Moschino Cheap & Cheap went all out with candy colored floral prints, pastel water colors, and butterfly prints. This is the sort of collection that is far more versitile than its runway looks. Any one piece could really ad…

Buying Into Country Plaid II


Milan Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Burberry Prorsum seems to be expecting some rainy days for this coming spring. Much of the collection looks good for trudging through the rain, mud and the foggy drizzle that can cloud spring. While the overall color scheme is muted, the neutral tones will be easy to wear rain or shine. And like sunshine breaking through the clouds, there was a glimmer at the end of the collection with some metallic hues.

D&G will have none of that rainy day talk. This collection has every intention of sailing through spring and summer with bold nautical prints, sailor pants and all things sea-worthy. It's even anchors aweigh with evening wear that has more glitter than sunken treasure.

Simple, breezy, fresh, feminine. Giorgio Armani does spring with lovely, light looks that showcase effortless chic. From suits to summer dresses, Armani's clothing flutters with all the easy, breezy feelings of spring. Although, a few things bordered on old-lady-ish to me.