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Pick of the Week: The Shoes You'd Wear When Ordering a Beheading

Roommate found these. Let's give roommate a big round of applause. First of all, I love that these John Fluevog shoes are called "Caravaggio" after the wild painter. Second, I love that these are essentially the shoes of powerful men of the 1600s -- bows, heels and all. (Please, point this historical fact out to people when they start whining about boys being too feminized when they wear pink or other such nonsense.) They are more expensive than most shoes we feature, but John Fluevog shoes are high in quality. The burgundy and black versions in tamer solids are currently $100 off. If I pair these with my frock coat, I can start claiming my right to land willy-nilly, write some world-changing books, and engage in spontaneous sword fights. Consider the day seized.

Shopping for Everyday Wedge Sandals

I love my wedge sandals. I usually have several pairs because I buy them on clearance the summer before, but I've been been struggling to find a perfect fit. My wedges are falling apart so I'm in panic shopping mode.
Wedge sandals are perfect for all sorts of summer activities. Unlike high heels, they won't sink into grass, dirt, sand or really hot asphalt. Wedges work with dresses, skirts, jeans, capris, flowy summer pants, shorts and just about any other summer look from dressy to casual. Most of the brands featured here are known for their comfort. So stay comfy, stay cool, and walk tall in wedge sandals this summer.

Söfft Blue Wedges, Nordstrom $109.95DvF Sunny Wedges, Shopbop, $178.80
A2 by Aerosoles Candyplush Wedges, Target, $55.99
Naturalizer Nerice Wedges, Naturalizer, $39.99
Miz Mooz Yancy Wedges, Nordstrom, $66.90Toms Canvas Chevron Wedges, Neiman Marcus, $69
Vince Camuto Tasta Wedges, Amazon, $63.94
Clarks Air Espadrille Wedges, Amazon, $87.10


Inspiration: Veiled Hats

Some of these women are famous. Some of the milliners are famous. Some of these photographs were snapped by famous photographers. One even hangs on my office wall. But I'm not going to give you any of those details. The star is the hats. I want to bring back veiled hats now. Is any item of clothing more film noir than this?

Finding a Happy Shopping Place

I am at war with stores right now. Every store I've tried has been a horrible mess of clothes that are either hideous or made of the worst materials ever. Or both. Often both. Everything in the misses department looked like it was purchased at a beach tourist shop targeting out of touch, much older women,. The juniors department was so garish I got so frustrated I sent Jael the following text: "I'm out shopping, but everything looks like it's inspired by the worst dressed list at Coachella."

I was ready to give up and keep wearing the clothes I have even if they have holes, but I was shopping with my mom and she really really really wanted me to try this store she went to with my cousin, Maurices. The store is actually new-ish to the Metro-Detroit area, but I remember we had one near the college I attended. I didn't remember it being anything special. When I walked it, I didn't really spot anything right away so I was ready to give up.

That's when I…

Love or Loathe: Platform Lace-ups

It's been a while since we've had a Love or Loathe, and I feel the need to get overly opinionated about fashion, particularly about platform heels. Anabundance of hideousplatforms have been released on the market. Boots, mules, sandals, you name it; there's a platform on it. The pair pictured is one of the lesser evils. With the pink glitter heels, they sort of look like Elton John's casual wear.

I find them kind of funny and would never wear Sixteen-year-old me would be all about these shoes. Part of the reason I ever learned how to walk in heels was because platforms with thick, stable heels were popular when I was in high school. (When I finally convinced becca to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of the first things she thanked me for was the 90s fashion flashback. All I can think of when I see these chunky platform shoes is Buffy kicking butt in her flared pants, spaghetti strap tops, and butterfly hair clips. Hmm, I just described a lethal Delia'…

Competitive Dressing Isn't Everyone's Reality

Isabel Wilkinson at The Cut recently posted an article praising Rihanna for acknowledging that women dress competitively. "She uses fashion as something more than a tool for self-expression: She uses it as a weapon, as a means of self-defense, as a tool for social jockeying." It's obvious to anyone that it's important to Rihanna to take risks, grab attention and sit at the top of the best dressed list for every event. But not all women are Rihanna. We don't look like Rihanna, and we don't act like Rihanna. So why is her statement about defending herself with fashion supposed to represent woman-kind?

Ms. Wilkinson goes on to say that women build a hierarchy of money spent, brands worn, trends hit, and confidence flaunted based on what we wear. What the author doesn't realize is that noticing someone is wearing a well-tailored dress doesn't send all women into a jostle for rank. Competitive dressing exists in some subcultures, in some environments,…

Inspired by: Reef Animals

We've already looked at aquatic life in the Amazon for fashion inspiration, so let's turn our eyes to the coral reefs of the world.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle by fashionmefabulous
The Shedd Aquarium, has a hawksbill sea turtle that was injured by a boat propeller. This affected her buoyancy, so it is not safe for her to live in the wild. She likes to play catch with her physical therapists. This species is critically endangered because of being over hunted for their shells. Since the 1970s there has been a worldwide ban on the tortoise shell trade; any "tortoise shell" items you may buy now are either dyed horn or plastic.

Clown Fish by fashionmefabulous
Clownfish cannot just live in any anemone. It's certain breeds for certain homes. You probably know that clownfish eat an anemones' left overs, but did you know anemones eat clownfish poop? Finding Nemo didn't cover that. Finding Nemo also didn't discuss how when the mother died, Marlin would have become fem…

Project Design: The Fault In Our Stars

Today, the Fault in Our Stars opens in theaters. The book was beautiful. Yes, it's a sad story, but it's also funny and hopeful and, best of all, honest. There are a few small jewelry items inspired by the story. Which is your favorite?
TFiOS Fell in Love Bracelet by emerydrive

Two Stars Gold Necklace by TheDirection

Some Infinities Stamped Necklace by StellaStamped

Personalized Infinity Necklace by tyrahandmadejewelry

Wish-granting Factory Necklace by PaperHeartGallery

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Jael Paris' Summer Shopping List

Red Heels I'm looking for something a little less stilletto sexpot than my last pair of red heels. Chelsea Crew is where it's at.  These low heels work for work or play. Should I get the "Marlo" or the breezier "Zoe"?

Yellow Skirt As I said on our Facebook page, I need more cheery yellow in my summer wardrobe. I'd love a yellow skirt that's not body con or skater. These are all from ASOS.
pleated midi skirt $67
linen skirt $53 (I have this in pink!)
pleated mini skirt $48

Cream Eye Shadows In the last couple years, I've developed some eye allergies which has made it difficult to wear eye makeup. I read that cream eye shadows are better for people with eye allergies, so I want to give Maybelline's Color Tattoo a try.

Colorful Cuff BraceletJezebel Charms has an amazing selection of literary cuff bracelets. Despite the fact that I'm a major bibliophile, it's their colorful cuffs using reproductions of vintage wallpaper and biological prin…