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A Common Beauty Problem

While priming my toes for spring, I managed to gracefully drop the goopy red nail polish brush on my mottled brown carpet. Remembering horror stories of bleach stains and melted synthetic fabrics, I knew nail polish remover would ironically not work. After consulting the all-wise Google, I squirted the nail polish mess with Windex, rubbed shaving cream on top of it and dabbed the concoction with a vinegar soaked cotton ball. After five minutes, you couldn't even tell where I'd dropped the brush.

Playing with Prints

Dreamecho had a post a few weeks ago where she piled similar prints on each other. I was very inspired, but I don't have that many prints in my wardrobe to play with. Here's what I came up with in Polyvore.

One of the easiest ways to mix and match prints is to start with polka dots. Dots don't lead the eye like stripes. If you keep your colors in the same family, the result is really cute. Lots of lots make me want some candy!
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I liked mixing stripes when they were tonal. It seemed to keep the shifting directions from being confusing.

Mixing in a more complex print like floral worked best for me when it was the same colors as the other patterns I was using. The goal is to be different, not eccentric.

Would you try mixing patterns and prints?

This Week at Fashion Me Fabulous

--Have a heart for this Ethical Nail Polish.

--What are your feelings toward Satin Cropped Knickers?

--Do you save or splurge on tote bags?

--Check out some other brilliant bloggers.

--Style this skirt in the Target Challenge.

Project Design: Hedgehog Wear

Project Design is our own competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

This week's challenge is the search for a the cutest hedgehog. These bristly creatures may not be cuddly, but the cute factor cannot be denied. Which hedge wins your heart?

little hedge by chainchainchained

Hedgehog Messenger Bag by seabreezestudio

Must love hogs by NBDesigns

Hedgehog Necklace by Tacky Top Hat

Do Not Touch Maternity Tee by Salmon Street Studio

more at

Peaches and Dream

With sheer making a big splash this season, I've been looking for great examples of this trend to, um, invest in. Yes, invest. This peach mesh dress from Modcloth is perfect for spring and summer, and I bet the mess layer would look great over my shifts and tights in the colder months. The color is sweet enough that the dress has nary a whiff of exhibitionist, but the simple design keeps it from looking like your third grade Easter dress. For $59.99, it could be mine...or yours. I think my credit card might prefer the latter.

Nicole by OPI Ethical Nail Polish

Can you have lacquered nails and a green happy heart? Yes! Nicole by OPI is not tested on animals, comes in recyclable packaging, and is free of formaldehyde (I'm sure you remember that smell from high school biology) and toluene (which should make those of you with allergies happy) which are found in most nail polishes. Nicole by OPI is available at Target, Walmart and Meijer and runs about $2-$3.

Dress Up Your Curves: Flirty Spring Dresses

These flirty spring dresses are a great way to welcome spring, or depending on where you live, entice it to come. I'm ready to wear fun, flouncy, spring things and if you are too, hurry to Target for these pretty, plus size spring dresses. You can battle the remains of winter and the spring rain with this classic navy trench coat.

Flutter-Sleeve Dress $29.99
Mossimo® Black: Print Dress with Pleats $20.99
Mossimo® Black: V-Neck Dress with Tie $29.99
Merona® Trench Coat $30.99

A History of Fashion

Book:A History of Fashion by J. Anderson Black & Madge Garland.Pros: This book changed the way I look at clothes. Very often modern Americans base the stylishness of an outfit on whether or not it creates an hour glass figure, but this is a limited aesthetic. Throughout history, clothing has served different purposes of enhancing the figure or displaying jewelry or exhibiting the wearer's ability to elaborately fold a large bolt of cloth. Now instead of assuming an outfit is meant for the figure, I first ask myself what the goal of an outfit is. Color study? A contrast of textures? A backdrop for accessories?Cons: Aside from early cultures such as the Sumarians and Egyptians, A History of Fashion never delves into styles outside of Europe and North America. While I would have liked to learn about the fashion of other cultures, the level of detail felt tedious at times.
Favorite tidbits: The gender specific dressing has cyclically gone in an out of style through out history. Th…

Elliot Lucca Does Valentino

This beautiful braid trim "Historie" bag by Valentino comes in purple or pink patent leather. It's distinct enough of an everyday purse to not be boring, but it's not trendy enough to be dated in three years either. Perhaps that's why Elliot Lucca snagged key elements of the look for their "Penelope" shopper, available in black, white or gold. While I think the designer purse is much prettier, it's almost $1,500 more than the department store version it inspired.

Etsy Shop of the Week: Esme Art

Esme Art offers bright, whimsical jewelry, findings, art and beads. The bright accessories are cheerful and a wonderful touch for spring.

Esme Art, founded in 2005, is a husband and wife team of Chris and Esme. Esme had studied fashion design and photography and wanted to be a jewelry designer. Her panic attacked did not allow her to finish school, but her jewelry making seems to have flourished. Her fun pieces, which can also be found at PaisleyChainsaw on Etsy, come from a variety range of inspirations ranging from the films of Tim Burton to the 80s, punk rock and Queen.

Some Esme's favorite pieces are the Handmade Bright Pink Rose Necklace and the Monopoly House Earrings because they show how varied her pieces can be from handmade to found objects. Another popular item is the Swan Cameo Necklace (pictured).

Esme art does accept custom orders and has a lot to offer.

Photo courtesy of Esme Art.

Love or Loathe: Satin Cropped Knickers

The forces of fashion have been trying to get us in jodhpurs (puffy-hipped riding pants) for a few seasons now, but women whose thighs have a greater diameter than their biceps have staunchly refused. Smart move on our part, if I do say so myself. But can I indulge in a little puff and still giggle and the fashion victims? I kinda like these black satin knickers by Pencey. The satin part is what's holding me back the most; combined with the high waist, there will me no hiding my bloat. Yet they also look chic and modern with a vintage twist. The cropped length will be perfect in the summer and I can pair them with boots in the winter. If you went shopping with me and I picked these up, would you cheer me on or pull me out of the store before I committed a fashion crime?

Save or Splurge: Tote Bag

I love tote bags. If I let myself go, tote bags could easily become an addiction. In my defense, totes are extremely useful and can be very reasonably priced, which is why totes are a major save for me. Canvas totes like this Green Kiwi Tote from chingstote on Etsy is a perfect for everything from books to groceries. These are the totes where I will look for the biggest savings.

I also like more structured totes for carrying my laptop, books, or even all the things I will drag around on a weekend vacation, but these shouldn't cost a bundle either. I've purchase several quality totes from Target (look for clearance).

If you watch end-of-season sales you can even find lovely leather totes at great prices. My mother found a stunning leather tote for $30 from over $100. However, those pretty, pricey totes can be tempting...

Other Brilliant Bloggers

In case you've already read over six months worth of Fashion Me Fabulous, here are some recent blog articles we've liked.

The Sartorialist is snapping street fashion in India.

Shoewawa discovered origami shoes. Perfect for the end of a big night when your feet are on the verge of rebellion.

Outsapop is concerned about the future of second-hand clothing and recycled fashion.

Style Bubble has a bird on her head. You read that correctly.

Fashionista made their own adorable eye print tee shirt. Break out the markers!

Dreamecho thinks vintage swimcaps would make great funky hats. Do you agree?

Vintage Shop: Chic Deux Chic on Etsy

Chic Deux Chic sells vintage jewelry for men and women. This Seattle based husband and wife have a deep love of jewelry (they sell their own creations in another Etsy shop), and like to pick up interesting vintage pieces when they travel. Each piece is small yet distinct, and would be the perfect accessory for a suit. In addition to the usual women's jewelry, Chic Deux Chic also carries vintage tie tacks, tie bars, and cuff links. Their selection of silk scarves is colorful and boldly patterned; they would look equally nice in a suit jacket pocket or adorning a lady's neck.

60s silk scarf $12
mother of pearl cufflinks $65

Swimsuit Sale at J.Crew

J. Crew has a slew of plain mix and match swimsuit pieces from last year, and they are reduced 25%-75%. Large and x-large have the best selection, but there are pieces in other sizes remaining. If you don't get too attached to the idea of a suit in the same color, you can get a great deal on some quality beach wear. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Target Challenge: Style This Skirt

Last week's Target Challenge was to style a dress from Target using only items from Target. The Polyvore Group had some great outfits -- much better than what I was coming up with. This week, the Target Challenge is once again for you. Style this skirt. You can choose any color or all the colors and create a look. Submit you look here in the comments or at this week's Target Challenge Group on Polyvore. You can check out my look for a start, but I know you can do better.

As for last weeks sets, I had a hard time picking which ones I wanted to feature. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Everyday Purse

As I mentioned a few months ago, my classic Coach is too small for my post-college life and I've been looking for a new everyday purse. I needed one big enough to hold my planner, cell, ipod, checkbook, lotion, hand sanitizer, a bottle of water, and a trade paperback. (Hmm, those last two things are a bad combination.) I wanted a neutral color, but it didn't have to be black or brown (Though it did a few months ago). Leather was my material must, since I wanted the purse to last at least five years. I ended up with the pink B. Makowsky below (half off at T.J. Maxx!), and am very impressed withe the quality for the price. Elliott Lucca and Hobo International repeatedly caught my eye while I looked for a new purse.
First row: pink buckle bag, B Makowsky, Endless "Geneva" $182.40
red flower handbag, Moschino Cheap & Chic, Yoox $538
white with melon trim shoulder bag, J. Crew "Peyton" $395
yellow bamboo handled tote, J. Crew $295
Second row: grey pleat leather s…

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous


Project Design: Yellow Purses

Project Design is our own competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

This week's challenge is the search for a yellow bag. Yellow is a big color right now and it is the perfect, cheerful color for spring.

Horse Tote by stevester

Ruffle Messenger by MABeLhandbags

Cheery Velour Tapestry Handbag by juliasews

Suede Leather Messenger Bag by stacyleigh

Large Heart Handbag by TakeWrning

more at

Eco-Fashion at Shopbop

Shopbop joined the green movement in late 2007. They don't have specified requirements for how their merchants must be green, some use organic materials while others use recycled, but all the designers have bios on Shopbop if you want to learn more.

Unfortunately, all they are offering right now are eco-friendly tees, casual dresses and sneakers. Since I don't spend my life running to yoga, I'm not too thrilled. Thankfully, Shopbop plans to expend that section of their store to include more formal and professional wear within 2008. Since I don't see myself shelling out so much money for clothing I'll only wear on weekends for house cleaning, I'm going to wait until Shopbop's eco-friendly section is a bit more fleshed out.
To A Flame Tee by EDUN $55

Hidden Beauty

The sun was shining so brightly through my bedroom window this morning that I checked my closet three times to see if I'd left the light on. Spring is here. While snow may cling to the ground in spots, the sun is reclaiming the day.

I celebrated the robins and daffodils with not-boots. Soon, I can celebrate with peep toes. Peep toes mean I need to break out the nail polish so everything is glam when people complement me on my footwear.

Do you paint your toes all year round, or only when people can see them?

Dress Up Your Curves: Cute Clearance Dresses

This time of year is when the bargin basement clearance comes out. You can get things super cheap, like these great dresses. This is the time of year when well-made, beautiful clothes are sold cheap because it really is the end of the season. Here a a few stunning dresses at a great price.

This Victorian Jade Smocked Knit Dress from Old Navy is only 19.99 and is still wearble through much of spring and will still look wonderful next fall and winter.

This vibrant purple wrap dress from IGIGI has all the fun of spring and summer with a winter clearance price of $45, over half off.

This Modal dress from Kiyonna doesn't come in at quite the savings of the other dresses, but the quality and cuddlability of the fabric is worth the price of $89.50 because you will enjoy wearing this for years.

Funky Office Attire

I've never worked for a retailer that required I wear their product. I've never worked in food service and had to don a uniform. The internet retailer I work for now doesn't care what I wear so long as it's neither a safety nor a human resources hazard. For all you know, I could be blogging in sweat pants and curlers. (My college roommate, I am sure, is laughing her head off at that mental picture.) Of course, I'm wearing no such thing. My usual work attire is classic professional with a funky twist. I usually achieve this look with the aid of off-kilter belts, scarves, brooches, necklaces, bold patterns or funky shoes. Unless you have to wear a strict uniform, these ideas should be adaptable on some level for your workplace.

This look is all about the wildly patterned scarf. Almost all the pieces I used are designer (the Pucci scarf alone is $260), but this outfit is easily replicated on a budget. If you have a simple dress, head to your local Goodwill and pick up …

Etsy Shop of the Week: Gr0glmann

Gr0glmann creates funky LEGO and board game inspired jewelry. His creations are bright, playful and original.

He began the shop 8 months ago and has been going strong since. Gr0glmann tries to capture the nostalgia of childhood in a new, creative way. The creations range from Sorry necklaces to LEGO link bracelets. Some of Gr0glmanns favorites include the LEGO minifigs like Indiana Jones and the Scrabble Jewelry. The LEGO Octopus necklaces are his most popular items.

Visit Gr0glmann's shop to bring a little piece of your childhood into your waredrobe. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for just ask, he take custom orders.

"One of the coolest [special orders] I've done is a LEGO engagement ring box with a LEGO man that looked like the guy proposing inside for a couple of LEGO fanatics." said Gr0glmann.

I love the playfulness of this shop, and it brings back good memories.

LEGO Adjustable Robo-Rings $5.99

Photo courtesy of Gr0glmann

1940s & 1950s Inspired Swimsuits

If you found this post via Google and are bummed that it's not current, fear not. Most of these suits are still for sale at the same stores. (You may have to poke around if the links don't work.) We also have a 2009 retro swimsuit post.

I know several girls who love to be sexy but don't want to show every inch of skin. Swimsuit season can be a hard if you're not into strings, barely there triangles, and a waxing kit. Thankfully, retro love has extended to the beach with many swimsuits recalling the bathing beauty pinups of World War II. These suits are great for busty woman in need of extra support, and several come in plus sizes. All are modeled after vintage bathing suits but are made with easy and comfortable modern fabrics.
First row: black cherry print one piece "Bette", Pin Up Girl Clothing $68
white halter swim dress, Esther Williams Swimwear, Retro Dress $65
red skirted suit "Marilyn", Pin Up Girl Clothing $72
Second row: turquoise one piece, Sto…

Save or Splurge: Evening Shoes

Evening shoes are not a typical part of my life. I own one pair of black satin-y shoes with really high heels that I've worn maybe twice. I can usually get away with dress-y shoes without going all the way to evening shoes. This makes evening shoes probably my only shoe save. The only problem is the comfort level. Cheap evening shoes are not the best shoes, but for the number of time I wear them, saving seems more logical. Plus, not every evening shoe takes you to every evening event and matches every evening dress. There may not be a perfect classic here depending on how adventurous you get. What about you? Will you splurge to get the perfect shoe for that perfect dress? Or do you save with a simple pair that will get you by when you need to wear evening shoes?

If you are the splurge type these Sergio Rossi Suami shoes are a stunning $634.00.

The Horror: Mom Skirt

I've seen suburban moms wear skirts like this when they want to dress formal but not too formal, like for a PTA meeting. "Lace is so classy like my mom, but then the denim will make me look hip and with it." A word of advice for those moms: this skirt is hideous. The floral, animal, and lace patterns are visual chaos. (Why is it that a woman who wears a skirt like this would be the same woman who wouldn't wear black and white stripes and polka dots?) If I start in on the fact that it's essentially a denim mini with a vampy grandmother's bathrobe sewn onto the bottom in an effort to demurely cover the legs, I might snap. So let's talk about her belt. It serves no purpose. It's not even visual interest because it's the exact same color as her shirt. In fact, it may even be attached. What do you think is the worst part of this look?