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The Emmys and VMAs by the Numbers

The VMAs were Sunday and the Emmys were Monday. The fashion at these two event could not have been further apart, so I'm going to mash them together in one post. Why? Because the VMAs demand wildness, sex and questionable taste and the Emmys a tricky best-dressed-classic-yet-modern dance. Yet it's almost all boring and predictable. (Thank you Teyonah Parris and Kate Walsh for injecting the weekend with some memorable style!) Let's do some fashion math. We're trying to solve these questions: How much sex does a pop star have to sell if all the other pop stars are peddling the same sex? Can any outfit be shocking when it all feels so staged? What is it about actresses that makes them cling to fashion safety? Is it because singers are selling their personality to the crowd but actresses are selling a blank slate to a casting director? Being on a worst dressed list -- always a possibility if you're trying something new -- doesn't seem to affect a singer's sale

Project Runway S13 E3: 20 Years

Week three brings a look back and ahead. To celebrate 20 years of Marie Claire, the designers were challenged to predict what fashion would be doing 20 years from now. But first, we got to see what our judges and host were doing 20 years ago. Heidi was just starting out in modeling. Nina was running around getting coffee and belts at a fashion magazine. Tim was 12(!) years into his stint at Parsons. Zac was 14 and just started to get into fashion. (I was 9 and very concerned with the sorry state of clothes available to most of my dolls, Also, I really wanted this outfit for my American Girl doll, Samantha). The future turns out to be a bit underwhelming according to most of the designers. Amanda had immunity after last week.  She wanted to follow up with some thing grand by taking risks. However, before declaring her safe the judges called her out on her rather disjointed look. To see hers and the rest of the safe designers' looks click through the slideshow below: View this

Bags for Fall 2014

A reader with a lust for bags asked us what will be the hottest handbag trend this fall. Honestly, nothing will be the trend. A few years ago, the runway was full of bags you could stuff the models in. This season, it's all over the map from clutches to backpacks, minimal to rococo. The only thing that will create a trend what we all decide to buy. While I'm sure young cool kids will be all about drawstring bucket bags to go with their grunge revival look, I'd like to suggest structured bags as the non-hipster look for Fall 2014. Unlike bucket bags which always look casual, a structured bag offers a counter point to the slouchy weekend wear that's currently popular. Plus, they look right with the long skirts and simple tops that are in season. If you're worried about looking too prim, buy a bag in an unexpected color, in a print, or with a whimsical detail. Top: black and white woven bow bag, Betsey Johnson on Amazon $98 neon yellow cross-body, ASOS $43.56 teal

Project Runway S13 E2: Movie Magic

Apologies for the delay in recaps. I'm blaming the fact that my hometown was briefly underwater last week and we've been cleaning. OK, enough with the excuses. On to the Runway . The usual thoughts: I hate team challenges I hate when they combine unconventional materials with team challenges because I would rather see what they do on their own. I hate when they are judged in teams I hate that teams happen this early in the season. Immunity should not be offered prior to a team challenge.  I really hate team challenges. For week two the designers headed to the movie where they picked up strange move-related materials. Overall, this was a pretty good week for the runway. Most of the designers really tried use the most unconventional materials in interesting ways. One new feature I like is showing a vote on who the designers think will win and go home. They predicted Fade would win and Angela would go home. They were wrong on both accounts. Heidi told Team Blue that Se

Love or Loathe: Bags That Look Like Not-Bags

One of the cheekier trends to hit the fall runways was purses that look like something other than a purse: see Moschino's fast food containers or Chanel's grocery baskets. I've seen animals , lips , and several cupcakes . becca still wants a purse once featured on Project Runway that looks like a mace. The trend is very pop art, but I'm not a fan. It would have to be something that really enchants me, like a book clutch or a police call box, for me to jump on this bandwagon. Pizza boxes ? No, thank you. I'm not Kelly Kapowski cool . How do you feel about bags that look like something other than bags? What shape would they have to take to draw you into the trend, especially since the trend may not make it to spring?

Project Runway Season 13!

Project Runway is back! And guys, I totally missed it. I don't know how. I haven't missed a premiere since season two started. How did I miss it?! Anyway, I apologize for the slightly behind schedule recaps, but I will catch up! Here we go, head first into season 13. Lucky 13, as Tim put it. The season decides to open by showing us 18 designers and making them audition for the 15 spots. Honestly, they could just introduce us to them quickly in a straightforward way and cut to the challenge, but why be simple when you can be a show on Lifetime? The first challenge follows traditional "get to know the designers' point of view" style. They were challenged to create a look from what there finale collection would be if they were to make it today. The catch? (Because there is always a catch). They had to make these looks from the fabrics enclosed in a trunk of five fabrics. Not all the trunks were the same so designers had to trade and bargain. They also h