Project Design: The Owlery

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Ever since Jael Paris did the awful thing of loaning me the first three Harry Potter books (rendering me completely unproductive), I've been contemplating my need for a pet owl. I'm now half-way through the fifth book, and with all the buzz about the latest movie, I want an owl more than ever. So which one should I get?

Owl on Branch by AnabellaDesigns
cut out owl pendant from etsy

Hedwig The Owl Earrings by ZuzusPetalsCreations
hedwig the owl earrings from etsy

owls the second earrings by foamywader
fire owl earrings from etsy

Little Pine Owl Necklace by sweetberrybird
owl on a pine branch necklace from etsy

Owl Pendant by SilverBeyondOrdinary
sliver owl pendant necklace from etsy

Mellow Yellow Owlet by RachelleD
owl and yellow flower necklace from etsy

Kawaii Yellow Owl Pendant by MaruMaru
kawaii yellow owl necklace from etsy

hoot hoot necklace by chainchainchained
owl in a tree necklace from etsy


Anonymous said…
those are all so cute!
Anonymous said…
Hi! Thanks so much for posting my owl necklace! :)

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