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Fashionably Late with Stacy London

Tonight the third episode of Fashionably Late with Stacy London aired on TLC tonight. Stacy opened by introducing us to the practical fashions of the Pepper Spray Ring and the fugly fashions of Glow Fur, a choice that made me sincerely question Stacey's taste.

Odd fashion picks aside, the show has a fun set-up. It's all a girls night out complete with special cocktails and little cafe tables instead of stadium seating. Fashionably Late is more of a fashion party with lots of shiny give-aways than a fashion talk show.

My favorite segment of the show is "My Life in Five Outfits." Stacy asks her celebrity guests to share five defining outfits in her style life.

What five outfits would best highlight your style journey?

Also, log on to Fashionably Late's website and take a quick style quiz to test your fashion IQ.

Sale Alert: Macy's Friends and Family/Perfect Gift Sale

Right now through Monday, Macy's is giving you their employee discount—20% off everything in the store (expect cosmetics, fragrances and a few other little things.)

This means Coach, Dooney and Burke, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, BCBG, Guess, Juicy Couture, Cole Hann, Kenneth Cole, and a bunch of other designer brands are 20%. Even watches and jewelry, stuff that doesn't normally go on sale, is on sale. When is the last time you saw a Coach bag for 20% off?

Go buy shoes, handbags, dresses, belts, watches, jewelry, and jeans for every one on your Christmas list, and, of course, for yourself. Just ask a Macy's Associate for the coupons. They'll give them to you and you can keep using them until the sale ends.

Happy Shopping.

Win a $5000 Shopbop Shopping Spree!

All you have to do to win $5000 worth of whatever you want from is sign up for their email list. If you recommend five friends who also enter the contest, you'll get five additional entries. Contest ends December 31, 2007, and the winner will be announced January 10, 2008. Open to U.S. residents only. If I win, should I buy this Luella tote or this Marc by Marc Jacobs coat? Oh, with $5000 I could get both and have money to spare!

Book Lover Earrings

The first pieces of furniture I bought for my apartment were bookcases. I have a total of five, and I need more. Needless to say, I'm in love with these paper book earrings from The Literacy Site store. They are hand made in the Himilayas, and the purchase of a pair helps both exiled Tibetians and provides a book for a child. That's a lot of good for $14.95.

Macy's version of Last Spring's Prada

The funky mini on the left is $58.00 from Macy's. The dress on the right is from the Spring 2007 Prada show, and most likely cost more than my rent. The influence is clear, but it's not an outright ripoff. I rather like this little bohemian number, and think it could be as versital a wardrobe addition as another Macy's dress.

Be Cheap. Look Like a Million.

This belted sundress has been reduced from $74 to $22.20 on That's quite the deal for a dress with this high of an adorable factor!

The orange (one review says red) and teal are perfect for all four seasons. Brighten up your winter by wearing this dress over a black sweater and thick tights. In the fall, you can pair it with tall boots and a cardigan. Come spring, you can break out the 60s swing coats, and in the summer wear it as is!

Style points to Macy's for putting the model in colored shoes. Now where can I find them?

Esty Shop of the Week: VaivaNat

VaivaNat's Felt Gallery is full of earthy jewelry made of wool felt. The felt, she feels, is more warm and inviting than metal jewelry. This Scotland based designer makes delicate flower brooches for a nice price as well as necklaces, cuffs, bracelets and earrings. Not that I needed a reason to tell you about such an amazing store, but I haven't been able to get this Chunky Burned Autumn necklace out of my head for a week. Wouldn't this be absolutely luscious with a little black dress or paired with a silk button up shirt? If you find yourself in love, the necklace is $55.

Project Runway Update: Week Three

Project Runway has done away with the silly challenges which clothing made of garbage so far this year. Instead, they've given the designers real challenges with some pretty good prizes. These challenges are hard too. This week they them design menswear. And not just any menswear, they had to make TV friendly menswear that would flatter the proportions and taste of football player turned Today Show host, Tiki Barber.


The designers were in a frenzy, since most of them have only designed womens wear, menswear and all of its details were foreign territory. In the end Jack won and Carmen was eliminated. During the first episode, I felt that Carmen was a decent designer and hadn't originally thought she would go home this soon. However, as the weeks progressed she didn't show the resourcefulness or quality of design to “make it work.”


It's still too early to make predictions about who will stay and who will go. This a a pretty good crop of designers with…

Give Fashionably: Heifer International

Heifer International may not sound like the most fashionable organization, but it is one that does a lot of good. Heifer provides more than clothing, money or food to families in need all over the world. Heifer provides a way for families to provide those necessities for themselves. Instead of passing out food and blankets, Heifer allows you to purchase animals that will allow families to clothe, feed, and create income.

For example, you can give a Knitting Basket, a gift of two lamas and two sheep. Heifer International recommends give this donation in lieu of giving your dad a seater he won't wear. These four animals will provide plenty of wool for the family to create much needed clothing for themselves and their community. It also provides them with a way to make clothing they will be able to profit from and, therefore, buy things they need for their family. A Knitting Basket cost US$500 or you can purchase a share for US$50.

You can also give A New Beginning Basket, …

Black Sequins For the Party Season

Black sequins have been everywhere this season. They walk a perfect line of tough femininity and edgy sophistication. A few black sequins are a great way to spice up your usual gear, and you won't look like a Vegas showgirl if you wear an entire dress of them. Adding a dash of black sequins is a great way to take an outfit from the office to a party. The key to this look is to keep your silhouettes simple and sleek. Check out the sampling of black sequins items below.

Miniskirt, Victoria's Secret $98
High top sneakers, $34.99
Vest, Twelve by Twelve $26.00
Beret, Wet Seal $10.50
Kisslock purse, $24.00
Court shoe, Oh Deer! $99.00
Sequin trim shift dress, FCUK $218.00
Mini shift, Uban Outfitters $78.00
Purple and black striped tank, Forever 21 $29.80

Bathing Suit Weather

I find my best deals out of season. Once I bought a brand new cashmere sweater in July for $18, and the boutique was just happy to get it off the rack. December is fast approaching which means it's time to look at bathing suits and sandals. Shopbop has some tasty sales in their 70% off section.These adorable denim peeptoes by Mella have been marked down to $28.50 from $95! They also come in a cute stripe. Looks like they have several sizes left.
If you're brave enough to buy a bathing suit without trying it on, this Lisa Curran bikini has been slashed from $160 to $48. Available in small and medium.

Shopbop has variety of high end goods deeply discounted for the season. Ladies, get your shopping fingers ready for some heavy clicking!

Black Friday Report

It may surprise you to know that I, a dedicated shopper, have never gone shopping the day after Thanksgiving. This year, I thought I'd head to the Magnificent Mile in Chicago for some people watching. And there were lots of people.
Going off the number of shopping bags I saw, people over thirty are shopping at Bloomingdale's, twenty at H&M, and teens at Victoria's Secret.
The most crowded place we stopped was Macy's. The one near me is, no exaggeration, the most poorly staffed and pathetically stocked Macy's in the entire Midwest. They do not carry the boots I'm hunting. Surely the Macy's on Michigan Ave. would have them, since I don't want to commit myself to hunting an item I've never tried on. But no. The manager of the shoe department told me that they stock, at most, 10% of what is on their website. (Has anyone else encountered this? If something is online only, they should say that on the website. And only selling something in your flagship …

Gift Guide: Comfy Feet with Foot Petals

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite fashionista? Perhaps people are already asking you what you want for the holidays? Foot Petals would be both practical and stylish!These little cushions will keep your tooties from sliding, rubbing, and most importantly, hurting! They are available in a variety of colors and shapes for different shoe problem areas. You can buy individual petals or a whole survival kit. Foot Petals also makes products for men.
Stilletto Stylist Kit $44.95

Target Challenge: Holiday Party Dresses

The Holiday party season is here. Of course, your little black dress with appropriate accessories will get you through, but if you're looking for an excuse to buy some new dresses, holiday parties are a good one.

Target has dresses for all the different parties, the office party, your parents party, and the party that goes all night.

This red wrap dress is a great office party piece. Since its a classic wrap it will also be a great addition to your wardrobe.

These two Isaac Mizrahi dresses are book great for the party your parents are throwing. They are cute, classic holiday dresses that can easily translate into everyday wear the rest of the year.

This ruffled taffeta dress is a great party dress that will be sure the stand out. The ruffles have a festivity that is a little more subtle yet unexpected next to the sequins and sparkles usually seen at holiday parties.

Walk on the Wild Side

Animal prints have been everywhere this winter, giving you several ways to show people you're a pretty kitty (or zebra or snake or giraffe). Choose your level of wild with some of our picks below.
Leopard print coat, Twelve by Twelve $59.00
Echo leopard print scarf, Macy's $38.00
Prari Elle zebra flats $199.00
Steve Madden Lezlie giraffe pumps $79.96
Snake print bangle, Target $8.99
Satin zebra maxi dress, Forever 21 $29.80
INC jewel-trimmed animal print tunic, Macy's $59.25

Just remember to wear these bold prints in moderation!

Dress Sale at FCUK

FCUK has some cute minidress marked down over 50%. Each one would be great to pair with colored tights and knee high boots. Some of them could work for the upcoming holiday party season. (Won't you look cute under the mistletoe!) It looks like there are plenty of sizes and colors left.
My favorite is the Lookout dress in cobalt blue. It's a simple comfy teeshirt dress with feminine flora details. Machine wash and available for $49.99

Lost Gloves Found

Missing pens go to the Ballpoint Planet. Lost socks are eaten by the monster in your dryer. Your other black pump is under the pile of clothes in the back corner of your closet. And your missing necklace is in a safe place—so safe that you can't remember where it is. But where is that missing glove?

I have a collection of odd gloves. These gloves can be fun for snowball fights or those days where I don't want my gloves or socks to match. (You know, those Punky Brewster days). However, those days aren't very often. I usually like to have matching gloves, but I always lose one.

Antropologie has the answer — Lost and Found Gloves:

These elbow-length, striped gloves come in raspberry and turquoise, but the real magic is they come in a triplet rather than a pair. That means you have one extra glove if you lose one. You just have to remember where you stored the extra glove. $38 at Antroplogie.

The Hunt

A coworker of mine is currently in mourning over her favorite pair of shoes, yellow suede Franco Sarto ballet flats, which her boyfriend mistakenly donated to Goodwill. She explained that it's not the shoes she'll miss so much as the prize. She, like me, is a fashion hunter. She stalked, caressed and hunted her prey until, in a moment of weakness, they fell from $75 to $20. Consider this the female equivalent of hanging a mounted animal head on the wall.

Winter is here, and I am on the hunt once again. My prey is a good pair of tall leather boots that will last me over seven Great Lakes winters. More specifically, I'm laying in wait for these brown, Frye Adrienne boots to drop down from $401.95 on Zappos.
Are you a fashion hunter? Tell us what you're chasing, and maybe we can help you take it down.

Be Cheap. Look Like a Million.

This plunging rust dress with turquoise and yellow waist details can be paired with a cami for day and worn alone at night. The heavy beading right at the waist will help disguise any lumps and bumps you may be self-conscious of while the v-neck will elongate your torso. Available at Forever 21 for $39.80.

Etsy Shop of the Week: cserdan

Etsy is a crafty web community where artists of all mediums (including the wearable kind) can sell their wares. Being bloggers and art groupies, we at Fashion Me Fabulous admire this creative independent spirit, and would like to introduce you to some of our favorite stores.

Cserdan is a jeweler from Canada. Her earthy jewelry is made of polished semi-precious stones and silver. She says, "I love to draw inspiration from this crazy beautiful planet we live on. Shifting lights, colours, textures, places and experiences are woven into each piece." Some of the beads are textured, and all of the colors pop like candy. Any of her work would be a great statement piece to add to a wardrobe.

Himalayan Sun bracelet $40.00

Add Pasazz to Your Closet

Image is an online hub for all things plus size. The site focuses on plus size clothing guides and features sites with everything from plus size swim wear and lingerie to plus size formal and bridal wear. There is even a section for big and tall men.

Pasazz isn't just for finding great clothes; it offers tips and articles, a curvy newsletter, and books for curvy girls. There are also articles on plus size celebrities; who doesn't want to take a few style tips for Queen Latifah lately or even Mae West.

If your searching for anything plus size, search Pasazz. Check out their blog for sale watches, fashion tips and ideas.

Win What You Want At Sephora

When was the last time you updated your make up and skin care regime? Enter Sephora's Wish Come True Sweepstakes and you could win $300 of what your heart desires. Browse the Sephora website for something you want, then enter your contact info and the item info at the contest page. The makeup mecca is giving away seven prizes. Contest ends December 20th.

For those of the "go big or go home" mindset:
Professional grade GHD styler $240
No!No! thermal hair remover $250
Travel brush set by NARS $170

And for those of you who aren't so greedy:
6 shadow pallet by Dior $49.50 (Fashion Me Fabulous' very own becca raves about Dior eye makeup.)

Stella McCartney's vegan 5 benefits moisturizing cream $76
Prada's signature women's perfume $49-$95

What do you wish for?

Give Fashionably – Dress for Success

Dress for Success provides women with the tools they need to become economically independent. They realize the importance of professional attire in the workforce. Along with current, professional suits and work wear, Dress for Success provides ongoing support for the women after they find jobs, career guidance, and training to get them through the challenges that they'll face during the first month of work.

Founded a decade ago, Dress for Success has helped over 400,000 women worldwide. Women must be referred to the program and undergo an interview process before receiving clothings. Dress for Success isn't just handing out new clothes, they are providing new lives for these women.

Donating stylish, professional clothing is just one way to support Dress for Success. Monetary donations and volunteered time from individuals and companies also help Dress for Success provide the programs they do for the women they touch.

Visit their website to learn more and find a location ne…

Win a Weekend of Shopping in Paris!

Are you a tech savvy fashionista? Do you want to get the latest news from Vogue sent straight to your cell phone? If so, sign up now and you'll be entered into a change to win a weekend getaway to Paris complete with a $1000 shopping spree. You must be a resident of the US and over 18 to register. Contest ends December 4, 2007.

Hey, fashionista with the typewriter and record player, stop pouting. You can sign up without having alerts sent to your cell.

$500 Boot Shopping Spree!

Piperlime is giving away a $500 shopping spree. Just click the link, provide your email information and cross your fingers. Twenty eight grand prizes are up for grabs. Contest ends December 9, 2007.

Don't forget to start dreaming about which boots to buy with the loot!
For a Victorian feel, check out these green and brown button boots by Alberto Fermani.
If slouchy boho is your thing, the gray suede flat Birkin by Bettye Muller should be right up your alley. Also available in chocolate.
If you harbor space princess fantasies like I do, join me in ogling these white suede Lucia boots by Claudia Ciuti. Aren't the buttons and folds a great, grown-up take on ruffles? They're also available in black.
Monica by Claudia Ciuti has a classic shape with stylish quilting detail (how very Chanel!)
The two-tone Diba by Taryn Rose combines Victorian, mod and the of-the-moment spat look all in one sexy mid-height boot.
You can let your inner dominatrix loose with the black patent and suede Valo…

Bravo! Project Runway is Back.

Bravo is providing some seriously fashionable programming.
Project Runway came back tonight with a bang. The competition is even tougher this year. The designers have more fashion experience and exposure than some of the past contestants. Many of them are working fashion or costume designers, former models, or otherwise connected to the worlds of fashion and art. They have varied interests from swimming to making 30 foot marionettes. In fact, Tim Gunn said he was sure this was the strongest group yet. The stakes are higher too. The winning designer will get to sell their designs on, a new sponsor of the show.

In stead of re-purposing the clothes they were wearing or making clothing out of garbage, the designers were challenged to create a garment that expressed who they were. They used exquisite fabrics donated by Mood. Of course hey had to race across a large yard to three tents and grab all the fabric they could. What fun would it be if they didn't have to do s…

How to Wear a Winter Hat

Winter hats can be tricky, especially for a curly haired girl like me. (Flat frizzy curls are no good). Allure Magazine interviewed Anna Sui about the best way to wear a winter hat.
Sui recommends:
-Wearing a hat that's matches your hair color
-Get the right fit—not tight enough to crease your hair yet not loose enough to fall off
-Personalize your hat with broaches, ribbons and other accessories
Also, browse the men's department for oversize hats or to get in on the menswear trend
Personally, I like this oversized pullover hat by Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl's. It fit's well over my curls (and ears) and will be fun to personalize.

Convertible boots

I am madly in love with the Matiko 5 Way Boot now 50% off at Urban Outfitters. What girl didn't play with her Barbies and dream of having a ball gown that turned into a mini dress with the pull of a sting? Now all that Barbie versatility is captured in boot form!
As I've mentioned before, I have an unheathly love for white boots. However, I think I could wear white leather. (If you're not as brave or foolhardy as me, they also come in navy, gray and brown with different accent colors.) Fold down the top completely for a sleek pirate look, or show off those stripes in different configurations. Boots are leather and suede with a rubber sole. $124.99 at Urban Outfitters.

The Target Challenge: Everyday Dress Coats

I've been looking for a everyday dress coat—nothing too fancy, but nothing too casual. Target has a ton of coats ranging from classic looks to some of the trendy stuff. I actually had a hard time choosing which coats to feature because I found a lot I really liked.

This double breasted belted coat is classic in five colors. Although, the oxygen blue color gives it a fresh, bold look. It costs $49.99.

Target's tapestry coat with it's faux fur collar is an elegant dress coat. The shape and length are very flattering. This stand out coat comes in four colors and costs $79.99.

This coat is only available at The mismatched buttons, houndstooth print, flap pockets, and high collar give it a young trendy look. It is also the most expensive coat a $89.99.

The three side buttons and high collar on this long wool jacket give it an elegant look. The length is nice for a dress coat or for running errands. It comes in four colors and is on sale for $49.99

This double br…