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Ode to Black Skinny Jeans

Last year for Halloween I wanted to be Death from the Sandman comics . To do this, I needed black pants. This seems like a straightforward clothing item that I would already have, but you're assuming I'm the kind of person who can find pants that fit. I'm not that kind of person. I really don't own many pants. Because I hate shopping for pants, and because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on pants I probably wouldn't wear often, I grabbed these black skinny jeans on super sale at Target. I think I paid $14. They are usually $28. They fit OK, which is better than most pants fit. They were actual skinny pants not leggings. They were cheap. They were black. I figured they would work for Halloween and maybe I would wear them on cold days at work if they didn't fall down too much. (They fall down a little). It turns out these jeans, despite all the stretch in them, really shape to your body. After wearing the Halloween costume a few places, the pants ha

Pick of the Week: Dip-hem Skater Dress

This is a power dress. It's the sort of simple dress with an eye-catching detail that lets your inner star shine. It's all about the skirt with it's sexy-sweet dip, abundant pleats and beautiful movement. It's hard to not feel stunning when your skirt swishes. The top is so plain and modest, you can really style it however you want. Red heels and a simple gold necklace? Lovely. Biker boots and a cropped tee? Why not? Beige ballet flats and a silk scarf? Perfect. There are a few black versions left, but I'm partial to the skin and eye-highlighting blue. This dress is $90 at ASOS and worth it .