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Dr. Brennan Would Correct These: Skeletal Style

I love Halloween. Sure, the candy is yummy, and the costumes are fun. But those aren't the real reasons I love this holiday. I love that retail gets creepy. I have a thing for pairing skulls and skeletons with my girly dresses and Mary Jane heels. Last year, I bought a skull shirt with a skull design made from butterflies and salad servers that look like two long skeleton arms. I wear and use these things year round. So take advantage of the macabre fare (and the costume make-up, eyelashes and accessories that go on clearance tomorrow) available now and stock up for the year to come.

I Have a Bone to Pick With You. by fashionbeccafabulous featuring sheer tops
Skeleton Print Dress, Modcloth, $69.99
Skull Collar Shirt, Modcloth, $44.99
Skull Print Skirt, Topshop, $40
Ribcage Tee, Urban Outfitters, $28
Skeleton Leggings, Topshop, $50
Skull Cardigan, Modcloth, $49.99

I Have A Bone To Pick With Your Accessories by fashionbeccafabulous featuring grey scarves
Sailor Ballerina …

Shoe Trends to Expect in Spring

With a couple ugly, glaring exceptions (Looking at you Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Vivienne!), the platform didn't make waves on this spring's runway. I don't think this means the fabulous summer espadrille is going anywhere, but after nearly a decade of platform dominance, it's a significant shift.

And where are we shifting? Stream-lined pointy-toed shoes. Being both short and the owner of two small feet, I can get away with some degree of leg-lengthening points before I veer into clownish territory, but I know some women don't feel they can wear pointy toes at all. And and severe, toe-crushing point really has no place anywhere, in my opinion.

Are you excited about the passing of the platform? Are you thrilled about pointy toes? Will this be a factor for consideration when you buy shoes for fall? What is your favorite shoe trend ever?

$150 Challenge: Fall in Teal and Pink

As I've been doing for the past couple of weeks (week 1, week 2), I've copied one of Jael Paris' fall inspiration looks and turned it into an outfit you can obtain for under $150. Once again, Jael puts these looks together with shape, color and style in mind rather than price. She doesn't intend for you to buy all the pieces. Rather, she hopes you'll find inspiration for your own wardrobe. This is why her fall teal and pink look costs $2,638.

Fall in Teal and Pink by fashionmefabulous
To copy the look I went for a similar military style jacket. To keep costs down I used a very basic pant. Pink shoes are a bit tricky for fall, but I found a lovely pair of coral flats that looked great with the teal. The top in Jael's set only costs $26, but that would have put me $6 over my $150 limit so I found a $10 sweater shell at Target (But you face no obligation to stay under $150 so you could easily swap my sweater for Jael's top. You probably had the basic pants or s…

I Like Big Belts

After five years of blogging, I've covered 10 seasons of fashion shows, not including Resort, Pre-fall, and Couture. Year after year, I'm always pleased to see big statement belts. Alexander McQueen had some of the best last year, large silver petals cinching delicate organza and snowy furs. A belt covers a breadth of clothing problems and is easy to grab on a day when you can't think beyond your favorite jersey dress.
bug belt, ASOS $26.39
silver locking U belt, ASOS $21.11 (sale) Also available in gold.
beaded cummerbund, Arden B. $34
plate and spike belt, ASOS $26.39
bow belt, ASOS $26.39
silver and gold bead stretch belt, Anthropologie $19.95 (sale)

The Horror: Street Style

First of all, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with these clothes. What bothers me is that these are street style photos from snapped during Fashion Week and posted as an example of the best everyday looks fashionistas have to offer.
I live in Northern Indiana. South Bend, home of the University of Notre Dame, is not a small town, but Amish farms are only an hour away. Nearby, Elkhart is a factory town with some of the worst unemployment in the country. A guy said to me once that he didn't understand my outfit because I couldn't muck a stable in it. He was completely serious.

People here, and throughout the Midwest, dress practically. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, some of fashion's most loved items -- trench coats, blue jeans, biker boots -- were born from sheer practicality. While many people here manage to look professional and put-together, many more wear their worst clothes to work because the chances of ruining something with welding…

This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous


Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Premiere

Last night, season 2 of Project Runway All Stars premiered with a new cast from season past, a new host--Carolyn Murphy, and newer, bigger prizes.

Our new host is no Heidi. She's still a bit shaky and uneasy. She also struggled on the judging panel. It's difficult to pull off host and judge. That's why most reality shows employ multiple people for the roles. Heidi does it because she's Heidi, but I think the All Stars producers would do well to break from format in the future. Thankfully, we still have Joanna Coles filling Tim Gunn's role for the all stars. She didn't get much time to talk last night, but she was already there to tell the designers just where they were failing.

Our cast is must different from last season. The first edition of all stars gave us a cast that mostly finished near the top of their seasons. In fact, only one member of the season one cast, Elisa Jimenez who was eliminated first, didn't finish fifth or higher.  This season, we ha…

Paris Fashion Week SS13: Balenciaga, Haider Ackermann, Rue du Mail

Balenciaga felt a bit toned down this year. The focus was on textiles, details, and a far more sensual woman than we've seen since the brand's revival. Even the accessories were less wild. I'm not sold on the block heel, but I'd love to have the canister bags and those crazy gold rings.

Haider Ackermann has me drooling. The tailoring, the fabrics, the prints, the layers, the dark use of polka dots. Oh, yes, please. The show kept spring dark with in shade of black grey and navy. In fact, it hardly read as a spring show at all. But I don't care. I want it.

Rue du Mail took on a mash up of the sixties and geometry. If you smash it all together you'll probably get a very cool and rather retro optical illusion.
Image Source:

The Horror: Sexy Halloween

We've taken issue with the "sexy" anything Halloween costume before. We don't understand why everyone uses Halloween as a free pass to dress in a so-called sexy costumes. There is nothing wrong with a little sex appeal, but we prefer more creative costumes than those that come packaged and labeled "sexy". To showcase the horrors the Halloween industry has come up with, I've put together a gallery of strange, un-sexy, confusing, boring and just downright icky Halloween costumes that claim to be alluring. Click through, and tell us in the comments which one scares you the most. (You can read my comments below the pictures).

View this collection on Polyvore The Horror: Slutty Halloween by fashionbeccafabulous on

Paris Fashion Week SS13: Manish Arora, Paco Rabanne

Who: Manish Arora
What it made us think of: India hopped up on candy
What we liked: fish scale armor leggings, sheer leggings, geometric animal heads, jewelry prints, jeweled belts, fish scale everything
What we didn't: Some of this went to a Baby Phat place.

Who:Paco Rabanne
What it made us think of: Captain Kirk is being held captive by a planet of sexy warrior women! Will the crew be able to save him, or will he be forced to make sweet love to these ladies until the end of time?
What we liked: chain mail, gladiator skirts, metallic, purple, 
What we didn't: blinged-out fisherman sandals, thigh-high gladiators, overly chunky metal, the complete lack of Chris Pine

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Your Growing Relationship With Color

On Monday, I said that I own three orange tops (it's actually five because I forgot to include my sweaters). This was not always the case. In fact, it wasn't until college that I was willing to give orange a chance. As a kid, I thought orange was the ugliest color and couldn't understand why anyone would wear it. When I got older, I appreciated the way orange blended with other colors, the warmth it emitted, and the memories of sunsets and fall it evoked. Now it's a wardrobe staple.

Are there any colors that you now love that you used to scorn?

Paris Fashion Week SS13: Jean Paul Gaultier, Balmain

Who: Jean Paul Gaultier
What it made us think of: Pop stars of the 80s
What we liked: shoes, menswear, floral prints, Boy George and Sade
What we didn't: This felt like an anniversary retrospective of Gaultier's career, and therefore felt a bit dated.

Who: Balmain
What it made us think of: A young home-wrecker on the original Dallas
What we liked: stunning woven raffia, diamond pattern, 
What we didn't: 80s power shoulders, high-waisted pleated leather pants, freakishly large shoulders, the feeling that I've seen this before, shoulders that are crazy-big

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Etsy Shop of the Week: GossamerCouture


Why We Love It: The lovely organza masks, collars, cuffs and jewelry are a fascinating mix of dark and delicate. Also, you can buy really cool make-up stencils for additional special effects.

Price Range: $5.50 - $60


Favorite Items: (click through the below gallery to see our favorites)
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Gossamer Couture by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Gold Flower Organza Collar $60; Blue 'Wild' Organza Mask $35; Black 'Wild' Organza Collar $47; Black Organza Asymmetrical Mask $35; Black 'Cityscape' Organza Mask $35; Black Organza Earrings $20; Pink 'Wild' Organza Cuff $20; Animal Print Stencil Set $12; Triangle Makeup Stencil $7; Hearts Makeup Stencil $5.50; Mask in Red Organza-shown with collar (also pictured above) $35

Love or Loathe: Paisley Sneakers

Normally, I'm anti heeled sneakers; however, these wedge sneakers on sale at Anthropologie appeal to me. Perhaps it's the paisley. However, they go off course with the white laces. I'd much rather they had purple or rose ribbon laces.
Do you like these? Would you like them better with some changes or are they the ugliest thing you've ever seen?

Paris Fashion Week SS13: Viktor & Rolf, Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh

Who: Viktor & Rolf
What it made us think of: Pre-Raphaelites move on classic Hollywood.
What we liked: silver pleats, poofy poofs, feminine peplum moto vests, romantic hair, shoes
What we didn't: too many bows, pastels

Who: Rick Owens
What it made us think of: Crumbling medieval murals of angels and demons.
What we liked: unconventional silhouettes, the hair (really), rain coats, gold chain shoes, reptile...thing, fuzzy white material, 
What we didn't: The elastic tops of the dresses looked like a scrunchie.

Who: Gareth Pugh
What it made us think of: Kung fu vampire super villains
What we liked: billowing pants that looked like a cloud of evil smoke, delicate laser-cut leather, hair sticks, sharp shoulders, bell sleeves, high collars
What we didn't: unfinished hems on the pants

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$150 Challenge: Bright Sweater Dress

Just like I did last week, I'm taking on the Jael Paris' fall inspiration sets and creating a similar look for under $150 Challenge. Like I said last time, Jael Paris focuses on style for her inspiration sets rather than price, which is why this look costs $2,200.

Bright Sweater Dress by fashionmefabulous

My look (below) costs only $147.03. I kept the essence of the look by finding a basic bright sweater dress and pairing it with brown neutrals. Jael used a gold beaded statement necklace. Because that was out of my price range, I went for a bold, gold chain necklace in a similar style. I was able to keep the same ring because it only cost $7.82. I also had a few extra dollars so I threw in some tights for extra coziness.

$150 Challenge: Bright Sweater Dress by fashionbeccafabulous

Multi-Chain Necklace, Forever 21, $8.80
Bright Sweater Dress, Old Navy, $29.94
Round Sunglasses, Forever 21, $3.50
Wedge Buckle Boots, Target, $34.99
Croc-Textured Tote, Target, $34.99
Wood and Vin…

Go Baroque This Fall


Paris Fashion Week SS13: Christian Dior, Miu Miu

Who: Christian Dior
What it made us think of: A study of the reflection and absorption of light.
What we liked: I like the shifts, but they're not very Dior.
What we didn't: It's going to be a while before I can be honestly critical instead of emotionally critical about Raf Simons' work. I loved Galliano's historical craziness so much. That said, this show indicates less romanticism in fashion's future. Sad face.

Who: Miu Miu
What it made us think of: A rumpled femme fatal just getting off a seven hour flight and discovering that her luggage has been lost.
What we liked: long pencil skirts, a cape, chambray, jewelry, dramatic eyes
What we didn't: terrible sandals, fur stoles, baby bangs, crop tops, hyper pointy shoes

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My Fall Musts

Now that it's layering season, I've been having all sorts of fun getting dressed. Here are the items I've been reaching for again and again.

I own three orange blouses from posh to casual. Find your perfect orange (mine is rust), because it really makes your skin glow.
basket weave tee, Anthropologie $48 / print top, New York & Co. $27.96 (sale)
A purple scarf pops against falls other colors, especially orange blouses.
skull scarf, ASOS $43 / chain print scarf, Nordstrom $56
With scarves, jackets, thick tights and heavy boots, I lighten things up with a strikingly feminine skirt in a neutral color.
layered pleat skirt, Urban Outfitters $99 (sale) / rose fringe mini skirt, Nordstrom $78
Knee socks are perfect for transition weather. Pull them up when it's cold. Push them down when it's warm. For extra warmth, layer them over tights.
grey, Mod Cloth $17.99 / crochet socks, Sock Dreams $11
Mustard shoes are fall. The end.
flat with black beads, Dreams "Emo" …