How To Wear Red Pants

I literally woke up in the middle of the night thinking about red pants. Particularly, I was thinking about how cute one of those ruffled blouses every woman owns would look paired with red pants and espadrilles.
It occurred to me that I never think "This outfit would be better with red pants." In fact, while I think of colored skirts and shorts, I never think of colored pants. The only woman I know who even owns a pair of red pants is becca. When I searched for some, most of what I found was a lazy sweat. In truth, you can wear red pants much the way you wear khakis -- with everything.
We've discussed how to pair red and pink, but two other color combinations may give you cause for concern, the first being how to wear red with blue and look neither like an uber patriot nor a sailor. Lesson one: avoid stars and stripes completely. Lesson two: no canvas, rope or gold buttons allowed. Avoid those pitfalls and you should look nothing but stylish. (It never hurts to add a third color either.)
"But, Jael," you're thinking, "I can't wear red and green without looking Christmasy." Not true. True red and evergreen certainly bring images of carolers and eggnog to mind, but red with olive or mint or lime are all viable options. Plus a print can go a long way to dispelling holiday recollections. In this outfit, I chose a springy floral print top in mint. becca's been playing with this color combination for months now, and I took her advice of making it intentional with additional items of green and red as well as mixing in a third color.

Would you give red pants a go?


Anonymous said…
Love the last style board, but I'm a sucker for romantic color palletes.

I have a pair of rusty red jeans. For a casual look, I wear them with an Aude dark grey burnout tee and converse. I love it! I accessorize with a gold tassel necklace and maybe a few bangles.

To dress it up, patent black heel and a vintage black beaded top. All gold jewelry.

Good times.
Bronwyn said…
wow!! looks amazing!
i never would have concidered buying red pants before now i want to rush out and buy some
Awesome! These outfits are great! I made some outfits with red pants as well - check it out:
Anonymous said…
I just bought some red pants...I love the nude color to style it with..

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