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The Power of Looking Silly

I recently ran across this quote:
"There is power in looking silly and not caring that you do." - Amy Poehler

When I get dressed in the morning, "looking silly" is rarely (but not never) my goal. However, the fear of looking silly has dictated a lot of fashion choices, social choices and general lack of risk-taking choices throughout my life. When you looked silly, you got laughed at. The other girls at school told you were you ugly and whispered loudly (and within earshot) about how silly you looked. You got weird looks. You didn't get asked to the party. You didn't fit in.

The truth is, I probably look silly to a lot of people because of the way I dress. I'm sure pink tights and purple Mary Jane shoes aren't expected when I go some places. I know I go overboard when I play with color or accessories. I would expect to end up in the the back of a magazine with a black line over my eyes occasionally if I lived in a place with more fashion street p…

Project Runwas S12 E6 in 12 Thoughts or Less

1. Tim Gunn wore a camouflage suit. 
2. I'm not a fan of the word "Glamping" it sounds a bit ridiculous, but it I ever have to go camping again, please sign me up for this glamping. It looks fancy and less nature-y.

3. This week's episode was brought to us by bottled water. Nestle Resource water to be specific. I want to congratulate the ad sales people on their ability to make anything tie into Project Runway. That's some sales talent.

4. The designers had to make a look inspired by nature, but not for being in nature. I liked this challenge because it resulted in some lovely clothes. We also really focused on fashion in this episode. Even if you rarely watch the show, go on Lifetime's website and watch this one. It was a good one. And I liked that they gave the designers a little mini vacation. They needed it after all the drama so far.

5. Speaking of drama, this week had the least amount of it in the workroom. Maybe they should go Glamping more often.

6. I…

Etsy Find of the Week: Color Changing Polish


Find: Ichor Color Changing Handmade Nail Polish in Colors or Black (pictured) for $13.75

Why We Love It: If you have long nails you just have to apply this color changing polish to get an ombre look. It's heat reactive so your body heat turns it clear on your fingers, but at the tips where your nails are cooler you will see the color resulting in a cool ombre effect without all the hassle of painting them that way.

More: InDecisiveLacquer also sells an array of glitter, shimmer and speckled polishes.

Love or Loathe: Platform Wedge Sneakers

Usually, I loathe any sort of heeled sport shoe, but sometimes they catch my by surprise. Maybe it's the retro feel of this one from Pin-up Girl, but I suspect it's the colors that really grabbed me. I have a weakness for shoes that are completely impractical (Give it a few weeks and I'll be wistful about dove grey suede boots.), and white wedges just scream for attention from dirt. There is a black version of these shoes with a leopard toe and a blue version with a pink wedge, but neither is as interesting as the mint and white. I would love to wear these with a sundress or with rolled jeans and a lace top. Are these cute, of should I go back to bed?

Can You Call Yourself Beautiful?

In the book City of Bones, the main character, Clary, is a striking girl who doesn't know she is pretty.  She doesn't know because she is certain that only girls who look like they could be on Maxim's Hot 100 are pretty. This is sadly very common among teenagers and adult women alike, but there appears to be a different response to each when bucking this idea.

There are many movements to encourage women to think of themselves as beautiful. It is empowering to reject the ideal of the large chested blonde, and really know that you are pretty too. However, this appears to be okay for only adult women who are speaking from a point of both maturity and world weariness.

For teenagers, their inner shark instinct kicks in and a girl saying she is beautiful (or even just cute enough) leaves herself open to Mean Girl attacks. In so much media shoved at teenagers, any girl who thinks she is pretty is high-maintenance, selfish, and mean. Unless she goes through a makeover at some poi…

Professional Fashion Must-Haves for College Students

I'm seeing dorm must-haves and college necessities everywhere. Don't forget your 85 different small electronics. Make sure you have the tiny k-cup brewer. Don't forget the elaborate and colorful storage system! (Not really, you can get by without a lot of that stuff). As far as campus chic goes, most ads only seem to recommend jeans, hoodies and class-ready PJs. Now, I wore a lot of jeans and tees in college. In a fit of extreme lateness/illness I did wear pajama pants to class once, but I usually put on real clothes for the days of studying and too many extracurriculars. The truth is college students need professional attire too. And they could benefit from it more often than they think. Note: This information differs based on your major. If you are business or pre-law, consider suits and classic business attire. If you are flinging paint around a studio, dress to be splattered.

Class Chic
Some classes are going to demand more professionalism from you. You can't ju…

Project Runway S12 E5 in 12 Thoughts or Less

1. Project Runway seems to be doing an unconventional materials season. I love unconventional materials, but I also like to see what they can make out of real fabric. And for an unconventional challenge, this was rather unremarkable. I didn't have any "Wow, they made a dress out of ice cream sandwiches and hair spray bottles?!" moments. The possible sources were a grocery store, a vintage wallpaper shop (cool idea but too much like fabric) and a home supply/party store.
2. I think even the producers know we aren't buying the forced product placement. This week the designer had to ride around in a Lexus to get to two of three possible locations. The car didn't have to be used as inspiration, but it could be. Although, it turns out the winning team did draw inspiration from their vehicle.

3. I always wonder if the button bag is rigged. This time they skipped it and just assigned teams.

4. I think additional unconventional materials challenges is enough drama. We do…

Etsy Shop of the Week: UrsulaJewelry


Why We Love It: This jewelry looks like it came from a fairy tale. It's the kind of swirly loveliness only formed by magic and fairies. (In some cases, these are the works of very cool steampunk fairies). Bonus: If you visit her blog, you will find tutorials!

Price Range: $40 - $145

Links:Blog / Facebook

Favorite Items:
(Click through the slideshow to see some of our favorites)
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: UrsulaJewelry by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Amethyst Collar $125; Spice Bracelet $108; Sunshine Island Necklace $98; Violet Brooch $80; Amethyst Brooch $80; Tree Pendant $52; Smoky Wings Earrings $65; Cloud Pendant $68 (also pictured above)

Dressing Professionally On The Cheap (And With a Smidge of Lazy)

The biggest complaint the teachers at my mother-in-law's school are having with their new dress code is money. They believe that they cannot afford clothing of nicer quality than jeans, t-shirts, and foam flip flops. For crying out loud, Starbucks requires its employees to wear khakis or black pants and a black or white non-t top. Clearly, these teachers have never learned to shop. (It is sad how many adults don't know how to compare prices, look for sales, and just generally shop. Clothes, food, home items -- if you buy it regularly, it is worth your time to learn where the deals are.) In case they are really just proffering lame excuses, here are some items all under $45 that you can wear to work:

There is a world outside of jeans. True, dress pants can't take the same wear and tear, but you're not exactly going to be mowing your lawn at work, are you? Pants are really trendy right now too, so stock up on colors and cuts while you can. Target can get you started in …

Go To Work Dressed Like An Adult

Last week, a guy showed up at our mutual place of work in a t-shirt that read "Show Me Your Boobs." (He was sent home.) A friend of mine used to hold an annual meeting explaining to her preschool teachers that stained and torn jeans are not workplace appropriate. The teachers in the school were my mother-in-law works (the school that had to tell teachers leggings are not pants) are threatening a coup against the administration if the ban on foam flip-flops is not lifted.

A thought: Grow up.

Sometimes you don't like the dress code at work. It's work, not happy-go-fun-times. You can either suck it up so you can keep paying your bills or you can look for employment elsewhere. Being told your clothing shouldn't have holes or that your toes should be covered isn't an assault on your personality or freedoms. If you honestly believe it is, you need to, I don't know, read a book and learn how words are defined.

In case you missed Adult 101, here are some hard and…

Pick of the Week: Stalking Birds Sandals

In the spring, a friend sent me a picture of these sandals. I instantly wanted them, but there were selling between $40 and $60. While I was swooning over the adorable chubby birds covering the shoes, I was also saving for a trip to NYC and not willing to dish out $50-ish on  shoes made of some sort of foamy synthetic fabric. I usually only buy shoes built for comfort. While these aren't uncomfortable, I could walk long distances in them. Now, the adorable bird wedges are on clearance at DSW for $19.94, which is totally the kind of price I'd paid for shoes covered in ambiguous* little chubby birds.

*DSW says these are owls, but they kind of look like chubby sparrows to me. Either way, I love them.

Project Runway S12 E4 in 12 Thoughts or Less

1. Sandro is gone! He threw a hissy fit, ran out the door, possibly broke a camera and/or camera person, and never returned. Tim Gunn informed the judges that the left, couldn't be found and was disqualified. I don't really think they looked that hard. 2. Because Sandro left, no one was eliminated. Now they can all create in a Sandro-free environment.

3. Before Sandro left, he inspired Tim Gunn (or Top Gunn as Sandro called him) to say this: "Be yourself... Be Sandro, and I'll be Top Gun."

4. Bow ties were the challenge inspiration, and bow ties are very cool so that was fun!

5. Jeremy's grandmother passed away the day before this challenge so I understand how his garment got doubty (he was doing a tribute). The jacket was lovely and well made. Styling and different pants would have gone a long way (and he is usually good at pants). Also, I'm not sure why he looks amped up in this photo. He was really even keel the whole episode.

6. Bradon won. He wove …

Etsy Shop of the Week: Inedible Jewelry

Shop:Inedible Jewelry

Why We Love It: It's just all so cute. I don't know why jewelry made from food is so adorable, but it is. I love that it's not just fruits and dessert. There are lobsters, popcorn, olives, pretzels and ants on a log. It's quirky and strange and fun, and it kind of goes against that rule "don't play with your food." (Why was that a rule?) Now you can wear your favorite food as jewelry rather than as a stain from spilling lunch.

Price Range: $16 - $34

Links:Blog / Facebook / Twitter

Favorite Items:
Click through the slideshow below to see favorites from this shop.
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Inedible Jewelry by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured:  Cherry Pi Pie Pendant $16; Cheese Plate Necklace $30; Peas and Carrots Earrings $34; Peppermint Earrings $20; Orange Earrings $32; Croissant Earrings $24; Birthday Cupcake Earrings $24; Saltine Earrings $24; Honey Bear Earrings $26; Chocolate Bunny Earrings …

Book Review: Women from the Ankle Down

Women from the Ankle Down: The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us by Rachelle Bergstein, $16 on Amazon.

Numerous cultures have rituals about feet. History is full of examples of shoes being used to restrict a woman's mobility or declare the wearer's social status. I had hoped Women from the Ankle Down would be an interesting history about the development and evolution of women's shoes that touched on some of these topics, but Women is less history and more anecdotes of American pop culture shoe moments.

Sometimes, your result is all about managing your expectations. If you think Carrie Bradshaw is the greatest thing ever, Dorothy's ruby slippers are a sacred object, and John Travolta counts as a woman, you will enjoy this book more than either of us did. (I read it steadily; becca refused to finish.)

Pop culture moments aside, the author did present brief histories of Salvatore Ferragamo, Roger Vivier, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Nine West, and …

Summer Must-Have Clearance


Project Runway S12 E3 in 12 Thoughts or Less

This season I'm recapping Project Runway season 12 in 12 thoughts or less. This week brought us a teams challenge and an unconventional materials challenge.
1. I love unconventional materials challenges.

2. I hate team challenges.

3. Coney Island was a great place for unconventional materials. I like that they had to play games to win their materials (even if the games were rigged for easy wins). I also like that they had to make things out of those cheap carnival prizes.

4. I need this monster sweater. I need it several colors. Need.

5. I have no idea what is going on here.

6. I was sad these pants didn't get a mention. They are made out of inflatable toy material. They fit better than 98% of pants available in stores. Jeremy was on this team. He made great pants in the first episode.

7. The Yoplait product placement was super forced. The designers had to serve Yoplait frozen yogurt to people and collect descriptive words and pick favorite adverbs from the list to inspire a…