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Review: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner

I have a confession. I'm lazy when it comes to makeup. Actually, that's not true. I'm lazy when it comes to mornings. I don't like them. I do everything I can to trim tasks from my mornings so I can swipe my phone alarm to snooze a few more times. Because of this, I'm not one to wear eye makeup (or even makeup) every single day. And I'm always on the lookout for a simple beauty products I can apply while running out the door. I have a second confession. I'm not good at liquid eyeliner. On top of being lazy in the morning, I lack the patience to properly practice. When I first saw liquid liner in a marker format, I got really excited, but the first few drugstore brands I tried let me down. I was reluctant to try a pricier brand lest that disappoint me too. Then, I spotted this periwinkle blue Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Stila at Sephora. I tried it on my hand and found that it actually goes on that color! I let impulse take over and sp

Four Fun Fashion Kickstarters

We here at FMF love supporting independent designers and upstart fashion ideas. That's why we've long featured Etsy shops. Kickstarter has created another way for designers and creators to bring their fashion to the world. Here are for fun fashion Kickstarters route for funding now. Counting on style Fabienne, the knitter behind KnitYak, is a knitter and lover of math. When she got her first knitting machine, she modified it and started knitting algorithmic computer generated designs. Now she wants to upgrade to an industrial set up for everyone can have their own mathematical scarf. Click here to learn more or back the project . Walk and Talk Alright, this is another sock Kickstarter, but it's a great one. There's socks are fully functional footwear that doubles as a puppet! They are fun socks and fun socks puppets. The socks are printed so the design easily translates to a hand puppet, no stick-on eyes required. If this gets funded, they better c

Pick of the Week: Target Linen Pants Revisted

I love a good pair of linen pants, but a good pair can be pricey. That's why I wrote about these Target linen pants back in 2011 . They used to carry them every year, but the last two years they've either drastically changed them or skipped them all together. This year they are back and better than ever! The pants have always had a drawstring waist, which I felt compelled to cover up. It was never the most attractive, but the pants this year but a much nicer waistline. It's still a drawstring, but the band for the waist is wider and more flattering than some of the previous versions Target has offered. The pants cost $25 and come in a few colors (more colors in stores than online). For tips on wearing linen pants just our our post on four ways to style linen pants .