Artistic Inspiration: Klimt

Tote bags and tee shirts frequently sport prints of paintings by Gustav Klimt, particularly The Kiss. I thought I'd look to some of his other work for more abstract homages.

The portrait Adele Bloch-Bauer I contains several patterns you can play up in an ensemble. Wear a yellow dress with check shoes or a gold top, white pants and a chevron belt. Her skirt has eyes in it, which would be fun to play up in jewelry. For this look, I went for one bold print and used subtle accessories.
Hygieia contains so many wavy vertical lines, I immediately thought "fringe and snakes", which resulted in an off-beat cocktail look.
The pattern of Sea Serpents IV is an abstract floral. I found an equally abstract dress as the base. Instead of using the dress to pick accessories, I based the shoes, clutch and jewelry off the colors of the painting. The result is cohesive but unexpected.
All the whirly swirly in Die Jungfrau made me seek out such a print, which of course, lead me to Emilio Pucci. The painting has a fresh, spring feeling, and I kept the outfit in that season. Again, I used the art, not the dress, to pick the accessories. Add some flowers to the hair and give yourself rosy lips and cheeks to match the sleeping beauties.
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JJP said…
These sets are gorgeous! Love the colorful dresses... And the shoes; the last pair is stunning. Klimt's paintings are an interesting "canvas" for inspiration!
kylsie said…
I agree- these sets are incredibly beautiful. I'd be happy to own any of them. I love the art inspiration pieces, and this is definitely my fave so far.
Jael Paris said…
I certainly love putting these together, so I'm glad you all like them.
smartchic said…
i heart the last pair of shoes from emilio pucci! love this particular set of yours. colors and prints look absolutely gorgeous.
Iva Messy said…
wow!! they are so beautiful! great colors!
BIO said…
Klimt seems to be a reasonable choice to emulate in wardrobe design since the original artworks are feminine.

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