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Project Design: Statement Belts

I mostly see two kinds of dresses in stores right now: the fit and flare with a defined natural waist and those with no waist at all. My waist is in the wrong spot for the fit and flare dresses and the waist-less ones don’t always sit right or draw attention to the right places. I’m thinking of looking into some bold belts to solve some of these waistband issues. A large enough belt could cover up the miss-placed waist and make the fit and flare dress work for my body. It could also add a focal point for a dress in need of one. What do you think? Which of these statement belts would make dressing a cinch?
Leather Violin F-holes Belt by ContrivedtoCharm
Wide Leather Underbust Best by ManoBello
Asymmetrical Belt by iheartfink
Jersey Tube Belt by larimeloom

Buckle Obi Belt by EastWorkshop

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Wedding Hair and Pretty Updos

As my hair is getting long now, I often style it in twists and buns, bumps and rolls. Braids should be so easy, but mine always looks like I knotted my hair with a dinglehopper. All of the hair styles below would work for a wedding, some for the bride and some for her friends. They would also be great for prom. I think I could pull off a couple at work too. Where's my dinglehopper?

Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland

Kristy Mitchell's Wonderland is a stunning collection of fantasy photography. It's not for a movie. It wasn't produced by a studio or commissioned by a designer. It's not a magazine trend piece. This muli-year project was started to memorialize her deceased mother who always read her fairytales.

Ms. Mitchell and her friends made all of these costumes and props. (Before becoming a full-time photographer, Mitchell worked 10 years in fashion design. The friends also have a variety of design and costume history. This is not the work of accountants and sales reps.) The landscapes are all part of the English country-side near the photographer's home. Rather than research and reimagine famous character, each one is an amalgamation that came to the photographer in dreams.

After five years, her 72-piece collection is ready for exhibition. Unfortunately, nothing is yet scheduled for the US, but considering the amount of press she's been getting for this gorgeous collecti…

The Witches of Fall Winter 2014 Fashion Week

Fall Winter 2014 featured several looks best described as witchy. We've got everything from old school crone who scares the kiddies to modern, high-fashion conjurers. Witches who head up your PTA and witches who head up the band. Long velvet gowns and highly structured capes. Leather pencil skirts and playful lacing. We have nothing for Good Witches of the South. These powerful figures will drop a house on you.