$200 Challenge: Weekend Music Festival

This special edition of the $150 Challenge features multiple outfits for attending an outdoor music festival. They can be hot, rainy, cramped and worth every moment of discomfort. Since you only have a small space, you'll need to pack light with mix-and-match items. Pack a hat and sunglasses to fight the sun. A versatile scarf can prevent a burn on your neck, or just keep your hair out of your eyes. A tank, tee and hoodie should cover the weather from blazing afternoons to chilly nights. Shorts are the obvious must have, don't forget the breezy comfort of a skirt. This post features a jersey skirt from Target that's really a convertible dress. Bring two pairs of shoes in case of a downpour. So that you can carry all your sunscreen, water, and new merch, get an oversized, water-proof tote. These eleven pieces come to a total of $180.66.

If you could hear anyone at a festival this summer, who would it be?


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