The Horror: Shiny Ugly Money

Net-a-Porter is full of wonderful things I will never have -- dresses by Jonathan Saunders, pumps by Christian Louboutin, bags by Fendi -- so I like to occasionally remind myself that while I lack that retailer's required cash, I don't lack taste.

Behold, silver lamé track pants by Michael Kors. Were these just plain pants in a crazy silver fabric, they would make a great gown alternative. With those elasticized ankles, however, they are for the richest of couch potatoes ringing up at $1,995.
But it gets even shinier, pricier and uglier. The strapless, sequin, drop-crotch jumpsuit is by Yves Saint Laurent and costs $4,350. Gee, I wonder how I'll cover tax and shipping.


becca said…
Sequin. Drop crotch. Jumpsuit. Over $4,000.


That may have broken my brain.
Single Lady said…
These are particularly hideous. This reminds me that I am not a fashion victim (despite what my boyfriend says) - I will not wear just anything because I'm told to. There are a lot of beautiful garments in the world but these are not in that flock!
I love looking(see: laughing) at the drop-crotch stuff jumpsuits
But this one's a winner

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