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London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Mark Fast
What it made us think of: Mark Fast
What we liked: Less open weave this year and more geometry. New colors and textures introduced.
What we didn't: Odd proportions, no plus size models this season, knit pants, knit bathing suits
Who: Mary Katranzatou
What it made us think of: The paper dolls and architecture puzzles got mixed up with incredible results.
What we liked: Everything. It was hard for me not to post the whole show.
What we didn't:
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London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who:Jonathan Saunders
What it made us think of: Neon goes soft and preppy
What we liked: ankle wrap shoes, simple button shirts, sheer details, perfect ponytails
What we didn't: the random black that ended the showWho:Basso & Brooke
What it made us think of: Memento scraps
What we liked: per usual the prints
What we didn't: No shoes shots! There wasn't a common thread (no pun intended) in the style or silhouettes; all that connected these looks was the prints.Who:Marios Schwab
What it made us think of: A middle aged former rocker trying (poorly) to adjust to the PTA lifestyle.
What we liked: leather, harnesses
What we didn't: Joan Jett hair, long leather shorts, lingerie dresses with a Forever 21 level of polish. While I normally love tattoo prints, these didn't work.

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Etsy Shop of the Week: Romantic Threads

Shop:Romantic Threads

Why We Love It: Because we've all been little girls who want to dress like princesses.

Price Range: $345 - $2,500

More Info: This designer has quite a bit of experience and specializes in custom bridal and renaissance/medieval festival gowns. Visit her website to see more of her work.

Favorite Items: I could get lost looking at these pictures. Alice in Wonderland/Marie Antoinette Fantasy Gown $1,250; Custom Marie Antoinette Gown and Cape Fantasy Set $1,250; Gothic Steampunk Pirate Marie Antoinette Gown $875; Gothic Silk Marie Antoinette Fantasy Gown $795 (pictured); Marie Antoinette Rococo Fantasy Gown Lavendar $950

Halloween Costume Ideas

Roommate recently asked me what she should go as for Halloween. No doubt some of you are already thinking the same thing.

Our classic costume (which I will be trotting out at work this year) is dead dolls. It works best with a group of women committed to being creepy.

Last year we suggested an ipod commercial, a space princess, panda, a pinup, and (my personal favorite) a crazy cat lady.

We also thought it would be pretty easy for the brave to dress as Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Gaga wants to make it easier for you, and she's selling cheap versions of her costume from various videos on her website. MasqueradeMakeup's YouTube channel covers makeup for these and other popstars.

becca has ideas from your makeup bag, closet and local thrift store.

If your job won't let you wear a costume, try an outfit inspired by classic monsters or superheros.

We'll have fresh ideas for you soon. Until then, do you have any great costume ideas?

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Erdem
What it made us think of: If the 90s threw a proper garden party on a dress
What we liked: Lace, simple florals, pretty flowing dresses
What we didn't: Granny panties under sheer lace, busy florals, some things looked dated (but still pretty)
Who: Holly Fulton
What it made us think of: Art Deco in the most fabulous way possible.
What we liked: The art deco prints, the skylines on dresses, the bright colors
What we didn't: ----
Who: Louise Grey
What it made us think of: My Barbie doll after I "made" her "clothes" and "dyed" her hair.
What we liked: Some of the pieces looked very interesting and could be styled in fun ways.
What we didn't: Rags and just too much going on.
Who: House of Holland
What it made us think of: The clothes all the "too cool" kids will be wearing when they end up on worst dressed lists.
What we liked/didn't: It's very hard to distinguish.
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London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who:Vivienne Westwood Red Label
What it made us think of: Women getting facials on lunch break. A rumpled pause.
What we liked: finely cut suits, stripes, pretty hair
What we didn't: bowling shoes, no cohesion
Who:Fashion East
What we liked: Ruffles like a van Gogh painting, perspex box clutches. Everything from Felicity Brown (top row).
What we didn't: Do they no longer teach proper hemming? Heikki Salonen's proportions were pretty bad (second row, image 1). The cutouts from Simone Rocha didn't work (second row, images 2 and 3).Who:Giles
What it made us think of: House of Holland crossed with 50s pinups
What we liked: Models that varied from pinup to willowy, pregnant to elderly; take that seasonal figures! Cheeky prints on classic cuts, soft yellow, retro sunglasses, Muppety accessories, fringe overlay
What we didn't: Ugly cutesy sweaters we wore in elementary school in the 80s.

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$150 Challenge: Colors for Fall

I love fall. I also love colors. I especially love wearing a variety of colors during fall. This look from target mixes metallics, gold, navy, purple and cream for a colorful burst. All the items are from Target and together cost $143.95.

$150 Challenge: Colorful Fall by Fashion becca Fabulous featuring a gold skirt
Gold Satin Weave Top, $22.99
Crochet Back Cardigan, $17.99 (lets the gold peek through in the back!)
Brocade Gold & Navy Skirt, $39.99
Faux Suede Ruffle Flats, $12.99
Braided Hobo Bag, $49.99

Velvet! Velvet! Velvet!

As I've mentioned multiple times, I'm thrilled that everyone from Anna Sui to Alexander Wang, Dolce & Gabbana to Fendi featured velvet prominently on their Fall Winter 2010 runways. I already gave you some tips on avoiding gothic pitfalls in black velvet, but there are a few more things to keep in mind. The key word for the season is casual. This round of velvet isn't supposed to be paired with shiny satins and martinis; it's more for football games and rock concerts. Think flannel, denim, and menswear. Because this season is all about how you put it together, I'm skipping dresses in favor of separates. Here are our favorite skirts, tops and blazers and tips on how to style them.brown velvet miniskirt, J. Crew $78 (The model actually looks perfect.)
peacock burnout skirt, Top Shop $64 (Wear it with a crisp men's button down and wooden bangles.)
velvet stripe full skirt, Mod Cloth $56.99 (Wear it with a ruffle blouse and denim jacket.)
black velvet pencil skirt…

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Burberry Prorsum
What it made us think of: Girly Space Bikers
What we liked: Jackets, leather, pops of neon, studs & spikes, model (bottom middle) who took off her crazy high heels instead of spraining an ankle.
What we didn't: Odd stomach ruffles, animal prints (they kinda ruined the sleek feel of the show)
Who: Matthew Williamson
What it made us think of: Natives on safari
What we liked: Prints, safari feel, tribal patterns, crazy shredded harem pants, long pretty dresses
What we didn't: Under-boob peekaboo triangles
Who: Paul Smith
What it made us think of: Stealing your boyfriend's clothes and adding a ruffle here and a floral there.
What we liked: Menswear looks with almost menswear cuts, peekaboo prints, layered belts, wide pants, shoes
What we didn't: weird lower tummy ruffle, not sure about the suit coat rompers Image source:

What Happened to Christian Siriano?

Christian Siriano is the greatest success story to come out of Project Runway (so far). Gaining credibility after winning a reality show isn't easy regardless of the field you're in, but if anyone can do it, it's Christian.

And for a few seasons things seemed promising. Unfortunately, the fashion world is a long way from declaring him "accepted." To them, he's still that "'hot tranny mess' reality guy," as the reviewer called him this season. Well, I think he's certainly beyond that. He's a talented young designer. At only 25, he's accomplished a lot and hasn't missed a beat since winning Project Runway. Compare him to his peers like fashion darling, Alexander Wang (who is a year older than Siriano), and he's certainly earned the right to be introduced without the "reality star" label.

However, if he wants to maintain the credibility he's gained with fans, he has to keep creating the fantastic cloth…

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who:Christopher Kane
What it made us think of: What happens when ravers become ladies who lunch.
What we liked: neon lace, neon argyle, cute summer dresses
What we didn't: The strong lines worked with delicate lace, but clashed with the bold print. In fact, the prints just didn't work here at all.Who:Meadham Kirchhoff
What it made us think of: When little punk girls get a hold of foofy dolls.
What we liked: graffiti plus ruffles, colorful hair, red, doll makeup, soft yellow, puffs and cut-outs, knee socks
What we didn't: While the show as a show is great, I'd have to see these style differently to know how these would work as individual pieces in real life.
Who:Roksanda Ilincic
What it made us think of: Wisps of firework smoke
What we liked: neon brights against dove grey, gypsy head scarves, the pants, neon nails
What we didn't: Why isn't Roksanda a fashion rockstar?
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Love or Loathe: Clean Line Ankle Boot

An ankle boot can't get much simpler than Report's latest offering. The black version makes perfect sense as a sleek option for finishing a chic look. It's almost the boot version of the basic pump. The white, offering, however, is a little too dated. I can picture it with disco attire or even a 60s Brit mod look, but 2010 trends? Then boot is called "Bowie" and I can totally see that. Someone get me a spangly jumpsuit! Does this sleek white wedge answer your wardrobe needs or is it weird like a spider from Mars?

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who:Sass & Bide
What it made us think of: African influence without cultural appropriation
What we liked: funky fringe, gold details, breast plates, belts that remind me of Dolce & Gabana FW 2007
What we didn't: too many jumpsuits and rompers, don't tell me those booties have cloven toesWho:Peter Pilotto
What it made us think of: The twisted knot of clothing that comes out of the washer.
What we liked: lines...
What we didn't: The layering and draping were so bad, the models looked like dressed-in-the-dark college students on laundry day.Who:David Koma
What it made us think of: Balletic grace with a space-age bite.
What we liked: gold scales, full skirts, peplums, black snake, cartridge pleats
What we didn't: It's not on my body. Why?

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New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Marchesa
What it made us think of: A fantasy world where dream dresses come true
What we liked: Everything
What we didn't: Nothing
Who: J. Mendel
What it made us think of: Ballet
What we liked: The little ballet costume/skating dresses, pale blue, long flowing things, orange shoes with pale blue dresses
What we didn't: beige, not as good as previous shows
Who: Badgley Mischcka
What we liked: Evening wear with patterns and textures, the soft color palette, the floppy hats, the 70s feel for the day wear, long gloves
What we didn't: The petals attached to way to many dresses, bare midriff, the odd rise of some pants
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New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Betsey Johnson
What it made us think of: If the Village People, drag queens, lingerie models and party girls raced the Tour de France on acid
What we liked: Jackets, socks, classic Betsey Frocks, bright belts, ribcage romper (as a shirt, not a romper--are you listening, buyers?), black & white, oxford shoes, yellow, long dresses, car & gun prints on frilly dresses
What we didn't: "Ride Me" Necklaces (lets hope that's not all we're getting for spring), bare midriffs, mostly sheer dresses
Who: Suno
What it made us think of: How we might still dress if our mothers hadn't insisted we match when heading off to school
What we liked: shoes, prints, swimsuits, sundresses
What we didn't: jumpsuits, pants that looks like clowns pajamas
Who: L.A.M.B.
What it made us think of: Vintage Gwen
What we liked: Bold prints, fun separates, dresses, pants, jackets, bags
What we didn't: bare midriffs, peek-a-boo belly button tops, 90s crop tanks
Image source: style.…