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Love or Loathe: Minimal Sandals

After seasons and seasons of gladiator sandals, architectural heels, and other statement shoes, a minimalist sandal may feel like a nice breather. That feeling is a lie. Personally, I hate minimalist sandals (of the heeled variety) for the following perfectly logical reasons:
1. I don't want to wear a heel that is attached to my foot only by two straps and hope. On the cheaper shoes, that toe strap isn't even sewn it. Your hope is glue, my friend.
2. When your feet are sweaty in these, you will slide around due to lack of support.
3. Most people have gnarly toes.
4. Speaking of toes, the pinky toes almost always tries to make a break for it in these things.
5. One of the shoes below is is $45. One is $120, and the other is $300. Without clicking the links or reading the labels, can you guess which is which? As a woman who is conservative with her spending but likes quality, I can't stomach the idea of paying full leather pump prices for such a whiff of nothing. As mentione…

How I'm Mixing Prints This Season

Far and away, my favorite trend of the season is graphic black and white. (You may be sick of me saying it by now, but just think of it as a kiss-off to crop tops. NO ONE LOVES YOU CROP TOPS. GO HOME!) I've always had a weakness for the Mod aesthetic, and I like to play "Spot the Stripes" when watching a Tim Burton movie. Black and white prints can be as eye-catching as any color and they are beyond easy to mix into your wardrobe.

In order to embrace spring, I've broken out my trusty bright, printed skirts. Here's how I mix the trend with the stand-by.

Black and White and Bright Print by fashionmefabulous
There are two keys to pulling this off. First, if both pieces contain white make sure they match. If one piece is actually cream, the mix looks more laundry day than intentional dressing. Second, pay attention to the size and business of your patterns. The first two skirts above feature complex patterns, but the they don't use that many colors. For these, sti…

Project Runway Season 11 Finale

The Teams season has come to an end. I was expecting to hate this season. I actually anticipated the blogging part being pretty easy because I would just be able to rant about how awful it was each week. However, the season surprised me with some interesting fashion, judges willing to make some risky decisions, fairly strong designers and some really great teamwork.

Unlike most team challenges, the season of teams actually led to designers working together in constructive way rather than just screaming at each other. I liked watching Stanley and Michelle collaborate on the print challenge. I think several of the designers picked up new skills by working with each other. Perhaps the best collaboration was never even a part of the on-screen teams--Michelle using Joe to create her bleeding heart sweater. More on that later.

Our final three were an interesting mix this season. Michelle was an underdog most of the season, always stuck on a losing team. Stanley kept his head down in the ea…

Project Runway: Quick Reaction Poll

Season 11, the season of teams, is over. We have a winner. Come back for a full recap tomorrow. In the meantime, which collection did you like best? Also, tell us in the comments how you feel about the winner.

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Pick of the Week: Perfectly Adorable Bag

Mod Cloth's "New To The Block" bag is so cute, it should come stuffed with raspberry cream filled cupcakes and an automatic glitter cannon to shoot at sneery people. Can you fit a hardcover Harry Potter novel in it? No. (Sorry, Roommate.) But you can carry your wallet, lipstick, lotion and keys without a problem. Books aside, the only other downside I see here is that frankly this purse is a gateway accessory. Once you start toting it around, you'll feel the need to get some dainty lace gloves, pearls, and a petticoat. Wait, that's not a downside at all!

Etsy Shop of the Week: Nika Collection

Shop:Nika Collection

Why We Love It: Jael Paris pointed me to this shop saying she liked that these shirts had an all-over print. I have to agree. These go beyond the basic logo tee yet they have a more fun, graphic quality than a print blouse. I would love to pair these with flouncy shirts and little sweater all summer at work.

Price Range: $28 - $57

Links:Pinterest / Facebook / Twitter

Favorite Items:
(click through the slide show below to view our favorites)
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Nika Collection by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: People Tee $35; Leaf Tee $35Spring Birds Tee $38; Black Birds Tee $38; "I Love You" Tee $35; Spring Leaves Tee $38; Skyscrapers Tee $35; Blue Birdies Tee $35 (also pictured above)

Fashion Links

For $39, Coco Rocha will send you a box full of over $80 worth of things she finds fabulous. (Fancy)

You know you want to read about the history of sequins. (Smithsonian)

This photograph, composed and snapped by a teenager, is the most provocative essay I've ever seen regarding skirt lengths and perception. (Rosea Posey)

Teens have told me 90s fashion is cool, but I remember these horrors of the past. (Buzzfeed)

As a fashion-loving rabbit owner, I am crazy for Fifi Lapin and her illustrated bun in designer frocks. I just wish her Etsy shop was still open!

Speaking of the intersection of fashion and art, Japan Lover Me has turned some of Tokyo Fashion's street snaps into adorable illustrations.

Who had the best figure in Hollywood in 1931? The article is a little weird for the modern reader.(Slate)

"Real Beauty" and the Perception of Vanity

Dove has a new video featuring women describing themselves to a sketch artist. Then a stranger describes them to the same artist. Watch the video below to see people's disconnect with their own appearance.

You can get a better view of the sketches here.

Much has been said about these commercials in the week since they've debuted, everything from "I wonder how people see me?" and "Maybe I'm too hard on myself?" to "You are a terrible feminist and an idiot if you like this." (I'll just be an idiot then, Ms. Yellypants.) Whether or not you like the presentation, the fact still remains that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.* Women will often criticize their every bulge and bump and blemish until everyone knows we are nothing special.

My knee-jerk reaction when someone tells me I look nice is to play it down. I especially freak out when people start commenting on my figure. Not only have I done this, I've seen…

How Paris Lost Her Groove

Have you ever lost something but not noticed until much later? Unsure of when you lost this precious thing, you retrace your steps, frantic and sick with worry that it will never be found. How could you have missed it?

I first noticed I had lost something when my Polyvore drafts piled up but my published sets dried up. I have nearly two dozen unfinished drafts that don't have the perfect image or that are unsettled about one of six pairs of shoes. Nothing seemed to go with anything. "It's just these styles," I reassured myself. "This season isn't for me. Maybe next season I'll feel inspired."

Then, I started to struggle dressing myself. Default to jeans. Too tired to wear tights (which is a nonsense statement). "Well, it's cold." My love of color with more color and a splash of color turned into a neutral and one color. "I'm just embracing a trend," I told myself. I started to obsess over following trends and would stand…

Project Design: Poem in Your Pocket Day

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day. The idea is to select a poem, carry it with you and share it with others (you can learn more at that link). I'm sharing this poem today. Next year, I might invest in some poetic jewelry. This will especially help if my outfit lacks pockets. Which poem would you wear?
French poetry ring with fresh water pearl by dedonaki

Pablo Neruda Cascade Necklace by BrassIsaac

Emily Dickinson quote necklace by SweetlySpokenJewelry 

Poem tube necklace by tfakler

Ginkgo Leaf Spinner Ring with Haiku by janiceartjewelry

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$150 Challenge: Stripes and Dots


Project Runway Teams: Recapping a season so far

When Project Runway announced they would be created an all teams season, I nearly gave up before we even began. At the beginning of the season, I watched one team find success in helping each other while another teams began to crash and burn. Soon the teams were switched up. First, they were random, then the designers chose, then the judges chose. The random and designer-chosen teams worked better than most of the torturous judge-made concoctions.
Overall, I think the beginning teams approach could work in seasons to come. However, once the designers are down to 10 or 8, we need to see them on their own. Yes, we all need to be able to work in a team environment, but the designers need a chance to show us their work, uncompromised by committee-driven designs, over-dramatic teammates and being forced to pick up the slack for designers fall behind.

This has been a more interesting season than most of the recent ones as far as fashion goes. I'm not sure we can attribute that to the t…

Artistic Inspiration: Frida Kahlo

When I first encountered the work of twentieth century Mexican painter Frida Kahlo as a teenager, I hated it. With all of those self portraits, I thought she had to have been the world's most vain unibrowed woman. And yikes! blood! Thankfully, my understanding of art has matured. There is much beyond unibrows and blood to inspire anyone here.

Seeing as many of her painting were self-portraits, you could pay homage to her by penciling together your brows and wearing traditional Mexican dress; however, that's more of a costume than a reference. Here, I let her clothes influence a completely different look with a long skirt, gold accessories, bright hair flowers, and of course, a skull.
Frida and Her Little Dog Too by fashionmefabulous
Perhaps because she was in a horrific accident that had life-long repercussions, Frida's work frequently turned to the macabre. To mimic the painting Las Dos Fridas, I chose an ombre dress that reflected the turbulent sky, spiky accessories, an…

Etsy Shop of the Week Revisit: Whichgoose


Why We Love It: I've featured this shop before, and it's one of my favorites. Whichgoose creates pretty hair accessories and various baubles. These fanciful treats have me back browsing the shop every season to see what's new, which is a lot, including some nice vintage selections. Someday, I'm going to find the perfect occasion for one of these lovely pieces.

Price Range: $10 - $200

Links:Website / Facebook / Twitter / Blog

Favorite Items:
(click through the slideshow below to see favorites)
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Whichgoose by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Green velvet leaf crowm $85; Pearl tiara $65; Red & pink floral headpiece $65; Woodland vine crown $85; Butterfly hair comb $30; Vintage bridal gloves $25; Rustic wreath crown $60 (also pictured above)

Artistic Inspiration In Review

Years ago, at the behest of a reader, I started a series using the work of famous artists as outfit inspiration. I had a blast doing these, and I have no idea why I stopped. If you aren't familiar with the now dusty series, follow the links below to learn how I would style the work of famous artists.

Salvador Dali
Pablo Picasso
Alphonse Mucha
Georgia O'Keeffe
Jackson Pollack
Gustav Klimt
Late Feudal Japanese Prints
Toulouse Lautrec

Salvador and Mae Go To a Show by fashionmefabulous

Next week, I will have a new set for the series. I'm very excited about this! I miss art.

HONY, The Sartorialist and Finding Inpsiration in Street Style

I recently started following Humans of New York on Tumblr. I've been reading The Sartorialist for years. Both of these are blogs documenting people on the streets (primarily the streets of New York). The Sartorialist focuses on fashion--it's in the name. Humans of New York (HONY), however, has a broader focus. They are finding moments, asking questions. It isn't just about grabbing the latest fashions as they walk down the street.
While I love The Sartorialist (I'll have a review of his new book for you soon), I think Humans of New York has a greater capacity to influence my style, even if fashion isn't its focus. Actually, because fashion isn't it's focus. I'm not a fan of street style blogs that only take pictures outside of fashion shows and where they know fashion elite will be walking. I've always appreicated that the Sartorialist didn't always photograph things that worked perfectly. I like, even more, that HONY is documenting all types o…

6 Spring Trench Coats

It was in the 70s earlier this week. Now it's in the upper 40s. We're finally getting rumbling, roaring thunder storms the likes of which the parched earth hasn't seen in six months. Sounds like it's trench coat time.

Shopping Trench Coats by fashionmefabulous
classic: French Connection $150 (sale)
skirted: ASOS $100
printed: Target $50
budget: Target $50
bright: corseted Betsey Johnson at Nordstrom $128
contemporary: Via Spiga colorblock on Amazon $150

Fall Winter 2013 Fashion Week Horrors

We spent four weeks collecting the most fantastically worst fashions from fashion week, and then we forgot to share the hideous. Please us. What am I saying? After scrolling through the gallery below, you will have no choice but to curse us for your blindness.
View this collection on Polyvore Fall Winter 2013 Fashion Week Horrors by fashionmefabulous on

Pick of the Week: Pewter Wedges

Years ago, I made a new pair of silver flats I'd purchased a love or loathe. People were pretty divided, but I've worn the life out of those things. They go with everything and are super comfortable. I've loved them every second I've worn them. Sadly, in their fifth year, they are dying. They are darker and dirtier and one heel has worn into a wobbly curve. I would give them a proper shoe funeral, but I haven't yet figured out the ceremony.

Just when my heart was aching thinking I would never shoe again (again being for a week, because please, it's me), in comes this beauty. Retro loafer menswear style in pewter with a major wedge. Very yes. They're also available in a sparkly black (and a leopard print that should die in a fire). Unfortunately, they are $155 at Shabby Apple, and I don't feel up to paying that for shoes right now. Cross my fingers and hope to sale.

Project Runway Quick Reaction

My full recap won't be up later in the day tomorrow, but last night's surprise ending needs some talking. The obvious choice to go home was, for me, Patricia. Yes, she got the horrible curse of working with Richard, but she could have done the amazing thing and over come that. I did agree that Michelle deserved a bottom spot. I loved her look, but she did go against the set parameters of the challenge without doing something quite spectacular enough.

Now Michelle faces a mysterious "do or die" challenge. I'm glad she wasn't instantly out because she's my favorite, but I'm worried. What are your thoughts? What do you think the challenge will be? Is the rest of the season worth watching without Michelle?

Spring Cardigans under $50

Jael Paris has been posting lovely spring dresses, and the sun is starting to shine like it might actually want make things warm. It's all very promising. Sadly, my office is absolutely freezing. I've been assured it will remain freezing. I want to wear all the pretty spring things, but I still need to layer. These pretty spring cardigans seem like just the solution.  Pictured:
White trim cardigan, Banana Republic, $49.99
Floral panel cardigan, Anthropologie, $49.95
Crochet shrug, Asos, $34.91

Mint cotton cardigan, J. Crew Factory, $39.50
Orange open stitch cardigan, Kohl's, $43.50
Floral print cardigan, Target, $32.99
Colorblock cardigan, Target, $32.99 (on clearance in stores)

Etsy Shop of the Week: Dalkullan Jewelry

Shop:Dalkullan Jewelry

Why We Love It: This jewelry has a simple, elegant, hand crafted appeal, yet the intricate facets and details of each piece are far from simple. The design moves beyond the typical jewelry store fare to capture the beauty of the gems while still showcasing the settings.

Price Range: $35 - $2,000

Links:Blog / Facebook / Twitter

Favorite Items:
(click through the slideshow below to see some favorites).
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Dalkulllan Jewelry by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Emerald rose gold ring $250; 18K gold wedding band set $1,250; Three stone sapphire ring $1,150; Gold chocolate diamond stud earrings $550; Silver ruby ring $350; Anastasia Topaz Ring $295; Stacking ring set $195; Sterling ruffle ring $65; Silver rose quartz ring $40 (also pictured above)

Spring Dresses for Under $80

All of these dresses are $80 or under -- most of them well under. They all offer a unique style that will have people thinking you paid twice as much as you did. You shop so smart.
Top: navy and orange bird print fit and flare, eShataki $80
collared lace dress, Ruche $40
blue striped fit and flare, J. C. Penney $50 (the pictured plus is $55)
orange white and navy wrap, Macy's $69
yellow color block sheath, Kolh's $$32 (sale)
Bottom: purple pleat front contrast trim fit and flare, eShakti $70
cream lace with peridot sleeves, Mod Cloth $58
green wallpaper dress, ASOS $70
funky floral shift, eShakti $63
pinky purpley floral, J. C. Penney $40

Truth is, we love dresses. Make sure you follow us on Facebook for more great spring fashion that we just couldn't squeeze in here.

$150 Challenge: Black and White Trend

As we've mentioned, black and white is one of the biggest trends of the season. We love the graphic prints and how easy it is to find basics right now, but we're not too excited about a head-to-toe color ban. We color-lovers are working this trend by wearing a great black and white pattern with accessories in the same bold color (or solid color outfit with stand out black and white accessories). The mix of patterns with one color balances the attention. It works great with primary colors --red, yellow or blue, but last year's pastels or neons would be fun too. Play around and figure out what black and white's best friend is in your closet.

Black and White and Ice by fashionmefabulous featuring a capped sleeve dress
striped peplum dress, Target $24.99
d'orsay pump, DSW $59.95
envelop bag, Nordstrom $48
belt, Forever 21 $4.80
stud earrings, Fantasy Jewelry Box $19.99

Out for napping. Be back Tuesday.

We had a great Easter, and we hope you had one too. We're taking Monday off for a bunny nap. We'll be back Tuesday.

Image Source: Urban Threads