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Etsy Shop of the Week: Lovely Crochet

Shop:Lovely Crochet

Why We Love It: I love things that look both cozy and chic, which is exactly how the crochet goodies from this shop look. There is a great selection of scarves, shawls, patterns, fabric jewelry and fingerless gloves/arm warmers. I'm most excited about the fingerless gloves pictured here. It's cold at my office and these would look adorable while keeping me warm.

Price Range:$4.50 - $185

Links:Facebook / Twitter

Favorite Items: Click through the slide show to see our favorites.
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Lovely Crochet by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Leaves scarf $27; Arm warmers $42; Flower necklace $42; Bow bag $47; Shrug $44; Scarf/shawl $80; Fingerless gloves $32 (also pictured above)

On Trend: Geometric Prints

Some prints end up dated; usually today's latest design becomes tomorrow's kitsch. But it feels like we cycle between two basic prints -- floral and geometric -- every few years. This spring is supposed to have a strong 1960s vibe, so it follows that bold geometric prints are on the market.

I can't get enough of these. From basic black and white to a color riot, geometric prints are easy to wear and work into everyday life (unlike this). If you're on board, buy these up now. They'll still be wearable for years. (I've even included some geometric-abstract prints for those of you who loathe stripes.)
Top: blue and black fitted dress, Dorothy Perkins $35 (sale)
green and navy boat neck dress, Kohl's $66.50 (sale)
yellow and black pleated grid shift, Kenneth Cole at Amazon $108
black and white large dot dress, Macy's $53 (sale)
Bottom: black and white print shift, Nordstrom $118
yellow and black skater dress, ASOS $49
blue print shirtdress, The Limited $80
cap sl…

Hat's Off to Sherel's

The day and age of people in fabulous hats sadly is not the current day and age, but I feel like hats are making a bit of a comeback (or maybe I dress so strangely now that I just think all of the things I like are perfectly acceptable attire). Sherel's offers high-end, stunning hats that are clearly made out of whatever magical materials make up old movies. I imagine putting on one of these hats would transport me into a classic film where I would, no doubt, live fabulously ever after. (The hats are a bit pricey, but these are statement pieces that look to be of a quality worth the investment. Also, I thought we'd enjoy looking at them even if we all can't afford one. So pretty!)
Felt facsinator, $305
Purple/grey fedora, price not listed (want!)
Orange/grey fedora, price not listed
Black flowered cloche, $325
Velour flowered cloche, $325
Striped fedora, price not listed (need!)

Love or Loathe: White Nails

The Spring/Summer runways were packed with pale nails. From nude to white to a simple swipe of top coat, the color had been sucked out of the hand. Considering how I feel about beige, it shouldn't surprise you that I am not a fan of this look. I especially hate the white nails which just look like they're waiting for something. They also remind me of kids at school who liked to paint their nails with whiteout when they were bored. The one exception is when they are worn with some sort of mod 60s look. Nude is okay. It at least makes your nails look healthy and, well, neutral.

The Horror: Aptly Named?

If you are peddling a shirt that is semi-sheer with large holes right above the breasts, perhaps you shouldn't name it "Be My Guest". Or was "Open To Groping" already taken? Also, if you're going to knock-off a runway design, maybe don't use the designer's (better styled) image to promote your item. It makes this look even worse.

Project Runway Season 11 Premiere

Project Runway season 11 has begun with a twist. This is the teams season. My first reaction to this news of teams was one of horror and disgust. I hate team challenges. They usually involve far too much interpersonal drama and screaming. I don't like screaming. However, the great and wonderful Tim Gunn keeps saying this is his favorite season ever. After all, fashion is something you have to do with a team, and working with others to execute a creative vision is a skill every designer should probably have. After one episode, I'm still not ready to declare the teams idea a success, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I even see some benefits.

How it works: 
There are two teams, the Dream Team and Team Keeping It Real.  The designers were all given a challenge. Each team was given a slightly different take on that challenge--the Dream Team was to find inspiration in NYC from the rooftop of the Atlas while Team Keeping It Real was to find inspiration in NY…

Spring 2013 Couture

Alexis Mabille, with all the ruffles and pastels and bows, reminded me of old Hollywood glam meets the court of the Sun King. I hope some of these dresses make the leap to the red carpet. He's not the best know designer even though he's stinkin' awesome.*

Still not a fan of Raf Simons' cuts, but I love the floral details he did for Dior.

Valentino reminded me of old wrought iron gates and priests robes, and it was one of their best couture shows in years. Is the house finding their footing since their namesake's retirement?

Atelier Versace looked cheap in the way that only people with lots of money and no taste look. Total stripper shoes complete.

Jean Paul Gaultier envisioned rich gypsy hippies. This could have been much better.

Want more? We have more shows, detail shots, as well as Pre-Fall coverage on our Facebook page. It's a party over there.

*Sorry to whip out the fancy French phrases there. I'm precocious. 

Image source:

Project Runway Season 11: Meet the Designers (Part 2)


Moto Jackets

Last weekend, I went shopping with my mother and mother-in-law. We were looking for a professional outfit for my MIL to give a presentation in, but I kept getting distracted by the moto jackets. They are wonderful as a spring jacket, and if you get the right kind (like the Mango one below), they can work as a trendy alternative to the typical blazer.
Top: boucle collarless jacket, MGN by Mango for J. C. Penney's $55
striped jacket, Gap $70
pink tweed jacket, Forever 21 $32.80
Bottom: faux leather ruffle jacket, Macy's $23 (sale)
blue jacket, Calvin Klein at Macy's $56.24 (sale)
tweed jacket, J. C. Penney $28 (sale)
silver and black jacket, BCBG Max Azria at Shopbop $208 (sale)

Project Runway Season 11: Meet the Designers (Part 1)

It's that time of year again. (It really hasn't stopped being that time of year since July. Wow, there is a lot of Project Runway programming on Lifetime right now). It's time to meet the new slew of designers. These poor people have been lured into what they thought was another season of their beloved fashion show only to find out they will be on teams. We'll see how this goes. Of this first half, do you have any instant favorites? And what are your thoughts on the team thing? Sound off in the comments!

Project Runway Season 11 Designer Introduction: Amanda Valentine by fashionbeccafabulous on Polyvore

Project Runway Season 11 Designer Introduction: Benjamin Mach by fashionbeccafabulous on Polyvore

Project Runway Season 11 Designer Introduction: Cindy Marlatt by fashionbeccafabulous on Polyvore

Project Runway Season 11 Designer Introduction: Daniel Esquivel by fashionbeccafabulous on Polyvore

Project Runway Season 11 Designer Introduction: Emily Pollard by fashionbeccafabu…

Etsy Shop of the Week: Strathcona Stockings

Shop:Strathcona Stockings

Why We Love It: Strathcona Stockings makes hand-printed stockings in vibrant and unique prints. These are signature pieces. I personally would love to wear them with floaty summer frocks and delicate shoes. They'd also be fun layered over bright tights in the winter.

Price Range: $37.21

Links:Website / Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr

Favorite Items: (click through the slide show below to see our favorites
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Strathcona Stockings by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Space Echo Socks, $37.21 | Tropical Fruit Punch Socks, $37.21 | Bird Pattern Socks, $37.21 | Floral Socks in Green, $37.21 | Watercolor Painting Socks, $37.21 (also pictured above)

On Fashion Blogging When You Hate the Trends

The 90s are coming back. Gag me with a spoon. When I started fashion blogging, everything was ruffles and pearls and girly delights. I could barely keep up with all the things I wanted to add to my closet. Writing a post happened in a blink.

Now fashion is swinging to minimalism and grunge and body-con. I hate all of those things. It can take me over an hour just to find an item I want to share. I fight the urge to make all of my posts "horrors."

So how can I blog when I can't even shop?

We've never held the position that you have to wear something just because it is trendy. In fact, being yourself is the most stylish thing you can be. So we will make you two promises. First, we'll continue to tell you about trends (even ones we may not like), so you know what you need to buy into or hold out on for the season. Second, we will teach you the tricks to adapting your style to current trends so you don't look like your style froze when you were 21.

Together, we c…

Chandelier Earrings. Chandelearrings?

As anyone who follows our Facebook knows, last week I was less interested in stars's gowns than I was their earrings. Studs may be making a huge comeback everyday wear, but chandeliers still dominate special occasions. They're great for adding interest to a simple dress or a punch of color to a neutral (like last week's black lace dresses).
Top: pink drops, Ann Taylor $30
black and blue spikes, Urban Outfitters $58
pink leather and pearl, Anthropologie $96
blue scales, Urban Outfitters $18
Bottom: lavender chandeliers, Anthropologie $48
green rock dangles, Target $25
red bubble drops, Target $8
blue ice crystal drops, Lulu Frost for J. Crew $118

Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Finale: React!

Season two of Project Runway All Stars has come to an end. It was a fun season, and I loved watching Uli and Anthony Ryan create at a level much higher than they had in their own seasons. This week's finale gave us the madness that was creating a collection in only four days. I have no idea how the designers did it. They were given some help from eliminated designers. Emilio received help from Althea. Uli picked Casanova as an assistant (which was entertaining). And Anthony Ryan sheepishly asked Joshua if he felt up to it. Joshua looked tired and defeated and he apologetically turned him down. Anthony Ryan looked disappointed but understanding so he picked Kayne. I was bummed that these two best friends wouldn't be working together, but from the interviews I've read, the designer were give 5 hours to sleep before being yanked back into production. Joshua had done an extra challenge (which makes Uli's work that much more impressive) and had the emotional strain of being…

Color Combinations for Emerald

Emerald green has been declared "Color of the Year," which means stores will finally be stocking real green dresses. (It's true.) Being a jewel tone, emerald is just as easy to wear as sapphire, ruby or amethyst, yet green confuses some people. If you're confounded by this popular shade (hello, Mother-In-Law), here are some combos and styles to get the fashion juices flowing.

Twins by fashionmefabulous

Emerald Scarf by fashionmefabulous

Emerald and Coral by fashionmefabulous

Green and Leather by fashionmefabulous

Greens and Pinks by fashionmefabulous