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This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

Shopping: This week we're shopping for sunglasses, summer hats, fantasy purple dresses, birthday gifts on Etsy and a cheap chic look perfect for a family barbecue.

Voting: Tell us whether you love or loathe skulls, what kind of earrings your like, and which or these ladybug themed accessories you like best.

Reviews: This week becca tried out buying cosmetics online through, and Jael rounded up fashionable ways to wear khaki, even though she isn't a fan.

Project Design: Ladybug Love

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

I don't like bugs in general, but ladybugs are different. I won't even begrudge them if they land of me. In fact, I make wishes on them. They signal summer and happiness. And ladybug themed items are just so cute. Which ladybug do you wish for?

Tiny Heart and Ladybug Ring by knap
Ladybug Leaf Necklace by RhondasTreasures
Ladybug In My Garden Earrings by katcando
Aphids Bane Ring by littlebugjewelry
Ladybug Stud Earrings by addieladawn
Ladybug Leaf & Flower Earrings by sideprojectboutique
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How To Wear Khaki

One of the biggest trends of the summer is the return to khaki. I've already explained how I feel about that, but if these Polyvorians were styling me, I could be persuaded to change my mind.

opuestos by Mimoda featuring Lanvin shoes

Casually Off-Kilter by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Miu Miu skirts

VI... by vi... featuring Loeffler Randall boots

SAM by GracijaB featuring Fendi shoes

Bright Work by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Poetic Licence shoes
Khaki Returns

Summer Hats

A summer hat keeps you cool, protects from the sun and looks super cute. I've been hunting for a cute summer hat for years. I wouldn't mind investing in one a little, if I found a hat I though would really last and had the perfect classic look. Although, I'd also like an inexpensive hat that I wouldn't mind taking to the beach where it might get sandy or wet. These hats are mostly under $50 with a couple of standout exceptions.
Striped Straw Sun Hat, Newport News $29
Straw Cloche w/ Bow, Urban Outfitters $28
Floppy Floral Hat, Kohl's $24
Sundried Hat, Anthropologie $128
Belmont Huzzah Hat, Anthropologie $48
Whirlpool Hat, Anthropologie $38

Straw Sun Hat, Eugenia Kim for Target $19.99
Tiny Straw Hat, Urban Outfitters $28
Crochet Straw Floppy, Urban Outfitters $34
Nautical Floppy Hat, Gap $24.50
Tweed Microbrim Hat, Kohl's $24
Giant Brim Hat, Free People $98

$150 Challenge: Family Barbecue

Show of hands: who is going to be doing something outdoorsy for the holiday weekend? My experience with the enjoying outdoors is limited to walking to and from the car, so I like to keep barbecues patio-centric. If you're getting dragged out into the burning sun, here's an outfit to get you through everything from listening to your aunt talk about her swollen knee, nephews who are too exuberant with their water guns, and the inevitable mustard stain. $147.87.

Summer Fun by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Old Navy sunglasses
black romper, Bebe $39.95wide straw hat, Newport News $24 ombre sunglasses, Old Navy $8 multicolor belt, Delia's $14.99 bangle stack, Bombay Fashions $9.99
pink jeweled $39.95
waterproof sunscreen lotion, $10.99

Poll: Earrings

I have an unfulfilled earring fetish. I love earrings. I can only wear gold earring without my ears trying to mutiny so I don't have much in the way of ear adornments. I really want to get some because I'm definitely a person who would enjoy bold, big, dangling statement earrings. What sort of earring person are you?
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Love or Loathe: Skulls

Wearing images of skulls in nothing new, but it exploded as a trend most recently with Alexander McQueen's Spring 2003 pirate show and the debut of his skull scarves. Since then, they've ebbed and flowed as a motif. One week they seem to be confined to rocker style attire, the next Rihanna shows up at an awards show in a feathery dress with a skull clutch and they flood out again on all things glam.My husband told me he finds the trend morbid, reminiscent of a Victorian death cult. Some people have told me they associate it with the mall punks and their forced coolness. Personally I like skulls because I find them beautiful. I find bones of all kinds beautiful, but skulls in particular are entrancing. Unlike a face print, they're anonymous, allowing the shape be prominent.

What do you think of skulls in fashion? Review

The people at provided me with free trial membership to test their process for buying beauty products online. While I love to shop online, beauty products have always been something I've purchased from stores. I have a lot of skin sensitivities and allergies so I've always been afraid of not being able to see, smell, and perhaps even try products. Plus, makeup colors can look so different online.

I was pleasantly surprised by the process. offers a selection of products reviewed and chosen by a panel of experts, which includes dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairstylists, makeup artists, estheticians, beauty editors and bloggers.

You start buy taking a short survey to select your skin tone and type, eye color, ethnicity, hair color and type, age and any beauty concerns you may have. From here you can sign up for a membership (which you may cancel at anytime) and you are given recommendations for products that will work best for you. Yo…

Shopping For Sunglasses

After ten years, I decided to give contacts a shot again. This means I can buy sunglasses! While I'd love to get a cool vintage pair, I think I'll buy a cheap pair first and see how I do. All the glasses below are under $30 (with one fabulous exception).round pink sunglasses, A.J. Morgan on Endless $25
gold wire sunglasses, Forever 21 $5.80
classic aviator sunglasses, Candie's at Kohl's $24
clear frame wayfarer sunglasses, Urban Outfitters $14

wide earpiece purple sunglasses, Charlotte Russe $6.50
thick tortoise frame, Anthropologie $28
white cateye frame, Tres Noir at Pin-Up Girl Clothing $89
oversized green frame, Mod Cloth $11.99

What's your favorite style of sunglasses? I'm a sucker for 60s styles.

Etsy Birthday Wishlist

Today is my 25th birthday. I wish there was going to be cute cakes, frilly dresses and more shoes than I could ever dream of, but I'm sick so there will be tea, napping and reading--not a bad day if you don't count the sick part.

Etsy is one of my favorite sites. I have a wish list of favorite items I dream of owning that is probably longer than this entire blog. Here a few highlights (these are mostly items that have been available for a long time or get restocked, which is why there isn't much clothing on my list):

I would love to have an outrageous bow like this black veiling bow from dhandf. I would wear it today and respond to every strange look with "It's my birthday."
I love dresses, both girly and casual. I would love to wear this cotton ruffled dress by reddoll for my birthday. I would also love this casual cotton dress from yuan123 for an everyday summer look.
My love of dresses means I really need more slips. I prefer to get things I want rather than…

Fantasy Pick of the Week: Purple Jersey Dresses

Happy 25th birthday, becca! Per tradition, I did some fantasy shopping for you. I know I "got" you a purple wiggle dress last year, but you could use another, right? You can never have enough purple dresses. This year, we'll stick with oh-so-marvelous jersey with a great neckline.Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania collection, always sexy and classy, provided the first dress. A gently draped neckline and tight bodice gives plenty of pow for $405. For a cheaper go at this style, try Tracy Reese's gathered jersey dress from Anthropologie. The top will hide a bit more and the skirt is more forgiving. It's still pricey at $158, but then I'm only spending imaginary money anyway.

This Week on Fashion Me Fabulous

We have the Essential Summer Wardrobe for Under $1000.

Candy Colored: Find Marie Annoinette inspired shoes on Etsy. Learn how to wear yellow (and do it from less than $150!). Paint on the color with these perfect nail polish picks for summer.

Media Frenzy: Tell us who your style icons are. Check out our review of Nina Garcia's latest book, The Style Strategy. We're anticipating the series finale of Lost with Lost themed accessories on Project Design.

Summer Style: Add firm footing to our essential summer wardrobe with these everyday comfort sandals that don't skimp on the style. Beware of the bad styling the stores are shelling out this season. Also, what are your feelings toward khakis?

Project Design: Lost

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Sunday is the series finale of Lost. I've been following this series since Jael Paris loaned me the Season 1 DVDs (shortly before the start of season 2) causing me to waste an entire weekend during my busiest semester of college. Will you be glued to the hours of finale hoopla happening on Sunday? Will you be attending any Lost themed parties or donning any Lost costumes? Which Lost accessories is your favorite?

Lost Dharma Necklace by DeniseJewelryDesigns
Lost Numbers Cuff by pinkpapillon
Lost "Locke Is The New Black" Shirt by SlothArt
Lost Charm Bracelet by atlantis804
Dharma Wheel Medallion by OneWithLife
Polar Bear Necklace by bradgoodell
Dharma Computer Earrings by kiddo47
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Why I Hate Khakis

Khaki is making a comeback, and this fills me with dread. After thirteen years of private school, I can't look at them without think "dress code." We weren't allowed to wear jeans, and with Gap heavily promoting the coolness of khakis, they were the next best option. With the 90s push of a more casual workplace, the business sector was thinking along our lines.

Perhaps Gap was too good at marketing their product (and who could resist the swing commercial, really?) because they were soon everywhere. For a while, any pant that wasn't khaki, black, brown or (for the daring) olive disappeared. Men's wardrobes, it seems, still haven't recovered. Khakis became so prevalent, companies started to require a uniform of khaki and polo. (Improv Everywhere even made a joke of it by sending fifty people wearing blue polos and khakis to Best Buy.) Much how denim provides a hint of play to anything it's paired with, khakis can't wash off the stench of work. A bl…

Nail Polish for Spring/Summer

I'm not one to paint my nails often. During the cold weather I stick to clear polish expect for Christmastime when I might dab on some "I'm Not Really A Waitress." Sandal weather is what brings out the box of nail polish. I can't have unpainted toes so while I'm at it, I usually paint my fingers too. This season has an array of popular colors from neutrals to to pretty not-quite-pastels to bold fluorescents. I'm partial to color this time of year, but the pretty browns are also calling my name. What's your polish pick for spring and summer?

The Neutrals. Browns, mauves, nudes and barely there polish were hot of the runways for spring. They have a classy touch among the seasons brighter colors.Pictured:
Commander In Chic, Sally Hansen, Walgreens $6.50
Satin Sheets, Cover Girl Queen, Target, $3.09
Cocoa Motion, Maybelline, Target $3.49
Going Nude, Eh?, Sephora by OPI, Sephora $9

The Colors. Pretty pinks, bright sky blues, orange-y red and perfect purples ta…

$150 Challenge: Wearing Yellow

By far, the question I most often answered at last week's Twitter party was how to wear yellow. Many women like the sunny hue, but feel it looks awful on them. We understand this. Both becca and I look deathly ill in certain shades of yellow, but we both still wear the color. First, we've found shades that work for us. If mustard makes you jaundiced, try a pale, baby chick hue. Can't do lemon? Try gold. But the primary method of pulling off any color you're uncertain about it to wear it away from your face. Don't buy a yellow hair bow or earrings. Instead, wear the questionable color as shoes, tights, a ring, nail polish, a bag or skirt. The outfit below is, admittedly a bit quirky, but the principle remains the same whether you're trend shopping at Forever 21 or buying classics at Banana Republic.
$150 Challenge: Lemon Sour by Fashion Me Fabulous featuring Sparkle tops

yellow print skirt, Forever 21 $14.80
lace top, Urban Outfitters $38
basic grey cami, Forever 21…

Poll: Who Are Your Style Icons

The term "style icon" has a pretty loose meaning. When you ask people for their style icons they often include a list of celebrities both well known and obscure followed by a short list of people like their mothers, sisters and best friends. A style icon in a more strict sense is anyone recognized by the public or a group as a person with a strong sense of personal style. This could be anyone from Audrey Hepburn to Lady Gaga to Jennifer Lopez to Jackie O to Madonna. Instead of leaving a list for you to vote on because an inclusive list of famous style icons would be impossible to compile, I'll just leave this poll open-ended. Who are your style icons?

The Horror: Another Styling Fail

Who are these people styling site models? Are they 15 and think all things cool in '92 are new? First we had the classist disaster at Shopbop, and now the good people at New York and Company have forced this poor model to earn every penny of her paycheck. Isn't she doing a lovely job of smiling while dressed like a time traveling mall rat? Acid jeans. Crop top. Pearl necklace. Just throw in some go-go boots and a fringe jacket for a complete latter 20th century wardrobe retrospective. With horrible ideas like that, I think I have a future career in styling site models.