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My New York Fashion Week Pick: Thom Browne

You may have noticed that Fashion Week has been runway stomping right along with nary a peep from us. Because of our busy schedules this season, we've decided to present our Fashion Week findings in themed gallery format once all the shows have been presented.

To make sure the truly spectacular don't get buried, the best shows of each city will get their own recap. My pick for New York is Thom Browne. His shows have thrilled me since he started designing women's clothing. (His menswear is pretty spectacular as well.) In a city that is aggressively commercial, it's nice to see someone embrace the art of fabric design. Browne's Spring 2014 offerings simultaneously remind me of Queen Elizabeth I, the frills of mushrooms, Mrs. Haversham, broken china, and broken butterflies.

From an artistic standpoint, I love the exaggerated proportions, ghoulish makeup, and the fabric treatments that a beginning seamstress like myself could only dream of.

From a wearability standpoin…

Porject Runway S12 E10 in 12 Thoughts or Less

1. For a challenge involving viewers rather than models, I think this one had very little complaining about non-model figures. That's an improvement.
2. Ken is scared of real women. Of course. But so far he is really nice to her.

3. I liked the idea of casting PR superfans. A lot of the makeover episodes involve women who aren't totally thrilled to be there. These fans were exciting even when their look was losing because they were on the set of their favorite show.

4. Alexandria needs to work on her people skills. Her client called her intimidating.

5. Also, her look seemed like things I could buy just about anywhere. It was disapointing.

6. Another Ken meltdown. Really? I'm glad Tim told him he had anger management issues.

7. I love what Justin did with the signature. His look really flattered his client too.

8. I know the judges are supposed to make quips, but it always seems mean during these real people challenges. The models are paid to stand their. These clothes don…

Etsy Shop of the Week: Chasing at Starlight

Shop:Chasing at Starlight

Why We Love It: Whether you wish upon a star, travel all of time and space, find yourself at 221B Baker Street, or just need "Grr Argh" earrings, this shop has you covered. The stamped jewelry offers a broad range of nerdy, delighful quotes and themes.

Price Range: $11 - $38

Favorite Items:
(click through the slideshow below to see favorites)
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Chasing at Starlight by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: I still believe in 398.2 necklace $17; Armed with overconfidence Doctor Who bracelet $15; Lost Necklace $19; When you wish upon a star bracelet $15; Grr Argh earrings $15;Divergent bracelet $20; Tardis Key $12; DFTBA bracelet $16; Pick pun necklace $19; Harry Potter mischief set $38; 221B Baker Street key $12; Wibbly Wobbly swirl necklace $20 (also pictured above)

Our Favorite Emmy 2013 Dresses

First of all, I am deeply disappointed by the lack of glorious jewelry at the event. While there were a few nude missteps,  I was happy to see that color is back. While neither one color nor one shape ruled the red carpet, one thing is for sure -- glamorous hair now means your regular hair but sleeker. Click through the slideshow below for our favorite looks of the night. What was yours?
View this collection on Polyvore Emmy Red Carpet Favorites by fashionmefabulou

Fall Coat Lust

We haven't really had a cold day yet, but that's not keeping me from lusting over coats I could never dream of affording. This year, I am especially enamored with textures -- tweed, leather, feathers, beads. Of course, capes are always a win. I didn't include the prices for the coats below (because I don't want you to have a heart attack), but if you are really curious, click the image and follow Polyvore for more details.

Hot Fall Coats by fashionmefabulous

Designer Coats by fashionmefabulous

Dream Coats by fashionmefabulous

Project Runway S12 E9 in 12 Thoughts or Less

1. This challenge didn't work. They designers had to create for a “modern southern woman,” which was too broad a concept. With mass produced clothing and metropolitan southern cities, I would find it difficult to pick out a southern woman from a northern, mid-western, western or eastern woman. The challenge should have just been “design for Belk” with a lookbook of Belk's latest collection.
2. Swatch was so not having this challenge.
3. But he let Tim take his picture anyway. After all, Tim and Swatch appear to be best friends.
4. Bradon won the challenge, which thrills me. I thought his dress was really cute. I'm not sure why Ken was so offended that designers used plaid. Women from various parts of the world wear plaid.
5. I do think the judges just wanted a plaid-off when they put Alexander in the top three. His plaid dress just wasn't great. It was OK, but not great.
6. I really liked Kate's dress. It was adorable and perfectly Kate. Heidi didn't like it, …

Etsy Shop of the Week: Kiva Ford

Shop:Kiva Ford

Why We Love It: Ever since I visit the island of Murano outsie of Venice, Italy, I've had a thing for glass jewelry. We visit the shop of a glassblower who created stunning work, and the entire area offered some of the prettiest glass jewelry I've ever seen. (I had a glass ring, but it broke!) These glass sculptures and jewelry from Kiva Ford remind me of the lovely glass I found in Venice. text

Price Range: Necklaces and earrings range from $45 to $116. Ornaments and other glass sculptures

Links:Website / Facebook / Video

Favorite Items:
View this collection on Polyvore Etsy Shop of the Week: Kiva Ford by fashionbeccafabulous on
Pictured: Anatomical Heart in a Jar Necklace $115; Brain in a Jar Necklace $115; Message in a Bottle Necklace $81; Rose in a Bell Jar Necklace $80; Klein Bottle Necklace $77; Ruby Twist Glass Earrings $76; Klein Bottle Earrings $130; Blue Glass Pendant $118 (pictured above)

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

3.1 Phillip Lim is one of our favorite contemporary designers. His cuts are sleek but figure friendly, and his details are unexpected and cool. We were pretty happy to hear about his collaboration with Target.

Of course, the eternal question with these designer capsule collections is "Can they make it work for under $100?" This is also were modern designers flounder. A design that works perfectly in a lux wool may not lay correctly when done in acrylic yarn. Intricate beading may look cheap when sewn by machine not by hand.

So how did 3.1 Phillip Lim do? Well, this doesn't feel like a collection so much as scraps of ideas. We have a nice suit, party dress, work wear, and casual attire, but nothing ties together. The broken floral and comic book prints are much more interesting than the off-color animal print. (None of those prints should be in the same collection.) The tailored pieces like the tux dress or contrast trim trench coat work better than the baggy sweaters. Lo…

Pick of the Week: Autumn Floral Pullover

Generally, I'm not a floral person, but this sweater is stunning. (It reminds me of the wallpaper of an elderly British woman who wins the village prize for best roses every year. Her name is Mable. Because I love Mable who I just made up, I love this.) I would wear it backwards all the time, but if you wouldn't the expanse of the beige front is perfect for a coordinating necklace. It's pretty and polished but put-together. You could wear it to a bonfire with skinny jeans and coral flats or to work with a hunter green pencil skirt and nude heels. Unfortunately, it's $98 at Anthropologie. But it's a versatile statement piece if you are investing in only a few items for fall. There is always sale stalking too.

Love or Loathe: Camo

Camo is having a moment. This is yet another example of current trends copping a Midwestern staple; after all, the first day of hunting season is practically a holiday in Michigan. Once again, it's fashion not because anything playful or interesting is going on with it, but rather it's fashion because thin rich girls on the coast are wearing it. I seriously hate this trend. Like denim on denim or flannel shirts, this trend doesn't work here.

But I also think I'm being overly sensitive. Everyone can play with a print, and mixing such a masculine, practical print with something as feminine as a silk skirt is playful and interesting. (So she says to her ranty self from a paragraph past.) After all, this is really just tonal splotches, not that different from an abstract print or paint splatter.

Still not wearing it. What do you think of the camo trend?

Project Runway S12 E8 in 12 Thoughts or Less

1. Michael Kors was back! I miss him.
2. They put poor Tim in this get up.

3. Ken called Karen "grandma" she may have a slightly frumpy sense of style, but she's 29. Seriously, Ken is awful.

4. The designers had to create a look to fit in with Heidi's sportswear collection with New Balance. It wasn't the most interesting challenge to look at, but it was kind of cool to see with the designers could do when they couldn't embellish a ton or go crazy with shapes.

5. Helen won again. She is really surprising me. I liked the jacket she made a lot.

6. Michael Kors called these pockets "pleasure me pockets." Seriously, no one comes up with quips like Kors. Also, Heidi liked this, which I don't get. It's one thing to have a drop crotch for style, but how are you supposed to work out in this? No bikes, no yoga, no long steps, nothing to keep your thighs from chaffing.

7. On the other hand Michael called Karen's losing look a fat girl about to ge…

Etsy Shop of the Week: thornogson

Shop: thornogson

Why We Love It: I don't typically feature shops with only one item, but this item is just so adorable I couldn't resist. thornogson sells tiny people earrings. They cost $8 a pair. They feature a random (or matching if you choose) pair of tiny men and women. These earrings are a small and whimsical accessory that can go with just about anything.

Price Range: $8


What Does the Fox Wear?

I was going to call this post The Fantastic Fashion Fox or maybe F - O - X or even "I Am the Mother Effing Fox," but then this video happened:
Anyway, foxes (foxen?) appear to be a bit of a trend at the moment. I keep seeing the silent sneaks on all sorts of sundries. They're cute, sly and now they have a soundtrack.

Fox Sweaters
Pictured: Kissing Fox Sweater, Ann Taylor, $79; Fox Crewneck Sweater, Nordstrom, $54; Hipster Fox, Old Navy, $33

Fox Tops
Pictured: Love is Sly Tee, Modcloth, $28; Fox-Print Top, Dillard's, $20; Fox Tee w/ Leaves, Modcloth, $30

Fox Jewelry
Pictured: Fox Necklace/Earrings Set, Delia's, $9; Fox Mask Necklace, Shoptique, $91; Fox Ring, Forever 21, $5; Origami Fox Necklace, Max & Chloe, $70

Fox Socks (This is fun to say. There is a poem that takes advantage of it.)
Pictured: Knee High Fox Front Socks, Topshop, $12; Oatmeal Fox Print Socks, Dorothy Perkings, $4; Fox Crew Sock Set, Urban Outfitters, $12; Fox Ankle Socks, Forever 21, $1.50


Shopping Statement Bracelets

There are two big trends in bracelets right now. One is to stack a bunch of tiny bracelets of mixed materials so that your arm looks like a flea market. The second is to spend a few hundred dollars on several similar yet vaguely different bangles. I would rather save my money by purchasing one statement bracelet, and my arm won't clack when I move either.

Top: gem and flower bracelet, Betsey Johnson on Amazon $60
circles bracelet, Met Museum $85 
rhinestone mint leather wrap bracelet on Amazon $14
Middle: white leather and gold frame cuff, Simply Soles $45
red links, Juicy Couture on Amazon $48
moth cuff, Anthropologie $38
Bottom: coral and pearl bangle, Juicy Couture on Amazon $60
peacock feather bracelet, Met Museum $155
pearl strands, Shop Bop $38

How to Wear Polka Dots at Work

While I was brushing up on professional dress the other week, I stumbled across "an expert" complaining that polka dots were only okay for the office if you work for Katy Perry. Really? That's silly. This is the sort of thing that makes feel professional is a coded synonym for masculine.

So here's a tip on how to wear polka dots at work: Just do it. If you are worried about looking too Katy Perry, then stick to neutral colors and small dots. If being a little Katy Perry sounds a-okay, play it up with colors and larger spots.

Art of Work by fashionmefabulous

LBD & Burgundy by fashionmefabulous

Britain's Best Boxes by fashionmefabulous

Polka Dots and Menswear by fashionmefabulous

Project Runway S12 E7 in 12 Thoughts or Less

1. This challenge was inspired by shoes!
2. I love the shoes Kate chose. I want to try them on because they look crazy.

3. Louboutin's red sole was inspired by one of his employee's finger nail polish. This was the answer to some fashion trivia the designers had to answer in order to get a turn to pick shoes. I've been wanting to paint to soles of some of my shoes with nail polish and now it sounds even more fun.

4. I love it when reality television ends up with foreshadowing. Miranda didn't know a single fashion trivia question during the quiz show style shoe choosing ceremony.

5. Suggested budget of $250 for this challenge. I really want to know where all the designers stand money-wise. Who is at risk of running out?

6. The judges hated Jeremy's look. It's wasn't great, but the top had a good idea behind it. I think he could do something with this concept. It didn't deserve the ridicule it got.

7. Helen won with the structured little black dress. It&#…